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Pilots, Foreign, & Game Show Related



Since none of these shows actually aired, the dates given are the tape date. Pilots that aired are listed with the rest of the series, even if the pilot's all that was aired.

$50,000 A MINUTE [Unsold, 2 pilots]
Would've been much better if the maingame didn't have the possibility to be endless.
-1985-Pilot A! Shelley Smith & Charlie Siebert. Faith vs. Kevin (JB.1)
-1985-Pilot B! Markie Post & Ed Begley Jr. Claire vs. Andrea (JB.2)

ACES [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-2005-Erik vs. Vaughn vs. Matt vs. Andy (JW27.5)

BABBLE [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-February 3, 1984-Meredith MacRae, Brad Garrett, Gwynne Gilford, Norm Crosby, Marcia Wallace, James Hampton. Contestants: Heather, Liz, Stephanie, Betty White

BAMBOOZLE [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A bad clone of To Tell The Truth. Set's nice, but that's the only good thing I can say about this show.
-1986-Stuart Pankin & Elaine Joyce. First contestant: Debbra. Game 1: William, J.P. & Kathy. Game 2: Jenny, Sally, & Lucille (CN8.4)

BANKO [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-1985-Carlease vs. Brian. Carlease was also on Boggle (CO40.1)

BARGAIN HUNTERS [Sold, 1 pilot]
Only real difference is Bargain Quiz's format, which was too close to TPIR's Double Prices for comfort.
-May 28, 1987-Bargain Quiz: Lisa vs. Dorothy. Bargain Trap: Sully vs. Mart. Bargain Busters: Mary vs. Tammie. Slate! (BS.7)

BEAT THE CLOCK (1979) [Sold, 2 pilots]
These seem to be test episodes; they were taped roughly two weeks before the show premiered.
-September 4, 1979-Pilot #1! Les & Mindy Solomon vs. Michael & Rhonda Gottsegen. This episode shows a format hole that was patched in pilot 2 (GG3.1)
-September 5, 1979-Pilot #2! Gary O’Hara & Kris Keller vs. Ed & Donna Gaphne (GG3.2)

BEAT THE CLOCK (2002) [Sold, 1 pilot, 1 focus group special]
The first pilot had changes like betting points in round 3 and a different logo. The second was an hour long special intended only for a test audience.
-April 19, 2002-Ricky & Christine vs. Rodney & Debbie vs. Donald & Michelle. Slate! (AW.3)
-2002-Unaired hour-long special, with parts taped in the Universal Studios park! Eight teams are whittled down to three, and they eventually play the same game that eventually made it to air (AW2.1)

BEAT THE ODDS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
An attempted revival of the '50s series. Could've been tweaked a little more, but it's not a bad try.
-1975-Doralyn vs. Lynda (LS10.4)

BEDTIME STORIES [Sold, 1 pilot]
Not much in the way of format in this goofy relationship show, but what is there is pretty solid.
-Taped 3/9/1979-Pilot! John & Nancy Caring vs. Janice & Joel Grace (CD17.2)

THE BETTER SEX [Sold, 1 pilot]
Bigger teams, bigger audience, bigger payoff.
-1977-Janet, Blanche, Glenda, Pat, Sharon, Dawn, & Jerri vs. Jeffrey, Bill, Jack, William, Chuck, Major, & Jerry (CN4.10)

BLANK CHECK [Sold, 1 pilot]
The format's more tedious, and "Chump Change" is the theme here.
-October 4, 1974-First checkwriter: Bob. Pilot king Jack Campion is a contestant! Average quality, sound dropouts in first few minutes & during bonus round (JP12.5)

BLANKETY BLANKS [Sold, 1 pilot]
Only difference is that contestants pick letters instead of numbers.
-February 10, 1975-Anita Gilette & Soupy Sales. Sue vs. Candy (JD7.1)

BODY LANGUAGE [Sold, 1 pilot]
Features a different theme, a more green set, and a really lame bonus round.
-October 9, 1983-Pilot 2! Jenilee Harrison & Jon Bauman. Anne-Marie Johnson vs. Sam. Buzzr airing with commercials

BODY TALK [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-October 11, 1990-Pilot 1! Elaine Joyce, Marcia Wallace, Richard Simmons, Bill Kirchenbauer. Sharonlee vs. Bruce. Buzzr airing with commercials

BULLSEYE [Sold, 1 pilot]
Same front game, but now the bonus could pay off a million dollars!
-1979-Scott vs. Gale. Scott would later show up on the premiere. Average video (CN4.13)

CAESAR’S CHALLENGE [Sold, 1 pilot]
An odd betting format is in place, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same.
-1992-Laurel vs. Scott vs. Leanna. Leanna also appeared on the Critical Decisions pilot. Notice the last word that comes up in the audience game (LS.12)

CARD SHARKS [Sold, 2 pilots]
Asides from a few cosmetic changes, it’s still the same classic show we know & love!
-March 17, 1978-Pilot #1! JACK CAMPION vs. Pam. Slate! (DT.3)
-March 17, 1978-Pilot #2! Judith vs. Johnny. Slate! (DT.4)

CAUGHT IN THE ACT '75 [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Good re-tooling of Pass The Buck, with bizarre prizes to be won.
-November 10, 1975-Anne Meara, Bill Cullen, Anita Gillette, Clifton Davis, Stephanie Braxton. Karen vs. Mike. Ends during credits (JD7.2)

CAUGHT IN THE ACT '79 [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Good re-tooling of Pass The Buck, with bizarre prizes to be won.
-April 29, 1979-Chris vs. Meme vs. Holly (CN8.5)

Everything you know about Double Dare has been radically altered. To its credit, it does have a decent set & theme.
-July 29, 1987-Heidi Bohay & Wayne vs. Scott Baio & Holly (CN.9)

CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES [Sold as All-Star Secrets, 1 pilot]
-August 6, 1978-Robert Reed, Dody Goodman, Arthur Godfrey, Lee Merriwether, Charles Nelson Reilly. Evelyn vs. Brooks vs. Joanie (RS69.1)

Has a third player and a slightly different set.
-1973-John Astin, Lucie Arnaz, Ted Knight, Dean Jones, Patty Duke-Astin, Jane Withers. Sandi vs. Cy vs. Jackie (CN5.5)

CHAIN REACTION [Sold, 1 pilot]
Married couples play, and the payoff's a possible $100,000!
-October 28, 1979-Nipsey Russell & Joyce Bulifant. Lynn & Allen vs. Bob & Judy. Average quality (CN3.14)

CHILD'S PLAY [Sold, 1 pilot]
This has a better format than what made it to air. Why'd they change it?
-May 10, 1982-Dautie vs. Glenn (CN5.8)

COMBINATION LOCK [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A great quizzer that deserved to sell.
-February 9, 1996-Martyn vs. Paul (CN4.1)

CONCENTRATION [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Orson Bean does his best, but he's hampered by a horrible set & clunky format.
-1985-Lori vs. Hap (KK.17)

COPOUT! [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A truly terrible effort, where the entire game hinges on the last question.
-February 15, 1972-Ann Elder, James Farrantino, Michelle Lee, Bill Bixby, Lois Nettleton, Larry Hovis, Della Reese, Richard Dawson. Cheryl vs. Frank (JB9.5)

CRITICAL DECISIONS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The hypothetical situation concept is sound, but it moves slowly, and the phone game just complicates things.
-1990-Michael Landon, Donna Mills, William Shatner. Leanna vs. Brad. Leanna also appeared on the Caesar’s Challenge pilot (CD3.4)

DATING/NEWLYWED HOUR [Sold, 1 pitch reel]
-1996-10 minute pitch reel! (DC34.5)

DOLLAR A SECOND [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A revival attempt that could've been way better.
-February 1981-First contestant: Lori. Bob actually acknowledges this is a pilot! (JB9.4)

DREAM HOUSE [Sold, 1 pilot]
Much like what eventually premiered, with a slightly different format & set.
-1983-Peggy & Tim vs. Ron & Nancy. Average video (mostly B/W, gets bad at some points). Has a contestant plug for some bizarre reason (LS3.2)

Some graphics are different, and there's only one round.
-November 20, 2003-Joel vs. Valerie vs. Chris (DC11.10)

EVERYTHING'S RELATIVE [Unsold, 2 pilots]
Pretty good family show with an odd set.
-1980 (likely Apr. 19)-Marano vs. Philipps (JP18.8)
-April 19, 1980-Egan vs. Rosenthal (JP18.9)

FAMILY FEUD (1976) [Sold, 1 pilot]
All rounds are worth single points, and it’s played on a goofy-looking set.
-1976-Speir vs. Madvig (SC.6)

Features a VERY different Bullseye round. Cool, but a mite complicated.
-1992-Pilot 3! Del Campo vs. Campbell. Buzzr airing with commercials

FLASH FRAME [Unsold, 4 pilots]
A rather dry movie quiz. Easy to see why it didn't make it, despite Bob Eubanks' good hosting.
-May 1984-Show 2? Triviadores (Jane, RJ, Hank, & Chris) vs. Looney Tunes (Patti, Barry, Arnie, & Zoe). Includes a mock commercial! (CD21.1)
-May 16, 1984-Show 3! Red Foxes (Karen, Joan, & Pam) vs. My Fair Ladies (Sallie, Kim, Shelly, & Gail). Slate! (CD21.2)
-May 17, 1984-Show 4! Mystics (Phil, Robyn, Caren, & D.S.) vs. Rat Patrol (Bob, Mark, Dan, & Russ). Slate! (CD21.3)
-May 17, 1984-Show 5! Killer Tomatoes (Marcia, Rion, Merrilee, & Annette) vs. Lew's Crew (Jay, Lew, Bill, & John). Slate! (CD21.4)

FUN HOUSE [Sold, 1 pilot]
Slightly different from the eventual show; bizarre scoring, four stunts, and a HUGE grand prize!
-February 6, 1988-Jaimie & Daniel vs. Rachael & Douglas. Douglas Emerson would later star on “Beverly Hills 90210”. Average video, sound loss at times (DC4.1)

GAMBIT [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Fun game, cool set, and exciting music. The format was eventually used for a UK revival in 1995.
-October 20, 1990-Karla vs. Tony. Tony was also seen on Scrabble, NYSI '89, TTTT '91, and Jumble. Slate! No credits (AS5.13)

THE GENERATION GAP [Sold, 1 pilot]
-1968-Pilot! Mrs. Murray, Mr. Gallagher, & Mrs. Poliakin vs. Nancy, Jonathan, & Reeta (RS77.3)

GET RICH QUICK [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The earliest known attempt to bring “Go” to the airwaves.
-November 30, 1977-Info TBA. First few minutes messed up (CC.1)

HE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS [Canadian pilot, don't know if it sold]
A good maingame marred by a really stupid bonus round.
-1974-Pat & Mike vs. Julie & Brian vs. Diane & Peter. Bizarrely cuts to a clip of a second pilot after the bonus round (DH25.3)

HE SAID, SHE SAID [Sold, 1 pilot]
Only one celebrity pair plays against three civilian couples.
-1969-Gene & Helen Rayburn vs. Thor & Marnie Stratton vs. Bob & Jean Babblewall vs. Newt & Beth Koll (504.2)

HIGH ROLLERS [Sold, 1 pilot]
Features MUCH bigger prizes and a slightly different set. (Check out the bluescreen!)
-December 1986-Carol vs. John. Includes a pitchfilm with a game never used on the real show! (PB6.2)

HOLLYWOOD GAME [Sold, 1 pilot]
Some tiny set differences, categories are randomized, and Peter Allen’s your host.
-May 14, 1991-Julie & Don vs. Jim & Sharon. Jim was on the episode of Super Password where Rip ripped off his toupee! Slate! Video messed up for a minute during third segment (DB2.8)

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1986-1989) [Sold, 1 pilot]
A great pilot to a great series. Only differences are the Xs & Os on the board.
-December 12, 1985-Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, Marla Gibbs, Dick Butkus & Bubba Smith, Steve Landesberg, Apollonia, Tony Danza, Jackie Collins, Dom DeLuise. Steve vs. Karla (CN6.3)

THE HONEYMOON GAME [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Intended to be the first 90-minute game show. Has MANY elements of The Joker's Wild.
NOTE: This pilot runs an hour long; includes a pre-taped explanation of the show by Jack Barry.
-October 3, 1970-Bob Crane, Jaye P. Morgan, Edmond G. Brown, Don Drysdale, Mark Kapodge?. Judy & Felix vs. Anita & Rod vs. Denise & Jim vs. Rebecca & Charles (JL.3)

HOT STREAK [Sold, 1 pilot]
Basically the same, but uses a different (but just as awesome) set. Very worth seeing.
-October 19, 1984-Pilot #2! Jini, Susan, Karen, Becky, & Wanda vs. Jack, Scott, Peter, Patrick, & Peter (CC.3)

JACKPOT [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Nipsey does well and the set's great, but the odd format changes probably did this one in.
-June 9, 1984-First Queen Of The Hill: Laura. Contestant plug?! (CN4.2)

JEOPARDY [Sold, 2 pilots]
It would take two tries, but Merv Griffin eventually got it right!
-September 18, 1983-Pilot #1! Karen vs. JACK CAMPION vs. Cynthia. Check out the weird computer-themed set! (LH.7)
-1984-Pilot #2! JACK CAMPION vs. Cynthia (same one as before!) vs. Michael. Set’s now much more like we saw back on the premiere. Low audio (LH.11)

JUMBLE [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The newspaper puzzle comes to life with a good format, but horrible execution.
-1988-Bill Kirchenbauer & Alaina Reed. Antonia vs. Scott. Average video, loads of crappy edits at the end (RS9.2)

KEY WITNESS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Witless memory recall game where the segments are too long and too boring.
-1959-Today's Story: Tall, Dark, & Handsome (RW5.7)

LET’S MAKE A DEAL [Sold, 1 pilot]
Jarring differences from the real show; Big Deal has Zonks, and everyone’s in NORMAL outfits!
-May 25, 1963-First trader is Maggie. Big Deal is terribly low $2005. 2003 GSN airing, with bumpers featuring Monty Hall! (100.2)

LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT [Sold, 1 pilot]
Much like what we saw, except for an extra panelist and more cash.
-December 20, 1985-Peter vs. Bob. Panel: Sally, Elisa, Katina, & Teresa. Slate! (AS.4)

LUCKY NUMBERS [Unsold, 2 pilots]
An attempted offshoot of High Rollers. The main game’s too easy, and the bonus has the potential to last forever.
-May 18, 1985-Pilot #1! Vicki vs. Jeryl. Jeryl was also seen on All-Star Blitz & Rafferty’s Blockbusters. Slate! (CC2.5)
-May 18, 1985-Pilot #2! Michael vs. Vicki. Slate! (JB18.4)

M'AMA NON M'AMA [Unsold, 2 pilots]
The pre-history of Love Me, Love Me Not, with a better format & set.
-December 7, 1984-Women’s Pliot! Danny vs. Mitchel. Panel: Carynn, Mim, Pamela, & Suzan. Slate! (AS.1)
-December 7, 1984-Men’s Pilot! Cinder vs. Nancy. Panel: Mark, Danny, Nathan, & Gary. Slate! (AS.2)

MATCH GAME (1962) [Sold, 1 pilot]
-1962-Pilot! Peggy Cass & Peter Lind Hayes. Arthur & Ronni vs. Rick & Mary. Buzzr airing with commercials

MATCH GAME (1973) [Sold, 1 pilot]
"The 1973 edition" has only minor differences from the behemoth it would become.
-May 19, 1973-Pilot A! Bert Convy, Arlene Francis, Jack Klugman, Jo Anne Pflug, Richard Dawson, Betty White. Susan vs. Wendy. Two copies: studio master (JD22.2) or Buzzr airing with commercials

MATCH GAME (1989) [Sold, 1 pilot]
Match-Up is absent, Bert Convy is present. A hysterical must-have!
-October 1, 1989-Pilot #3! Brad Garrett, Marsha Warfield, Charles Nelson Reilly, Khrystyne Haje, Jerry Van Dyke, Teri Copley. Michelle vs. Harley. Michele was on the Super Password finale; Harley was on the real series in 1991

Boring football-based attempt. Could've been helped by more variety in the gameplay.
-1970-Dick Martin & John Hadl vs. Peter Lawford & Myron Pottios (GG8.8)

MONEY IN THE BLANK [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Wasn't a bad effort, but maybe a better bonus round could've helped.
-July 26, 1987-Teresa Ganzel & Nathan Cook. Frank vs. Gail (CN4.3)

THE MONEYMAZE [Sold, 1 pilot]
A weird concept pulled off extremely well. Has a slightly different format than what was eventually used.
-1974-George & Joyce vs. Bernard & Helen (RS6.2)

MONOPOLY (1984) [Most likely unsold, 1 pilot]
Done for Southern California audiences. Rick Dees' crazy hosting keeps it fun throughout! -1984-First contestant: Maggie (JW56.1)

MONOPOLY (1990) [Sold, 1 pilot]
Peter Tomarken (and a midget) are your hosts, and the format is different...and actually, slightly better than what aired!
-1990-Michael vs. Jennifer vs. Richard. Michael would host the show once it became a series! Preceded by a partial segment of Merv pitching the show! (CD8.1)

THE NEIGHBORS [Sold, 1 pilot]
Watch as neighbors see how well they know...their other neighbors.
-1975-Gale vs. Sharon. Neighbors: Sara, Linda, & Susan (JL.1)

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH [Sold as To Tell The Truth, 1 pilot]
-1956-Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Hildy Parks, Dick Van Dyke. Game 1: Tony Costello, who sang backup for Frank Sinatra. Game 2: Thomas W. Sheridan, WWII vet (DD3.4)

NOW YOU SEE IT [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Weird mix of NYSI and Pyramid. Are you SURE Bob Stewart had nothing to do with this?
-October 18, 1985-Laurel & Alysen vs. Ronata & Tony. Tony was on Card Sharks in 1986, colorful sweater and all. Most of second Solo Round cut (JB18.2)

ON A ROLL [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-February 23, 1986-Pilot 1! Sharon vs. Tim. Sharon was on the unsold Top Secret, Tim was also on Press Your Luck & The $100,000 Pyramid! Buzzr airing with commercials

100% [Sold, 1 pilot]
Different host, different set, different music, same mind-numbing boredom.
-1998-Kevin vs. Dana vs. John. Includes a short pitchfilm! (RS3.12)

PARTY LINE [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A few tweaks later, it became Hot Streak.
-1983-Info TBA (JD9.4)

PDQ [Sold, 1 pilot]
-1965-Stubby Kaye and Dick Patterson vs. Gisele Mackenzie and Jerry (RI30.5)

PEOPLE ON TV [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Your favorite magazine becomes a slightly above average quizzer.
-1990-Victoria vs. Bill vs. Jeanine (RS10.15)

PLAY FOR KEEPS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-1956-Pilot 2! Helga vs. Robert. Buzzr airing with commercials

PLAY YOUR HUNCH [Sold, 1 pilot]
-1958-Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sweeney vs. Mr. & Mrs. Ray Thorsten. Features a non-descript, non-existant sponsor called "Quality Products" (RW11.1)

PRESS YOUR LUCK [Sold, 1 pilot]
Pretty much the same; Five questions per round, just one Whammy animation, and a slightly different set.
-May 18, 1983-JACK CAMPION vs. MAGGIE BROWN vs. Matt. Both Maggie and Matt would later appear on the real show! (DT2.8)

QUICK AS A FLASH [Sold, 1 pilot]
This great skit game, made for a different network and with Bill Cullen at the helm!
-1952-Boris Karloff & Margo vs. Wendy Barrie & John (RW12.4)

RHYME & REASON [Sold, 1 pilot]
A truly hilarious, poetic version of Match Game. I so wish there was more of this out there.
-1975-Nipsey Russell, Lee Meriwether, Richard Dawson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jack Cassidy, Adrienne Barbeau. Patrick vs. Yensin. Bad video for first couple minutes, average through the rest (RS7.4)

THE RIDDLERS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A great pilot! Format is awful, but Dave Letterman's snark makes it well worth the watch!
-November 4, 1977-Jo Anne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKeon, & Debralee Scott vs. Five Dance Instructors (BB2.6)

RUN FOR THE MONEY [Unsold, 1 pilot]
My favorite unsold pilot. Would later become the UK hit Going For Gold.
-1987-Doug vs. Nancy vs. Christi vs. Steve (LS2.7)

$ALE OF THE CENTURY [Sold, 1 sales demo]
-1982?-Sales Demo, with awesome clips of the British and Australian versions! (JB18.3)

$ALE OF THE CENTURY [Sold Australian pilot]
-1980-Grant vs. Rosemary vs. Bob (BS16.1)

SAYS WHO? [Unsold, 1 pilot]
I say it's not that great. Format really needs some work.
-May 28, 1971-Betsy Palmer, Anne Meara, Peter Lawford, Bill Cullen. Lynne vs. Nathan (NY21.2)

SCATTERGORIES [Sold, 1 pilot]
Different set and theme, but the non-match game’s still the same.
-1992-Anne-Marie Johnson, Wolfgang Puck & Barbara Lazaroff, Chuck Woolery, Lori "Ice" Fetrick, Brett Butler (Dodger, not actress). Diana, Laura, Elaine, & Dawn vs. Jeff, Todd, Steve, & Dan. Some tracking issues (CD19.5)

SCRABBLE [Sold, 1 pilot]
Proof that a good game can come from an awful pilot; the format here makes no sense.
-March 8, 1984-Laura vs. Bill (CN8.12)

SECOND CHANCE [Sold, 1 pilot]
It’s Press Your Luck in the disco decade!
-November 9, 1976-Pilot #3! MAGGIE BROWN vs. JACK CAMPION vs. Lyn. Slate! (NP36.1)

SECOND GUESSERS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A good idea is here, but sadly not a lot is done with it.
-December 29, 1969-Second Guessers: Judy, Roberta, Harry, Don, Jerri, Dinah. Special Guest: Brenda Vaccaro (NY20.3)

SHOOT THE WORKS [Sold as 'Shoot For The Stars', 2 pilots]
No special boxes except for the stars, and the bonus round was a bit harder.
-1976-Anita Gillette & Bill Cullen. John vs. Kathy (JB3.1)
-1976-Anne Meara & Rick Hurst. David vs. Kathy. Wavy picture (JD22.3)

SHOPPER'S BAZAAR [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The bizarre bazaar that paved the way for Wheel of Fortune. Easy to see it needed a LOT of tweaking.
-September 1973-Marilyn vs. Dawn vs. Maureen (CD8.4)

SIMON SAYS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Pilots don't come much weirder than this; contestants are quizzed by a giant computer.
-1971-First contestant: Patricia (CN4.6)

THE SMART ALECKS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Good invention-judging show; only problem I can see is that it would get tough to find contestants.
-April 30?, 1977-David Letterman, Pat Carroll, Don Meredith. Inventors: Don, Barbara, Bonnie (TH2.2)

SPLIT SECOND [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Good set, but a slower pace and bad host show why this version didn’t make it.
-1990-Paula vs. Gary vs. Lynn. Jumpy video (LS.13)

STAR PLAY [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The beginnings of Tom Kennedy and Carol Burnett's unsold charades game, made before the pilot!
-1988-Runthrough with VERY primitive set. Teresa Ganzel, Charlie Callas, Florence LaRue, Richard Simmons, Marcia Wallace. Carolyn & Gary vs. Gail & Nancy. Includes a brief pitchfilm (JD9.5)

STAR WORDS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Somewhat clunky mixture of Match Game & Tattle Tales.
-1983-Pilot A! Charles Nelson Reilly & Patty Duke-Astin. April vs. Jeff. Buzzr airing with commercials

THE $10,000 SWEEP [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A neat concept. Might have made a good companion to Jeopardy if it had sold.
-August 4, 1972-Coleman & Tom vs. Cindy & Sue (LS7.11)

TALKING PICTURES [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Cute game, and could've worked with a little more re-tooling.
-February 25, 1968-Ann Miller, Peter Lawford, Angela Cartwright, Lorne Greene, Jan Sterling, Stubby Kaye, Agnes Moorehead, Tom Smothers, Carol Burnett, Paul Winchell. Rachel vs. Dick. Slate! (CN4.4)

TEMPTATION [Unsold, 1 pilot]
100 people are tempted with continually bigger prizes. Looked great, but could've bankrupted the company if this sold.
-August 18, 1981-Pilot #1: Colossus (CN4.5)

Filmed on the Australian set, and features a different final round, but for the most part it's still the same crap. -November 4, 2006-Pilot! Pauletta vs. Chris vs. Tina (RS75.2)

TKO [Unsold, 1 pilot]
-November 10, 1989-Pilot 4! Andrea vs. Nathan vs. Eve. Andrea was on Merv Griffin's Crosswords. Buzzr airing with commercials

TOP SECRET [Unsold, 1 pilot]
This clue-filled game was inches from CBS's lineup; it should've made it.
-March 4, 1988-Pilot #3! Sharon vs. Mike vs. Wendy. Sharon was on the unsold On A Roll, Wendy was on High Rollers. Slate! Low audio (JP18.10)

TRIVIA TRAP [Sold, 1 pilot]
A baffling first round, and loads of cosmetic differences. (The Seniors are green!)
-1984-Kathy, Tim, & Alysen vs. Addie, John, & Bonnie. Bonnie was on Hot Potato's debut, John was on its last civilian episode (BB.12)

TWENTY-ONE (1956-1958 version) [Sold, 1 pilot]
The roots of the rigged classic.
-March 1956-Marian Swintor vs. Maurice Pilabbey (JL3.2)

21 (1982 version) [Unsold, 1 pilot]
Nicely done, but I think they’re making it a little TOO easy…
-April 24, 1982-Steve vs. Marie (JR.10)

20 QUESTIONS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
The panel's terrific, but it's still not enough to make the game good.
-1975-Kelly Garrett, Tony Roberts, Gene Shalit, Anne Meara. Ron vs. Suzanne (RS9.1)

TWISTERS [Unsold, 1 pilot]
A whole bunch of Bob Stewart concepts with shuffleboard thrown in for good measure. I thought it was cool, at least.
-1982-First King of the Hill: Meme (JP12.15)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE [Sold, 1 pilot, 1 clip of another]
The gameplay is set and solid. As host, Kookie Byrnes acts kooky indeed.
-August 28, 1974-Pilot 1! Marge vs. Gary vs. Roseanne (CD8.5)
-August 28, 1974-10 minute clip of pilot 2! Lois vs. Tanya vs. Frank (CD11.3)

WILD & CRAZY KIDS [Sold, 1 pilot]
A little rough-around-the-edges, with three different hosts and a COMPLETELY different graphic & music package!
-1989-Horse vs. BMX Race, Human Maze, Kung Fu House Demolition

WIPEOUT [Sold, 1 pilot]
Slightly different gameplay, wildly different everything else. (They use TRILONS!)
-September 2, 1987-Nan vs. Chuck vs. La Dawn (SC2.14)

Not nearly as funny as Groucho’s version. Like the rotating set, though.
-August 3, 1988: Pilot #3! Sigrid & Mel vs. Melissa & Dan. Secret Word: Sports (LH.8)



ALL STAR SQUARES [1 episode]
Very faithful to the Bergeron version! Very well done!
-1999-Kim Hope, Rob Elliott, Peter Rowsthorn, Wendy Mooney, Tottie Goldsmith, Tiffany Lamb, Michael Caton, Vika & Linda Bull, Tommy Dean. Paul vs. Mary (JR5.11)

BERT'S FAMILY FEUD [3 episodes]
-February 13, 2006-PREMIERE!!! Dix vs. Falcke. Original commercials (LS8.4)
-February 15, 2006-Falcke vs. Grime. Original commercials (NP45.3)
-June 9, 2006-Pezzulich vs. Austen. Original commercials (NP45.4)

BLANKETY BLANKS (1977-1979) [3 episodes]
-January 24, 1977-PREMIERE!!! Jon English, Noeline Brown, Ugly Dave Gray, Carol Raye, Stuart Wagstaff, Kate Fitzpatrick. Ian vs. Carol (RS90.2)
-1977-Noel Ferrier, Noeline Brown, Ugly Dave Gray, Dawn Lake, Stuart Wagstaff, John Paul Young. Ray vs. Sue (RS91.2)
-1979-Barry Clinton, Noeline Brown, Ugly Dave Gray, Carol Raye, Stuart Wagstaff, Peggy Toppano. Sue vs. Dave (RS92.2)

BLANKETY BLANKS (1996-1997) [1 episode]
-1996-Gary Coleman (!), Rhonda Burchmore, Marty Fields, Annie Rigby, Tim Smith, Nicky Buckley. Paul vs. Rebecca. Missing first two minutes (No gameplay lost) (CD30.5)

Early shows are a bit better; more excitement and a better set.
Two Contestants
-March 13, 2000-Anne vs. Chris. Original commercials (LS5.1)
Three Contestants
-October 15, 2002-Tim vs. Gina vs. Leslie. Original commercials (NP35.2)
-October 25, 2002-Dawn vs. Liz vs. Rita. Features appearances by Adriana Xenides! Original commercials (BM3.12)
-April 21, 2003-Lauren vs. Trish vs. Lorraine. Includes a commercial for documentary “Who Wants To Steal A Million?” Bad tracking through Lorraine’s introduction (JR2.8)
-May 2, 2003-Lorraine vs. Shawn vs. Kelly. Original commercials (NP35.3)
-June 23, 2003-Sean vs. Wendy vs. Denise. Original commercials, no intro (NP45.1)
-October 22, 2003-Rick vs. Jan vs. Sharon. Original commercials, part of round 1 cut (NP12.5)

CHALLENGER! [1 episode]
-2001-Leisa, Christine, & Brock vs. Brendan, Carmel, & Jared (BM4.1)

CONCENTRATION [2 episodes]
A slightly smaller budget (only one car is offered in the bonus), but it's still great.
-1997-Episode 4! Greg vs. Robin. Contestant plug! (CN.10)
-1997-Lisa vs. Kieran (JR7.11)

DEAL OR NO DEAL [5 episodes]
Has a lot of neat features that would be cool to see implemented here.
-February 2, 2004-First episode of 2004! Today’s contestant: Greg. Bad tracking at points (JP10.12)
-June 17, 2004-Today’s contestant: Dean. Most original commercials. Highly recommended! (JP10.13)
-2005-Today's contestant: Matthew. THRILLING game! Original commercials. Highly recommended! (JR13.9)
-January 30, 2006-Today's Dealer: Thereis. VERY exciting game! Original commercials (NP45.2)
-May 27, 2008-From Double Shot Week! Today’s contestant: Paula (NP17.3)

DOUBLE DARE [6 episodes]
Extremely close replica of ours, though they use the music cues in odd places.
-1989-Monday of G'Day USA Week, which also aired here! Try Hards (Angel & Denham) vs. The More Mess The Merrier (Lydia & Michael) (DDA.1)
-1989-Tuesday of G'Day USA Week! Rapid Rascals (Taryn & Ben) vs. Double Trouble (Jackie & Jason) (DDA.2)
-1989-Wednesday of G'Day USA Week! No Nonsense (Nikki & Liam) vs. True Blues (Lisa & Peter) (DDA.3)
-1989-Thursday of G'Day USA Week! Hootsie Mandootsis (Katherine & Derek) vs. Grecian Oils (Miranda & Adrian) (DDA.4)
-1989-Friday of G'Day USA Week! Off & Runnings (Erica & Daniel) vs. Teeny Boppers (Julie & David) (DDA.5)
-1990-Kangaroo Cup, which aired both here and in Australia! Stinky Shoes of the US (Andrea & Jesse) vs. Slip & Sliders of Australia (Georgia & Adrian). 1994 repeat with American commercials (DC13.1)

DOWNLOAD [1 episode]
A re-tooling of Now You See It. It should've been left alone.
-2002-Game 1: Maddy vs. Chantae. Game 2: Anthony vs. Sam (BM.3)

FAMILY FEUD [3 episodes]
Nice replication of our set, and Fast Money's now played for an $8,000 prize package.
-April 19, 1982-Ryan vs. Skahill. Original commercials, including a $OTC plug, and a plug to see the next Feud tapings! No credits (LS5.2)
-April 20, 1982-Skahill vs. Bishop. Original commercials, including a $OTC plug, and a plug to see the next Feud tapings! (LS5.3)
-April 1994-Kite vs. Murphy. Original commercials (LS7.12)

FLASHBACK [1 episode]
A neat show quizzing contestants on recent history.
-March 7, 2000-Damon vs. Tina vs. Michael (BM3.4)

HOT STREAK [1 episode]
A very fun version! Worth checking out!
-1998-World Cup All Stars (Michael, Jeff, Donno, Pete, & David) vs. Boogie Babes (Nicole, Sharon, Caroline, Belinda, & Rebecca). Bad tracking at points (BM.6)

KEYNOTES [1 episode]
Close copy of the UK show with MUCH bigger prizes!
-1992-David, Tina, & Alan vs. Faye, Peter, & Sue (MG.1)

Didn't last very long, but it definitely left a big impact...the Million Dollar Round jumped over to America not long after this was cancelled.
-June 20, 2008-Marsha vs. Gavin vs. Jo. Original commercials (HA52.3)
-June 26, 2008-Celebrity episode! Livinia Nixon vs. Bert Newton vs. Dawn Fraser. Original commercials (HA52.4)

NOW YOU SEE IT [2 episodes]
A faithful adaptation of the 70's format, except now it's a kids show with a futuristic theme.
-Taped 8/7/1985-Game 1: Brenton vs. Jason. Game 2: Louise vs. Peta. Slate and joke plug! (it’ll make sense if you watch it) (LS5.6)
-Taped 8/7/1985-Friday Finals, with the winners returning for one more game. Slate and joke plug! (LS5.7)

PASS THE BUCK [2 episodes]
-February 11, 2002-PREMIERE!!! Matt vs. Stevee vs. Ellinor vs. Colin vs. Anne vs. Allex vs. Noula vs. Michelle vs. Vanessa vs. Sean (RS72.4)
-2002-Mario vs. Linda vs. Jodie vs. Peter vs. Sascha vs. Michelle vs. Natasha vs. Jennifer vs. Keith vs. Roger (RS72.5)

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (1993-1998) [3 episodes]
-1994-Two Price Tags, Buy or Sell, Make Your Move. Original commercials (DC31.5)
-1996-Two Price Tags, Magic Number, Grocery Game. Original commercials (CN2.10)
-1996-500th episode! The Showcase Game is played three times, and the biggest showcase ever is offered! Part of opening missing (CD34.4)

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (2003-2005) [1 episode]
Can’t go wrong with The Price Is Right! Dang, those models sure are peppy…
-September 15, 2004-$500,000 Mega Showcase episode! Cover Up, Race Game, Switch?, CLIFF HANGERS!!! The winner gets to play for over half a million dollars in prizes! Original Commercials!!! Highly recommended! (JR6.1)

ROCKWIZ [1 episode]
A superb, long-running music quiz with great musical acts!
-April 2, 2005-Donna Simpson & Paul Hester. Andrew & Paul vs. Julie & Leon. This is Paul Hester's final TV appearance, and the episode is dedicated to his memory (JR17.4)

$ALE OF THE CENTURY [33 episodes]
Just as good as our version, with a great, large set.
-July 9, 1984-Paul vs. Jean vs. Barry. Original commercials (NP82.1)
-July 10, 1984-Ted vs. Helen vs. Barry. Original commercials (NP82.2)
-July 11, 1984-Ralph vs. Michael vs. Barry. Barry goes for it all! Original commercials (NP82.3)
-April 14, 1986 (Taped 3/9/1986)-From the Ashes Tournament! DAVID ST. JOHN vs. Daphne vs. Roger. Studio Master with slate! B/W video (LS9.3)
-April 21, 1986-Ashes Tournament Finals! Cary & David (Australia) vs. Susan & Daphne (U.K.), game 1 (NP85.9)
-April 22, 1986-Ashes Tournament Finals! Cary & David (Australia) vs. Susan & Daphne (U.K.), game 2 (NP85.10)
-April 23, 1986-Ashes Tournament Finals! Cary & David (Australia) vs. Susan & Daphne (U.K.), game 3 (NP85.11)
-May 13, 1987-Nick vs. Marilyn vs. Paul (NP85.1)
-May 14, 1987-Sylvia vs. David vs. Marilyn (NP85.2)
-May 15, 1987-Rose vs. Tam vs. Marilyn (NP85.3)
-May 18, 1987-Victoria vs. Rinus vs. Marilyn (NP85.4)
-May 19, 1987-Deirdre vs. John vs. Marilyn (NP85.5)
-May 20, 1987-Audrey vs. Ross vs. Marilyn (NP85.6)
-May 21, 1987-Robin vs. Graham vs. Marilyn. Marilyn goes for it all! (NP85.7)
-1988-Australian heat 3 of World Championship! Dean vs. Marilyn vs. David (NP85.8)
-May 4, 1988-Andrew vs. Angela vs. Murray (NP81.6)
-October 5, 1990 (Taped 8/29/90)-Paul vs. Kate vs. John. Can John win a world-record lot? Studio master with slate! (NP55.2)
-1991-Ian vs. Carol vs. Laurie. Original commercials (BM2.7)
-1991-Peter vs. Esther vs. Ian. Original commercials (NP55.1)
-1992-Maria vs. Dale vs. Elizabeth (NP12.2)
-February 18, 1994-Geoff vs. Robyn vs. Tony. Original commercials and the Lucky $5 Note competition! (DC19.6)
-February 1994-Barry vs. Sue vs. Tony. Tony goes for the lot! Contest & contestant plugs! Average video, low audio (LS2.10)
-April 4, 1994-Helen vs. Roger vs. Rufina. Original commercials (TH4.1)
-August 18, 1994-Samantha vs. Bill vs. Sue. Original commercials (TH4.2)
-1995-Cathy vs. Ken vs. Patricia. Original commercials (TH4.4)
-July 21, 1995-Ed vs. Barbara vs. Cameron. Brendan Richards is on the Fame Game board! (NP55.3)
-November 7, 1995-Fiona vs. Andy vs. Catherine. Original commercials (TH4.5)
-1996-Lynda vs. Robert vs. Helen. Original commercials (TH4.6)
-July 8, 1997-Craig vs. Vicki vs. John. John goes for the lot! Low audio (CC12.1)
-March 13, 1998-Glenn vs. Anne-Marie vs. Brendan. Brendan Richards' $OTC artwork is shown off! (CC12.2)
-March 7, 2000-Chryss vs. David vs. Sharon vs. John. Original commercials (NP35.1)
-2001-21st Birthday Tournament Semi-Finals! Ian vs. David vs. Steve vs. Andrew vs. Vince. Original commercials (NP61.3)
-2001-Peter vs. Maria vs. Simon. Simon goes for the lot! Two original commercials (JO5.8)
-September 4, 2001-Linda vs. Chris vs. Louise (CO57.1)

TEMPTATION [3 episodes]
$ale is back, and more awesome than ever! A must-have!
-May 3, 2005-PREMIERE!!! Ian vs. Edwina vs. Phil. Original commercials (LS6.3)
-August 1, 2005-Pete vs. Debra vs. Jeremy. Original commercials (LS6.4)
-August 24, 2005-Drew vs. Sue vs. Stephen. Stephen goes for the lot! Original commercials (BM2.8)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE [33 episodes]
Loads of differences from our version, but it's just as enjoyable.
John Burgess
-1990-Gary vs. Glen vs. Julie (NP24.4)
-December 1990-Catherine vs. Julian vs. Yvonne. Original commercials (HA49.1)
-December 1990-Faye vs. Julian vs. Nino. Original commercials (HA49.2)
-December 1990-Penny vs. John vs. Stephen. Original commercials (HA49.3)
-1991-Celebrity Episode! Chris Kirby vs. Karen Knowles vs. Grant Kenny (NP11.2)
-1994-Joy vs. Eddie vs. Debbie (DD4.1)
-1994-Cindy vs. Debbie vs. Litsa. One commercial and a contest plug! (CN3.6)
-Jan. or Feb. 1995-From the $100,000 Champion Challenge! Week 2, Heat 1: Melissa vs. Anna vs. Neill (NP17.2)
Tony Barber
-July 15, 1996-Tim vs. JoAnne vs. Greg. (BM3.9) Original commercials (HA49.4)
-July 16, 1996-Tim vs. Angie vs. Roy. Original commercials (HA49.5)
-August 1996-Family Week Finals! Jess & Richard vs. Matt & Jane vs. Cassie & Jon (HA49.6)
Rob Elliott
-January 6, 1997-Rob Elliot and Kerry Friend's first episode, with old rules & music brought back! Barbara vs. Kimbo vs. Kathy. Tony Barber passes the baton to Rob in the open (BM3.10)
-July 1997-Bev vs. Jacqui vs. Therese. Adriana Xenides returns to the show! Ends after main game (HA50.2)
-July 1998-Live Interactive episode! Rodney vs. Danielle vs. Paul (NP24.1)
-1999-Jan vs. Paul vs. Laura (NP24.2)
-September 11, 2000-Battle of the Champions! Don vs. Berlinda vs. Lisa (HA50.3)
-September 12, 2000-Battle of the Champions! Sandi vs. John vs. Jamie. No intro (HA50.4)
-September 13, 2000-Battle of the Champions! Danny vs. Adrian vs. Ruth (HA50.5)
-September 14, 2000-Battle of the Champions Finals! The previous three winners come back! (HA50.6)
-August 15, 2001-20th Anniversary State Challenge Finals! Wilma vs. Nicole vs. Wendy. Rerun commercials, no open (HA50.7)
-2002-Victor vs. Ian vs. Robyn. Original commericals (NP11.3)
-2002-James vs. Peter vs. Maria (CN3.7)
-August 13, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Lindsay vs. Bryan vs. Diane. Melanie Symons fills in for Sophie. Original commercials (HA51.1)
-August 14, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Glenn vs. Lyn vs. Annabelle. Original commercials (HA51.2)
-August 15, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Cathie vs. Victoria vs. Richard. Melanie Symons returns. Original commercials (HA51.3)
-August 27, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Victoria vs. Lindsay vs. Angela. Melanie Symons fills in for Sophie. Original commercials (HA51.4)
-August 28, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Teena vs. Cameron vs. Lester. Melanie Symons fills in for Sophie. Original commercials (HA51.5)
-August 29, 2003-22nd Anniversary State Challenge! Victoria vs. Teena vs. Angela. Melanie Symons fills in for Sophie. Original commercials (HA51.6)
Steve Oemecke
-May 27, 2004-Rohan vs. Joanna vs. game show trader Brendan Richards. Original commercials (BM3.11)
-October 12, 2004-Julian vs. Lauren vs. Steve. Original commercials (HA52.1)
-December 2004-Leanne vs. Stewart vs. Missy (NP24.3)
Larry Emdur
-January 30, 2006-Larry Emdur's first episode! Sara vs. Troy vs. Aki (NP44.2)
-March 21, 2006-5,000th episode! Chris vs. Kylie vs. David. Original commercials (HA52.2)
-July 28, 2006-Finale. Heidi vs. Edith vs. Peter. Original commercials (NP61.4)

WHO DARES WINS [1 episode]
I swear to God I taped this by accident.
-2000?-Segments include a sinking car and being a standup comedian (58.9)

WIN ROY & H.G.'S MONEY [1 episode]
A hysterical version that manages to be even raunchier than ours!
-2000-Possible finale. Tristan vs. Elizabeth vs. Ron (NP68.4)

WIPEOUT [2 episodes]
Now Wipeout is a kids show with a slightly different format. Worth the watch!
-1999-Jeffrey vs. Chloe vs. Kassie (CN3.10)
-2000-Megan vs. Michael vs. Chris. 2003 rerun with commercials (BM6.4)


Yet another great version. The chase lights in the floor are a nice touch.
-December 13?, 2000-Begins with Arlette, Stephanie, Alain, Jeannine, Simone, Ivan, Antoinette, Paul, Chantal, & Ricky at Fastest Finger Question. Original commercials (JR6.7)

RAD VAN FORTUIN (WOF) [1 episode]
A great version with a very orange set.
-2004-Anke vs. Patric vs. Leonid (MG3.1)


ACTING CRAZY [2 episodes]
A fun atmosphere fills this terrific charades show.
-1991-Jo Anne Worley & Nita Blackwood. Dave vs. Theresa (AS5.3)
-1994-Jenilee Harrison & Stu Jeffries. John vs. Rose. Part of one word cut (TH.1)

BALONEY [1 episode]
This great show's set in a diner, and gives the audience a chance to share thousands of dollars!
-1988-Stevie Ray Fronsee, Carol Leafer, Billy Riback (AS5.4)

BRAIN BATTLE [1 episode]
The studio player element was pretty unique, but it got trashed quickly. No matter; show sucks with or without it.
-June 11, 2007-Graham vs. Fraz (JP17.8)

DEFINITION [2 episodes]
It’s a cool Wheel of Fortune-like game, played on a set that looks like it's from 1961.
-1985-Dan Mathison & Pat Marsden. Victoria vs. Joanne. Original commercials AND a contestant plug! Low audio (JR2.9)
-1987-Beth & Carol vs. Ron & Jeffrey. Low audio (TH3.1)

DEAL OR NO DEAL CANADA [*All 5 episodes of a week-long test run*]
An awesome adaptation with a slighly better set than ours. A must-have for any DOND fan!
-February 4, 2007-PREMIERE!!! Begins with Brian Traynor at 26 cases (DN3)
-February 8, 2007-Begins with Theresa Daranciang (DN4)
-February 15, 2007-Begins with Michael George (DN5)
-February 22, 2007-Begins with Jenny Monaco (DN6)
-March 1, 2007-Last show (sadly). Begins with Jamie Cumberland (DN7)

DRAGON'S DEN (Shark Tank) [1 episode]
-December 2, 2009-Ballbra, Euphoria Smoothies, Trader 2, Scoundrels, Hole, Wheel of Life, Augenstern Diamonds, Vantage Wire (MP4.1)

5 4 3 2 RUN! [2 episodes]
Run to the right monitor, or else get slimed!
-1988-Game 1: Lisa vs. Dennis vs. Michael vs. Shannon. Game 2: Danielle vs. Leigh vs. Janice vs. Jeffrey. Very jumpy at times (DC5.12)
-1988-Game 1: Glen vs. Caryl vs. Christie vs. Fred. Game 2: TBA. Original commercials (JW50.2)
MONOPOLY-1984-First contestant: Maggie (JW56.1)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT [1 episode]
A food quiz that could've used a little more spice.
-1989-PREMIERE!!! Dave vs. Tina vs. Glen. Original commercials (SL3.1)

GHOST TRACKERS [1 episode]
Two kids go into spooky places to find ghosts.
-2005-Last episode of season 1. Today's Episode: The Ghost of Casa Loma (DH9)

GUESS WHAT [1 episode]
Enjoyable show with a good format and set.
-1985-Phelan vs. Quarles. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (SI.3)

A simple quizzer...perhaps too simple, as it gets repetitive rather quickly.
-May 1981-Theresa vs. Ellen vs. Jane. Original commercials

INSIDE THE BOX [1 episode]
-2006-Joel vs. John vs. Tina (MP4.3)

-2004-Alisha vs. Gina (MP5.2)

IT'S YOUR MOVE [1 episode]
A simple, but fun charades show.
-1978-Elaine & Dennis vs. Barbara & Pierre. Fuzzy video (RS2.1)

THE JOKE'S ON US [9 episodes]
The panelists are funny, but the format's pretty flimsy.
Point Format
-Points, 1983-Arte Johnson, Joanne Worley, Johnny Yune & Alan Thicke. Beth vs. Mike (MP3.3)
-Points, 1983-Arte Johnson, Joanne Worley, Johnny Yune, Alan Thicke. Gail vs. Gary (MP12.4)
-Points, 1983-Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Maurice Lamarche, Marty Allen. Pearl vs. Mike. No open (MP12.1)
-Points, 1983-Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Maurice Lamarche, Marty Allen. Linda vs. Ian (MP12.2)
-Points, 1983-Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Maurice Lamarche, Marty Allen. Fawna vs. Darrell. Part of open cut (MP13.2)
Dollar Format
-1983-Murray Langston, Joanne Worley, Fred Travalena, Jack Carter. Barbara vs. Steven (MP3.1)
-1983-Murray Langston, Joanne Worley, Fred Travalena, Jack Carter. Pearl vs. Allen. Pearl returns due to a scoring error (MP3.2)
-1983-Murray Langston, Joanne Worley, Fred Travalena, Jack Carter. Jolene vs. John (MP3.4)
-1983-Jan Murray, Jimmy Walker, Leslie Nielsen, Marty Allen. Terri vs. Joe. The panel and host joke about the low budget! (MP12.3)

JUST LIKE MOM [7 episodes]
Mothers and children compete in a game of prediction and cooking (!).
-1981-Kjerstin & Betty vs. Fred & Diane vs. Suzanne & Marilyn (DH22.1)
-1981-Vicky & Gabriella vs. Jeff & Sal vs. Sabrina & Angela (DH22.2)
-1981-Lori Anne & Marilyn vs. Barbara & Donna vs. Marc & Elaine (DH22.3)
-1981-Cindy & Sema vs. Debbie & Esther vs. Robin & Sheila (MP.3)
-1981-Rene & Lyn vs. Holly & Marion vs. Adam & Karen (MP.2)
-1981-Twins show! Aleksander, Katrina & Irene vs. Hy, Shaul & Monica vs. Andea, Erin & Joanne (MP9.4)
-July 1, 1985-Lindy & Fani vs. Angela & Linda vs. Krista & Christina. Original commercials (SL3.3)

JUST LIKE MOM & DAD [1 episode]
Back for the new century, now with 100% less creepy hosts!
-December 3, 2018-Robert & Kim vs. Mariah & Michael vs. Joshua & Lorelei (SD30.5)

LA POULE DES OEUFS D'OR (French-Canadian) [1 episode]
-March 17, 2004-Begins with Claudette vs. Natalie (MP13.3)

LINGO (French-Canadian) [1 episode]
-2001-Simon & J.-François vs. Dominique & Kim (CO56.1)

LOVE HANDLES [3 episodes]
A good show that's part Newlywed Game and part Pyramid.
-1996-Sarah & Chris vs. John & Anne vs. Marg & Michelle. Original commercials (SI7.2)
-1996-Spencer & Jayson vs. Ginger & Brandon vs. Robin & Tess (ZE9.4)
-1996-Jim & Melanie vs. Joanne & Glen vs. Phillip & Zlata. Announcer David Kay shown on camera! (MP2.1)

THE MAD DASH [4 episodes]
It's a run around a giant board game in this Canadian classic!
-1979-Syd & Sandra vs. Howard & Dexa (DH15.1)
-1979-Guy & Nicole vs. Richard & Marianne (DH15.2)
-1978?-Eva & Gerry vs. June & Mark. It says 1978 at the end, but this looks like a later episode (DH15.3)
-1979-Last episode of season 1. Susan & Max vs. Monica & Tom (DH15.4)

-April 13, 2018-Phoney Business (JF188.1)
-April 27, 2018-Anger Mismanagement (JF187.5)

MATCH GAME (2012-2013) [4 episodes]
A very fun revival that takes a lot of its format from our 1990 version! -October 22, 2012-Caroline Rhea, Debra DiGiovanni, Scott Thompson, Paul Lemieux, Emily Hampshire & Seán Cullen. Sharon vs. Patrick (GG60.3)
-October 23, 2012-Tom Green, Debra DiGiovanni, Robin Dunne, Mark Little, Amanda Tapping & Seán Cullen. Paul vs. Jess (GG60.2)
-November 5, 2012-Yvette Nicole Brown, Debra DiGiovanni, Colin Mochrie, Graham Chittenden, Laura Cilevitz, Seán Cullen. Jessie vs. Zoe (GG60.4)
-January 10, 2013-Yvette Nicole Brown, Debra DiGiovanni, Colin Mochrie, Graham Chittenden, Laura Cilevitz, Seán Cullen. Joel vs. Sofia. The wheel stops between two spaces! (GG59.1)

MUSIQUEST [1 episode]
A cool song-guessing game with a neat set!
-1990-First of a two-day finals! MacDonald (Phyllis, Jonnie, & Rod) vs. Rogers (Rick, Pat, & Leanne) (AS4.1)

THE NEXT LINE [1 episode]
A lot like Liar's Club, and uses a very similar set.
-1991-Neil Crone, Veena Sood, Pete Barbutti, Denalda Williams. Maxine vs. Russ vs. Karen vs. Ian (AS5.9)

PARTY GAME [1 episode]
-1979?-Show #121 (one of only 4 existing!). Billy Van, Jack Duffy, & Dinah Christie vs. Liz Torres, Gloria Loring, & Alan Thicke. Studio master with time code & slate! (SL2.1)

POPQ [1 episode]
The first half of this call-in has one caller. The second half has NONE. The absolute worst call-in ever made.
-September 24, 2007-Today's question: Who starred in The Game Plan (JP27.8)

REACH FOR THE TOP [1 episode]
-October 18, 2009-Tanenbaum Chat-Kimel vs. London Central S.S. (SL.1)

SPLATALOT! [8 episodes]
The Attackers go through a tough castle obstacle course while enduring the attacks of the Defenders. Good fun!
NOTE: All episodes are Nickelodeon airings, and the airdates are the days Nick aired them.
-July 30, 2012-Attackers: Sandra, Henok, Joel, Kaitlyn, Jake, Yasmin, Ashley, Sofia, Shayne, Dylan, Samantha, & Taylor. Defenders: Gildar, Crocness, Kookaburra, Ballista, Thorne, & Shaiden
-July 31, 2012-Attackers: Lucas, Nicole, Shania, Mitchell, Benito, Ana, Julian, Katrina, Taylor, Stefan, Audrey, & Chyrelle. Defenders: Tinkor, Kookaburra, Ballista, Shaiden, Thorne, & Skabb
-August 1, 2012-Attackers: Madisyn, Sydney, Chanelle, Craig, Rachel, Graham, Marianna, Megan, Steven, Patrick, Mariko, & Chris. Defenders: Skabb, Thorne, Kookaburra, Ballista, Tinkor, & Knightress
-August 2, 2012-Attackers: Jenna, Timmy, Sneha, Tristan, Scott, Christine, Mikaela, Patrick, Briane, Arthur, William, & Zachery. Defenders: Crocness, Gildar, Skabb, Ballista, Shaiden, & Thorne
-August 7, 2012-Attackers: Kyle, Tressa, Corey, Tamara, Maha, Nathan, Hazel, Jacob, Colleen, Andrea, John, & Carly. Defenders: Tinkor, Skabb, Thorne, Ballista, Crocness, & Shaiden. Gildar helps do the commentary!
-August 8, 2012-Attackers: Justin, Cameron, Patricia, Nicole, Mackenzie, Sebastian, Thompson, Monique, Michelle, Samantha, Sarah, & Curtis. Defenders: Ballista, Kookaburra, Skabb, Knightriss, Tinkor, & Shaiden. REALLY good contestants here! No open
-August 9, 2012-Attackers: Emily, Alexander, Jordan, Kaylee, Campbell, Hannah, Sarah, Matthew, Benita, Connor, Kiara, & Rossi. Defenders: Knightriss, Crocness, Thorne, Gildar, Tinkor, & Skabb. Ballista & Kookaburra replace Gildar & Skabb in the final round
-August 16, 2012-Attackers: Taylor, Devin, Dana, Austin, Madison, Michael, Carley Marie, Chris, Jesse, Carina, Tori, & Mona. Defenders: Ballista, Knightriss, Thorne, Skabb, Kookaburra, & Gildar

Very nicely done, albeit a bit cheaper than ours.
-1992?-Jodi & Sharon vs. Beth & Victor vs. Wayne & Judy (BT20.5)
-1992?-Kim & Liz vs. Steve & Wendy vs. Robyn & Tara (BT20.6)
-1992?-Tanis & Glenn vs. Elaine & Winifred vs. Mike & John (BT20.7)
-1992?-Diane & Richard vs. Linda & Jan vs. Shirley & Sue (BT21.1)
-1992?-Daphne & George vs. Sandra & Shirley vs. Diane & Christine (BT21.2)
-1992?-Janet & Leeann vs. Kathleen & Jana vs. Dave & Audrey (BT21.3)
-1992?-Sue & Sara vs. Debra & Marcelle vs. Al & Glen (BT21.4)
-1995?-Cheryl & Michele vs. Paul & Tracy vs. Ivy & Barbara. Weird checkout stand crash! Prime commercials and a contestant plug! (DC3.8)

TEST PATTERN [1 episode]
One of my favorite Canadian shows is this wacky Remote Control-ish game.
-1989-Marc vs. Heather vs. Sandro. On-deck contestant: Craig (SL3.4)

TIMECHASE [3 episodes]
-1997-John vs. Kimberly vs. Cliff (MP15.2)
-1997-Tim vs. Paul vs. John (MP15.1)
-1997-Paul vs. Christine vs. Simon (MP15.3)

Brain Battle's last format on PopQ's set, with a tournament thrown in. At least it moves quickly.
-August 30, 2008-Second episode in Eastern region! Today's game: Celebrities whose names start with B (JP44.2)

UH-OH! [20 episode]
A totally insane kids show with wheels galore!
-June 13, 1997-PREMIERE!!! Kyle & Mandy vs. Ken & Aaron vs. Emily & Robert (AS.9)
-2001-Anita & Kyle vs. Zeeshan & Kyle vs. John & Kyle (MD5.1)
-2001-Ashley & Michael vs. Julia & Keith vs. Pekash & Jamal (MD5.2)
-2001-Beth & Cam vs. Sam & Angela vs. Myles vs. Paul (MD5.3)
-2001-Carly & Leila vs. Chow & Seawoo vs. Caressa & Kaelynn (MD5.4)
-2001-Casey & Akim vs. Kelsey & Natasia vs. Laurie & Shadea (MD5.5)
-2001-Chris & Jacquie vs. Carley & Eric vs. Lizzie & Brianna (MD6.1)
-2001-Edwina & Jeremy vs. Nadia & Alysha vs. Stiver & Tamara (MD6.2)
-2001-Heather & Sarah vs. Justin & Corey vs. Kate-Lynn & Peter (MD6.3)
-2001-Jeffrey & Joan vs. David & Aaron vs. Andre & Krista (MD6.4)
-2001-Kevin & Evy vs. Alex & Christina vs. Carmen & Laura (MD6.5)
-2001-Laura & Nicole vs. Vince & Jory vs. Ashley & Emily (MD7.1)
-2001-Lisa & Natalie vs. Marrisa & Erica vs. Alexandra & Laura (MD7.2)
-2001-Matthew & David vs. Adam & Wayne vs. Matthew & Frankie (MD7.3)
-2001-Matthew & Delfina vs. Sara & Laura vs. Kevin & Jessica (MD7.4)
-2001-Melissa & Andrew vs. Kayce & Pesanjit vs. Jitesa & Prasantha (MD7.5)
-2001-Sara & Courtney vs. Aaron & Audrey vs. Katherine & Ari (MD8.1)
-2001-Sara & Ibrahim vs. Jill & Owen vs. Ryan & Vanessa (MD8.2)
-2001-Suzanne & Rob vs. Natalia & Monica vs. Justin & Troy (MD8.3)
-2001-Kary & Pegah vs. Shane & Paya vs. Amir & Horatio (MD8.4)

VINGT ET UN (French-Canadian Twenty One) [1 episode]
-2004-Daniel vs. Denis (MP.4)

WIZZ (French-Canadian) [4 episodes]
-2002?-Denis vs. Antoine. No intro (MP9.3)
-2002-Michel vs. Patrice (MP10.1)
-2002-Michel vs. Catherine (MP10.2)
-2002-Francis vs. Charles (MP10.3)


JEOPARDY! [1 episode]
Great version with a really cool set!
-2000-Thomas vs. Peter vs. Lene (JR8.2)


MITA MAKSAA (The Price Is Right) [1 episode]
A little like Bruce's PIR, but definitely has its own charm.
-2001-Secret X, Race Game, Any Number (BM.9)


LA ROUE DE FORTUNE (WOF) [1 episode]
-2007-Emilie vs. Loic vs. Audrey (JR16.3)

LES Z'AMOURS [1 episode]
A long-running relationship show with a very cool, comic book-inspired set.
-December 7, 1999-Marguerite & Aime vs. Christine & Olivier vs. Sylvianna & Georges. Contestant plug! (SI2.1)

MOTUS (Lingo) [1 episode]
-2010-Philippe & Julien vs. Sonia & Virginie (CO56.2)

PYRAMIDE [1 episode]
Actually combines Pyramid with Password and Blackout. Very cool!
-December 7, 1999-Muriel vs. Patric (SI2.3)

A great version of Going For Gold that still runs to this day!
-December 7, 1999-Phillipe vs. Isabelle vs. Djavid vs. Marie-Anne (SI2.2)


DER PREISS IST HEISS (The Price Is Right) [2 episodes]
Harry's a good host, and the Showcases are huge!
-1992-Grocery Game, Shell Game, Plinko. This set was used for just 4 weeks (CN2.14)
-1995-Golden Road, One Right Price, Price Ladder. Original commercials, pic jumps slightly & makes a squeaking noise when it does (CN7.5)

HOPP ODER TOPP ($ale Of The Century) [14 episodes]
Thomy Aigner
-1991-Georg vs. Gisela vs. Michael. Michael goes for the lot! (HOT.1)
-1991-Thomas vs. Annette vs. Thomas (HOT.2)
-1991-Christina vs. Bernhard vs. Waltraud. Waltraud goes for the lot! (HOT.11)
-December 1991-Jochen vs. France vs. Andreas. Set decorated for Christmas! (HOT.3)
-1992-Sven vs. Ingrid vs. Peter. Check out Thomy & Angelika's loud outfits! Circa 1996 repeat with commercials. Highly recommended! (HOT.4)
-1992-Andre vs. Sigrid vs. Sepp (HOT.5)
-1992-Paul vs. Birgitta vs. Florian. Florian goes for the lot! (HOT.6)
-1992-Karin vs. Jens vs. Silvia. The models are dressed as clowns! (HOT.7)
-1992-Heinrich vs. Ursula vs. Helmut. Thomy's wearing a bizarre plaid jacket! (HOT.8)
-1992-Gerald vs. Ingrid vs. Dieter. Dieter goes for the lot! (CC7.2)
-1992-500th show! Hildegard vs. Kurt vs. Christine. Has a MASSIVE cake to celebrate! (HOT.10)
-December 1992-Thomy Aigner's last episode. Uwe-Kurt vs. Sonja vs. Dominik (HOT.12)
Hermann Toelcke
-January 1?, 1993-Hermann Toelcke's first episode! Bert vs. Heidi vs. Dominik (HOT.13)
-1993-Armin vs. Christine vs. Helmut. Helmut goes for the lot! No credits (HOT.14)

RUCK ZUCK (Hot Streak) [1 episode]
A very successful version. Uses the same theme and a similar, but MUCH cooler set!
-May 4, 1999 (Taped 4/11/99)-Aimo, Thomas, Dork, Sascha, & Thomas vs. Maren, Tina, Dorthia, Jana, & Jessica. Studio master WITH SLATE!!! (MG2.1)

Very enjoyable! Good set & graphics on this version.
-2004-Begins with Frank Muesler at €50 (JR6.5)


WHEEL OF FORTUNE [1 episode]
-1994-Maria vs. Yannhe vs. Maria (that's how the names are pronounced) (SF56.6)


AFFARI TUOI (Deal or no Deal) [1 episode]
-April 30, 2005-Trentino Alto Adige (CO52.1)

OK! (The Price Is Right) [1 episode]
An awesome version with neat music & sound effects.
-1998?-Golden Road, Secret X, Cover Up, Danger Price, Check Out, Bargain Bar. VCR counter on top right (CN7.6)


NINJA WARRIOR (American dub of "Sasuke") [10 episodes]
100 compete on an absolutely INSANE obstacle course. I'm amazed people can pass round 1!
Sasuke 17: originally aired Oct. 11, 2006 (Incomplete)
-Part 4 (1071.9)
-Part 5 (1071.10)
Sasuke 19: originally aired Sep. 19, 2007 (Complete)
-Part 1 (634.4)
-Part 2 (634.5)
-Part 3 (634.6)
Sasuke 20: originally aired Mar. 26, 2008 (Complete)
-Part 1 (634.8)
-Part 2 (634.9)
-Part 3 (634.10)
-Part 4 (634.11)
-Part 5 (635.1)

TAKESHI'S CASTLE [50 episodes]
One of the most awesome game shows Japan has to offer, most know it as the heavily-edited MXC.
-September 26, 1986-Ep. 16 (JM3.1)
-October 17, 1986-Ep. 19 (JM13.1)
-October 24, 1986-Ep. 20. A unique ending to the Show Down! (JM13.2)
-October 31, 1986-Ep. 21. Takeshi's cart becomes gold (JM14.1)
-November 7, 1986-Ep. 22 (JM14.2)
-November 14, 1986-Ep. 23 (JM15.1)
-November 21, 1986-Ep. 24 (JM15.2)
-November 28, 1986-Ep. 25 (JM16.1)
-December 12, 1986-Ep. 26 (JM16.2)
-December 19, 1986-Ep. 27 (JM19.1)
-January 9, 1987-Ep. 29 (JM19.2)
-January 16, 1987-Ep. 30 (JM17.1)
-January 23, 1987-Ep. 31. A milestone is accomplished! (JM12.1)
-February 27, 1987-Ep. 36: Couple’s Special! (JM4.1)
-March 6, 1987-Ep. 37. Original commercials (JM11.2) or repeat airing (JM4.2)
-June 19, 1987-Ep. 51 (JM7.1)
-June 26, 1987-Ep. 52 (JM7.2)
-July 31, 1987-Ep. 55 (JM8.1)
-August 14, 1987-Ep. 56: Family Special! (JM8.2)
-August 21, 1987-Ep. 57 (JM9.1)
-September 11, 1987-Ep. 59 (JM25.2)
-September 11, 1987-Ep. 59 (JM9.2)
-October 2, 1987-Ep. 62: Double-length monster special! (JM13)
-October 23, 1987-Ep. 65 (JM23.2)
-October 30, 1987-Ep. 66 (JM22.1)
-November 13, 1987-Ep. 68 (JM22.2)
-December 11, 1987-Ep. 71 (JM3.2)
-March 4, 1988-Ep. 82 (JM10.1)
-April 8, 1988-Ep. 87. Last water pistol Show Down (JM25.1)
-April 22, 1988-Ep. 88. First laser gun Show Down! (JM10.2)
-April 29, 1988-Ep. 89 (JM24.1)
-May 6, 1988-Ep. 90. This episode would be adapted into the first UK episode! (JM23.1)
-May 13, 1988-Ep. 91 (JM21.1)
-May 27, 1988-Ep. 92 (JM21.2)
-June 24, 1988-Ep. 96: College Girls Special! (JM18.2)
-July 15, 1988-Ep. 98: Couple’s Special! Takeshi’s plane becomes red (JM6.2)
-July 22, 1988-Ep. 99: Regional Special! (JM24.2)
-August 12, 1988-Ep. 101 (JM2.1)
-August 26, 1988-Ep. 102: Family Special! (JM2.2)
-September 2, 1988-Ep. 103: Middle School Special! (JM26.1)
-September 9, 1988-Ep. 104: Family Special! (JM26.2)
-October 7, 1988-Ep. 106: Double Length International Battle Special! Includes contestants from the US King Of The Mountain pilot! (JM27.1)
-October 14, 1988-Ep. 107 (JM18.1)
-November 11, 1988: Ep. 110: International Special! Original commercials (JM11.1) or repeat airing (JM6.1)
-November 18, 1988-Ep. 111 (JM20.1)
-November 25, 1988-Ep. 112 (JM20.2)
-December 16, 1988-Ep. 114 (JM17.1)
-January 20, 1989-Ep. 119 (JM5.1)
-March 24, 1989-Ep. 127: The final regular episode (JM5.2)
-October 19, 1990-Ep. 133. Finale…and 1000 Contestant Attack Special! (JM12.1)

-2005-Begins with Kimihiro Minamide at 2nd Adventure Stage (CO27.4)
-2005-Begins with Makoto Nagano at 3rd Fantasy Stage (CO27.2)
-2005-Begins with Sho Ishii at 1st Marine Stage (CO27.3)

WOMEN OF NINJA WARRIOR (American dub of "Kunoichi") [1 episode]
Sasuke's sister show focuses more on agility then strength. Doesn't make it easier, mind you...
Kunoichi 7: originally aired Sep. 5, 2007
-Part 2 (634.1)
-Part 3 (634.2)
-Part 4 (634.3)


???????? [10 episodes]
It has something to do with kids, but that’s all I can figure out.
NOTE: Each episode is 50 minutes long without commercials, and bizarrely enough, each one has a wildly different set.
A clip of the show can be seen here.
-November 29, 2004-First ten minutes cut (389.5)
-December 6, 2004 (307.1)
-December 13, 2004 (871.1)
-January 10, 2005 (305.2)
-January 31, 2005-Part of open cut (368.6)
-February 14?, 2005 (327.7)
-February 21, 2005 (314.1)
-June 19?, 2005-First few minutes cut (453.13)
-August 29?, 2005 (489.10)
-September 2005 (537.5)

???????? [1 episode]
Stunt show between two teams of eight people (Think Family Challenge)
NOTE: Each episode is 30 minutes long, without commercials, and have no credits whatsoever.
-September 25, 2005-Pink Team vs. Green Team (440.9)

FAMILY GAME [1 episode]
Two families compete in a bazillion different charades, quiz rounds, identifying which body part belongs to whom...
-April 23, 2008-Green team vs. Pink team (901.7)

-Possibly Feb. 17, 2008 (aired here on 4/12/08)-Haman Chilwon High School (1061.5)
-May 2009-Today's Contestants: Korean Teenagers Council (GR23.1)

GOLDEN LADDER [1 episode]
-July 19, 2009-Kwandong University (GR25.2)

LET'S GO! DREAM TEAM [4 episodes]
The dream team faces a different team each week in athletic, Takeshi-like games.
NOTE: Each episode is roughly 60 minutes long, without commercials, and airs with English subtitles.
-April 1, 2010 (Taped 2/10)-Today's Challengers: UFC Fighters (863.7)
-July 21, 2010 (Taped 6/20/10)-World Refugee Day special! Highly recommended! (959.7)
-October 27, 2010-Women's Wrestling Team. No intro
-November 16, 2011-15 previous winners come back to see who will be the "King of Kings"!

A fun spin-off of an educational show, four foreigners play games in order to learn Korean.
NOTE: Each episode is roughly 60 minutes long, and is in English. (When they're not learning Korean, of course!)
-February 28, 2010-Episode 7: Food. Kimchi Jjigae (Aissa & Mita) vs. Samgyeopsal (Melissa & Jun) (GR20.2)

QUIZ KOREA [4 episodes]
One of Korea's most popular programs is this incredibly tense quizzer!
NOTE: Each episode is 60 minutes long, without commercials, and airs with English subtitles.
-Reran 4/4/2008-Contestants TBA. Begins at next-to-last contestant's first round (762.9)
-Reran 4/11/2008-Kim Jinseol vs. Yang Seonhwa vs. Yi Changsu vs. Bang Gyeongseon vs. Im Jongyeon vs. Kim Geunyeong (631.5)
-Reran 4/25/2008-Kim Mijin vs. Kim Doseong vs. Chae Seonghui vs. Yang Jeongsu vs. Kim Jeonghui vs. Heo Manseong. Check out Yang's suit! Begins at Kim Mijin's interview (no gameplay is lost) (632.7)
-April or May 2008-Yi Sanguk vs. Jeon Jiyeon vs. Jeong Deokyeong vs. Kim Jimyeong vs. Im Byeongdu vs. Gwak Bonghui (993.1)

STAR GOLDEN BELL [1 episode]
NOTE: Each episode is roughly 70 minutes long. Contestant interviews take up the first half of the show. -2009-Info TBA (GR23.2)

A fantastic show in which writers pit their stories against each other.
NOTE: Each episode is 60 minutes long, without commercials, and airs with English subtitles.
-July 2008 (reran 8/15/08)-Preliminary Match #2, Tournament 2. Yi Goeun's "Driving Me Crazy" vs. Jo Dongshin's "Long Awaited" (642.8)
-Aug. or Sep. 2008 (Reran 10/3/2008)-Preliminary Match #2, Tournament 3. An Changyong's "Lawyer" vs. Park Seonggyu's "Who? How? Why?". Missing open (676.4)

Teams are challenged to do things while riding on amusement park rides.
NOTE: Each episode is 45 minutes long, without commercials.
-September 25, 2005 (440.10)

SUPERKIDS [3 episodes]
An English-language version of Golden Bell Challenge, complete with an American host!.
NOTE: Each episode is 60 minutes long, without commercials.
-November 15, 2009-Today's School: Seoul Banghyeon Elementary School (GR20.1)
-April 25, 2010-Seoul Younghoon Elementary School (GR30.1)
-June 13, 2010-Seoul Daedo Elementary School (GR30.2)


ASGAARD [2 episodes]
A fantasy themed stunt show. It's rare to see a show where most stunts involve fire...
-2009-Jorge & Maria vs. Luis & Olivia (MG16.1)
-2009-Lizhe & Esteban vs. Ramses & Katie (GR28.1)

BUENAS TARDES [2 episodes]
A cool stunt show between families. The winning team of the week then gets to try and open a safe full of pesos!
-2006-Barrera vs. Arroyo (GR3.2)
-2006-Gonzalez vs. Castillo vs. Aldana (GR5.9)

CIEN MEXICANOS DIJERON (Family Feud) [29 episodes]
Very cool version with a neat set (all three of them)!
Half hour format, older podium & graphics
-2001-Diaz vs. Hernandez (CMD2.1)
-2001-Pinal vs. Hernandez(CMD2.2)
-2001-Pinal vs. Arvizu (CMD2.3)
-2001-Pinal vs. Casique (CMD2.4)
-2001-Jiminez vs. Casique (CMD2.5)
-2001-Olmos vs. Casique(CMD2.7)
-2001-Olmos vs. Cervantes. (CMD2.8)
-2001-Rico vs. Cervantes (CMD2.9)
-2001-Rico vs. Brunet (CMD2.10/133.0)
Half hour format, newer podium & graphics
-2001-Garibay vs. Aiza (CMD1.1)
-2001-Solis vs. Aiza. One question is “Name a Hollywood actor.” (CMD1.2)
-2001-Solis vs. Rueda. First player gets 167 in bonus…and the second gets 2!!! (CMD1.3)
-2001-Solis vs. Arredondo (CMD1.4)
-2001-Solis vs. Rubio (CMD1.5)
-2001-Hernandez vs. Rubio (CMD1.6)
-2001-Hernandez vs. Alcantara (CMD1.7)
-2001-Hernandez vs. Suarez. Telefutura accidentally cuts off Suarez family interviews and part of first question (CMD1.8)
-2001-Hernandez vs. Flores (CMD1.9)
-2001-Hernandez vs. Rodriguez (CMD1.10)
-2001-Diaz vs. Rodriguez (CMD1.11)
-2001-Moreno vs. Rodriguez(CMD1.12)
Hour long format (very Feud 94-ish)
-2003-Salero vs. Salas. Returning Family: Beltran (IA.1)
-2003-Baroudi vs. Navarrete. Returning Family: Smeke (259.2)
-2003-Hernandez vs. Retana. Returning Family: Segura (251.5)
-2004-Gomez vs. Garza. Returning Family: Retana (188.3)
-2004-Friday episode of a VIP Week! Conductoras vs. Conductores (276.6)
-2004-700TH EPISODE!!! Staufert vs. Amador. Retuerning Family: Viveros. The 7 falls off the board! (452.6)
-October 2005-Moctezuma vs. Sanchez. Champs: Molina (908.4)
-2005-Lujan vs. Cornejo. Returning Family: Lozano (372.5)


$ALE OF THE CENTURY [6 episodes]
It's $ale; of course it's great. Looks a lot like the Australian version.
-1989-PREMIERE!!! Gerard vs. Glenis vs. Barry (CN3.16)
-1989-Gerard vs. Marnie vs. John (MP15.4)
-1993-First day of the Winner’s Board! Bruce vs. Ann vs. Craig. Missing open (CN3.17)
-November 15, 1994-Dean vs. Pat vs. Andy (NP81.4)
-November 18, 1994-Dean vs. Jeanie vs. Ken (NP81.5)
-1994?-The first 18 minutes of the finale (ends right before Speed Round). Tony vs. Linley vs. Richard

TELEBINGO [5 episodes]
-November 13, 1996-Dean vs. Sharon vs. Michael (CO18.1)
-November 20, 1996-Michael vs. Charles vs. Dean (CO18.2)
-November 27, 1996-John vs. Toby vs. Dean (CO18.3)
-December 4, 1996-Roger vs. Bill vs. Dean (CO18.4)
-December 11, 1996-Stephen vs. Jeremy vs. Dean (CO18.5)

WEAKEST LINK [1 episode]
-March 2002-Finale. Wendy vs. Anne vs. Karen vs. Richard vs. Noel vs. John vs. Natasha vs. Paul vs. Carwyn (MP2.2)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE [1 episode]
Extremely reminiscent of the Australian version; uses the same format & theme.
-1994-Sonny vs. Josie vs. Shirley (CN7.10)


KOŁO FORTUNY (Wheel Of Fortune) [1 episode]
Pretty good, albeit low-key adaption of WOF.
-1994-Chester vs. Marianne vs. Adam. (at least, that’s what they sound like) Last 17 minutes only (SI2.4)


Sleek set and nice graphics. Carlos Cruz is painfully slow, however.
-May 2000-Begins with Renata Morgado at 25,000,000 Escudos. RENATA WINS THE 50 MILLION!!! (JR6.8)


A TODA MAQUINA [1 episode]
Kids show with lots of neat events.
-2001-Elem. Manuel Fernandez-Juncos vs. Elem. Jose Coira. 2007 Azteca America repeat with commercials, fuzzy video (MG13.3)


A WORD OR 2 [1 episode]
It’s Countdown, South African style. Also has a slightly better set, in my opinion.
-2004-Gill vs. Gary. Original commercials!!! (JR4.11)

A South African lotto show, with minigames similar to Card Sharks and Powerball.
-2004-Zukile & Phindile vs. Elliot & Tshamano vs. Given & Gladys. Original commercials (JR13.8)

GREED [1 episode]
This version’s shot in a casino! The set’s also got a nice gold bar motif.
-2000-Second season premiere! Begins with Yavi, Richard, Leon, Lance, Johan & Glenys at the Qualifying Question. Low audio (JR6.6)

Almost exactly like our version!
-Taped 11/24/1999-Episode 6! Begins with Gerard, Kajo, Simon, JP, Leatitia, Trevor, Jaco, James, Setsweke, and Michael at Fastest Finger. Clip of John Carpenter’s 1M win shown, and someone becomes the biggest winner on this version (at the time, anyway)! Original commercials (JR3.12)


THE CHAIR [1 episode]
Nicely done version with a great set!
-January 26, 2004-First contestant: A lady in a green coat, who starts with a 145 limit. Original commercials (BM.2)


A very cool show widely cited as the pre-cursor to The Crystal Maze.
-January 21, 1986-Today's adventurers: David Sanderman, Fiona Kennedy, & Ian McCaskill (RW6.3)

ALL CLUED UP ($1M Chance of a Lifetime) [3 episodes]
Similar graphics and set, though here it's played for far less than a million.
-1991-Mike & Maureen vs. John & Kary (AS8.2)
-1991-Andrew & Lesley vs. Steven & Pat (BS31.5)
-1991-Martin & Jo vs. James & Linda (BS31.6)

-October 27, 2007-Second series premiere! Kim Ryder vs. Brian Dowling. HILARIOUS Fast Money! Slightly glitchy during part of question 4 (NP53.3)

BIG BREAK [1 episode]
-1998-Chris vs. Kally vs. Rich (SD6.4)

BLANKETY BLANK (1979-1990) [5 episodes]
Cute theme song and great celebs make this well worth the watch.
Terry Wogan
-1979-Roy Kinnear, Thora Hird, Henry Cooper, Karen Kaye, Kenny Everett, Lorraine Chase. Game 1: John vs. Susan. Game 2: Mike vs. Audrey. Kenny bends Terry’s microphone! Average video (JO4.1)
-September 1979-Rolf Harris, Barbara Kelly, John Edmond, Lennie Bennett, Una Stubbs. Game 1: Victor vs. Ann. Game 2: Derek vs. Vicki. BRUCE FORSYTH makes a surprise appearance! Average video (JO4.2)
-1983-David Hamilton, June Whitfield, Derek Nimmo, Wendy Richards, Kenny Everett, Sally Jayne. Game 1: Richard vs. Eve. Game 2: Melville vs. Rosita. More microphone fun! Average video (JO4.3)
Les Dawson
-1984-Les Dawson's first episode! Barry Cryer, Shiela Ferguon, Henry Coopar, Stacy Dorning, Tom O'Connor, Lorraine Chase. Game 1: Don vs. Paulette. Game 2: Brian vs. Alex. Challenge commercials (JR12.3)
-1984-Roy Hudd, Karen Kay, Matthew Kelly, Janet ellis, Ted Rogers, Lizzie Webb. Game 1: David vs. Diane. Game 2: Ricky vs. Amanda. Challenge commercials (JR12.4)

BLOCKBUSTERS (1983-1993) [4 episodes]
Their version is ASTOUNDING!!! The opening and theme song are especially impressive.
-August 29, 1983-PREMIERE!!! Alistair vs. Verity & Ruth. Studio master WITH SLATE!!! (RS.1)
-1991-Matt vs. Susie & Steve. Original commercials (CN.3)
-1992-Tim vs. Yvette & Katherine. LAST-SECOND GOLD RUN WIN!!! Challenge TV commercials (JR5.14)
-1993-Nora vs. & Fay & Alex (RS.2)

BOB'S FULL HOUSE [2 episodes]
A very neat Trump Card-esque quizzer.
-1985-Jacqueline vs. John vs. David vs. Merryl (MG5.1)
-December 30, 1989-Last show of 1989! Neil vs. Sue vs. Paul vs. Liz (RS10.7)

BRUCE’S PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT (Card Sharks, 1980-1987) [2 episodes]
This version used couples & a car. Not bad!
-Taped 1/30/1980-From the first series, with single players instead of couples. Anne vs. Ian. Time code on top (MG2.3)
-August 30, 1985-Series premiere! Dave & Tracey vs. Chrissy & Gary (MG3.3)

BRUCE’S PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT (Card Sharks, 1994-1999) [3 episodes]
It's back, and glitzier than ever!
-July 8, 1994-Graham & Carol vs. Dorothy & Brian. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (NP33.3)
-January 16, 1998-First show of a new series! Wayne & Sam vs. Nigel & Sally. Credits cut partway (JO4.10)
-September 7, 2002-Series premiere! Possible Contestants: Chris & Catherine, Peter & Sana, Mark & Colette, Matthias & Clarissa (NP33.2)

A legendary host meets a legendary format, and the result is truly wonderful!
-September 4, 1995-PREMIERE!!! Danger Price, Pathfinder, Switcheroo (CN2.13)
-1997-Lucky Seven, Race Game, 3 Strikes. Challenge commercials (DB9.3)
-1997-Most Expensive, Plinko (for a CAR!), Danger Price. Challenge commercials, low audio during Plinko's prize description (DB9.4)
-1998-Make Your Move, Credit Card, Pathfinder. Over £36,000 won!!! Challenge TV commercials (JR2.10)
-2000-Side By Side, 3 Strikes, CLIFFHANGER!!! Original commercials, low audio (JR5.12)

BULLSEYE (1981-1995) [15 episodes]
This isn't our show; instead, it's a terrific combination of darts and trivia.
-1986-Ian & Steve vs. Tony & Sheila vs. Charlie & Don. Charity Player: Terry O'Dea. Brief video hiccup during first throw of bonus round (JR9.4)
-December 1988-Celebrity Christmas Special! Bob Anderson & Roy Walker vs. Eric Bristow & Bob Holness vs. Jocky Wilson & Les Dennis. Charity Player: Tony Green. VERY highly recommended! (JR10.10)
-1989-Harpo & Angie vs. Paul & Keith vs. Ian & Ian. Charity Player: Paul Reynolds (JR9.5)
-1989-Mick & Paul vs. Molli & Gaynor vs. John & Collin. Charity Player: Ronnie Sharp (JR9.6)
-1990-Paul & Marie vs. Del & Paul vs. Mervin & Geoff. Charity Player: Maureen Flowers (JR9.7)
-1990-John & David vs. Mike & Allie vs. Gordon & Jim. Charity Player: Ray Farrell (JR9.8)
-1990-10th Series Premiere! Colin & Ann vs. Richard & George vs. Paul & Brian. Charity Player: Bobby George (JR10.1)
-1990-Steve & Chic vs. Jill & Val vs. Janet & Jim. Charity Player: Ali Timmins (JR10.2)
-1990-Gerald & Raymond vs. Lillian & Ken vs. Charlie & Campbell. Charity Player: Phil Taylor (JR10.3)
-1990-Martin & Iver vs. David & Matt vs. Frank & Andrew. Charity Player: Ray Farrell (JR10.4)
-December 1990-Charlie & Harry vs. Lesley & Arthur vs. John & Duncan. Charity Player: Dave Whitcombe. No open (JR10.5)
-December? 1990-Jenny & Chris vs. David & Harry vs. Derek & Mark. Charity Player: Brian Cairns (JR10.6)
-January 5, 1991-First show of 1991! Dave & Mark vs. John & Peter vs. Gordon & Steve. Charity Player: Denis Hickling (JR10.7)
-1991-Kevin & Colin vs. Feg & Graham vs. Dave & Graham. Charity Player: Ronnie Sharpe (JR10.8)
-1991-George & John vs. Pat & Terry vs. Billy & Pete. Charity Player: Raymond Barneveld (JR10.9)

CASH CAB [1 episode]
Didn't last long in the UK, but the best for Cash Cab was yet to come...
-2005-Game 1: Sandra & Anita (VERY funny beginning!). Game 2: Damian & Rosa. Ends during credits (AS38.1)

CATCHPHRASE [32 episodes]
Walker's version looks and plays much like ours, Weir's has tons of format changes and a spacey set. Was hilariously cheapened when Curry took over.
Roy Walker
-January 12, 1986-PREMIERE!!! Christine vs. Nick (NP81.3)
-1987-Steve vs. Paulette. Uses same graphics as our episodes! (MG3.2)
-1989-Louise vs. Peter (NP38.4)
-1990-Celebrity episode! Part 1: Tessa Saunderson & Barry McGriggin vs. Wayne Dobson & Linda Rezarti. Part 2: Pamela Powers & Kenneth Waller vs. Jule Brown & Pete Deen (MG2.6)
-1992-Family Special! Grants vs. Peppers. No open, ends after maingame (NP38.2)
-October 28, 1992-Last episode before a hiatus. Andrew vs. Tina. Original commercials (NP38.1)
-1994-Series 10 debut! Mabel vs. Len (AW5.1)
-1994-Barbara vs. Tony (AW5.2)
-1994-Adrian vs. Julia (AW5.3)
-1994-Denny vs. Carole (AW5.4)
-1994-Trevor vs. Catherine (AW5.5)
-1994-Sally vs. Darren (AW5.6)
-1994-Jat vs. Claire (AW5.7)
-1994-Brian vs. Cindy (AW5.8)
-November 18?, 1994-Marita vs. Sean. The legendary “Snake Charmer” episode! Challenge TV commercials (JR3.11)
-1997?-Cathryn vs. Daniel. Includes a Viewer's Catchphrase! Average video (LS10.6)
-1998-Darryl vs. Pam (NP29.1)
-November 20, 1999-Roy Walker’s final episode. Ian vs. Dee (NP78.3)
Nick Weir
-2000-Nick’s first episode! Elleni vs. Dave. Poor Nick trips in the open, actually breaking his foot. Low audio (MG3.4)
-2000-Kerry vs. Jamie. Original commercials (CN.7)
-2000-Steve vs. Kay (AW6.1)
-2000-Steve vs. Jenny. Funny audience game! (AW6.2)
-2000-Lisa vs. Paul (AW6.3)
-2000-Mark vs. Suzanne (AW6.4)
-2000-Matt vs. Louise (AW6.5)
-2000-Maria vs. Tim. Audience game played! (AW6.6)
-2000-Glynis vs. Chris. Audience game played! (AW6.7)
-2000-Linda vs. Julian (AW6.8)
-2001-Michelle vs. Scott. Original commercials (JR12.5)
-2001-Michelle vs. Peter. 2003 repeat with commercials (NP37.2)
-December 2001-Alex vs. Liz. Original commercials (CN.8)
Mark Curry
-2002-Val vs. Zarah (NP7.4)

CELEBRITY SQUARES (1993-1996) [2 episodes]
Very faithful to Davidson's version. Has a very interesting car round!
-1993-Lesley Joseph, JOE PASQUALE, ROY WALKER, Liza Goddard, Sean Blowers, Bob Carolgees, Mike Doyle, Kim Hartman, Kevin from “Chippendales”. Paul vs. Sharon (MG.2)
-1994-TOM O’CONNOR, Joan Sims, Wendy Richard, Darren Day, Ross Newton, Cheryl Baker, John Fashanu, Howard Stableford, Siân Lloyd. John vs. Pat (MG.3)

CHAIN LETTERS [1 episode]
Great word game that’s fun to play along with. Nice computer graphics, too.
-1987-Harry vs. Sandra vs. David St. John. Original commercials (JR4.9)

CLUEDO [3 episodes]
A fun adaptation of the whodunnit board game.
-July 25, 1990-PREMIERE!!! "Countdown". Edward Hardwicke & Karen Beer vs. Nanette Newman & Dr. Mike Hammer (AS34.2)
-April 24, 1991-Second series premiere! "A Deadly Deal". Sally Whittaker & Matthew Kelly vs. Michaela Strachan & John McArdle. Technical difficulties cut off part of the questioning (AS34.3)
-May 4, 1992-Third series premiere! "A Hunting We Will Go". Valerie Singleton & Johnny Ball vs. Edwina Currie & Richard O'Brien (AS35.1)

Has a few interesting changes, including an envelope game and a trip-filled bonus round
-1990-Jim vs. Pearl. Uses same graphics as Classic Concentration (LS8.2)

COUNTDOWN [6 episodes]
Challenging game combining words and math. You just have to play along!
-April 14, 1987-Keith vs. Stephen. A record is set! (CN.11)
-June 29, 1992-23rd Series Premiere! Bernadette vs. Wayne (he’s only 15!) (CN.12)
-October 8, 1996-Champion of Champions episode! Chris vs. Kenneth (AS8.11)
-December 25, 1997-Christmas Show! Richard Whitely vs. Carol King. Magnus Magnussen is one of the judges! (CN.13)
-October 31, 2003-Stuart vs. Sue. Countdown celebrates its 21st birthday! Original commercials (JR6.2)
-March 21, 2005-Sue vs. Tanmay (he's only 8!). VERY highly recommended! (JR8.3)

CRACKERJACK [1 episode]
A classic kids game show with musical and variety acts!
-December 1983-Christmas episode! Games: Andrew vs. Simon, Clare vs. Amy. Highly recommended! (RW6.2)

CROSSWITS [1 episode]
A well done version of the classic crossword game.
-Taped 5/11/1994-Carol Vordeman & Tony vs. Richard Whitely & Constance. Studio master! (MG.5)

THE CRYSTAL MAZE [2 episodes]
An interesting hour-long showing of stunts and skill, many of which are INCREDIBLY difficult!
Richard O'Brien
-December 1991-Kids episode! Today’s Adventurers: Christine, Deborah, John, William, Catherine, & future Jungle Run host Michael Underwood (MG2.5)
Ed Tudor-Pole
-July 27, 1995-Michael, Den, Laura, Terryl, Nathan, & Kelly (AS8.1)

DEAL OR NO DEAL [7 episodes]
Exciting games and a very personable atmosphere make this my favorite version of DOND.
-March 17, 2006-St. Patricks Day episode! Today's Contestant: James(MP16.2)
-2006-Today's contestant: Julie (JR15.1)
-2006-Today's contestant: Nick (JR15.2)
-December 2006-Today's contestant: Claudine (JR15.3)
-January 7, 2007-Today's contestant: Laura (JR15.4)
-2007-Today's contestant: Chris (JR15.5)
-2007-Today's contestant: Charlie (JR15.6)

DIDN'T THEY DO WELL! [2 episodes]
The questions come from shows gone by in this ingenious quizzer.
-January 15, 2004-PREMIERE!!! Nick & Steve vs. Duncan & Peter vs. Annie & Chris (MG4.5)
-January 22, 2004-Second episode! Linda & Charity vs. Winston & Mark vs. John & Craig (MG4.6)

A superb version of the show, albeit a bit shorter.
-2007-Dawn vs. John vs. Naomi vs. Andy vs. Mary (JR17.5)

DOG EAT DOG [1 episode]
Still has that glaring format hole, but at least this version has class.
-2001-Danny vs. Jenny vs. Justin vs. Jo vs. Billy vs. Lesley (282.7)

EGGHEADS [1 episode]
-October 6, 2008-Info TBA (AS35.2)

ELIMINATOR [1 episode]
Cool, challenging kids show with tough questions!
-2003?-Begins with Helen, Max, & Luke on spot 4. Original commercials (SI10.4)

THE ENEMY WITHIN [4 episodes]
-2002-Gary vs. Helen vs. Rob vs. Lynn vs. Jim (408.11)
-2002-Annie vs. Chris vs. Kath vs. Mark vs. Liz (440.8)
-2002-Martin vs. Laura vs. Mike vs. Lynsey vs. Wayne (743.8)
-2002-Lee vs. Eddie vs. Steve vs. Victoria vs. Adam (908.9)

This show finally got the success it deserved when it moved to the UK. Great set, too.
-1993-Dympna & Sean vs. Angela & Rob vs. Di & Ricky (CN.15)

FACT HUNT [1 episode]
The gameplay takes a backseat to some rowdy & rude pub humor. Quite funny, and it has a very clever bonus round!
NOTE: Not for all ages; the humor is quite adult.
-November 2005-PREMIERE!!! Royal Oak (Rick, Nick, & Kirsty) vs. White Swan (Elaine, Louise, & Nick) vs. The Trader (Liam, Clare, & Stephen). Original commercials (JR9.2)

Exactly what the title implies. And it's still awesome.
-December 1994-Bob Holness & daughter Carol vs. Johnny Ball & daughter Zoe. HILARIOUS episode!!! (MG.6)

FAMILY FORTUNES (1980-2002) [16 episodes]
Nice version, with the added perk of a prize for certain answers!
Bob Monkhouse
-January 6, 1980-PREMIERE!!! Killeen vs. Price. Studio master with timecode & slate! (NP78.2)
-December 31, 1982-First show of the new series! Kerwin vs. Saunders (MG.7)
-June 25, 1983-Bob's final episode. Davidson vs. Sadler (NP61.5)
Max Bygraves
-1983-Max Bygraves' first episode! Howe vs. Hornby. Max consistenly forgets the bonus prizes! (LS11.4)
-1983-Dalby vs. Johnson. The HILARIOUS “turkey” bonus round! VERY highly recommended! (NP11.5)
-1983-Series premiere! Chinn vs. Morris (LS11.9)
-1983-Celebrity Christmas episode! (GG10.2)
-1984-John vs. Pinington (JR5.13)
Les Dennis
-June 27, 1987-Les Dennis’ first episode! Kiely vs. Nisbet. Features the cool but short-lived multicolor board (MG2.4)
-1991-Simpson vs. Wood. Missing most of intro, VCR counter in upper-right throughout (NP37.1)
-December 25, 1992-Celebrity Special! Up-Starts vs. Push-Starts (NP37.4)
-1994-Celebrity Special! Guys vs. Dolls (NP37.3)
-1995-Tickle vs. Pugh (NP11.4)
-1998-Fry vs. Fowle (NP37.5)
-2000-Little vs. Harris (GG10.3)
-2002-Les’s final episode. Carrington vs. Equizi. Contest & contestant plugs! (GG6.1)
Andy Collins
-2002-Andy’s first episode! Taylor vs. Reyland (GG6.2)

FAST FRIENDS [2 episodes]
Slow moving at times, but still a good watch thanks to Les Dennis' fun hosting.
-1991-Alison vs. Francis (CD17.3)
-1991-Jean vs. David (JW62.3)

15 TO 1 [1 episode]
-2003-Melvin vs. Colin vs. Jim vs. David vs. Wally vs. Beccy vs. Paul vs. Audrey vs. Matthew vs. Lee vs. Bernard vs. Lester vs. James vs. Cliff vs. Margaret (MP.1)

FINDERS KEEPERS (1993-1998) [2 episodes]
-1995-Richard & Shakira vs. Vicky & Ryan. Average video (JP7.7)
-1998-Andrew & Emma vs. Amy & Jack(?) (JP7.8)

FINDERS KEEPERS (2006) [6 episodes]
A wonderful revival with a truly awesome set. A frequently-shuffled timeslot killed this one.
-January 6, 2006-PREMIERE!!! James & Ryan vs. Tasmin & Hayley (JP18.3)
-January 13, 2006-Episode 2: Favourite & Fortunate vs. Sophie & Bradley (AW15.2)
-January 20, 2006-Episode 3: Sophie & Bethany vs. Josh & Jaimie (AW15.3)
-January 27, 2006-Episode 4: Toby & Daniel vs. Lauren & Faye (AW15.4)
-2006-Thirteenth episode. Mel vs. Kieran vs. Taylor & Brooke (JP18.5)
-2006-Fifteenth & final episode. Ryan & Joe vs. Lauren & Lauren (JP18.6)

FUN HOUSE [6 episodes]
Extremely impressive! Check out their Grand Prix race!
-1991-Georgie & Stuart vs. Helen & Kevin (DC4.3)
-1996-Bryan & Christopher vs. Laura & Neil (BT49.5)
-1996-Lindsay & Gerard vs. Claire & Robert (BT49.6)
-1998-Allie & Charlie vs. Nadine & Steven. Ends as Pat's showing what tags the teams won (BT45.1)
-1998-Sharell & David vs. Sophie & Darren (BT45.2)
-1998?-Alex & Michael vs. Ian & Yvonne (AS5.8)

GAMBIT [1 episode]
-Taped 9/15/1981-First show of the new series! Dennis & Sally Gallagher vs. Tony & Maureen Cox. Studio master with slate! (CN.16)

-February 20, 1999-Wendi vs. Sebastian (CO55.2)

GOING FOR GOLD [18 episodes]
An extremely cool quiz show, where 84 contestants are whittled down to one champion!
-October 12, 1987-PREMIERE!!! Contestants TBA (has 7 qualifying contestants) (SI6.4)
-1988-Gertrude vs. Jean vs. Anneli vs. Stig at Qualifying round, then winner vs. Dorothy vs. Peter vs. Ray (AS9.4)
-1988-Grant vs. Margaret vs. Hans vs. Kay vs. Jean vs. Maryke vs. Errol (AS9.5)
-1988-Day 2 with above contestants (AS9.6)
-1988-Day 3 with above contestants (AS9.7)
-1988-Day 4 with above contestants (AS9.8)
-1988-Helge vs. Kirsti vs. Paul vs. Jens vs. Jackie vs. Kurt vs. Heather (AS9.9)
-1988-Day 2 with above contestants (AS10.1)
-1988-Day 3 with above contestants (AS10.2)
-March 21, 1988-Semifinals #2, day 1! (AS10.3)
-March 22, 1988-Semifinals #2, day 2! (AS10.4)
-March 23, 1988-Semifinals #2, day 3! (AS10.5)
-March 28, 1988-Finals, day 1! (AS10.6)
-March 29, 1988-Finals, day 2! (AS10.7)
-March 30, 1988-Finals, day 3! (AS10.8)
-March 31, 1988-Finals, day 4! (AS10.9)
-1990-Finals episode! Brendan vs. Wendy vs. Karl vs. Trine vs. Michael (RW6.1)
-1992-Championship Match! Qualifying round: Elaine vs. Jean-Marc vs. Anne vs. Soren vs. Chris. Champs: Michael, Attila, & Ursula (MG5.4)

GOLDEN BALLS [1 episode]
An intriguing pot-building game...well, until it becomes Friend or Foe at the end.
-December 18, 2009-Unannounced finale. Rich vs. Jenny vs. Paulette vs. Arron. Original commercials (AS34.1)

GREED [1 episode]
A version that trumps ours in just about every way. A must-see!
-May 18, 2001-PREMIERE!!! Begins with Sarah, David, Alison, Hamid, Colette, & Chris at Qualifying Question (CN2.1)

JEOPARDY! (1995-1996) [1 episode]
Cheaper than our version, I’m afraid. I absolutely love the sound effects, though.
-1995-Audrey vs. David St. John vs. Pat. Brief sound loss at times (JR4.10)

JUMBLE [1 episode]
Based on the American pilot, only this time with much better execution.
-1992-Tom O’Connor & Barbara Windsor. Gina vs. Lou (CO12.4)

JUNGLE RUN [10 episodes]
A terrific kids show! It's like Crystal Maze with a Hidden Temple atmosphere.
Dominic Wood
-2000-Third episode! Today’s explorers: Simone, James, Charlotte, & Vinesh. Has MANY differences from the later episodes. Somewhat glitchy video (JP12.2)
Chris Jarvis
-2001-Today’s explorers: Susie, Jack, & Kathryn (AW13.1)
-2001-Today’s explorers: Zoe, Ryan, & Dean (AW13.2)
-2001-Today’s explorers: Alexandra, Sophie, & Dani (AW13.3)
-2001-Today’s explorers: Debbie, Peter, & Lizzie (JP12.3)
Michael Underwood
-2003-Today’s explorers are "The Cobra Kings": Greg, Jameil, & Rebecca (AW14.1)
-2003-Today’s explorers are "The Tomb Raiders": Becky, Ben, & Tash (AW14.2)
-2003-Today’s explorers are "The Tropical Torpedos": Adam, Sarah, & Craig (AW14.3)
-2003-Today’s explorers are "The Underwater Turbos": Joe, Rochelle, & James (AW14.4)
-2004-Today’s explorers are "The Dragon Fighters": Matthew, Sophie, & Douglas. Original commercials (JP12.4)
-2005-Today's explorers are "The Jumping Monkeys": Murray, Euan, & Ruaridh (JR9.1)

Great spinoff with some very smart kids playing!
-February 5, 2007-Joshua vs. Eleanor vs. Jack vs. Andre (AW16.7)

KEYNOTES [1 episode]
A better scoring system, and it would've been perfect. As it is though, it's still a fantastic show!
-1991-Angela, Alan, & Pat vs. Jean, Paul, & Chrisitne. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (TH3.2)

THE KRYPTON FACTOR (1977-1995) [31 episodes]
-September 17, 1984-Heat 11: David vs. Jenny vs. Pat vs. Colin (AS17.2)
-November 15, 1984-Semifinal #4! (AS17.3)
-November 22, 1984-Finals! (AS17.4)
-March 28, 1988-International Special! Marian vs. Christopher vs. Alison vs. John (AS17.5)
-September 2, 1991-15th series premiere! Mark vs. Peter vs. Kath vs. Mike. Features an all-new set! Ends during credits (AS8.3)
-September 6, 1993-17th series premiere! Paul vs. Nick vs. Peter vs. Steve. Challenge repeat (AS48.1)
-September 13, 1993-Rosemary vs. Alex vs. Antony vs. Michael. Challenge repeat (AS48.2)
-September 20, 1993-Richard vs. Paul vs. Nicol vs. Nigel. Challenge repeat (AS48.3)
-September 27, 1993-Group A Finals! Challenge repeat (AS48.4)
-October 4, 1993-Neil vs. Gavin vs. Mike vs. Nick. Challenge repeat (AS49.1)
-October 11, 1993-Gill vs. Catherine vs. Norman vs. Steve. Challenge repeat (AS49.2)
-October 18, 1993-Ben vs. Mike vs. Tom vs. Steve. Challenge repeat (AS49.3)
-October 25, 1993-Group B Finals! Challenge repeat (AS49.4)
-November 1, 1993-Eddie vs. Patrick vs. Simon vs. Stuart. Challenge repeat (AS50.1)
-November 8, 1993-Sarah vs. Lisa vs. Tim vs. Greg. No intro. Challenge repeat (AS50.2)
-November 15, 1993-Philip vs. Stephen vs. Jon vs. Ranjit. Challenge repeat (AS50.3)
-November 22, 1993-Group C Finals! Challenge repeat (AS50.4)
-November 29, 1993-Grand Final! Who is the Superperson of 1993? Challenge repeat (AS51.1)
-August 28, 1995-18th series premiere! Deborah vs. Karl vs. Nigel vs. Bernice. Features the introduction of many poorly-received changes. Original commercials, bottom of screen cut off (AS8.8) or Challenge repeat (AS51.2)
-September 4, 1995-Brent vs. Alan vs. Suzanne vs. Mandy. Challenge repeat (AS51.3)
-September 11, 1995-Paul vs. Caryn vs. Ray vs. Martin. Challenge repeat (AS51.4)
-September 18, 1995-Group A Finals! Challenge repeat (AS52.1)
-September 25, 1995-Heather vs. Alistair vs. Simon vs. Claire. Challenge repeat (AS51.5)
-October 2, 1995-Alison vs. Gavin vs. Wendy vs. Matthew. Challenge repeat (AS52.2)
-October 9, 1995-Anil vs. John vs. Jeremy vs. Joy. Challenge repeat (AS52.3)
-October 16, 1995-Group B Finals! Challenge repeat (AS52.4)
-October 23, 1995-Ian vs. Emma vs. Sarah vs. Roger. Challenge repeat (AS52.5)
-October 30, 1995-Jamie vs. Adam vs. Natasha vs. Claire. Original broadcast with a contestant plug to be on the next series (little did they know!) (AS10.10) or Challenge repeat (AS53.1)
-November 6, 1995-Steve vs. Andy vs. Caroline vs. Nigel. "Steve Romana" is competing ineligibly; he was on the show under his real name in 1988. Challenge repeat (AS53.2)
-November 13, 1995-Group C Finals! Original commercials (AS10.11) or Challenge repeat (AS53.3)
-November 20, 1995-Grand Finals! (and final show of this run.) Who is the Superperson of 1995? Original commercials (AS9.10) or Challenge repeat (AS53.4)

THE KRYPTON FACTOR (2009-2010) [10 episodes]
-January 5, 2010-Second series premiere! Martin vs. Leslie vs. Pete vs. Ed (AS20.2)
-January 12, 2010-Peter vs. Michelle vs. Fran vs. Gaynor (AS20.3)
-January 19, 2010-Philip vs. Roz vs. Ian vs. James. Ian was on Krypton in 1983! (AS20.4)
-January 26, 2010-Info TBA (AS19.1)
-February 2, 2010-Chris vs. Sally vs. John vs. Dinos (AS19.2)
-February 9, 2010-Info TBA (AS19.3)
-February 16, 2010-Info TBA (AS19.4)
-February 23, 2010-Semifinals #1! Original commercials (AS18.1)
-March 2, 2010-Semifinals #2! Original commercials (AS18.2)
-March 9, 2010-Finals! (And finale, barring a miracle...) Original commercials (AS18.3)

LILY SAVAGE'S BLANKETY BLANKS (UK Match Game, 2001-2002) [6 episodes]
-January 7, 2001-Premiere? Joseph Millson, Tracie Bennett, Phil Tufnell, Julie Goodyear Mbe, Keith Duffy, Liz McClarnon. Game 1: Paul vs. Donna. Game 2: Pete vs. Lisa (RW10.4)
-January 14, 2001-Billy Murray, Jayne Middlemiss, Stuart Miles, Liz Dawn Mbe, Steve Penk, Lorraine Kelly. Game 1: Sam vs. Andy. Game 2: Rosalind vs. Tom (RW10.3)
-January 21, 2001-NICK WEIR, Deena Payne, Richard Dunwoody, Jane Rossington, Bill Tarmey, Rhona Cameron. Game 1: Rachel vs. Craig. Game 2: Graham vs. Sally. Picture freezes right after a response to a game 2 question (RW10.1)
-April 8, 2001-John Barnes, Sherrie Hewson, Jeremy Edwards, Julie Goodyear Mbe, Rhodri Williams, Josie D'arby. Game 1: Russ vs. Catherine. Game 2: Kate ve. George (RW10.6)
-May 20, 2001-Bill Tarmey, Fiona Dolman, Derek Fowlds, Gayle Tuesday, NICK WEIR, Jane Cox. Game 1: Sean vs. Gail. Game 2: Brian vs. BB (RW10.2)
-June 17, 2001-Ross Kelly, Gloria Hunniford, Michael Starke, Julie Goodyear, Keith Duffy, Natasha Hamilton. Game 1: Tricia vs. Imran. Game 2: Scott vs. Rachael (RW10.5)

LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT [1 episode]
The daisy-filled romance game has a MUCH cooler set, theme, and format here.
-1988-Steve vs. Roger. Panel: Nicola, Donna, Mandy, & Andrea. Original commercials (AS7.9)

LUCKY LADDERS (Chain Reaction) [1 episode]
-1992-5th Series Premiere! Maureen & Elaine vs. Tim & Debbie. Original commercials and a contestant plug! Part of open cut (JP35.3)

LUCKY NUMBERS [2 episode]
Bob's Full House 3.0, with a cool Vegas-y set! -January 9, 1995-PREMIERE!!! Mary vs. Brian vs. Jayne (JW33.4)
-January 16, 1995-Susan vs. Alan vs. Jackie (JW33.5)

MASTERMIND (1972-1997) [1 episode]
So simple, yet so engaging.
-1993-21st Final! Gavin vs. David vs. Glenys vs. Barry (TH2.1)

ONLY CONNECT [1 episode]
-September 15, 2008-PREMIERE!!! Lapsed Psychologists (Richard, Jack, & Matthew) vs. Knitters (Craig, Tom, & Esther) (AS33.1)

Superb game where each partner must pull their weight to succeed.
-January 2007-From first week, may be first episode. Linda & Barum vs. Joel & John vs. Emma & Ryan vs. Grace & Emma (AW16.1)
-January 26, 2007-Simone & Rob vs. Omer & Sally vs. Graham & Nick vs. Tara & Gina (AW16.2)
-January 30, 2007-Malcolm & Casper vs. Ade & Sharon vs. James & Rob vs. Jackie & Carla (AW16.5)
-February 2007-Julie & Jess vs. Michelle & Nick vs. Gill & Danny vs. Duncan & Adrian (AW16.6)

POP QUIZ (1981-1984) [1 episode]
A very cool music quiz with some big name celebrity contestants!
-October 9, 1984-Last regular episode. Elvis Costello, Huey Lewis, & Phil Collins vs. Nick Lowe, John Martyn, & Midge Ure (MG5.3)

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (1984-1988) [5 episodes]
Fun version with a great set and host! Also uses a neat game in place of the Showcase Showdown.
-1986-Switcheroo, Cliffhangers, Most Expensive, Secret X, One Away, Time Play (CN7.4)
-1986-Secret X, Give or Keep, Master Key, One Away, Pick-A-Pair, Card Game (RS93.1)
-1988-Master Key, 3 in a Row, Money Game, Cliffhanger, Temptation, Squeeze Play (RS93.2)
-1988-Trade Up, Escalator, Master Key, Race Game, The Penny Drops, Temptation (CN2.11)
-1988-100th & Final Episode! Time Play, Peamutation, Secret X, Switcheroo, Money Game, Matchmaker (CN2.12)

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (1989) [2 episodes]
A little-seen version heavily based on ours. Warman's a bit too serious, though.
-1989-PREMIERE!!! Lucky 7 (for a bracelet?!), Race Game, Pick-A-Pair (MG4.1)
-1989-Ten Chances, Danger Price, Hi-Lo (MG4.2)

THE PYRAMID GAME (1989-1990) [1 episode]
Impressive set, but I don't understand their Winner's Circle at all.
-1990?-Dee Hepburn & Stefan Dennis. Costas vs. Jackie (CN8.9)

THE PYRAMID GAME (2007-Today) [3 episodes]
Some odd rules, but otherwise VERY close to the Osmond version...especially since Osmond's the host.
-2007-Phil Tufnell & Natalie Cassidy. Sam vs. Laura. Original commercials (JR13.1)
-2007-Dave Gorman & Lesley Joseph. Mark vs. Janet. Original commercials (JR13.2)
-2007-Carole Malone & Dave Gorman. Mark vs. Sandra. Original commercials (JR13.3)

REVERSE-A-WORD [Aired Pilot]
It's a good idea, but when the show's only 7 minutes long there's not much to do with it.
-2004-Rachel & Justin vs. Carl & Aled (NP27.6)

SALE OF THE CENTURY (1972-1983) [2 episodes]
A fascinating look at an early version of Sale.
-January 8, 1973? (Taped 11/23/72?)-Mary vs. Colin vs. Elizabeth. This may have been from a local run, before the show went national. Two Slates! (one for each break) (CN3.15)
-1982-DAVID ST. JOHN vs. Dorothy vs. Terence. David's first game show! Original commercials (JR8.5)

Like a kiddie Russian Roulette; wrong answers get you one step closer to the hyenas' cooking pot...
-January 26, 2007-Sam vs. Oli vs. James vs. Chris vs. Matthew. Original commercials (AW16.3)

Like our version, but has three teams and a hilarious host!
Strike It Lucky
-1991-Bertha & Richard vs. Andrew & Anne vs. Jeff & Vera (AS8.4)
Strike It Rich
-1999-Christine & Jeffrey vs. Andrea & Stephen vs. Babs & May. Great original commercials! Highly recommended! (CN3.18)

TAKE YOUR PICK (1993-1998) [2 episodes]
A great mix of You Bet Your Life and Let's Make A Deal. A must-have!
-1997-Today's contestants: James, Dowser, Eileen, Nina, Dave, & Jean. Challenge commercials (JR16.8)
-1997-Today's contestants: Mike, Liza, Toby, Teresa, Mark, & Christina. Challenge commercials (JR16.9)

TELLY ADDICTS [1 episode]
-December 1988-Celebrity Christmas episode! Michael Grade, Susan Rainish, Ernie Wise, & Leslie Grantham vs. Bill Cotton, TERRY WOGAN, Margaret Ford, & Tim Rice (JR8.4)

3-2-1 [1 episode]
A game-variety hybrid that's very fun to watch!
-July 29, 1978-PREMIERE!!! Roger & Kris vs. Trevor & Janice vs. Michael & Geraldine. Show Theme: Ships. Janice Long would later become a famous radio DJ (CN.1)

TRIVIAL PURSUIT (UK, 1993-1994) [1 episode]
Much like our version, with the addition of a round where contestants pick your opponent's categories.
-1994-Matt vs. Sandi vs. Rik (JR13.4)
-1994-David vs. Barry vs. Alan (JR13.5)
-1994-Tracy vs. Lee vs. Louise (JR13.6)

THE VAULT [1 episode]
Thousands of pounds are at stake, and the brokers can help you...for a price.
-2003-Mary vs. Louise vs. Andy vs. Caroline (JR14.4)

WEAKEST LINK [2 episodes]
Less impressive set, but everything else is the same!
-2001-David vs. Paula vs. Bob vs. Philippa vs. Eve vs. Malcolm vs. Steve vs. Pat vs. James (229.9)
-2002-Gary vs. Ron vs. Alison vs. Ken vs. Lynne vs. Sarah vs. Greg vs. Janet vs. Steve (282.6)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE [18 episodes]
Gameplay is consistently good, but really lost its luster towards the end of the run.
Nicky Campbell
-1988-One of the first episodes, if not the first. Hazel vs. Father David vs. Liz (HA62.1)
-1988-John vs. Sharon vs. Andrew (HA62.2)
-December 1988-Celebrity Christmas Special! Brian Reagan vs. Sue Jenkins vs. John Iles. Color loss at times during round 4 (BB.2)
-1989-Carol vs. Roger vs. Lynn. One of Carol Smilie’s first appearances! (HA62.3)
-1991-Roy vs. Kathy vs. Marilyn (HA62.4)
-1991-Lauren vs. George vs. Anne-Marie (HA63.1)
-1995-Rosa vs. Thomas vs. Karen (NP34.3)
-1996-Armed Forces episode! Tom vs. Rebecca vs. Billy. Challenge commercials (NP34.4)
Bradley Walsh (animated fellow!)
-1997-Rachel vs. Hugh vs. Alison. Challenge commercials (JR13.7)
-1997-Martha vs. Richard vs. Jane (HA63.2)
-1997-Carol vs. Steve vs. Alex (HA63.3)
John Leslie
-1999-Ema vs. Steve vs. Donna. Challenge commercials (NP34.1)
-2000-Margaret vs. Ron vs. Elizabeth. Stakes have been drastically lowered. Original commercials (NP34.2)
-2000-Matthew vs. Nicolette vs. Tim (HA64.1)
-August 2000-Rosie vs. Stuart vs. Christy. Jenny Powell is pregnant, most likely one of her last appearances (HA64.2)
-2001-John Leslie’s final episode. Sam vs. Joe vs. Teri. Joe was also on the Australian WOF (HA64.3)
Paul Hendy
-December 2001-Deborah vs. Ian vs. Sue (CN3.8)
-December 2001-Phil vs. Vivian vs. Steven (CN3.9)

The version that started it all!
NOTE: All episodes are an hour long.
-April 3, 2004-Begins with Ian Crosby at £8,000. A £0 win, and the first appearance of Pat Gibson! (JR4.12)
-April 24, 2004-Begins with Pat Gibson at £500,000. PAT WINS THE MILLION!!! Cuts off during Irene’s £32,000 question (JR4.13)
-November 20, 2004-Begins with Dave Briggs at £4,000. Next contestant is GREAT! Text game played, and original commercials! (JR6.3)
-February 2008-Begins with Allison Noonan at 5,000. Now has a 12 question format and a cool new graphics package! Original commercials (JR14.1)
-February 2008-Begins with Nicole Adams at 20,000. Original commercials (JR14.2)

WIN LOSE OR DRAW [2 episodes]
Just as much fun as our version, with a very similar set and format.
-1998-Maria McErlane, John Regis, Isla Fisher, Glenn Hugill. Charlotte vs. Mark. Challenge commercials (JR12.6)
-1998-Lisa Riley, Ian Kelsey, Hilary O'Neil, Colin McCradie. Penny vs. Simon. Challenge commercials (JR12.7)

WIPEOUT [3 episodes]
Truly exceptional in the Daniels era, but sorely lacking in the Monkhouse one.
Paul Daniels
-1994-Barbara vs. Lloyd vs. Carole. Challenge repeat (CD15.1)
-1994-Ashley vs. Joan vs. Darren. Challenge repeat (CD15.2)
Bob Monkhouse
-July 14, 1998-Helen vs. Paul vs. Joy (CN3.11)


NOTE: All Venezuelan game shows are 2 hours long. They must really love their games!

My favorite Venezuelan show; it's like Mega Match, only with three teams and an awesome nautical set.
-2007-U.E. Colegio Leon Topel Wortman vs. U.E. Miguel Angel Perez vs. U.E. Colegio Edith Stein (MG9)

Truly odd music/variety/game show. There’s tons of stuff going on here!
-2003-Features musical toilets, hot potato with exploding balloons, counting the number of animals in a bucket, eating gross stuff, stacking glasses and picking up the table with a forklift, guessing items in a list, and a round of Pyramid (403.1)

MEGA MATCH [1 episode]
A very fun kids show, with elements of many US & UK series!
-2006?-Game 1: U.E. Edith Stein vs. U.E. Colegio Las Acacias. Game 2: U.E.N. Ramon Garcia de Sena vs. U.E.N. Don Romulo Betancourt (GR3.1)


In all cases where there’s just one segment that’s game show related (like The Tonight Show or I Love The 80s, for instance) let me know if you want the whole show or just the game show related segments.

-April 2001-Sneak preview of The Weakest Link! (CO71.5)
-July 2002-2 minute sneak peek at Osmond Pyramid! (CO46.6)

-1988-A commercial for Acme’s “Wheel Of Fortune” scratcher contest!

-2000?-"So You Wanna Win Five Dollars?" Great Millionaire parody with dense contestants! (JP23.13)

-1991-"The Quiz Show Scandal" An hour-long look at the game show scandals of the 1950's (LS10.11)

-November 29, 1984-Behind the scenes with Tic Tac Dough contestant Larry Dundas! Original commercials, including one for Larry's TTD appearance! Totals 9 minutes (BS8.4)

-October 11, 1993-"Wakko's America" (RI28.5)

-1971-"The Reggie Game" Features a brief segment where Reggie hosts his own game show. 1999 Odyssey repeat with commercials (DH6)

-2006-10 minute interview with Ken Jennings! (GG47.1)
-2006?-20 minute interview with Meredith Vieira! (GG47.2)

-November 20, 2004-"Q & A" The Cluemaster gets revenge on the crew of a game show he lost on as a child (May1.4)

-2003-Two hour documentary on Michael Larsen’s reign of terror, including footage from his game and some great interviews! Some audio problems (100.5)

-February 26, 1994-"You Bet Your Planet". The Planeteers compete on a bizarre game show. Features Gene Wood as the announcer! (758.3)

-January 14, 2010-Premiere. Info TBA
-February 4, 2010-Info TBA
-February 12, 2010-Info TBA
-March 4, 2010-Info TBA

-8-minute montage of game show clips! (GG4.13)

-January 18, 1990-"What is... Cliff Clavin?" Cliff goes on Jeopardy, with disasterous results! WGN repeat (NP17.5)

-1991-"Brain Drain" Ferguson goes on Brain Drain to prove his smarts (DB15.1)

-May 5, 1999-"The Penalty Wheel" Cow, Chicken, Flem, & Earl compete on "You Ben Pantced?" (733.2)

-April 26, 2015-10 minute clip of Betty White's Lifetime Achievement Award! (HA9.1)

-1997-A 15 minute look at his life and careen, narrated by Monty Hall! (CD36.6)

-August 27, 1997-"Game Show" Dexter and Deedee compete on 'Sibling Rivalry'

-1988-Totals 45 minutes (BT27.1)

-1988-Special showing messy and rare clips! Totals about 42 minutes (RG.5)

-March 17, 2006-"Win, Lose, or Duck". Duck and his enemies face off on "Van Chancy's Not a Chance" (NP17.7)

This revival is more Ghostwriter than Electric Company, but I was still entertained, at least.
-September 28, 2009-"Friends or Aunts" Keith and Hector face Annie Scrambler and Sandy on the title show

-February 15, 2008-Mark L. Walberg interview! (CD31.2)

-April 2000-Sneak preview of Paranoia! (CO71.4)

-January 2002-The Price Is Right. 2004 repeat with updated segments (288.10)
-2002?-Ray Combs (2.1)
-2003?-Hollywood Squares (two hours) (120.1)
-January 23, 2005-Wheel of Fortune. Original commercials. Highly recommended! (332.3)

-1972-“What’s My Perversion”, a funny WML spoof! With Jack Barry, Robert Q. Lewis, Pamela Mason, Regis Philbin, & Toni Holt. Not for all ages (CN8.14)

-April 20, 2001-"Apartnership" Cosmo's relationship with Wanda is threatened, and he ends up on The Fairy Dating Game (RI3.15)
-March 22, 2002-"Smarty Pants" Timmy makes himself smarter to compete in a quizbowl (RI19.2)
-July 23, 2004-"Channel Chasers" Brief clip of Vicky zapping herself into "The Million Dollar Spin" (RI4.16)
-2001 to 2004-"Fairly Odd Game Show Megamix" A solid 21 minutes of game show references from FOP! (RI17.3)

-September 18, 1992 "Surely You Joust" Urkel and Carl go on American Gladiators to settle an argument. 2008 Nick at Nite repeat with commercials (JP49.11)
-February 28, 1997-"What Do You Know?" Eddie becomes as smart as Urkel to compete on "What Do You Know", but ends up facing Urkel himself! Guest stars David Ruprecht as host Lee McIntyre! 2009 Nick at Nite repeat with commercials (JP52.3)

-October 3, 2017-"B as in Best Friends" Jessica and Honey appear on Wheel of Fortune. For extra fun, count all the anachronisms!

-February 17, 1992-"Eyes on the Prize" Will competes on “Double Trouble”, with a Corvette…and friendships…at stake. Guest stars Bob Eubanks! WCIU commercials (MG18.2)

-February 5, 2004-"The One Where the Stripper Cries" Joey goes on Pyramid! Guest stars Donny Osmond as himself! 2009 WGN repeat with commercials (GR19.2)

THE FRIDAY NIGHT PROJECT (UK comedy/variety show)
-January 26, 2007-Noel Edmonds hosts today's episode! (AW16.4)

-6 minute clip of Vanna White's cameo! (HA9.3)

The first ever GSN awards show. If they're all going to be of this quality, I hope it's their last ever.
-June 6, 2009 (Taped 5/16/09)-2 and a half hour special (LOTL.8)

-1987-One-hour special hosted by Wink Martindale! Original commercials (RS83.1)

-December 16, 2014-Half hour special hosted by Ben Gleib

-June 11, 2005-Episode 4. Features the Top 5 Celebrity Moments, presented by Ed McMahon! (867.1)

(All four of these are free; just ask and ye shall receive.)
-December 1, 1994-The GSN launch montage! Runs for 7 minutes (CD39.3)
-1994-3 minutes of promos! (CO46.5)
-1996-Very cool pitchfilm starring Pat Sajak & Peter Tomarken! (JS3.5)
-March 15, 2004-The “Big Change-Around” where Game Show Network becomes GSN (and I stopped watching for a year). Runs for 45 seconds or so (223.2)

THE GOLDEN GIRLS (2 episodes)
-January 23, 1988-"Grab That Dough" The girls go on Grab That Dough. Guest starring Jim McKrell as host Guy Corbin! 2009 Hallmark repeat with commercials (JP54.4)
-February 8, 1992-"Questions and Answers" Dorothy tries out for Jeopardy. Featuring Alex Trebek and Merv Griffin! 2009 We repeat with commercials (JP54.3)

-May 23, 1980-90-minute film detailing a week in the life of Chuck Barris

-December 1, 2004-Ken Jennings and Nancy Zerg are interviewed! (294.3)

-July 8, 2009-3-minute debate over whether Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! is better (CO39.6)

-May 3, 2010-”It’s In The Chips” is played in this 5-minute clip (CO39.7)

-July 25, 1995-A brief segment talks about Vanna White

-September 11, 1998-The Uncivil War
-October 30, 1998-Convert or Die. This skit ended up being cut from future airings for being too controversial!
-October 6, 2000-What's My Job?

-April 30, 2007-"Showdown" Barney goes on The Price Is Right, believing Bob Barker to be his father (DH7)

-1989-Runs 33 minutes (BT36.6)

-November 12, 2010-Includes a behind-the-scenes look at Family Game Night! (899.10)

-May 19, 1952 (Taped 4/11/52)-"Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio" Lucy signs Ricky and herself up to be contestants on the radio show "Mr. & Mrs. Quiz". Notice that the first two questions asked on the radio would become out-of-date within ten years (JP35.1)

I LOVE THE 70S/80S/90S
A wonderfully nostalgic look at our favorite decades.
-I LOVE 1974 VOL. II: A segment talks about Password! (Password clip only) (JP3.15)
-I LOVE 1983, UK: A segment talks about Blockbusters! (Blockbusters clip only)(RS.3)
-I LOVE 1986: A segment talks about Wheel Of Fortune! (101.1)
-I LOVE 1986 STRIKES BACK: A segment talks about Double Dare!
-I LOVE 1987 STRIKES BACK: A segment talks about Remote Control!
-I LOVE 1999: A segment talks about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! (306.3)

-January 2, 1995-5-minute clip about Dian's TPIR lawsuit (JF97.3)

-January 2, 1995-5-minute clip about Dian's TPIR lawsuit (JF97.3)

-1990-Studio master of a segment on the very first Barker TPiR! (CD37.7)

-October 26, 2003-"Jacob Two-Two and Scholars for Dollars" Jacob is chosen to be on Scholars for Dollars, and has one night to cram in geography. 2005 repeat with commercials (MG15.4)

-September 23, 1985-10 minutes of clips from Family Fallout! (DC37.5)

A sports show from Comedy Central. Yeah, I've never heard of it either.
-1994-Short segment where the Jocks go behind the scenes of American Gladiators. Pretty funny! (GR6.10)

-August 8, 1999-"The Honeymoon's Over" Kenan & a cross-dressing Kel compete on "The Honeymoon's Over", a Newlywed Game clone right down to the set. Guest stars Bob Eubanks as himself! (DB21.9)

-February 26, 2001-Minute long scene with Doug, Carrie, and Arthur on Wheel! (HA10.3)

-1987-Bob Barker is interviewed! 13 minute segment (CD19.5)
-November 30, 2004-Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings is interviewed! (389.6)

LAUGH TRACKS (basically biographies of comedians)
-Paul Lynde: Off Center (295.3)

A VERY little-know Nick show about space exploration. All I have are these clips, sorry.
-1992-A special gravity-themed game of Double Dare, hosted by Robin! Totals roughly 10 minutes (AS9.11)
-1992?-Nickelodeon Slime Time, taped on the Get The Picture set! Kelly Garrett vs. her father, Bill (AS10.13)
-1992?-Flight Time, with parts of Get the Picture & Double Dare's set (AS10.14)

-October 10, 1978-"The Quiz Show" Laverne, Shirley, Lenny, & Squiggy compete on "Be Silly For Dollars" (MG18.3)

-December 1, 2004-Ken Jennings is interviewed! (294.4)

-November 30, 2004-WABC 7 News Story of Ken Jennings’ Jeopardy loss (294.1)

MAD TV (sketches only)
SNL's not the only one with great game show parodies, you know!
-October 28, 1995-"First To A Million" Mad TV's first game show skit! Contestants play to a million points...not the easiest of tasks! Features Peter Marshall as himself! (MG9.2)
-November 16, 1996-“Trick Question!” A game show with all trick questions. Sure wish I was a contestant! (GR6.7)
-November 8, 1997-"Ebonic Pyramid" Sidney Poiter plays against Vanilla Ice on a VERY good replica of the Pyramid set! (MG9.4)
-1998?-"Magic Johnson's Jeoparty Hour" (JP27.6)
-November 14, 1998-"Tcha, You Know What?" With the Vancome Lady hosting, this Password clone becomes abusive in a hurry! (GR11.5)
-November 14, 1998 (again)-"College Quiz Challenge" Rusty returns for his 63rd show! Will he win the game? (GR11.6)
-October 2, 1999-“Hollywood Squares” A parody with some very unlikely celebrity guests (GR5.2)
-February 10, 2000-“Who Wants To Be President” Features Regis Philbin himself! (GR6.3)
-October 7, 2000-"Say What? Kareoke"(GR11.3)
-November 18, 2000-"Win Your Land Back" Minorites try to win the land promised to them, but never given (MG9.5)
-April 28, 2001-“The New New Newlywed Game” A new version of the classic show, brought to you by the producers of the Jerry Springer Show (GR2.9)
-2001?-See your favorite stars play Celebrity Millionaire! Features Regis Philbin himself! (GR6.8)
-May 12, 2001-“Family Feud” A terminally depressed Louie Anderson hosts (GR5.1)
-May 19, 2001-“The Missing Link” Lorraine faces off against a pair of monkeys in this Weakest Link parody (GR3.7)
-September 22, 2001-"Family Feud" (GR11.10)
-November 24, 2001-"The Price Is Right" Lorraine sure has a weird way of playing the game (GR11.8)
-November 24, 2001 (again)-"Weakest Link" (GR11.9)
-February 9, 2002-“Wheel Of Fortune” It’s celebrity couples day! (GR7.5)
-March 23, 2002-“Once In A Lifetime Million Dollar Big Opportunity” Can our contestant get the celebrity panel to guess what she’s describing? Maybe if they weren’t so bent on joking around instead… (GR8.1)
-April 13, 2002-"Change Of Heart" (GR11.11)
-December 7, 2002-“The Price Is Right” Double meanings abound in this episode! (GR7.2)
-December 7, 2002 (again)-“Smartypants Challenge” A quiz bowl between two teams, one of which is obviously than the other! Features the members of Sum41! (GR7.1)
-March 15, 2003-“Grand Theft Auto” A game show based on the super-violent video game! “Rod Roddy” announces (GR.6)
-November 22, 2003-“Hollywood Squares” It’s Stars of UPN week, with Eve & a Klingon! Tom Bergeron appears as himself! (GR5.4)
-February 14, 2004-“The Lillian Verner Game Show” It’s a Valentines Day Special! (GR6.2)
-February 21, 2004-“The Price Is Right” A classic episode from 1977 (GR4.1)
-February 28, 2004-“Family Feud” It’s Lord Of The Rings vs. Cold Mountain! Nobody recognizes Richard Karn (GR.8)
-March 20, 2004-“Super Duper Millionaire” Mike Tyson tries his luck for $10 million! (GR7.3)
-April 17, 2004-“The Price Is Right” A classic episode from 1986 (GR4.2)
-May 15, 2004-“Hollywood Squares” It’s Desperate Gimmicks week, with couples in the squares and contestants from “Boy Meets Boy”. Tom Bergeron appears as himself! (GR5.3)
-May 22, 2004-“The Price Is Right” Classic episode from 1134 BC! (GR3.4)
-September 18, 2004-“Jeopardy” Ken Jennings continues his winning streak, and Alex is sick of it! (GR4.11)
-February 12, 2005-“The Price Better Be Right Or The Streets Will Run Red With Your Blood” The middle-Eastern TPIR (GR4.9)
-December 10, 2005-“The Lillian Verner Game Show” Everyone's Segway-crazy on this episode! (GR6.1)
-February 18, 2006-“The Lillian Verner Game Show” Episode hosted by Jeff Probst! (GR3.6)
-September 30, 2006-“Deal Or No Deal” with two very excitable contestants (GR.10)
-February 24, 2007-“The Lillian Verner Game Show” Renee Zelweger, Morgan Freeman, and the kid from The Grudge face off. Hosted by Danny Bonaduce! (GR3.5)
-April 7, 2007-“The Lillian Verner Game Show” It’s Spring Break, with Tom Bergeron hosting! (GR6.5)
-April 14, 2007-“Deal Or No Deal” I’ve heard of getting advice from your friends, but… (GR6.4)
-April 5, 2008-"Moment of Truth" Connie Chung competes on the lie detector game! (GR29.14)
-March 21, 2009-"1 And A Million" The million most likely refers to the number of rules the contestant has to sit through… (GR29.13)
-April 11, 2009-"Johnny Gan's Suitcase Deals or No Money Arrangement" (The final Mad TV parody) (GR29.11)

-February 19, 1983-Mama’s family goes on Family Feud, with special guest stars Richard Dawson and Gene Wood as themselves! (179.5)
-Fberuary 13, 1988-Mama goes on Jeopardy, with special guest stars Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert as themselves! (276.5)

-March 6, 1988-"Just Married ... with Children" Peg & Al masquerade as Steve & Marcy to compete on the sadistic "How Do I Love Thee?" Guest stars David Leisure as host Bink Winkleman! MeTV commercials (MG17.4)
-May 22, 1994-"Kelly Knows Something" Al tries out for "Trivia Touchdown", but he's not the one who gets picked for the show! 2006 repeat with commercials. Weather crawl on the bottom, but does not have any speedups or edits (MG13.4)

-November 26, 2006-Hour-long Match Game documentary (515.7)

-December 13, 1991-The Game Show (HA9.2)

-November 8, 1976-"The Game Show". Ends during credits (VM7.4)

MEGA MESS-A-MANIA [3 episodes]
A Nickelodeon stage show. Parkgoers could buy copies of that day's show...and thankfully at least three did!
First Version
-1995?-Kings Dominion venue. Hosted by Jennifer. Runs 34 minutes (LB38.1)
-1995?-Unknown venue. Hosted by Kat Masterson. Runs 38 minutes (LB38.3)
-1995?-Last 4 minutes only; venue & hosts unknown (LB38.4)
Second Version
-1996?-Universal Studios venue. Hosted by Phil Moore! Runs 44 minutes (LB38.2)

-April 15, 2007-“Are You Smarter Than A Wetback?” (they made the name up, not me) Our contestant tests his knowledge against a panel of Mexicans, with his citizenship at stake! (GR8.3)
-August 19, 2007-How would Carlos do as the new TPIR host? (GR11.2)

-August 13, 2004-“Mr. Monk & The Game Show”-Monk goes on “Treasure Chest” to uncover a cheating scandal and expose a murder (286.7)

-All five NBC specials (MOGSM.1-5)

-September 11, 2009-Game Shows (RI34.5)

-2003-Episode 1: Behind The Chuck (102.7)
-2003-Episode 2: A Tale Of Two Chucks. Check out the clips of foreign Lingo! (156.4)
-2003-Episode 3: Reinventing The Cheese Wheel (364.5)
-2003-Episode 4: The Road To QVC (244.2)

-February 15, 1989-The Game Show. Bull goes on "What Am I" to raise money for a rec center! (HA23.2)

-November 30, 2004-Ken Jennings and Jeopardy are covered! (294.2)

-December 1, 1972-"Password" Felix and Oscar compete on Password, with disasterous results! Guest stars Betty White & Allen Ludden! MeTV commercials (MG17.3)

-Apr. or May 2007-Short interview with Bob Barker (576.6)

-April 27, 1991-"Stump Your Neighbor" Evie and her family compete for a new Ferarri on Stump Your Neighbor. 1994 repeat with commercials (DB16.14)

-November 19, 2001-“Family Ties & Lies” The family learns one of Aunt Rita’s secrets when they appear on ‘Family Dirt’ (GR35.4)

PHIL'S GAME SHOW (Local NY show about game shows)
-July 4, 2009-Info TBA (DHSS.5)

One of the funniest, most well-written cartoons on today...hey, where's Perry?
-June 22, 2009-"Let's Take a Quiz" Phineas & Ferb host the titular game show in their backyard (NP17.6)

-January 23, 2008-"Game Shows" (RI50.2)

-September 7, 2008-70s Game Shows! (787.7)

-November 13, 1987-"The Matchmaker" Betty goes on "Dream Date", a Dating Game clone. David Ruprecht plays the host! (PB17.2)

-September 17, 2013-Will Smith and Queen Latifah's Jeopardy Rap Battle! Totals 17 minutes (HA16.5)

-November 1, 2017-Interview with Snoop Dogg! (CD28.5)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (sketches only)
Live from New York, it's a game show parody!
-February 17, 1979-“Quien Es Mas Macho” A Spanish-American game show parody where contestants must say who’s more macho (GR.9)
-October 17, 1981-“To Tell The Truth” A short skit used to introduce that day’s episode. Uses Ward’s actual theme music! (GR3.13)
-November 16, 1985-“Jose Curervo’s Party School Bowl” Two different party schools showcase their intelligence…or lack thereof (GR2.15)
-January 25, 1986-"Name That Tune" Two brain-dead contestants struggle to name even one tune (MG9.8)
-March 15, 1986-"You Bet Your Finger" Beware the penalty on this show! (MG9.7)
-November 8, 1986-"Make Joan Baez Laugh" Can Howie Mandel pull off this nigh-impossible task? (MG9.6)
-October 17, 1987-“Common Knowledge” The show that proves that common knowledge isn’t necessarily correct knowledge! (GR8.6)
-October 8, 1988-"Jew, Not a Jew" Exactly what it says on the tin: contestants must figure out if a celebrity if Jewish or not (GR29.15)
-December 10, 1988-“Game Breakers” Erica Kane works her charms on the host to win. Guest appearance by Gene Rayburn! (GR8.8)
-November 10, 1990-“Game Challengers” A shopping game show where one can walk away with Indian artifacts! (GR4.12)
-February 16, 1991-“Comedy Killers” Three contestants are quizzed on things guaranteed to kill off a comedy act (GR8.9)
-October 5, 1991-“Community College Bowl” Two community colleges square off…er, mostly sit there…in this exciting game (GR2.16)
-January 18, 1992-“Bob Swerski’s Quiz Masters” Three Bears fans thest their knowledge of Mike Ditka & the Bears (GR.7)
-April 18, 1992-“Stand Up And Win” Jerry Seinfeld host this Jeopardy parody. What’s the deal with that? (GR3.3)
-November 20, 1993-“Das Ist Jeopardy” Dieter hosts this German version of Jeopardy (GR2.14)
-December 10, 1994-“High Stakes Japanese Game Show!” An American tourist goes on an insane Japanese game show (GR3.8)
-May 6, 1995-“Where In The World Is San Diego, California?” A very funny takeoff of the classic kids show (GR3.9)
-May 13, 1995-“You Think You’re Better Than Me?” Three contestants decide how to react in aggravating situations. Uses the $10K Pyramid theme! (GR2.10)
-October 7, 1995-“The Blame Game” (not the MTV show) Contestants guess who causes the world’s problems (GR5.7)
-October 21, 1995-“Kids vs. Grown-Ups” Who’s better? The age-old question is answered on a not-exactly level playing field (GR4.7)
-October 19, 1996-“Tic Tac Toe” I’ve seen low-budget game shows, but this one takes the cake! (GR3.10)
-December 7, 1996-"Celebrity Jeopardy" (the first ever done!) Sean Connery vs. Burt Reynolds vs. Jerry Lewis (NP43.6)
-February 8, 1997-“Jackpot” (not the Bob Stewart show) You know, it’s a lot easier to play if you can actually understand the host… (GR4.8)
-April 12, 1997-“Food, Sex, or Cars” A Jokers Wild-type game where contestants pick which is best (GR4.5)
-May 10, 1997-"Celebrity Jeopardy" Marlon Brando vs. Phil Donahue vs. Burt Reynolds (NP48.5)
-October 4, 1997-"Celebrity Jeopardy" John Travolta vs. Michael Keaton vs. Burt Reynolds (NP48.6)
-February 28, 1998-“Old French Whore!” High school students pair up with hookers for fantastic prizes! (GR5.5)
-April 11, 1998-“Name That Dog” Two contestants test their knowledge of dogs…or dog’s names, anyway (GR2.12)
-September 26, 1998-“Hollywood Squares” The board collapses, but the show must go on! (GR4.6)
-November 21, 1998-“Let’s Make This Happen” Movie execs pitch film ideas based on what the slot machine gives them (GR2.11)
-May 15, 1999-“Shame Attack!” Two former lovers compete for prizes in this parody heavily based on MTV’s “Blame Game” (GR5.6)
-October 23, 1999-"Celebrity Jeopardy" Sean Connery vs. French Stewart vs. Burt, I mean Turd Ferguson (RI4.13)
-December 4, 1999-“Who Wants To Eat” The Indian version of Millionaire, where lucky contestants could win a goat! (GR2.13)
-2001-"Inside the Actors Studio" Charles Nelson Reilly is interviewed in a "scrumtralescent" sketch! (RI8.4)
-May 5, 2001-“The Weakest Link” How did Anne become so cruel? Request this to find out! (GR6.12)
-March 3, 2002-“Super Buzzers” A 70’s show full of celebs…maybe too many celebs. Uses actual GSN graphics! (GR3.11)
-February 21, 2004-“Do You Know Who My Father Is?” Spoiled kids respond to different situations. Uses actual GSN graphics! (GR5.8)
-May 14, 2005-"Celebrity Jeopardy" Bill Cosby vs. Sharon Osbourne, vs...who else...Sean Connery (JP27.17)
-April 8, 2006-“Deal Or No Deal” Antonio Banderas plays a contestant who just can’t comprehend the game! (GR.11)
-May 6, 2006-“Wheel Of Fortune” Tom Hanks plays Pat Sajak as he hosts an episode with dim-bulb players. Uses “Changing Keys”! (GR4.10)
-May 13, 2006-“Charades” A 70’s show with tiny payoffs and great cluegivers. Uses actual GSN graphics! (GR3.12)
-December 16, 2006-"Dry Eyes" (GR11.7)
-February 10, 2007-“Am I A Crazy Street Person?” Contestant deduce whether the guest is a truth-teller or a crazy street person (GR2.4)
-October 12, 2007-"Ohhhhh!" Three New Jersey residents react to different situations (MG9.3)
-February 23, 2008-"What's That B**** Talking About?" Contestants can win a used Mazda by deciphering what stuck-up models are talking about! (GR29.1)
-March 15, 2008-"What's Your Situation?" The game takes a backseat to the host’s attempts to get a date (GR29.2)
-May 10, 2008-"It's A Match!" The host of this Match Game clone is murdered! Can the detective get any help from the panel? (GR29.3)
-May 17, 2008-"Deal Or No Deal" (GR29.4)
-September 13, 2008-"Quiz Bowl" (creative title!) A team of high school students face off against a cult compound family (GR29.6)
-February 7, 2009-"I'm Gonna Have Sex With Your Wife!" The host takes the contestant’s wives, and…well, read the title again (GR29.10)
-March 14, 2009-"High IQ" Can our contestants overcome the frequent distractions of the wacky host? (GR29.5)
-May 16, 2009-"Jeopardy" Kathy Lee Gifford vs. Sean Connery vs. Tom Hanks (as himself!) (GR29.12)
-October 3, 2009-"Celebrity Family Feud" It’s the Osmond family against the Phillips family in this classic episode. The word “Feud” is misspelled in the beginning! (GR29.7)
-January 9, 2010-"Reel Quotes" Two contestants who know nothing about movie quotes compete in a game about movie quotes (GR29.8)
-February 6, 2010-"What is Burn Notice?" Three contestants are asked about the hit show, with very little success (GR29.9)
-February 15, 2015-Celebrity Jeopardy! (HA10.2)

NOTE: Dates represent the earliest known appearance of the sketch; it may actually be much older than that.
-February 10, 1970-"Pick Your Pet", the show's first game show sketch! Guy Smiley is known as "Sonny Friendly" (RI10.4)
-1970-"What's My Letter?" Prarie Dawn must guess the letter in order to win a mouse! (RI5.6)
-April 9, 1976-"The Addition Game" Can Herry Monster answer three math questions to win a trip to California? (RI3.16)
-November 24, 1980-"Mystery Mix-Up Game" Guy Smiley hosts this game of mixed-up words (RI4.14)
-1981-"Family Food" Feud parody about healthy eating. Features Richard Dawson himself! (RI4.12)
-December 27, 1985-“To Tell A Face” Can our contestant identify his grandmother? (RI2.13)
-December 31, 1986-The Trash Is Right (RI50.5)
-January 21, 1988-Fairytale Newlywed Game (RI40.5)
-January 26, 1988-"What Happens Next?" Can you guess what will happen to a Charlie Chaplin impersonator? (RI37.5)
-April 29, 1988-The Eating Game (RI42.5)
-December 14, 1988-"The How Many Game" Can the Two-Headed Monster find two of something? (RI23.5)
-March 30, 1989-"Squeal of Fortune" Can the Count guess how many times the pig will squeal? (RI45.9)
-May 10, 1989-"What's My Job?" Can the blindfolded monsters guess the professions? (RI29.5)
-March 9, 1993-Full episode: Sonny Friendly's traveling game show "The Game Game" (JN5.2)

-1984-Game show parody “You Bet Your Ass”, with the alternate “Now You See It” theme and Don Pardo announcing. Not for all ages (as you might've guessed) (CN3.20)

-May 18, 2008-"All About Lisa" Lisa becomes Krusty's assistant while Bart & Homer collect coins. Special appearance by Drew Carey! Original commercials (DH13)

A great cop show parody. Trust'll enjoy it.
-December 13, 1986-“To Live & Die On TV” Sledge goes on “The Million Dollar Question” to investigate the murder of a former champion. Features Peter Marshall as the host! (CN8.15)

-November 14, 1987-"TV or not TV" (aka "Breakfast of Criminals") Vicki is hired to be a cereal spokesman. David Ruprecht plays the ad exec who hires Vicki! No credits (PB3.9)
-November 12, 1988-"Togetherness"(aka "Game Show") The Lawsons and Brindles square off in the stunt show "Beat Thy Neighbor". Geoff Edwards plays host Guy Dwyer! (DB16.13)

-April 30, 1997-"A Little Knowledge" T.J. goes on Knowledge College. Guest stars John O'Hurley as host, and Ashley Tisdale as another contestant! Repeat from 9/10/09 with commercials (776.10)

-March 7, 2007-Randy goes on Wheel of Fortune and royally embarrasses himself when he says a certain curse word. Most original commercials (GR.9)

SQUARE 1 TV (sketches only)
A staple of my youth! Some of these formats could work as full shows.
-January 28, 1987-But Who's Counting?: Fitzgeralds vs. Doles (RI36.4)
-January 30, 1987-"But Who's Counting?" Chevy & Paper Chase vs. Mickey & Minnie Skirt (Oh, ho ho!) (RI3.9)
-February 10, 1987-"But Who's Counting?" Marty & Ono Mimeo vs. Ned & Edna Flimsey (JF24.6)
-198X-"But Who's Adding?" Felicia vs. John (RI6.5)
-198X-"But Who's Multiplying?" Crystal vs. Suzanne (RI6.6)
-April 8, 1987-But Who's Multiplying? Michael vs. Arturo (RI51.5)
-February 19, 1987-"Round Off!"Barry vs. Clorinda (RI10.3)
-September 19, 1988-"Square 1 Squares" Michelle vs. Diana. Panel: Cris & Beverly (RI4.15)
-September 22, 1988-"Triple Play" Jesse vs. Kim (RI35.6)
-September 27, 1988-"Square One Squares" Luisa Leschin & Beverly Mickins. Ayana vs. Steven (RI38.5)
-October 5, 1988-"Triple Play" Roxanne vs. Ajamu (RI3.10)
-October 6, 1988-"Close Call" from Episode 214-Mark vs. Jawaine vs. Elizabeth vs. Giddy (RI9.6)
-October 7, 1988-"Piece of the Pie". Vrunda, Denise, & Zoltan vs. Francisco, Deborah, & Bradley (RI47.4)
-October 11, 1988-"Close Call!" Joel vs. Chris vs. Ozlem vs. Jamie (RI5.5)
-October 13, 1988-"Piece of the Pie" Vincent, Debra, & Danny vs. Michele, Doug, & Robin (RI7.5)
-October 21, 1988-"Square One Squares" Arthur Howard & Beverly Mickins. Chris (and interpreter Alan) vs. Nicole (RI8.5)
-November 4, 1988-“Triple Play” Roman vs. Sharyn (RI2.14)
-January 24, 1990-"But Who's Counting?" Harvey vs. Fourscoreand (RI24.5)
-February 1, 1990-“Piece Of The Pie” Andrew, Suzy, & Scot vs. Ilyse, Michael, & Criis (AS4.14)
-October 2, 1991-"But Who's Counting?" Ima Glum-One vs. Jim Nasium (RI21.6)
-October 14, 1991-"But Who's Counting" L.T. vs. T.P. Wickiup (RI25.6)
-November 11, 1991-“Square One Challenge” Ben vs. Joey. Panel: Cynthia & Arthur (AS4.15)

One of my all-time favorite sitcoms.
-January 24, 1983-“It’s Academical”-Patty & Muffy go on high school quiz show “It’s Academical.” Guest-starring Martin Mull as host Dan Vermillion! (DSQ.9)

-December 19, 2017-Interview with Snoop Dogg! (CD29.5)

-April 14, 2010-"The Quiz Broadcast" A brief look at a post-apocalyptic game show! (1013.8)

-January 27, 2007-“Risk It All” Zack and Cody go on “Risk It All” to win fantastic prizes (GR8.2)

-April 6, 2011-Special Guest: Drew Carey. Secret X is played! (NC10.1)
-May 11, 2011-Special Guest: Alex Trebek (NC10.2)
-June 20, 2011-Special guest: Wayne Brady (NC18.2)
-April 24, 2015-Alex Trebek hosts "The Tournament of Talk"! (HA10.1)

THAT'S SO RAVEN [2 episodes]
-July 23, 2004-"The Dating Shame" Raven and Chelsea appear on TermiDate. Guest stars Roger Lodge! (CO7.1)
-April 29, 2005-"They Work Hard For His Honey" Guest stars Claudia Jordan! (CO7.2)

-2012-VERY short Bob Barker clip; runs 1 minutes (CD37.5)

-January 17, 2007-Penn Jillette appears to plug Identity! (CO39.5)

-July 22, 2004-Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings is interviewed! (Full episode is available, check out the jokes about him in the opening monologue) (239.1)

-September 20, 2014-Tonight Show Family Feud! Totals 12 minutes (CD22.5)
-October 12, 2017-Interview with Jeopardy champ Austin Rogers! (CD27.5)

-November 10, 2006-Features a DOND-inspired prank! (CO42.5)

-1985?-Trebek is fooled into meeting his fictional Fan Club, the "Trebekkies" (JF28.2)
-1986?-A collection of great Scrabble bloopers! (JF27.2)
-198X-7 minutes of game show clips! (CD17.5)
-2000-3 minutes of Hollywood Squares clips! (CD37.6)

-January 5, 2001-"Know-it-Alls" 12 minute segment about game shows, featuring many memorable contestants and Prof. Steve Beverly! (RI50.1)

-1993-The dogs go on “Let’s Make A Right Price”, a hilarious TPIR parody! (335.10)

-October 4, 1986-The Wheel of Misfortune. Mary and Sandra go on Wheel of Fortune! (HA23.1)

-November 21, 1997-Freddy the Fly competes on the richest game on TV, "Mega Moolah for Millionaires"

If a show could suck even with Steve Carell in the cast, we got problems.
-May 20, 2003-Final episode, simply titled "Feud". Ellie and her friends go on Family Feud, with guest star Richard Karn. For extra fun, see if you can spot the error in Edgar’s Tic Tac Dough story (106.1)

-January 14, 1998-"All in the Family Feud". The family gets on "Family Battle", but will they let dim-bulb Marlon play on the team? Guest starring Fred Willard as host Dick Ferndale! 5/7/09 CW repeat with commercials (745.1)

-March 7, 2011-Special guests are Wayne Brady & Jonathan Mangum, who play a game of Let's Make A Deal! (NC7)

-August 1, 2004-Hour-long Special about WOF's road tours! Original commercials, some video blackouts (HA25.4)

-2002-Clipfest, showcasing many international versions (including the U.S.!) (JR6.4)

-1998?-25 minutes of Mall Tour Footage (DC35.4)

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