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Non-Game Shows, A-M


-October 29, 1994-PREMIERE!!! The Switching Hour. 10/30/11 repeat with commercials

ABC WEEKEND NEWS [2 episodes]
-October 10, 1976-Info TBA. Original commercials (PBA.7)
-December 12, 1976-Info TBA. Original commercials (PBA.8)

ABC WORLD NEWS [1 episode]
-August 9, 1974-Includes extensive coverage of Gerald Ford's inaugaration! Original commercials, B/W video (PBA.6)

First Season
-1993-"King of the Road". 2005 rerun with commercials (266.6)
-December 5, 1993-Day of the Dot. Original commercials (AS35.4)
Second Season
-November 27, 1994-Yellow Fever. 8/10/96 Snick repeat with commercials (AS36.4)
Third Season
-April 1, 1995-"The Last Laugh" Repeat from May 1996 with commercials, low audio (DC21.15)
(I have the entire third season, each episode being a repeat from The N. Specific episode details to come)

-June 19, 1960-Letter of Credit. Antenna TV airing

-September 15, 2001-Premiere! Survival, Part 1. Original commercials (FoxKids.8)

ALLEGRA'S WINDOW [1 episode]
-December 31, 1994-Time Out (KM3.4)

ALL GROWN UP [8 episodes]
-November 29, 2003-Bad Kimi. 2003 repeat with commercials (202.6)
-December 6, 2003-Chuckie’s In Love. Original commercials (202.5)
-December 13, 2003-"River Rats". Repeat from 2/28/10 with commercials (859.2)
-January 17, 2004-Brother, Can You Spare the Time? CBS airing (AR13.2)
-February 14, 2004-It's Cupid, Stupid. Original commercials, no credits (BPRV.2)
-June 5, 2004-"Fools Rush In". Original commercials (Boom.8)
-February 12, 2005-Fear of Falling. Most original commercials (BPR6.1)
-June 21, 2005-"Rats Race" (846.9)

ALL THAT [66 episodes]
Second Season
-October 14, 1995-Guest stars Monica. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-October 21, 1995-Guest stars Da Brat. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-October 28, 1995-Guest stars Malcolm Jamal-Warner & Mokenstef. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-November 4, 1995-Guest stars Jon B. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-November 11, 1995-Guest stars The Twinz. 8/10/96 Snick repeat with commercials (AS36.3), also have 2011 repeat with commercials, but musical guest cut
-November 18, 1995-Guest stars Monteco. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-November 25, 1995-Guest stars Soul 4 Real. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-December 2, 1995-Guest stars Subway. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-December 9, 1995-Guest stars Xscape. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-December 16, 1995-Guest stars Diana King. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-December 30, 1995-Guest stars Sinbad & Coolio. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-January 6, 1996-Guest stars Mark Curry & Deborah Fox. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-January 13, 1996-Guest stars Immature. 2011 repeat with commercials, musical guest cut
-September 7, 1996-Guest stars Terry Ellis. 1996 Big Help airing with segments and commercials (AS39.1), also have 2011 repeat with commercials, but musical guest cut
Third Season
-October 19, 1996-Good Burger Special! 10/22/11 U-Pick with Stick airing
-December 7, 1996-Guest stars Dru Hill. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP.1)
-December 28, 1996-Guest stars 702. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.6)
-January 4, 1997-Guest stars Tony Toni Tone. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP10.1)
-January 11, 1997-Guest stars Mint Condition & Chris Farley! Two copies: 8/23/97 Snick airing with commercials (SS3.2) or 2008 The N repeat (ATJP10.2)
-January 18, 1997-Guest stars 112. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP.2)
-January 25, 1997-Guest stars Sherman Helmsley & Nas. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP.3)
-February 1, 1997-Guest stars John Leguziamo & Mona Lisa. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP.4)
-February 8, 1997-Guest stars Ray J. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP4.1)
-September 6, 1997-Guest stars Dr. Joyce Brothers & Heavy D. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP3.3)
-September 13, 1997-Guest stars For Real. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP4.3)
-September 20, 1997-Guest stars AZ Yet. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP4.4)
-September 27, 1997-Guest stars Aaliyah. Original commercials (BT49.4), also have 2008 The N repeat (ATJP4.2)
-October 4, 1997-Guest stars Monica. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP3.1)
-October 11, 1997-Guest stars MC Lyte. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP3.2)
-October 18, 1997-Guest stars Erykah Badu. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP3.4)
Fourth Season
-November 15, 1997-Guest stars Mase. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP2.1)
-November 22, 1997-Guest stars Busta Rhymes. Original commercials and segments featuring Hanson! (SS2.2)
-November 29, 1997-Guest stars Tommy Davidson & Robyn. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP2.2)
-December 6, 1997-Guest stars Wyclef Jean. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP2.3)
-December 13, 1997-Guest stars Dru Hill. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP12.1)
-December 20, 1997-Guest stars Mary J. Blige. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP7.1)
-December 27, 1997-Guest stars Immature. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP12.2)
-January 3, 1998-Guest stars Spice Girls. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP7.2)
-January 10, 1998-Guest stars God's Property with Kirk Franklin featuring Alisha Tyler. (what a mouthful!). 2008 The N repeat (ATJP8.1)
-January 17, 1998-Guest stars The Backstreet Boys. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP8.2)
-January 31, 1998-Guest stars Missy Elliot. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP7.3)
-February 7, 1998-Guest stars Boyz II Men. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP8.3)
-October 10, 1998-Guest stars Destiny's Child. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP6.1)
-October 17, 1998-Guest stars LL Cool J. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP7.4)
-October 31, 1998-Guest stars Salt 'N Pepa. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP8.4)
-November 7, 1998-Guest stars K-Ci & JoJo. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP10.3)
-November 14, 1998-Guest stars Kobe Bryant & Ice Cube. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP6.2)
-November 21, 1998-Guest stars The LOX. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP10.4)
-November 28, 1998-Guest stars Sugar Ray. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP10.5)
Fifth Season
-December 19, 1998-Guest stars Tatyana Ali. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP6.3)
-January 2, 1999-Guest stars Deborah Cox. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.2)
-January 9, 1999-Guest stars Shaquille O'Neal. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP6.4)
-January 16, 1999-Guest stars Monica. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP5.3)
-January 23, 1999-Guest stars Faith Evans. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP5.1)
-January 30, 1999-Guest stars Mya. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP5.2)
-February 6, 1999-Guest stars 98 Degrees. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP5.4)
-March 20, 1999-Guest stars 112. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.1)
-March 27, 1999-Guest stars OutKast. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.3)
-April 3, 1999-Guest stars Divine. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.4)
-April 10, 1999-Guest stars 5 Young Men. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.5)
-April 17, 1999-Guest stars Joey McEntire. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.1)
-April 24, 1999-Guest stars The Backstreet Boys. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP9.6)
-October 16, 1999-Guest stars 3rd Storee. Two copies: Original commercials, from Snick House! (AS40.4) or 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.4)
-November 6, 1999-Guest stars New Radicals. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.3)
-November 13, 1999-Guest stars The M.A.F.T. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.2)
-November 20, 1999-Guest stars Shanice. 2008 The N repeat (ATJP11.5)

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS [8 episodes]
-October 5, 1985-Sisters, Court Action. Original commercials (BS16.4)
-October 19, 1985-Soccer to Me, Every Chipmunk Tells A Story. 1996 Nick repeat with commercials, ends during credits (DB34.1)
-October 26, 1985-A Little Worm In the Big Apple, Staying Afloat. 1996 Nick repeat with commercials, ends during credits (DB34.2)
-November 2, 1985-The Chipette Story. 1996 Nick repeat with commercials (DB34.3)
-October 18, 1986-Experiement in Error, How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? 1996 Nick repeat with commercials, no credits (DB32.5)
-November 1, 1986-Chipmunk Vice, Hooping it Up. Feb. 1990 repeat with commercials (GR41.4)
-October 24, 1987-Big Dreams, Island Fever. 1996 Nick repeat with commercials, no credits (DB34.4)
-October 31, 1987-Just One of the Girls, Goin' Down to Dixie. The ONLY episode where neither Dave nor the Chipmunks appear! 1996 Nick repeat with commercials, no credits (DB34.5)

THE AMANDA SHOW [12 episodes]
-October 16, 1999-PREMIERE!!! First skit: Amanda flying in to do the show. Two copies available: original commercials, from Snick House! (AS40.2) or 2011 repeat with commercials (918.6)
-November 27, 1999-First skit: Penelope hides in a box on the Amanda Show set. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.3)
-December 4, 1999-First skit: Penelope disguises herself as a dancing lobster. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.4)
-October 7, 2000-First Skit: The Bush/Gore skit removed from future airings! (JP85.1)
-October 28, 2000-First skit: Josh needs help opening a bag of chips. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.5)
-February 9, 2002-First skit: Amanda confronts the author of a hate-mail letter. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.6)
-March 23, 2002-First skit: Amanda breaks up a fight between a boy and her jealous girlfriend. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.7)
-April 20, 2002-First skit: Two people think they’re on a game show. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.9)
-May 25, 2002-First skit: A French painter does Amanda’s portrait. 2011 repeat with commercials (916.10)
-July 13, 2002-First skit: An Amanda robot opens the show. 2011 repeat with commercials (918.1)
-August 17, 2002-First skit: Penelope hypnotizes Drake & Josh. 2011 repeat with commercials (918.2)
-September 21, 2002-Unannounced finale. First skit: Amanda and Drake try the “Costumatic 5000”. 2011 repeat with commercials (918.5)

Bad writing and too many uninteresting characters bring this promising concept down.
-September 9, 1972-PREMIERE!!! "The Crown Jewel Caper" (Boom.4)
-November 18, 1972-The Mummy's Tomb (232.5)
-December 30, 1972-Finale. Scotland Yard (Boom.2)

-August 28, 1982-Special Guests: Eddie Money & Sparks. Original commercials (RS67.3)
-January 1, 1983-Special Guest: Adam Ant. Original commercials (RS68.1)

I'm not a fan of the show, but I am I fan of who's in this clip.
-May 13, 2009-Katy Perry performs "Waking Up In Vegas". 4-minute clip, free with any trade (766.10)

-1989-Hour-long Pilot! PAX airing (251.6)

Don't ask why I loved this show so much...
-January 17, 2004 (216.2)
-Date TBA (216.7)
-Date TBA (211.12)
-March 6, 2004 (MOJ.1)
-March 27, 2004 (230.1)
-July 17, 2004 (235.1)
-July 24, 2004-No intro (189.1)
-August 7, 2004 (250.3)
-November 20, 2004 (302.3)
-December 4, 2004 (359.3)
-January 1, 2005 (298.5)
-January 29, 2005 (533.9)

ANDERSON COOPER 360 [1 episode]
-June 26, 2009-Michael Jackson: Remembering an Icon (King.5)

ANIMANIACS [1 episode]
-November 19, 1993-Windsor Hassle, And Justice for Slappy. 2013 repeat with commercials
-November 22, 1993-Turkey Jerky, Wild Blue Yonder. 2013 repeat with commercials
-February 16, 1994-Gold Rush, A Gift of Gold, Dot's Quiet Time. 2013 repeat with commercials
-February 17, 1994-Schnitzelbank, The Helpinki Formula, Les Boutons et le Ballon, Kung Boo. 2013 repeat with commercials

ANGRY BEAVERS [2 episodes]
-April 19, 1997-PREMIERE!!! Born to be Beavers, Up All Night. 10/7/11 U-Pick with Stick airing
-June 27, 1999-Tough Love, A Little Dad'll Do You. 2004 repeat with commercials (SS4.3)

-1993-The many unfortunate events that plagued Queen Elizabeth II in 1992. Totals 1 hour (QueenLiz.5)

-December 3, 1988-Lights…Camera…Monster! 2003 repeat with commercials (260.2)

-August 22, 1992-The Tale of Laughing in the Dark. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS65.3) and 5/1/93 Nick Takes Over Your School airing (DC40.4)
-August 29, 1992-The Tale of the Lonely Ghost. 1992 SNICK airing with commercials (BT44.1)
-September 5, 1992-The Tale of the Twisted Claw. May 1993 repeat with commercials (AS65.4), 5/15/93 Snick airing with commercials (KM4.4)
-September 12, 1992-The Tale of the Hungry Hounds. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS62.1)
-September 19, 1992-The Tale of the Super Specs. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS62.2)
-September 26, 1992-The Tale of the Captured Souls. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS62.3)
-October 3, 1992-The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS62.4)
-November 7, 1992-The Tale of the Prom Queen. 1993 repeat with commercials (AS65.2)
-June 19, 1993-The Tale of the Final Wish. Original commercials, including a Slime Time Live ad! (AS60.1)
-June 26, 1993-The Tale of the Midnight Madness. Original commercials, including a Slime Time Live segment! (AS60.2)
-July 3, 1993-The Tale of Locker 22. Original commercials, including a Slime Time Live segment! (AS60.3)
-July 10, 1993-The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor. Two copies: Original commercials, including a Slime Time Live segment! (AS60.4) or 10/29/11 repeat with commercials
-July 17, 1993-The Tale of the Dream Machine. Original commercials (AS61.1)
-July 24, 1993-The Tale of the Dark Dragon. Original commercials (AS61.2)
-July 31, 1993-The Tale of the Whispering Walls. Original commercials (AS61.3)
-August 14, 1993-The Tale of the Frozen Ghost. Original commercials (AS63.1)
-August 21, 1993-The Tale of the Full Moon. Original commercials (AS63.3)
-August 28, 1993-The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle. Original commercials (AS64.1)
-September 11, 1993-The Tale of the Magician's Assistant. Original commercials (AS64.2)
-September 25, 1993-The Tale of the Hatching. Original commercials (AS59.4)
-October 2, 1993-The Tale of Old Man Corcoran. Two copies: Original commercials (AS63.4) or 11/1/11 airing with commercials
-January 8, 1994-The Tale of the Midnight Ride. Original commercials (AS64.3)
-January 15, 1994-The Tale of Apartment 214. Original commercials (AS64.4)
-January 22, 1994-The Tale of Watcher's Woods. Original commercials (AS65.1)
-March 26, 1994-The Tale of the Dream Girl. 10/29/11 repeat with commercials
-November 11, 1995-The Tale of the Mystical Mirror. 10/29/11 repeat with commercials

ARTHUR [1 episode]
-November 11, 1996-Arthur's Birthday, Francine Frensky, Superstar. No open, ends during credits (LA2.1)

AS THE WORLD TURNS [1 episode]
-August 26, 2003 (357.8)

AS TOLD BY GINGER [2 episodes]
-October 25, 2000-PREMIERE!!! Ginger the Juvey. 2001 repeat with commercials (BPR5.3)
-December 10, 2001-An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special. 2002 repeat with commercials (Xmas02.2)

-March 25, 2005-Book 1, Water. Chapter 6, Imprisoned. 9/30/05 Friday Night Slime airing with commercials (1167.3)

BATMAN (ABC, 1966-1968) [24 episodes]
POW! SMACK! CHEESE! A really fun watch.
-January 12, 1966-PREMIERE!!! Hi Diddle Riddle (DDB.1)
-January 13, 1966-Smack in the Middle (DDB.2)
-January 19, 1966-"Fine Feathered Finks". 2002 TV Land repeat with commercials (JP54.1)
-January 20, 1966-"The Penguin's a Jinx". 2002 TV Land repeat with commercials (JP54.2)
-January 26, 1966-The Joker Is Wild (DDB.5)
-January 27, 1966-Batman Is Riled (DDB.6)
-February 2, 1966-Instant Freeze (DDB.7)
-February 3, 1966-Rats Like Cheese (DDB.8)
-February 9, 1966-Zelda The Great (DDB.9)
-February 10, 1966-A Death Worse Than Fate (DDB.10)
-February 16, 1966-A Riddle A Day Keeps the Riddler Away (DDB.11)
-February 17, 1966-When The Rat's Away The Mice Will Play (DDB.12)
-February 23, 1966-The Thirteenth Hat (DDB.13)
-February 24, 1966-Batman Stands Pat (DDB.14)
-March 2, 1966-The Joker Goes to School (DDB.15)
-March 3, 1966-He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul (DDB.16)
-March 9, 1966-True or False Face (DDB.17)
-March 10, 1966-Holy Rat Race (DDB.18)
-March 16, 1966-The Purr-Fect Crime (DDB.19)
-March 17, 1966-Better Luck Next Time (DDB.20)
-March 23, 1966-The Penguin Goes Straight (DDB.21)
-March 24, 1966-Not Yet, He Ain't (DDB.22)
-March 30, 1966-The Ring of Wax (DDB.23)
-March 31, 1966-Give 'Em the Axe (DDB.24)

THE BATMAN [1 episode]
-November 20, 2004-"Q & A" The Cluemaster gets revenge on the crew of a game show he lost as a child (May1.4)

THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY [*All 3 parts of a 3-part special*]
A comprehensive documentary that's a must-have for any fan of the Fab Four.
-November 19, 1995-Part 1, detailing their forming. Features the debut of previously unreleased track "Free As A Bird". Original commercials
-November 22, 1995-Part 2, detailing the height of their popularity. Features the debut of previously unreleased track "Real Love". Original commercials
-November 23, 1995-Part 3, detailing their break-up. Original commercials

-October 16, 2000-“Super Bob”. Original commercials (DL29.4)

-October 3, 1994-3 hours and 16 minutes of Big Help segments! Includes the last 2 parts of Nick All-Star Challenge (AR11/12)

BIG TIME RUSH [1 episode]
-May 8, 2010-Big Time Terror. Original commercials (Belief.2)
-June 26, 2010-"Big Time Heat"

BIOGRAPHY [1 episode]
-1993?-Duke of Windsor & Queen Elizabeth II. 1993 airing with commercials, no credits (QueenLiz.6)
-2000-Florence Henderson. 2009 repeat with commercials (776.1)

-January 21, 1994-Cells. 7/11/14 WDSC 15 airing (1031.11)
-February 4, 1994-Outer Space. 7/7/14 WDSC 15 airing (1031.1)
-December 3, 1994-Atmosphere. 7/4/14 WDSC 15 airing (1030.3)
-May 16, 1998-Comets & Meteors. 7/9/14 WDSC 15 airing (1031.8)

BLACK DYNAMITE [1 episode]
-September 16, 2012-The Race War or Big Black Cannon, Balls Run

BOBBY'S WORLD [25 episodes]
-September 8, 1990-PREMIERE!!! Visit to Aunt Ruth's (BT22.3)
-September 22, 1990-Adventures in Bobby Sitting (BT22.4)
-October 27, 1990-The Night of the Living Pumpkin (BT22.5)
-November 17, 1990-In Search of the Ring Bear (BT22.6)
-November 24, 1990-See America Last (BT23.1)
-December 1, 1990-Bobby's Last Broadcast (BT23.2)
-September 7, 1991-Three Kids and a Baby (BT23.3)
-September 21, 1991-Clubhouse Bobby (BT23.4)
-September 28, 1991-Nightmare on Bobby's Street (BT23.5)
-September 26, 1992-The Play's The Thing (BT23.6)
-October 24, 1992-Misery Loves Company (BT24.1)
-November 28, 1992-Ill Effects (BT24.2)
-November 13, 1993-Psycho Bobby (BT24.3)
-November 27, 1993-It's My Party (BT24.4)
-February 5, 1994-One Clump Or Two (BT24.5)
-September 12, 1994-Rebel Without A Clue (BT24.6)
-September 13, 1994-Geriatric Park (BT24.7)
-November 28, 1994-No Sale (BT25.1)
-September 12, 1995-Bobby the Genius (BT25.2)
-December 22, 1995-Miracle on 34th Street & Rural Route 1 (BT25.3)
-October 20, 1996-Time After Time (BT25.4)
-September 6, 1997-Bad Manners Bobby (BT25.5)
-September 13, 1997-Roger's Ransom (BT25.6)
-September 20, 1997-Cooties (BT25.7)
-October 11, 1997-It's a Generic Life (BT25.8)

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL [1 episode]
-August 26, 2003 (357.7)

BONKERS [1 episode]
-November 27, 1993-Miracle at the 34th Precinct (NP78.4)

THE BRADY BUNCH [2 episodes]
-October 22, 1971-The Personality Kid. Repeat from 6/16/09 with commercials (830.7)
-October 29, 1971-Juliet is the Sun. Repeat from 6/16/09 with commercials (830.8)

-July 21, 2001-The Crib. Original commercials (SS.3)

-April 7, 1977-Hour long special! 1984 repeat with commercials

-October 26, 1978-Half-hour special! CN repeat (JW13.1)

-November 27, 1979-Half hour special with three new shorts! 1990 repeat with commercials (GR36.3)

-May 12, 1979-A half-hour special featuring various mother-related Looney Tunes clips. 5/8/87 repeat with commercials (GR39.4)

-November 15, 1979-Half hour Thanksgiving special! 11/22/89 repeat with commercials (GR36.2)

NOTE: All are syndication airings; except where noted, the old CiNAR logo in the intro is replaced with the Cookie Jar logo. I'm working on getting the airdates right.
First Season
-March 1, 1993-PREMIERE!!! The Talking Bread, Couscous, the North African Detective, The Three Fishermen. No credits (BT3.3)
-March 8, 1993-The Best Birthday Present Ever, Patrick Pig Learns to Talk, Grouchy Mr. Gronkle (BT8.2)
-March 15, 1993-The Busiest Firefighters Ever, Manuel of Mexico, The Biggest Catch Ever (BT3.4)
-March 22, 1993-Mr. Raccoon's Different Day, Mario the Venetian Gondolier, The Best Babysitter Ever (BT3.5)
-March 29, 1993-The Best Mistake Ever, Sneef the Best Detective in Europe, Camping Out (BT3.6)
-April 5, 1993-Mr. Frumble's New Cars, Earnst & Heidi, Billy Dog's Bad Day (BT4.1)
-April 12, 1993-The Snowstorm, Egyptian Mummy, Treasure Hunt (BT4.2)
-April 19, 1993-Missing Bananas, Good Luck in Rome, The Accident (BT4.3)
-April 26, 1993-A Trip to the Moon, Pip Pip Goes to London, Floating Bananas (BT4.4)
-May 3, 1993-Hat Pie, Hans the Dutch Plumber, Hilda's Romantic Tea Party (BT4.5)
-May 10, 1993-A Big Operation, Cucumber the African Photographer, Summer Picnic (BT4.6)
-May 17, 1993-Sergeant Murphy's Day Off, Schmudge the German Chimney Sweep, Sleeping Car Adventure (BT5.1)
-May 24, 1993-Busytown Regatta, Schtoompah the Funny Austrian, Busytown Soap Box Derby (BT5.2)
Second Season
-March 1, 1995-The Big Story, Couscous in Gibraltar, The Firefighter's Ball (BT5.3)
-March 8, 1995-Scout's Field Trip, The Great Pie Robbery, Clean Garage (BT5.4)
-March 15, 1995-Captain Willy and the Pirates, Flying Noodles, Roughing It (BT6.3)
-March 22, 1995-Young Vikings, Sneef Save the Queen, Hilda the Director (BT6.4)
-March 29, 1995-High Flyers, Steamboat Mystery, The Best Waiters Ever (BT6.5)
-April 5, 1995-The Big Move, Sneef in Russia, Mr. Frumble Gets a Job (BT6.6)
-April 12, 1995-Ambulance Cake, The Supermarket Mystery, Big Trouble for Bananas Gorilla (BT7.1)
-April 19, 1995-Sgt. Murphy's Deputy, Couscous In Sahara, New Friend on the Block (BT7.2)
-April 26, 1995-The Biggest Storm Ever, Cucumber in Rockies, Sally's First Day at Kindergarten (BT7.3)
-May 3, 1995-No Time for Bananas, Sneef in India, Sally Cat's First Trip (BT7.4)
-May 10, 1995-Grand Hotel, Couscous Up the Nile, Cat Family Ski Trip (BT7.5)
-May 17, 1995-Lowly Breaks His Leg, Cucumber in Machuu Pichuu, The Plight of Penelope Parakeet (BT7.6)
-May 24, 1995-Newspaper Mom, Cucumber in Rio, Donut Raffle (BT8.1)
-November 1, 1995-Best Christmas Present Ever, Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson, Sally Cat's Christmas Dream. Original CiNAR logo in intro (BT8.3)
-November 15, 1995-Fill 'er Up Scotty, Niagra Falls Mystery, Helper's Helper (BT8.4)
Third Season
-January 5, 1996-The Mole Machine, The Royal Game of Dennis, Now That's Progress (BT8.5)
-January 26, 1996-The Winners, No More Games, Manuel!, We Won't Go to the Doctor (BT8.6)
-Feburary 2, 1996-Never Too Small, Albert the Belgian Barge Captain, Rainy Day (BT.1)
-1996-Match-Makers, Forget-bur Never Forgets, Toof Trouble (BT.2)
-1996-The New Neighbors, The First Halloween Ever, Now I Know My One, Two, Threes! (BT.3)
-1996-Count on Us!, The First Easter Egg Ever, Be My Valentine (BT.4)
-1996-The Mystery of the Stone Circle, The Big Apple Christmas Caper, Who's Too Scared to Masquerade (BT.5)
-1996-Finale. Santa Needs Help, The Big Apple Christmas Caper, The First Skis Ever. Original CiNAR logo in intro (BT.6)

-October 4, 2000-XL. No credits (NP54.1)
-October 11, 2000-Star Smasher. No credits (NP54.2)
-October 25, 2000-Good Ol' Buzz. No credits (NP53.5)

CAPTAIN PLANET [2 episodes]
-February 26, 1994-"You Bet Your Planet". The Planeteers compete on a bizarre game show. Features Gene Wood as the announcer! (758.3)
-November 5, 1994-"Horns a'Plenty" The Planeteers must stop Plunder and Slaughter from stealing endagered rhinos' horns. 2005 repeat with commercials (MG13.1)

-December 10, 1988. 1993 Disney Channel airing (Xmas93.4)

CATDOG [6 episodes]
-April 4, 1998-PREMIERE!!! Dog Gone, All You Can't Eat. Original commercials (AS37.2)
-October 20, 1998-Safety Dog, Dog Come Home. 12/6/14 repeat with commercials (GM3.3)
-October 22, 1998-New Neighbors, Dead Weight. 12/6/14 repeat with commercials (GM3.4)
-July 26, 1999-It's a Wonderful Half Life/Shephard Day. 8/5/13 repeat with commercials (GM4.3)
-July 29, 1999-Let the Games Begin, Winslow Falls in Love. 8/8/13 repeat with commercials (GM4.4)
-November 30, 1999-A Very Catdog Christmas. 2002 repeat with commercials (Xmas02.4)

CATHY'S VALENTINE [*1 special*]
-February 14, 1989-Third and final CBS special based on the comic strip. Original commercials, part of open cut (MG13.2)

CAT-MINSTER [½ of a special]
-April 1, 2007-First hour of a 2-hour special. No idea why I bothered to even tape the first hour! (869.11)

CATSCRATCH [*Entire Run*]
NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, each episode is a commercial-free airing from Nick Australia.
-2005-Behind Catscratch: 9-minute segment about the creation of Catscratch! (LB30.1)
-July 9, 2005 (a)-PREMIERE!!! Bringin' Down the Mouse, To The Moon (LB30.2)
-July 9, 2005 (b)-Unicorn Club, Go Gomez! Go (LB30.3)
-July 15, 2005-Lovesick, King of All Root Beer. Two copies: Original commercials (BPR9.4) or Nick Australia (LB30.4)
-July 22, 2005-Tale of a Tail, Mr. Pickles (LB30.5)
-July 29, 2005-Off the Leash, Slumber Party (LB30.6)
-September 23, 2005-The Ghost of Mrs. Cramdilly, A Line in the Litterbox (LB31.1)
-September 30, 2005-Love Cats, Zombie Party a Go-Go! Original commercials, with Friday Night Slime segments (1167.2) or Nick Australia (LB31.2)
-October 14, 2005-Gordon's Lucky Claw, Big-Eyed Bunny (LB31.3)
-Oct. 28/Nov. 18, 2005-Scaredy Cat, Requiem for a Cat (LB31.4)
-February 3, 2006-Hi Ho Kraken, King of Clubs (LB31.5)
-February 17, 2006-Livesavers, Mecha-Kitties (LB32.1)
-March 3, 2006-My Bodyguards, Charge! (LB32.2)
-March 24, 2006-A Woolly Adventure, EVIL! (LB32.3)
-April 7, 2006-Mall Adjusted, Clan Destiny (LB32.4)
-May 5, 2006-Two Of A Kind, Core-uption (LB32.5)
-June 2, 2006-Katilda, The Secret Door (LB33.1)
-September 22, 2006-Major Pepperidge, Magic Staff (LB33.2)
-September 29, 2006-Free Hovis, Three Against Nature (LB33.3)
-October 13, 2006-Blikmail, Love Jackal (LB33.4)
-February 10, 2007-Finale. Spindango Fundulation, Duck and Cover (LB33.5)

CAVEMEN [1 episode]
Also known as 'what happens when I forget to stop recording after Jeopardy ends'.
-November 13, 2007-Last US airing. “Rock Vote”. Original commercials (610.12)

-August 6, 1998 (reran 12/10/98)-Matches: Barbra Streisand vs. Aretha Franklin, Bill Gates vs. Michael Flatley, Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Jack Nicholson. Repeat commercials (SP2.10)

CHALKZONE [19 episodes]
First Season
-March 22, 2002-PREMIERE!!! Rudy's First Adventure, Rudy's Story, Bushel Full of Yum. Original commercials (63.1)
-April 5, 2002-The Skwarl, Pie Day, Secret Passages, We're in the Zone. 2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.11)
-April 12, 2002-Snapmobile, Rudy's Date, Future Zone, Mumbo Jumbo Jump. Two 2003 repeat copies, both with commercials (BPR4.12), (157.6)
-May 31, 2002-The Wiggies, Rapunzel, Hair to Stay, Coming to Life. Original commercials (93.8)
Second Season
-June 6, 2003-Disappearing Act, Portable Portal, Snap on Tour, Making Faces (JPCZ.3)
-June 20, 2003-Waste Mountain, Madcap Snap, What's My Line? Putting on the Dog (JPCZ.4)
-June 27, 2003-Pop Goes The Balloon, Snap Builds His Dream House, Fireplug Ballet, There You Are. Original commercials (364.3)
-August 1, 2003-The Smooch, Power Play, All The Way To The Top (JPCZ.1)
-January 2, 2004-Chalk Queen, Cleo's Secret, Snap's Wishy Washout, Chunky (846.8)
Third Season
-February 2, 2004-Draw and Let Draw, The Towering Wilter, Snapsheebah, Flashlight. CBS airing with commercials (AR12.1)
-February 5, 2004-Water Water Everywhere, RV Having Fun Yet?, The Doofi, Lollypoppian Rhapsody (JPCZ2.3)
-April 23, 2004-Double Trouble, Midnight Train. Repeat from 4/4/10 with commercials, ends during credits (iDisc10.4)
-June 30, 2004-Double Trouble, Midnight Train. CBS airing (AR13.1)
-August 6, 2004-The Big Blowup. Original commercials (AR8.1)
-October 8, 2004-The Smuges, Tiny Pirate Problem, Curse of the Werefrog, Magic Carpet Ride (JPCZ2.2)
-October 22, 2004-Howdy Rudy, Attack of the Rudosaurus, The Really Big Talent Search, Livin' It Up (JPCZ2.1)
Fourth Season
-June 6, 2005-Fourth season premiere! Purple Haze, No Place Like Home, Disaster Park, I Need a Song. Repeat from 2/28/10 with commercials (859.1)
-June 7, 2005-Do The Twitch!, Night of the Living Mall, Bulky Blocky, Piece O' Cake. No credits (DB20.1)
-June 9, 2005-Disarmed Rudy, Poison Pen Letter, The Label Police, Too Much To Do. No open, ends during credits (DB20.2)

-December 9, 1965-CBS special! Repeat from 12/9/80 with commercials (DHC.1)

-April 9, 1989-Adventures in Squirrelsitting. 2003 repeat with commercials (140.3)

A CHRISTMAS STORY (this has nothing to do with the 1983 movie) [*TV special*]
-December 1972-A boy's pet dog tries to deliver his letter to Santa. 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.7)

CHUCK [1 episode]
-September 24, 2007-PREMIERE!!! Chuck Versus the Intersect. Original commercials (Bumps2.1)

First Season
-March 1, 1991-PREMIERE!!! "Clarissa's Revenge". Two copies available: 1995 repeat with commercials (DC21.10) or 5/9/02 The N repeat with commercials (Clar.4)
-March 30, 1991-"No TV". The N repeat with commercials (Clar.5)
-April 6, 1991-"Clarissa News Network" (Clar2.2)
-April 13, 1991-"Haunted House" (Clar2.3)
-April 20, 1991-"New Addition". 1998 repeat with commercials (Clar2.5)
-April 27, 1991-"School Picture" (Clar.3)
-May 4, 1991-"Urge to Drive" (Clar2.1)
-May 11, 1991-"Bully" (Clar2.4)
-May 18, 1991-"Brain Drain" Ferguson goes on Brain Drain to prove his smarts (DB15.1)
-May 25, 1991-"Clarissa Makes A Cake". The N repeat with one commercial (Clar.6)
-June 1, 1991-"Sick Days" (Clar.2)
-June 8, 1991-"Cool Dad" (Clar.1)
-June 15, 1991-"Parents Who Say No!" Missing last few minutes (Clar3.2)
Second Season
-February 14, 1992-"Crush" (Clar5.3)
-February 23, 1992-"She Drives Me Crazy" (Clar4.2)
-March 1, 1992-"Sam Darling" (Clar4.3)
-March 8, 1992-"President Ferguson" (Clar4.4)
-June 7, 1992-"ME 101" (Clar5.1)
-June 14, 1992-"Misguidance Counselor" (Clar3.4)
-August 15, 1992-"Total TV". Two copies: 5/1/93 Nick Takes Over Your School airing (DC40.1) or (Clar3.5)
-August 22, 1992-"The Understudy" (Clar5.2)
-August 29, 1992-"Can't Buy Love" (Clar3.3)
-September 12, 1992-"The Return of Mafalda" (Clar4.5)
Third Season
-September 19, 1992-"Sam's Swan Song". 1998 repeat with commercials (Clar6.2)
-September 26, 1992-"Janet's Old Boyfriend" (Clar6.1)
-October 10, 1992-"Poetic Justice" (Clar6.3)
-October 24, 1992-"The Darling Wars" (Clar6.4)
-November 21, 1992-"Punch The Clock" 5/15/93 Snick airing with commercials (KM4.1) or The N airing (Clar6.5)
-November 28, 1992-"The Silent Treatment" (Clar7.1)
-December 12, 1992-"Involunteering" (Clar7.2)
-December 19. 1992-"Take My Advice...Please" (Clar7.3), also have (Clar5.8) from Nick Germany, with German subtitles
-December 26, 1992-"Marshall's Midlife Crisis" (Clar7.4)
-January 23, 1993-"Football Fever" (Clar7.5)
-January 30, 1993-"Life of Crime" (Clar8.1)
-February 13, 1993-"Marshall's Parents Visit" (Clar8.2)
-Febraury 27, 1993-"Blind Date". (Clar8.3), also have (Clar5.6)
Fourth Season
-March 13, 1993-"The Flu" (Clar8.4)
-March 27, 1993-"ESP R Us" (Clar8.5)
-May 8, 1993-"Road Trip" (Clar9.1)
-June 26, 1993-"Hero Worship" (BT14.1)
-August 14, 1993-"A Little Romance" (Clar9.2), also have (Clar5.7)
-August 28, 1993-"Tale of Two Moms" (Clar9.3)
-September 10, 1993-"The Zone" (Clar9.4)
-September 11, 1993-"Don't I Know You" (Clar10.1)
-September 25, 1993-"Babysitting". Original commercials, tracking line in picture (AS59.1) or The N airing (Clar10.2)
-October 16, 1993-"Educating Janet" (Clar10.3)
Fifth Season
-November 13, 1993-"A New Mom" (Clar10.4)
-November 13, 1993 (again)-"Editor In Chief" (Clar11.1)
-January 8, 1994-"Sam's Dad" (Clar11.2)
-February 5, 1994-"Janet and Clarissa, Inc." (Clar11.3)
-April 23, 1994-"Ferguson Explains It All" Original commercials (DC21.11)
-December 3, 1994-"The Last Episode" 1995 repeat with commercials (DC21.12)

-December 21, 1987-Christmas music put to stop-motion, featuring the California Raisins! Two copies: Original commercials (GR40.2) or 1990 repeat with commercials (GR39.2)

Cleveland moves out of Family Guy and into this great spinoff.
-September 27, 2009-PREMIERE!!! “Pilot” Cleveland plans to move to California, but meets an old flame when visiting his hometown. Original commercials (801.11)
-January 10, 2010-"Love Rollercoaster" Roberta dons a fat suit as part of a school project. Original commericals

CLUE CLUB [9 episodes]
-August 14, 1976-PREMIERE!!! The Paper Shaper Caper (Clue2.4)
-September 11, 1976-The Wild Seaweed Smuggling Caper (Clue2.1)
-September 18, 1976-The Green Thumb Caper (Clue.1)
-September 25, 1976-The Disappearing Airport Caper (Clue.2)
-October 9, 1976-The Solar Energy Caper (Clue.3)
-October 16, 1976-The Vanishing Train Caper (Clue.4)
-October 23, 1976-The Dissolving Statue Caper (Clue.5)
-October 30, 1976-The Missing Pig Caper (Clue2.2)
-November 13, 1976-The Amazing Heist (Clue2.3)

-December 17, 2014-Next-to-last episode
-December 18, 2014-Final episode!

-September 10, 1988-PREMIERE!!! Tall, Dark and Hansom
-September 17, 1988-Ed's Debut. (with that title, you'd think this was the premiere!)
-September 24, 1988-E.G., Go Home
-October 1, 1988-Ed's in Hot Water
-October 8, 1988-Crate Expectations
-October 15, 1988-Grimley, P.F.C.
-October 22, 1988-Moby Is Lost
-October 29, 1988-Good Neighbor Ed
-November 5, 1988-Driver Ed
-November 12, 1988-Blowin' in the Wind
-November 19, 1988-Eyewitness Ed
-November 26, 1988-Eddy, We Hardly Knew Ye
-December 3, 1988-Finale. The Irving Who Came to Dinner

CORNEIL & BERNIE [½ an episode]
-2003?-Superficial Intelligence (this segment only) (861.8)

-June 2, 1953-News broadcast totaling 1 hour (QueenLiz.4)

COUSIN SKEETER [2 episodes]
-September 1, 1998-PREMIERE!!! "A Family Thing". 12/31/98 repeat with commercials (AR3.3)
-September 1998-Episode title TBA. 12/31/98 repeat with commercials (AR3.7)

COW & CHICKEN [2 episodes]
-April 1, 2009-The Day I Was Born, Cloud Nine, Cow's Horse. Aired in place of Chowder on April Fools Day (733.1)
-April 1, 2009-The Penalty Wheel, Night of the Ed, Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal. Aired in place of Chowder on April Fools Day (733.2)

CROC FILES (Australian show reran in America) [1 episode]
-2000-Big, Grey and Dangerous. 2006 Discovery Kids repeat with commercials (GR27.2)

-October 8, 1994-A half hour look at the North Carolina State Fair! Original commercials (JF122.2)

-October 28, 2000-Nickelodeon TV movie, airing for the first time in 11 years! 11/1/11 airing with commercials

THE DAILY SHOW [1 episode]
-August 13, 1998. Original commercials (Clock.2)

DALLAS [1 episode]
-May 13, 1988-10th season finale. "The Fat Lady Singeth". Original commercials

DANCE ON SUNSET [1 episode]
-March 29, 2008-PREMIERE!!! "The Very First One" (SS8.2)

-March 19, 2007-Fourth season premiere! (940.4)
-March 26, 2007-Second day of competition (940.5)
-October 20, 2009-Results Show #6. Includes a Michael Jackson tribute! (King.6)
-April 28, 2015-10th Anniversary Special!
-May 12, 2015-Semifinals! Guest stars Jesse Kinch, the Team Beach 2 cast, & Flo Rida

DANNY PHANTOM [4 episodes]
-May 7, 2004-Bitter Reunions. Original commercials, no credits (188.5)
-February 18, 2005-Maternal Instinct. 9/30/05 Friday Night Slime airing with commercials (1167.4)
-June 17, 2005-Control Freaks. Original commercials (BPR6.12)
-June 24, 2005-Memory Blank. Original commercials (BPR2.3)

DARK SKIES [1 episode]
-October 19, 1996-"Mercury Rising". Original commercials (Oct96.2)

-September 2009-Gnasher in Nappies, Rubberbands and Paperclips. The second show The Hub ever aired! (952.6)

-May 9, 1990-Their Finest Hour; a one-hour clip show. Original commercials

-August 20, 1997-Sister's Got a Brand New Bag, Shoo Shoe Gnomes, Lab of the Lost
-August 27, 1997-Labels, Game Show, Fantastic Boyage
-October 1, 1997-The Bus Boy, The Justice Friends: Things That Go Bonk in the Night, Ol' McDexter
-October 8, 1997-Sassy Come Home, Photo Finish, Sing A Song Of Dexter
-February 18, 1998-Aye Aye Eyes, Dee Dee and the Man
-October 14, 1998-Quiet Riot, Accent You Hate, Catch of the Day. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.11)
-June 28, 2002-Glove At First Sight (one of my favorite episodes!), A Mom & Dad Cartoon, Smells Like Victory (248.7)

DICK VAN DYKE SHOW [1 episode]
-March 25, 1964-Scratch My Car & Die. 2003 TV Land Repeat with commercials (233.6)

-September 14, 2001-Dream a Little Dream. 9/15/01 repeat with commercials (FoxKids.3)
-September 14, 2001-O Partner, Where Art Thou. 9/15/01 repeat with commercials (FoxKids.6)

THE DISCO BALL [*1 special*]
-January 16, 2003 (Taped 10/13/02)-A two hour long disco concert, with many legendary performers! Highly recommended for the disco fan (82.1)

DONALD DUCK'S 50th BIRTHDAY [*1 special*]
-November 13, 1984-Hour-long special commemorating Donald & voice actor Clarence Nash! Original commercials

DON'T JUST SIT THERE! [2 episodes]
-1988-Guest stars Michael Palin & Marc Summers! Original commercials (BT42.1)
-1989-Health (AR13.3)

DOUG (Nick, 1991-1994) [42 episodes]
NOTE: All 2011 repeats have Teennick’s credits in place of real ones. -August 11, 1991-PREMIERE!!! Doug Can't Dance (first produced segment!), Doug Gets Busted. For extra fun, count all the differences between "Doug Can't Dance" and the rest of the series! 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 18, 1991-Doug Bags a Neematoad. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 25, 1991-Doug's Dog's Date, Doug's Big Nose. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 1, 1991-Doug Takes a Hike, Doug Rocks. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 8, 1991-Doug Can't Dig It, Doug Didn't Do It. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 15, 1991-Doug, Mayor for a Day, Doug's No Dummy. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 22, 1991-Doug's Cool Shoes, Doug to the Rescue. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 29, 1991-Doug Gets His Ears Lowered, Doug On The Wild Side. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 6, 1991-Doug's Big Catch, Doug Needs Money. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 13, 1991-Doug's Runaway Journal, Doug's Doodle. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 20, 1991-Doug's Cookin', Doug Loses Dale. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 27, 1991-Doug is Quailman, Doug Out in Left Field. 2011 repeat with commercials
-November 3, 1991-First season finale. Doug's Fair Lady, Doug Says Goodbye. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 12, 1992-Second season premiere! Doug Takes the Case, Doug's Secret Song. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 19, 1992-Doug's Got No Gift, Doug Vs. The Klotzoid Zombies. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 26, 1992-Doug's Secret Admirer, Doug's On TV. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.8)
-June 14, 1992-Doug On The Trail, Doug Meets RoboBone. 2011 repeat with commercials
-June 21, 1992-Doug Pumps Up, Doug Goes Hollywood. 2011 repeat with commercials
-June 28, 1992-Doug's Hot Ticket, Doug's Dental Disaster. 2011 repeat with commercials
-July 5, 1992-Doug's Lost Weekend, Doug's Lucky Hat. 2011 repeat with commercials
-April 11, 1993-Third season premiere! Doug's Fat Cat, Doug and Patti P.I. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 18, 1993-Doug is Slave for a Day, Doug Rocks The House. 2011 repeat with commercials
-April 25, 1993-Doug's Comic Collaboration, Doug's Pet Capades. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR9.1)
-May 2, 1993-Doug's Career Anxiety, Doug's Big Brawl. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 9, 1993-Doug's Huge Zit, Doug Flies A Kite. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.7)
-May 23, 1993-Doug's New Teacher, Doug on First. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.1)
-June 13, 1993-Doug Inc., Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo St. Two copies: 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS58.3) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-June 27, 1993-Doug and the Yard of Doom, Doug's Garage Band. 2011 repeat with commercials
-July 11, 1993-Doug's Great Beet War, Doug's Magic Act. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 30, 1993-"Doug's Halloween Adventure" Doug, Skeeter, & Roger go to a spooky attraction at Funkytown. Original commercials (JP40.14)
-December 12, 1993-"Doug's Christmas Story" Original commercials (DC21.14), also have 2004 repeat on (871.7)
-April 10, 1994-Doug's Math Problem, Doug's Big Feat. 2011 repeat with commercials. Part of the real credits is shown!
-April 17, 1994-Doug's Bum Rap, Doug & Patti Sittin' in a Tree. Doug's Bum Rap is one of two episodes not included in the Amazon DVDs. Two copies: Repeat from 12/6/96 with commercials, some sound problems (BT36.3) or 2011 repeat with commercials
-April 24, 1994-Doug Door to Door, Doug Tips The Scale. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 1, 1994-Doug En Vogue, Doug's Mail Order Mania. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 8, 1994-Doug's Birthday Present, Doug's Fan Club. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 15, 1994-Doug Runs, Doug Clobbers Patti. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 22, 1994-Doug's Treasure Hunt, Doug's Brainy Buddy. 2011 repeat with commercials
-May 29, 1994-Doug Ripped Off!, Doug's Babysitter. 2011 repeat with commercials
-June 5, 1994-Doug's in the Money, Doug's Sister Act. 2011 repeat with commercials
-June 12, 1994-Doug Throws a Party, Doug Way Out West. 2011 repeat with commercials
-June 19, 1994-Finale. Doug Graduates, Doug's Bad Trip. 2011 repeat with commercials

DOUG (Disney, 1996-1999) [1 episode]
-January 25, 1997-Doug's Minor Catastrophe. 2003 repeat with commercials, no open or credits (Torn.4)
-December 14, 1996-Doug’s Secret Christmas (NP78.6)

-May 20, 1998-Season 3 finale. "My Best Friend's Wedding" Kate decides she doesn't want to marry Oswald. Original commercials (DH10)

DR. OZ [1 episode]
-2009-Info TBA. Repeat from 11/27/09 with commercials (853.6)

THE DUCK FACTORY [1 episode]
One of Jim Carrey's earliest works!
-April 12, 1984-PREMIERE!!! Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip. Original commercials (RS73.4)

DUCKTALES [4 episodes]
-November 23, 1987-The Right Duck. 1989 repeat with commercials (BS8.3)
-December 3, 1987-Launchpad's First Crash. 1989 repeat with commercials (BS28.4)
-March 26, 1989-"Super Ducktales" 2-hour special! Scrooge must move his Money Bin, and his new accountant becomes a superhero upon finding Gyro's suit. Original commercials (MG12)
-September 18, 1989-The Land of Tra La La (RP12.4)

EARTHWORM JIM [1 episode]
-September 28, 1996-"Darwin's Nightmare" Bob the Killer Goldfish turns Jim and his sidekick into bumbling idiots. Original commercials (WB96.4)

ED EDD & EDDY [2 episodes]
-January 11, 1999-Pop Goes the Ed, Over Your Ed. 2001 repeat with commercials, no credits (BPR5.2)
-December 6, 1999-Hot Buttered Ed, High Heeled Ed. 2001 repeat with commercials, no credits (BPR5.1)

-February 6, 1992-2 hour TV movie. Includes PBS news segment (QueenLiz.3)

-June 26, 2009-Michael Jackson's Death (King.3)

EUREEKA'S CASTLE [6 episodes]
-October 16, 2000-“Meant to Be”. Original commercials (DL29.3)

-October 16, 2000-“Meant to Be”. Original commercials (DL29.3)

FAIRLY ODDPARENTS [24 episodes, 1 partial, 7 clips]
First Season
-March 30, 2001-The official premiere! The Big Problem, Power Mad. 2006 repeat with commercials (RI27.1)
-April 6, 2001-Spaced Out, Transparents. 2006 repeat with commercials (RI48.3)
-April 13, 2001-A Wish Too Far, Tiny Timmy. 9/12/03 repeat with commercials (157.3)
-April 20, 2001-Father Time, Apartnership. (Latter segment has Cosmo going on The Fairy Dating Game.) 2001 repeat with commercials. No credits (BPR.4)
-May 4, 2001-Dream Goat!, The Same Game. Repeat from 1/25/02 with commercials (LSP.9)
Second Season
-December 12, 2001-Christmas Every Day. Original commercials, no credits (Xmas01.7) or 2002 repeat with most commercials (Xmas02.8)
-March 8, 2002-Boy Toy, Inspection Detection. Repeat from 11/8/02 with commercials, ends during credits (BHT.10)
-March 22, 2002-Action Packed!, Smarty Pants (RI46.6) /(RI19.2)
-May 10, 2002-Super Bike, A Mile in My Shoes. 2003 repeat with commercials (PSQ.1)
-September 13, 2002-Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary, Nectar of the Odds. 2006 repeat with commercials (RI43.2)
-October 29, 2002-Scary Godparents. Original commercials, no credits (BHT.1)
-November 8, 2002-Ruled Out, That's Life! Original commercials (BHT.9), also have a repeat airing on (517.3)
-November 30, 2002-Shiny Teeth, Odd, Odd West. 2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.7)
-January 10, 2003-Cosmo Con, Wanda's Day Off. Original commercials (BPR4.3)
Third Season
-May 17, 2003-Sleep Over and Over, Mother Nature (149.2)
-May 23, 2003-Beddy Bye, The Grass is Greener (149.1)
-June 27, 2003-The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker. Original commercials (364.2)
-August 29, 2002-Fool's Day Out, Deja Vu. Repeat from Mar. 2007 with commercials (RI36.3)
-September 26, 2003-Pipe Down!, The Big Scoop. Original commercials (184.10)
-October 10, 2003-Crime Wave, Odd Ball. Original commercials (283.3)
-November 7, 2003-Miss Dimmsdale, Mind Over Magic. Original commercials (219.4)
-November 11, 2003-Kung Timmy, Which Witch Is Which (517.2)
-November 21, 2003-3rd Season Finale. Chip Off The Old Chip, Snow Bound (JP14.1)
Fourth Season
-March 19, 2004-Baby Face, Mr. Right. No credits (JP14.2)
-July 23, 2004-Special 90-minute episode! "Channel Chasers". 2005 repeat with commercials. Includes "custom credits", courtesy of Ranger Ian! (RI27.2)
Fifth Season
-November 25, 2006-Timmy the Barbarian!, No Substitute for Crazy! Repeat from 1/6/10 with commercials (Nick.1)
-March 1?, 2002-"Icky Vicky" Chip Skylark music video (RI19.4)
-October 29, 2002-"Real and Scary" music video (RI21.7)
-November 30, 2002-"My Shiny Teeth & Me" Chip Skylark music video (RI19.5)
-November 21, 2003-"Find Your Voice" Chip Skylark music video (RI21.5)
-July 23, 2004-Channel Chasers (brief clip of Vicky zapping herself into "The Million Dollar Spin") (RI4.16)
-2001 to 2004-"Fairly Odd Game Show Megamix" A solid 21 minutes of game show references from FOP! (RI17.3)
-July 7, 2007-77 Secrets of the Fairly Oddparents Revealed! Totals 13 minutes (RI25.5)
-March 10, 2008-Mission Responsible. Original commercials (RI46.1)
-March 11, 2008-Hairicane. Original commercials (RI46.2)
-March 12, 2008-Open Wide and Say Aaagh! Original commercials (RI46.3)
-March 13, 2008-Odd Pirates. Original commercials (RI46.4)

-October 16, 2000-“Affairs of the State”. Original commercials (DL30.3)

FAMILY MATTERS [2 episodes]
-September 18, 1992 "Surely You Joust" Urkel and Carl go on American Gladiators to settle an argument. 2008 Nick at Nite repeat with commercials (JP49.11)
-February 28, 1997-"What Do You Know?" Eddie becomes as smart as Urkel to compete on "What Do You Know", but ends up facing Urkel himself! Guest stars David Ruprecht as host Lee McIntyre! 2009 Nick at Nite repeat with commercials (JP52.3)

FAMILY TIES [2 episodes]
-November 29, 1984-"Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger" Circa 2000 repeat with commercials, no credits (JP50.15)
-May 7, 1987-"The Visit" Circa 2000 repeat with commercials (JP50.14)

FANTASTIC MAX [11 episodes]
A baby, a toy, and an alien go on some bizarre and fun adventures!
-September 17, 1988-PREMIERE!!! The Loon In The Moon (Max.9)
-October 1, 1988-"All In a Babe's Work" (806.12)
-October 22, 1988-"Monkey See, Monkey Zoo" (804.10)
-October 14, 1989-Grab Bag Tag (Max.4)
-November 11, 1989-Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Max.5)
-November 12?, 1989-Cowboy Max (Max.1)
-November 18, 1989-A.B., Phone Home (Max.6)
-November 19?, 1989-Straight Flush (Max.2)
-November 25, 1989-Puzzle, Puzzle, Toil & Trouble (Max.7)
-November 26?, 1989-Rats Like Us (Max.3)
-December 2, 1989-Finale. Blarney Fife (Max.8)

-July 4, 2014-Hour-long WFTV 9 special! (1030.5)

-October 11, 1977-"Halloween". Original commercials

FLAMINGO ROAD [*Entire Run*]
-May 12, 1980-"Pilot" The two hour TV movie that led to the series!
-January 6, 1981-PREMIERE!!! "The Hostages, Part 1"
-January 6, 1981 (again)-"The Hostages, Part 2"
-January 13, 1981-"Illicit Weekend"
-January 20, 1981-"The Titus Tapes"
-January 27, 1981-"A Mother's Revenge"
-February 3, 1981-"The Fish Fry"
-February 10, 1981-"The Election"
-February 17, 1981-"Jealous Wife"
-March 3, 1981-"Trapped"
-March 9, 1981-"Bad Girl"
-March 10, 1981-"Secrets"
-March 17, 1981-"They Drive by Night"
-March 17, 1981-"Hell Hath No Fury"
-April 2, 1981-"Bad Chemistry"
-April 2, 1981-Season 1 finale. "Hurricane"
-November 3, 1981-Season 2 premiere! "The Arrangement"
-November 10, 1981-"The Victim"
-November 17, 1981-"The Substitute"
-November 24, 1981-"The Intruder"
-December 8, 1981-"The Stranger"
-December 15, 1981-"The Powers That Be"
-December 22, 1981-"Little Foxes"
-January 5, 1982-"Old Friends"
-January 12, 1982-"Strange Bedfellows"
-January 19, 1982-"Heatwave"
-February 2, 1982-"To Catch a Thief"
-February 9, 1982-"The Explosion"
-February 16, 1982-"Chance of a Lifetime"
-February 23, 1982-"Double Trouble"
-March 2, 1982-"The Dedication"
-March 16, 1982-"Sins of the Fathers"
-March 23, 1982-"No Dice"
-March 30, 1982-"The High and the Mighty"
-April 13, 1982-"The Bad and the Beautiful"
-April 20, 1982-"An Eye for an Eye"
-April 27, 1982-"The Harder They Fall"
-May 4, 1982-Finale. "Murder, They Said"

-January 14, 1966-Fred Goes Ape. Ends during credits (BPR3.6)

-December 7, 1977-Hour-long special! 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.2) & 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.10)

-October 1, 2004-Seeing Red, Phone Home. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.10)
-October 8, 2004-Who Let The Dogs In? 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.11)
-October 15, 2004-Adoptcalypse Now. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.8)
-February 4, 2005-Where There's a Wilt There's a Way, Everyone Knows It's Bendy. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR8.2)
-March 4, 2005-Sight For Sore Eyes, Bloo's Brothers. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR8.1)
-March 18, 2005-Frankie My Dear. 2005 repeat with commercials, cable box graphic in last segment (BPR9.7)
-May 6, 2005-Mac Daddy. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.12)
-May 13, 2005-Squeakerboxxx. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.14)
-July 15, 2005-My So Called Wife. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR9.13)

FRAGGLE ROCK [15 episodes]
Muppet-filled classic with lots of fun songs!
-January 10, 1983-PREMIERE!!! Beginnings. Hub on Demand airing with a cool Hub preview commercial! (DC41.1)
-March 14, 1983-Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk. Has full opening theme! (DC41.2)
-March 5, 1984-A Friend In Need (DC41.3)
-May 7, 1984-Doomsday Soup. TNT commercials, no credits (DC18.16)
-May 14, 1984-A Cave Of One's Own. TNT commercials, no credits (DC18.17)
-January 21, 1985-The Grapes of Generosity. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.10)
-February 4, 1985-Pebble Pox Blues. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.11)
-March 4, 1985-The Secret Society of Poobahs. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.12)
-March 25, 1985-Scared Silly. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.13)
-April 1, 1985-The Great Radish Caper. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.14)
-May 20, 1985-A Dark and Stormy Night. TNT commercials, no credits (DC22.15)
-January 6, 1986-Sprocket's Big Adventure (DC41.4)
-March 30, 1987-Finale. Change of Address (DC41.5)

FREAKAZOID! [13 episodes]
-September 9, 1995-PREMIERE!!! Five Day Forecast, The Dance of Doom, Handman (LB26.1)
-September 16, 1995-Candle Jack, Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet, The Lobe (LB26.2)
-September 23, 1995-Mo-Ron, The Sewer Rescue, The Big Question, The Legends Who Lunch (LB26.3)
-September 30, 1995-And Fan Boy Is His Name, Lawn Gnomes: Chapter IV – Fun in the Sun, Frenching with Freakazoid (LB26.4)
-October 14, 1995-Foamy the Freakadog, Office Visit, Ode to Leonard Nimoy, Emergency Broadcast System (LB26.5)
-November 4, 1995-The Chip (LB27.1)
-November 11, 1995-The Chip: Part 2, Freakazoid is History (LB27.2)
-November 18, 1995-Hot Rods from Heck,A Time For Evil (LB27.3)
-November 25, 1995-Relax-O-Vision (Terror on the Midway), Fatman and Boy Blubber, Limbo Lock-Up, Terror Palace (LB27.4)
-December 16, 1995-In Arms Way, The Cloud (LB27.5)
-February 3, 1996-Next Time Phone Ahead, Nerdator (LB35.3)
-February 10, 1996-House of Freakazoid, Sewer or Later (LB35.4)
-September 28, 1996-"Mission: Freakazoid". Freakazoid tries to save his family from a police state's prison. Original commercials (WB96.3)

I wonder what the Fresh Prince is doing these days...
-February 17, 1992-"Eyes on the Prize" Will competes on “Double Trouble”, with a Corvette…and friendships…at stake. Guest stars Bob Eubanks! WCIU commercials (MG18.2)

FRIENDS [2 episodes]
-November 21, 2002-"The One with Rachel's Other Sister". Original commercials
-February 5, 2004-"The One Where the Stripper Cries" Joey goes on Pyramid! Guest stars Donny Osmond as himself! 2009 WGN repeat with commercials (GR19.2)

-February 14, 1984-A 90-minute collection of Disney shorts, all love-themed (CL2.1)

THE FUNKY PHANTOM [2 episodes]
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite of all the 1970s Scooby-Doo clones.
-December 11, 1971-The Forest's Prime-Evil. Cable box graphic in the last segment (Boom.1)
-December 18, 1971-The Hairy Scary Houndman (Boom.3)

GARFIELD & FRIENDS [2 episodes]
-November 3, 1990-All Things Fat and Small, Robin Hog, Hare Replacement. 1/25/00 Slime Time Live airing with commercials (LB34.3)
-October 24, 1992-Airborne Odie, Once Upon a Time Warp, Bride and Broom. 1/24/00 Slime Time Live airing with commercials (LB34.1)

-December 21, 1987-Jon and Garfield spend the holidays at the Arbuckle farm. Three copies: Original commercials (GR40.1), 1990 repeat with commercials (GR39.1), or 2008 ABC Family airing, no commercials or credits (NP32.2)

-May 8, 1987-Garfield, Jon, & Odie enter a talent TV show. Original commercials (GR39.3)

-November 22, 1989-It's Thanksgiving time...the wrong time for Garfield to be on a diet! Original commercials (GR19.3)

-Taped 8/22/79-Studio master with slate! (RS48.3)

NOTE: Each case is split into 4 or 5 half-hour shows.
Ghost Story
-October 4, 1992-Part 1 (TM10.4)
-October 11, 1992-Part 2 (TM10.5)
-October 18, 1992-Part 3 (TM10.6)
-October 25, 1992-Part 4 (TM10.7)
-November 1, 1992-Part 5 (TM10.8)

THE GOODE FAMILY [5 episodes]
A Goode show that just can't seem to find an audience; it flopped on both ABC and Comedy Central.
NOTE: Unless where noted, all are original broadcasts with commercials
-May 27, 2009-PREMIERE!!! "Pilot" Bliss joins an abstinence group, while Ubuntu tries to get his driver's license (820.4)
-June 3, 2009 (a)-Pleatherheads. Original commercials (971.1)
-June 3, 2009 (b)-Goodes Gone Wild. Original commercials (971.2) or Comedy Central repeat (Goode.1)
-June 26, 2009-"Freeganomics" Greenville hosts an Eco Festival, and the town is visited by a freeloading freegan. Comedy Central repeat (Goode.2)
-August 7, 2009-Finale. (Last episode aired on ABC AND Comedy Central!) "A Goode Man is Hard to Find". Trish and Mo wish to have a child while Charlie teaches Ubuntu how to be a man. Comedy Central repeat (Goode.3)

-February 10, 1992-Includes a tour of the Home Improvement set, with cast interviews! Original commercials (BT35.1)

GOOSEBUMPS [21 episodes]
-November 3, 1995-The Cuckoo Clock of Doom. 12/9/13 Hub repeat
-December 8, 1995-Piano Lessons Can Be Murder. 12/18/13 Hub repeat
-December 22, 1995-Return of the Mummy. (strangely, the original book was never made into an episode!) 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.1)
-January 12, 1996-Night of the Living Dummy II (the original one was never made into an episode!). 12/20/13 Hub repeat
-February 9, 1996-Say Cheese and Die. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.3)
-May 11, 1996-Season 1 finale. Be Careful What You Wish For. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.5)
-September 7, 1996 (A)-Attack of the Mutant, Part 1. 1/13/14 Hub repeat
-September 7, 1996 (B)-Attack of the Mutant, Part 2. 1/14/14 Hub repeat
-September 14, 1996-Bad Hare Day. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.6)
-September 21, 1996-The Headless Ghost. 1/16/14 Hub repeat
-September 28, 1996-Go Eat Worms! 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.8)
-October 5, 1996-You Can't Scare Me! 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.7)
-October 12, 1996-Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps2.5)
-November 16, 1996-More Monster Blood. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps2.4)
-November 23, 1996-Vampire Breath. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps2.6)
-February 1, 1997-How to Kill a Monster. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.2)
-February 15, 1997-Calling All Creeps! 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps.4)
-July 12, 1997-Don't Wake Mummy. 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps2.2)
-September 6, 1997-Shocker on Shock Street. 2/6/14 Hub repeat
-September 8, 1997-My Best Friend Is Invisible. 2/7/14 Hub repeat
-February 28, 1998-Say Cheese and Die - Again! 2007 repeat with commercials (Bumps2.3)

GRAVITY FALLS [1 episode]
-August 10, 2012-Double Dipper (NP69.4)

-1988-The Little Lost Pony, The Block Heads, Stuck on Books. 1995 repeat with commercials (KM.3)
-1988-Chicken Feed, Pilgrims on the Rocks, Clay Trix (ends during this segment). 1995 repeat with commercials (KM.6)

GUMMI BEARS [2 episodes]
-November 30, 1985-Bubble Trouble, Gummi In A Strange Land. Original commercials (BS8.2)
-December 7, 1985-Light Makes Right. 1986 repeat with commercials (RS24.4)

-October 30, 1977-1991 repeat with commercials (Hallow91.2)

HAMTARO [2 episodes]
An anime about hamsters. What a concept!
-April 14, 2003-Laura is Really Gone! (114.7)
-August 31, 2003-Happy Birthday, Hamtaro! One-hour special (180.5)

-November 26, 1993-Air Cooper (JP47.5)

HANG TIME [1 episode]
-October 25, 1997-Blood Drive. Guest stars Larry Toffler! ABC Family airing (JF127.2)

HANK [1 episode]
Hank stank. Therefore, it tanked.
-October 14, 2009-"Drag Your Daughter to Work Day". Original commercials (Oct14.3)

HAPPY DAYS [1 episode]
-January 6, 1981-If You Knew Rosa. 2003 TV Land Repeat with commercials (233.7)

HARDCORE PAWN [1 episode]
-November 5, 2013-Seth’s Secret. 11/7/13 repeat with commercials (GR42.3)

Well, it looks good from what I have...
-March 29, 1989-Partial episode; last 25 minutes only. "All That You Can Be ". Original commercials (Clock.4)

-1981-Double Trouble Maker, Cat Kit, Caper Cracker, The Mouse Trapper (Snork4.6)

HEATHCLIFF [35 episodes]
-1984-Ep. 2: Chauncey's Great Escape, Carnival Capers
-1984-Ep. 3: Mad Dog Catcher, Circus Beserkus
-1984-Ep. 4: Rebel Without a Claws, The Farming Life Ain't Me
-1984-Ep. 5: Heathcliff's Middle Name, Wishful Thinking
-1984-Ep. 6: King of the Beasts, Cat Can Do
-1984-Ep. 7: Smoke Gets in My Eyes, Much Ado About Bedding
-1984-Ep. 8: City Slicker Cat, House of the Future
-1984-Ep. 9: Spike's Cousin, For the Birds
-1984-Ep. 13: Meow Meow Island, Iron Cats
-1984-Ep. 15: Be Prepared/Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
-1984-Ep. 16: Heathcliff Gets Canned, Whackoed Out
-1984-Ep. 17: Brain Sprain, Cat Balloon
-1984-Ep. 18: May the Best Cat Win, Comedy Cats
-1984-Ep. 19: Revenge of the Kitty, Jungle Vacation
-1984-Ep. 20: Hospital Heathcliff, Hector's Takeover
-1984-Ep. 21: Going Shopping, Cat in the Fat
-1984-Ep. 22: Wild Cat Heathcliff, Kitten Around
-1984-Ep. 23: Catburglar Heathcliff, Lucky's Unlucky Day
-1984-Ep. 24: The Blizzard Bandit, Harem Cat
-1984-Ep. 25: Kitten Smitten, Young Cat with a Horn
-1984-Ep. 26: The Gang's All Here, The Meowsic Goes Round & Round
-1984-Ep. 27: Snow Job, Condo Fever
-1984-Ep. 28: Heathcliff Pumps Iron, Mungo's Dilemma
-1984-Ep. 29: Heathcliff's Double, Big Foot
-1984-Ep. 30: Terrible Tammy, The Games of Love
-1984-Ep. 31: Big Top Bungling, Space Cats
-1984-Ep. 35: Where There's an Ill There's a Way, Yes Sewer That's my Baby
-1984-Ep. 36: Soap Box Derby, A Better Mousetrap
-1984-Ep. 37: Bamboo Island, Superhero Mungo
-1984-Ep. 38: Butter Up!, Mungo Gets No Respect
-1984-Ep. 39: Sonja's Nephew, Dr. Mousetus
-1984-Ep. 40: Cat Food for Thought, Going South. Different theme song in this episode
-1984-Ep. 41: Phantom of the Garbage, Junkyard Flood
-1984-Ep. 42: Trombone Terror, The Other Woman
-1984-Ep. 43: Pop on Parole, The Babysitters

-October 9, 1971-No Space Like Home (Snork5.11)

HEY ARNOLD! [26 episodes]
-October 7, 1996-PREMIERE!!! Downtown as Fruits, Eugene's Bike. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 9, 1996-The Little Pink Book, Field Trip. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 14, 1996-Arnold's Hat, Stoop Kid. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 16, 1996-Helga's Makeover, The Old Building. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 4, 1996-6th Grade Girls, The Baseball. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 11, 1996-Heat, Snow. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 2, 1996-Mugged, Roughin' It. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 14, 1996-Arnold's Christmas. 12/25/12 repeat with commercials (GM.1)
-December 16, 1996-Benchwarmer, Cool Jerk. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 23, 1996-The Subway, Wheezin' Ed. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-January 6, 1997-Spelling Bee, Pigeon Man. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-February 10, 1997-Arnold's Valentine. Original commercials (BT45.3)
-September 22, 1997-Save the Tree, New Teacher. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS54.1)
-September 24, 1997-Helga's Love Potion, Gerald's Secret. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS54.3)
-October 6, 1997-Monkey Business, Big Caesar. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 8, 1997-Ransom, Ms. Perfect. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 12, 1997-Longest Monday, Eugene's Pet. 11/5/11 repeat with commercials
-October 15, 1997-Freeze Frame, Phoebe Cheats. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 22, 1997-The High Life, Best Friends. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 27, 1997-Arnold's Halloween. Nick airing, no commercials (AS55.4)
-January 18, 1998-Runaway Float, Partners. Repeat from 11/8/02 with commercials (BHT.5)
-September 30, 1998-Grandpa's Birthday, Road Trip. 12/25/12 repeat with commercials (GM.2)
-November 7, 1998-Best Man, Cool Party. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 25, 1999-Grudge Match, Polishing Rhonda. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 23, 1999-Helga Sleepwalks, Fighting Families. 12/25/12 repeat with commercials (GM.4)
-April 12, 2000-Parent's Day. 12/25/12 repeat with commercials (GM.3)

HEY DUDE [30 episodes]
-July 14, 1989-PREMIERE!!! Day One at the Bar None. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-July 21, 1989-Battle of the Sexes. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-July 28, 1989-Goldilocks. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 4, 1989-Ted's Saddle. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 11, 1989-The Competition. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 18, 1989-Rehearsal for Romance. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-August 25, 1989-Perfect Father. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 1, 1989-The Good, the Bad, the Obnoxious. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 8, 1989-Rainmen. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 15, 1989-Ted and Brad Get Handcuffed. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 22, 1989-Suspicion. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 29, 1989-Employee of the Week. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 6, 1989-Pain in the Neck. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 13, 1989-Loose Lips. Two copies: From the Jun. 1993 Nick Maniac Challenge with commercials (DC39.1) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 20, 1989-Battle of a Hundred Bucks. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 27, 1989-Our Little Champion. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 3, 1989-Bunkmate Battle. Two copies: From the Jun. 1993 Nick Maniac Challenge with commercials (DC39.2) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 10, 1989-Crash Landing. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-January 5, 1990-Superstar. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 6, 1990-Inmates Run The Asylum. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-April 20, 1990-Datenight. 1992 O-Zone airing with commercials (BT44.2)
-April 27, 1990-New Kid on the Block. 1992 O-Zone airing with commercials (BT44.4)
-May 11, 1990-Superstition. From the Jun. 1993 Nick Maniac Challenge with commercials (DC39.3)
-May 18, 1990-Dueling Ranches. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-May 25, 1990-Ex-Static. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-June 1, 1990-No More Mr. Nice Guy. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-June 8, 1990-Killer Ernst. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-June 15, 1990-Melody's Brother. This episode is no longer in the Nick rotation, supposedly due to losing the master tape (DC27.4)
-June 22, 1990-The Bad Seed. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 28, 1990-Dudesbury. From the Jun. 1993 Nick Maniac Challenge with commercials (DC39.4)

HELL DATE [1 episode]
-September 6, 2007-Date 1: Lakesha, paired up with Hell Dater Calvin. Date 2: Ricky, paired up with Hell Dater Farelle. Don't know if this is an OB or rerun (599.8)

HI HONEY, I'M HOME! [7 episodes]
-June 27, 1999 (Taped 1991)-Pilot, with a slightly different cast & intro. Aired as part of "Nick Knew Them When" marathon. Original commercials (BT32.1)
-July 19, 1991-Meet the Neilsens (BT32.2)
-July 26, 1991-Make My Bed (BT32.3)
-August 2, 1991-Fur Flies (BT32.4)
-August 9, 1991-Hi Mom, I'm Not Home (BT32.5)
-August 16, 1991-Grey Skies (BT32.6)
-August 23, 1991-SRP (BT32.7)

-April 2, 1996-The Longest Day. Original commercials (JF103.2)

HONG KONG PHOOEY [2 episodes]
-November 9, 1974-The Abominable Snowman, Professor Crosshatch (Max.10)
-November 16, 1974-Goldfisher, Green Thumb (232.4)

-October 20, 1990-30 minute special starring Whoopi Goldberg & Tobey Maguire! (GM4.1)

iCARLY [46 episodes]
iAdmit to really enjoying this Nick sitcom.
-September 16, 2007-"iDream of Dance" The iCarly gang have a series of bizarre dreams about dancing. Repeat from 12/2/09 with commercials (iDisc4.2)
-September 29, 2007-"iWanna Stay With Spencer" Convinced that Spencer is an irresponsible guardian, Carly's grandfather attempts to move her to his house. Repeat from 3/10 with commercials (iDisc10.2)
-October 6, 2007-"iNevel" Carly resists the advances of a popular blogger...who proceeds to trash iCarly. Repeat from 1/12/10 with commercials (iDisc6.4)
-October 20, 2007-"iScream on Halloween" Carly films a Halloween special from a haunted apartment while Spencer hands out candy. Repeat from 10/31/10 with commercials (iDisc12.3)
-November 10, 2007-"iWill Date Freddie" Freddie gets a girlfriend...who may be trying to steal him away from iCarly. Repeat from 1/20/10 with commercials (iDisc8.3)
-November 17, 2007-"iWant a World Record" The iCarly gang try to set a record for the world's longest webcast. Repeat from 2/9/10 with commercials (iDisc9.3)
-December 1, 2007-"iRue the Day" Nevel's hacking iCarly, and the gang must stop him. Guest stars the Plain White T's! Repeat from 1/8/10 with commercials (iDisc6.2)
-January 19, 2008-"iAm Your Biggest Fan" Carly meets an obsessed iCarly fan while Spencer joins a band. Repeat from 11/8/09 with commercials, missing first few seconds (iDisc2.1)
-February 23, 2008-"iHatch Chicks" Carly and Sam hatch chicks for a science project...but they get loose! Repeat from 4/7/10 with commercials (iDisc11.3)
-April 5, 2008-"iStakeout" Police use Carly's apartment to spy on a potential DVD pirate...can she still do the show? Repeat from 3/24/10 with commercials (iDisc11.2)
-June 13, 2008-"iCarly Saves TV" A TV producer tries to adapt iCarly for television, but his changes hurt more than they help! Repeat from 11/8/09 with commercials (iDisc2.2)
-July 25, 2008-"iWin a Date", aka "iMatchmaker" Carly helps Gibby get his dream date, while Spencer tries his luck at a dating site. Repeat from 11/7/09 with commercials (iDisc.3)
-July 25, 2008 (again)-"iHave a Lovesick Teacher" First season finale. Carly's teacher begins acting crazy after being dumped by her boyfriend. Repeat from 1/12/09 with commercials (iDisc3.1)
-September 27, 2008-"iSaw Him First" Second season premiere! Carly and Sam develop a crush on Freddie's friend while Spencer is trapped in the elevator. Repeat from 1/16/10 with commercials (iDisc7.3)
-October 18, 2008-"iHurt Lewbert" Carly, Sam, & Freddie care for an injured Lewbert while Spencer takes over the doorman job. Repeat from 11/7/09 with commercials (iDisc.2)
-November 15, 2008-"iPie" The owner of the gang's favorite pie shop passes away. Can they find his pie recipe? Repeat from 12/19/09 with commercials (iDisc6.1)
-January 3, 2009-"iKiss" Sam reveals on-air that Freddie's never kissed a girl; how can she make it up to him?. Repeat from 1/11/10 with commercials (iDisc6.3)
-January 17, 2009-"iGive Away a Car" Carly holds a contest to give away a car while Spencer buys a prop spaceship. Repeat from 2/11/10 with commercials, ends during credits (iDisc9.4)
-February 7, 2009-"iRocked The Vote" Carly tries to help the "America Sings" runner-up make a music video. Guest stars David Archuleta! Repeat from 11/8/09 with commercials (iDisc2.3)
-February 16, 2009-"iMeet Fred" Freddie disses internet sensation Fred on-air, causing Fred to quit making videos. Guest stars Lucas Cruikshank as Fred! Repeat from 1/16/10 with commercials (iDisc7.2)
-March 7, 2009-"iLook Alike" When Spencer disallows Carly from seeing a MMA fight, she enlists the help of a trio of look-alikes. Repeat from 11/22/09 with commercials (iDisc3.3)
-March 21, 2009-"iWant My Website Back" Nevel takes control of the iCarly domain; can the gang get it back? Repeat from 1/15/10 with commercials (iDisc7.1)
-April 11, 2009-"iMake Sam Girlier" Sam gets a makeover to impress a boy at school. Repeat from 12/5/09 with commercials (iDisc4.3)
-May 9, 2009-"iDate A Bad Boy" Hour-long episode! Carly falls for a boy who steals Spencer’s motorcycle…what could she possibly see in him? Repeat from 7/24/10 with commercials (iDisc12.1)
-June 13, 2009-"iTake on Dingo" Carly and Sam confront Dingo Studios when they learn Dingo is plagiarizing iCarly. Repeat from 11/7/09 with commercials (iDisc.4)
-June 27, 2009-"iMust Have Locker 239" The gang try to win the coveted, super-sized locker while Carly gets art lessons from Spencer. Repeat from 3/19/10 with commercials (iDisc11.1)
-July 11, 2009-"iTwins" Freddie meets Sam's identical twin while Carly tries to tutor Spencer's arch-nemesis in math. Repeat from 12/5/09 with commercials (iDisc4.4)
-August 8, 2009-"iFight Shelby Marx" Hour-long episode! Carly challenges an MMA fighter to a charity match while Spencer suffers from allergy medicine side effects. Repeat from 1/18/10 with commercials (iDisc8.1)
-September 12, 2009-"iThink They Kissed" Season 3 premiere! Under the influence of laughing gas, Sam reveals she kissed Freddie. Repeat from 11/22/09 with commercials (iDisc3.4)
-September 19, 2009-"iCook" Sam and Freddie's spaghetti tacos attract FoodTV...and a competitive chef. Repeat from 11/7/09 with commercials (iDisc.1)
-September 26, 2009-"iSpeed Date" Carly speed dates to find a date for a dance while Spencer starts a bizarre workout. Last new episode with to air with the 1985-era Nickelodeon logo. Original commercials (DL45.1) or 12/13/09 repeat with commercials (iDisc5.2)
-October 3, 2009-"iCarly Awards" Carly & Sam host an award show, but can Spencer get the trophies ready in time? Repeat from 11/8/09 with commercials, ends during credits (iDisc2.4)
-October 17, 2009-"iHave My Principals" The gang helps Principal Franklin regain his job while Spencer tries to ride a mechanical bull. Repeat from 1/17/10 with commercials (iDisc7.4)
-November 14, 2009-"iFind Lewbert's Lost Love" The gang reunites Lewbert with an old flame while Spencer joins the Building Watch Group. Repeat from 12/13/09 with commercials, ends during credits (iDisc5.3)
-November 28, 2009-"iMove Out" Freddie moves out of his mother's apartment while the rest of the gang start a pet photography business. Repeat from 12/2/09 with commercials (iDisc4.1)
-December 5, 2009-"iQuit iCarly" Hour-long episode! Sam quits iCarly while Spencer becomes obsessed with winning a boat. Original commercials (iDisc5.1)
-January 18, 2010-"iSaved Your Life" Carly saves Freddie from getting hit by a taco truck...could it lead to something more? Original commercials (iDisc8.2)
-January 29, 2010-"iWas a Pageant Girl" Sam enters a beauty pageant while Spencer and Freddie go on a double-date. Original commercials (iDisc9.1)
-February 5, 2010-"iEnrage Gibby" Freddie angers Gibby when he accidentally falls on top of Gibby's girlfriend. Original commercials, missing first few seconds (iDisc9.2)
-March 5, 2010-"iSpaceout" An eccentric billionaire offers Carly the chance to do a webcast from space! Original commercials (iDisc10.1)
-March 19, 2010-"iFix A Popstar" Carly tries to help a popstar regain popularity while Spencer goes on a date. Original commercials (iDisc10.3)
-April 17, 2010-"iBloop" Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor show a series of bloopers throughout the series! Original commercials. Highly recommended! (iDisc11.4)
-May 1, 2010-"iWon't Cancel The Show" When Sam's imprisoned, Spencer must co-host the show in her place! Original commercials (May1.1)
-May 8, 2010-"iBelieve in Bigfoot" Carly tries to prove the existence of Bigfoot after receiving a failing grade. Original commercials (Belief.1)
-June 4, 2010-"iPsycho" Hour-long episode! Carly and the gang are held hostage by a crazed fan while Spencer & Gibby do some home improvement. Original commercials
-June 26, 2010-"iBeat The Heat" Everyone crowds into Carly's apartment when the power goes out during a heatwave. Original commercials
-July 30, 2010-"iGot A Hot Room" Fourth season premiere! Spencer rebuilds Carly’s room after he accidentally burns it down. Original commercials (iDisc12.2)

I LOVE THE 70s [3 episodes]
-I LOVE 1970 (361.6)
-I LOVE 1971 (361.7)
-I LOVE 1972 (361.8)

IMAGES OF THE '80S [*1 special*]
-December 1989-ABC News retrospective looking back on the triumphs and tragedies of the 1980's. Hosted by Peter Jennings. Original commercials (RS16.2)

-October 2, 2014-"The Permanent Punishment". Challenges: Avant Guards, Fly Me to Balloon. 12/20/19 WRDQ airing
-October 9, 2014-"Parks And Wreck". Challenges: Pool Sharks, Writer's Blocked. 12/21/19 WRDQ airing
-October 16, 2014-"A Legendary Fail". Challenges: Foul Play, Crime Scene Instigators, From the Top. 12/24/19 WRDQ airing
-October 23, 2014-"B-I-N-G-NO". Challenges: Deli Ache, Ice Ice Baby. 12/26/19 WRDQ airing
-October 28, 2014-"Just Say No". Challenges: Deal With It, Guess What?, The Shining. 12/25/19 WRDQ airing
-October 30, 2014-3rd season finale. "Brother-In-Loss". Challenges: Help Unwanted, By Imitation Only. 12/27/19 WRDQ airing
-January 29, 2015-4th season premiere, from Florida! "Welcome to Miami". Challenges: Keeping it Wheel, Beach Bums, Plight at the Roxbury. 12/28/19 WRDQ airing
-February 5, 2015-"Below The Belt". Challenges: Sword Losers, Caught in the Cross Hairs. 12/31/19 WRDQ airing
-February 12, 2015-“Uncool and the Gang”. Challenges: Craporate Retreat, Pop Goes the Easel. 1/1/20 WRDQ airing
-February 19, 2015-“Wrong Playwright”. Challenges: Hide and Sneak, Last Straw. 1/2/20 WRDQ airing
-February 26, 2015-“Elevating the Game” Challenges: Getting Un-Lucky, The Blame Game, Lexi-con Artists. 1/3/20 WRDQ airing
-March 5, 2015-“The Blunder Years”. Challenges: Did I Deserve That?, Holy Matri-phonies. 1/4/20 WRDQ airing
-February 25, 2016-”Ruffled Feathers”. Challenges: Life’s a Pitch, Sole Brothers. 2/22/20 WRDQ airing
-March 3, 2016-”Stare Master”. Challenges: Joker See, Joker Do, Catch and Release. 2/25/20 WRDQ airing
-October 11, 2018-”Dropping Knowledge”. Challenges: Biker Boyz, Writer's Blocked. Includes Behind-The-Scenes clips!
-April 25, 2019-”Blue Man Dupe”. Challenges: Let Me Pay For You, Reply or Die. Includes Behind-The-Scenes clips!
-February 13, 2020-"Hollywood" Special hour-long episode! Challenges: Be in My Film, Deli Delinquents, Pants Party, Ticket Masters

-September 8, 1973-PREMIERE!!! "Diamonds Are a Crook's Best Friend" (IHPE2.4)
-September 15, 1973-"You Ought to Be in Pictures" (IHPE3.4)
-September 22, 1973-"The Smugglers" (IHPE3.1)
-September 29, 1973-"Counterfit Story" (IHPE.1)
-October 6, 1973-"The Mummy's Curse" (IHPE.4)
-October 13, 1973-"The Doll Maker" (IHPE3.3)
-October 20, 1973-"Music Maestro" (IHPE2.1)
-October 27, 1973-"Dude City" (Boom.9)
-November 3, 1973-"High Fashion" (IHPE2.2)
-November 10, 1973-"The Cat Burglars" (IHPE2.3)
-November 17, 1973-"The World's Greatest Animals" (IHPE.2)
-November 24, 1973-"Super Flea" (IHPE3.2)
-December 1, 1973-Finale. "The Return of Spumoni" (IHPE.3)

IN LIVING COLOR [3 episodes]
-April 21, 1990-“The Wrath of Farrakhan” Includes the “Do-It-Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit” sketch cut from the DVD release! 6/1/16 FXX repeat with commercials (CO13.5)
-May 5, 1990-“Transitions”. Includes the “Rhythmless Nation” sketch cut from the DVD release! 6/2/16 FXX repeat with commercials (CO14.1)
-May 27, 1990-“Don King: The Early Years”. Includes the “Cookin’ with Salt-N-Pepa” sketch cut from the DVD release! 6/2/16 FXX repeat with commercials (CO11.2)

INSPECTOR GADGET [15 episodes]
-September 12, 1983-PREMIERE!!! Winter Olympics. Pilot, with Gadget sporting a mustache and a different voice for Penny (BT33.1)
-September 13, 1983-Monster Lake (BT33.2)
-September 14, 1983-Down on the Farm (BT33.3)
-September 15, 1983-Gadget at the Circus (BT33.4)
-September 16, 1983-The Amazon (BT33.5)
-September 19, 1983-Health Spa (BT33.6)
-September 20, 1983-The Boat (BT34.1)
-September 21, 1983-Haunted Castle (BT34.2)
-September 22, 1983-Race to the Finish (BT34.3)
-September 23, 1983-The Ruby (BT34.4)
-September 26, 1983-A Star is Lost (BT34.5)
-September 27, 1983-All That Glitters(BT34.6)
-November 4, 1983-King Wrong (This.2)
-November 7, 1983-Pirate Island (This.4)
-December 9, 1983-Quiz Master (BT28.4)

-October 27, 1966-1991 repeat with commercials (Hallow91.1)

JABBERJAW [1 episode]
-October 23, 1976-The Great Shark Switch (235.2)

JACK FROST [*TV special*]
-December 13, 1979-1993 Disney Channel airing (Xmas93.5)

JEM [8 episodes]
-September 28, 1987-The Bands Break Up. 2011 repeat with commercials
-September 29, 1987-The Fan. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 14, 1987-Music is Magic. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 15, 1987-The Jazz Player. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 20, 1987-Roxy Rumbles. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 30, 1987-Trick or Techrat. 2011 repeat with commercials
-February 3, 1988-The Stingers Hit Town, part 2. 2011 repeat with commercials
-February 17, 1988-Straight from the Heart. 2011 repeat with commercials

-September 23, 1985-10 minutes of clips from Family Fallout! (DC37.5)

-July 17, 2010-90-minute concert, aired live on CMT! Original commercials

JIMMY NEUTRON [7 episodes, 1 special]
-April 20, 2002-"Secrets of the Jimmy Neutron Movie" Totals roughly 15 minutes (SS6.2)
-September 20, 2002-Granny Baby, Time is Money. 9/12/03 repeat with commercials (157.5)
-October 4, 2002-Jimmy On Ice, Battle Of The Band. 2003 repeat with commercials (219.6)
-October 14, 2002-See Jimmy Run, Trading Faces. 2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.8)
-October 30, 2002-Phantom of Retroland, My Son, the Hamster. Repeat from 11/8/02 with commercials (BHT.8)
-November 30, 2002-Safety First, Crime Sheen Investigation. 2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.2)
-October 3, 2003-The Retroville 9, Grumpy Young Men. 10/9/03 U-Pick airing with commercials (SS5.1)
-February 13, 2004-Love Potion #976A. Original commercials (BPRV.1)
-July 9, 2004-Win Lose and Kaboom (90-minute special!) Original commercials

-May 7, 2004-Hour-long Jimmy Neutron/Fairly Oddparents crossover! Original commercials (188.4)

JOHNNY BRAVO [1 episode]
-December 7, 2001-A Johnny Bravo Christmas. Original commercials, no credits (Xmas01.6)

Little-known, underappreciated show where an alien disguises himself as a middle-schooler.
-November 8, 1997 (Taped 10/2/97)-PREMIERE!!! “Arrival”. Two copies: Original commercials (AS39.3) or Studio master with slate (JP9.15)
-November 15, 1997 (Taped 10/10/97)-Episode 2: Entry. Studio master with slate (JP10.18)
-November 22, 1997 (Taped 10/17/97)-Episode 3: Space. Studio master (JP10.19), also have original commercials and segments featuring Hanson on (SS2.4)
-September 2, 1998-The Day of the Beagle (LB15.1)
-September 9, 1998-Pride of the Dolphin (LB15.2)
-September 28, 1998-Portal, Part 1 (LB15.3)
-September 30, 1998-Portal, Part 2 (LB15.4)
-October 12, 1998-"A Room of my Own". Nick NZ repeat from 7/23/09 with commercials (LB19.3)
-October 21, 1998-"Cash Crunch". Nick NZ repeat from 7/23/09 with commercials (LB19.4)
-November 4, 1998-Father & Son (LB15.5)
-November 23, 1998-A New Leaf (LB15.6)
-February 8, 1999-Eye of a Stranger (MD2.6)
-March 10, 1999-Unmasked (MD2.5)

JUDGE JUDY [2 episodes]
-1997-Case 1: Cynthia Bettis vs. Mike Stipke. Case 2: Marlene Opray vs. Roger Engler (RI43.3)
-1997-Case 1: Byrd Miller vs. Jason Hager. Case 2: Moses Cruz & Nicole Ambrosini vs. Lisette Hernandez (RI43.4)

KABLAM! [15 episodes]
-October 7, 1996-PREMIERE!!! "All-Purpose KaBlam!". Dutch subtitles, low audio (NP58.2)
-October 14, 1996-"Built for Speed!" (NP62.3)
-October 21, 1996-"Comics for Tomorrow Today!" (NP33.1)
-November 18, 1996-"A Little Dab'll Do Ya!". 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (NP62.1)
-December 2, 1996-"Not Just For People Anymore!". This episode was later pulled from reruns, thanks to a racy Sniz & Fondue segment. 8/23/97 Snick airing with commercials (SS3.4)
-December 9, 1996-"Resistance is Futile!" (NP62.4)
-December 23, 1996-First produced episode! "Your Real Best Friend!" (NP58.3)
-April 14, 1997-"Hand-Cranked for Your Enjoyment!". 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials, no credits (this episode aired without them!) (NP62.2)
-April 28, 1997-"Hurts So Good!" (NP62.5)
-May 26, 1997-Won't Crack Or Peel. 9/26/1997 airing with "3D Nogglevision" segments (AS55.1)
-October 17, 1997-"E Pluribus KaBlam!" (JP83.3)
-August 30, 1998-"More Happiness Than Allowed By Law!" 12/31/98 repeat with commercials (AR3.4)
-September 6, 1998-"Money Train 2". 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (NP58.4)
-November 1, 1998-"You'll Love Our Selection!". 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (NP58.5)
-December 4, 1999-"In It to Win It". 2005 Nicktoons repeat with some commercials (NP63.5)

KENAN & KEL [22 episodes]
-August 17, 1996-The Tainting of the Screw. 2011 repeat with commercials
-August 24, 1996-Doing Things the Hemingway. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 3, 1996-Mental Kel-Epathy. 8/23/97 Snick airing with commercials (SS3.3) or 2011 repeat with commercials, bright video (not my error, Teennick’s master tape is this way)
-October 12, 1996-Duh Bomb. 2011 repeat with commercials
-October 19, 1996-Mo' Sweater Blues. 2011 repeat with commercials
-December 7, 1996-Dial O for Oops. 2011 repeat with commercials, no final "curtain" segment or credits
-January 17, 1997-Twizzles Fizzles. 2011 repeat with commercials
-November 21, 1997-Turkey Day. 11/22/97 repeat with commercials and segments featuring Hanson! (SS2.3)
-October 29, 1998-The Chicago Witch Trials. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 14, 1998-Attack of the Bug Men. 2011 Teennick repeat with few commercials
-November 28, 1998-I.Q. Can Do Better. 2011 Teennick repeat with few commercials
-December 12, 1998-Surprise, Surprise. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 19, 1998-You Dirty Rat. 2011 Teennick repeat with few commercials
-January 23, 1999-Housesitter. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-February 6, 1999 (a)-The Contest. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-February 6, 1999 (b)-Picture Imperfect. 2011 Teennick repeat with few commercials
-April 24, 1999-Poem Sweet Poem. 2011 Teennick repeat with few commercials
-August 8, 1999-"The Honeymoon's Over" Kenan & a cross-dressing Kel compete on "The Honeymoon's Over", a Newlywed Game clone right down to the set. Guest stars Bob Eubanks as himself! (DB21.9)
-August 28, 1999-Three Girls, a Guy, and a Cineplex. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 18, 1999-The Graduates. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 31, 1999-Futurama. (Fry and Bender not included. ;) ) 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-July 15, 2000-"Two Heads Are Better Than None" The 90-minute series finale! 10/31/11 repeat with commercials

KENNY THE SHARK [2 episodes]
-January 24, 2004-Pet Tricks, Who Framed Kenny the Shark? The LAST show aired on Discovery Kids! (952.4)
-December 4, 2004-Kenny the Star, Shark Shrunk. The next-to-last show ever aired on Discovery Kids! (952.3)

KIDS CHOICE AWARDS [*9 specials*]
-April 18, 1988-1st Annual Event, hosted by Tony Danza! Original commercials (BT39.4)
-1993-6th Annual Awards, hosted by Brian Austin Green, Holly Robinson Peete, and Tori Spelling! (BT20.4)
-May 7, 1994-7th Annual Awards, hosted by Joey Lawrence, Candace Cameron, and Marc Weiner! (BT12.4)
-April 4, 1998-11th Annual Awards, hosted by Rosie O'Donnell. Original commercials (AS37.1)
-April 20, 2002-15th Annual Awards, hosted by Rosie O'Donnell. Original commercials (SS6.1)
-March 31, 2007-Segments from Countdown to KCA 07, totalling 16 minutes. Includes commercials, interviews with Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy, and a performance by Drake Bell! (SS4.1)
-March 31, 2007-20th Annual Awards, hosted by Justin Timberlake! Some original commercials (SS7.1)
-March 29, 2008-21st Annual Awards, hosted by Jack Black! Some original commercials (SS8.1)
-March 27, 2010-23rd Annual Awards, hosted by Kevin James! Original commercials (KCA10.1)

KIDS COURT [1 episode]
-1988-Case of the Dirty Dishes. Original commercials (BT42.2)

-October 16, 2000-“Fatty McButterpants”. Original commercials (DL29.1)

KNOTS LANDING [1 episode]
-May 12, 1988-9th season finale. "Perfect Crime". Original commercials

LAND OF THE LOST [7 episodes]
-September 7, 1974-PREMIERE!!! "Cha-Ka". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.3)
-September 14, 1974-"The Sleestak God". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.4)
-September 21, 1974-"Dopey". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.5)
-September 28, 1974-"Downstream". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.6)
-October 5, 1974-"Tag-Team". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.7)
-November 27, 1976-"Scarab". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.1)
-December 4, 1976-Unannounced finale. "Medicine Man". 2009 Chiller repeat with commercials (LOTL.2)

LASSIE [1 episode]
-February 21, 1960-Fur-Coated Killer. 1995 repeat with commercials (KM.5)

THE LATE SHOW [1 episode]
-May 20, 2015-Finale! Features a look back at the past 22 years, plus music by the Foo Fighters (CD16.1)

LAVERNE & SHIRLEY [1 episode]
-October 10, 1978-"The Quiz Show" Laverne, Shirley, Lenny, & Squiggy compete on "Be Silly For Dollars" (MG18.3)

LAW & ORDER [1 episode]
-May 21, 2003-13th season finale. "Smoke". Episode blatantly based on Michael Jackson. Original commercials (848.1)

LIFE WITH LOUIE [2 epispdes]
-September 28, 1996-Anderson Ski Weekend. 12/10/01 repeat with commercials (JF103.3)
-December 20, 1997-Family Portrait. 12/17/01 repeat with commercials (JF103.4)

-December 1987-Hour-long special! 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.3)

LOCAL NEWS BROADCASTS [23 episodes, 2 clip]
MBC, Chicago, IL
-July 15, 1999-9-minute mock newscast by fellow game show trader Paul Burgos & his sister Pia! (PB15.3)
KBCW 44: San Fransicso, CA
-August 25, 2008 (PB5.2)
KBWB 20: San Fransicso, CA
-August 25, 2008-9 PM airing (PB5.1)
KTVU 2: San Fransicso, CA
-May 20, 2008-10 pm (PBA.2)
-May 21, 2008-10 pm (PBA.3)
-WABC 7: New York City, NY
-May 9, 1990-8 am (PB19.7)
WCIU 26: Chicago, IL
-June 12, 2009-The channel's switch to all-digital, live from the top of the Sears Tower! (I refuse to call it Willis Tower. ;) ) Includes a live tour of the studios and a brief history of the network! Totals 16 minutes (MG18.4)
WEWS: Cleveland, OH
-April 7, 1995-Live on Five, 5 pm. Includes brief segment on Cleveland's local Jeopardy tryouts! (RI4.3)
-June 13, 2005-Live 10 minute clip of the Michael Jackson verdict (RI27.3)
WFTV 9: Orlando, FL
-July 3, 2014-12 noon. Hour long (1029.8)
-July 4, 2014-12 noon. Hour long (1030.2)
-July 8, 2014-12 noon. Hour long, missing first 30 seconds or so (1031.5)
-July 15, 2019-News at 4. Ends during last commercial break
-December 31, 2014-11 pm (1072.4)
WKMG 6: Orlando, FL
-December 24, 2013-12 Noon (1014.5)
-January 1, 2014-12 Noon (1015.4)
-May 26, 2014-12 noon (1029.1)
-May 28, 2014-12 noon (1029.7)
-July 8, 2014-5 pm, hour long (1035.5)
WRC: Washington DC
-February 4, 2010, 10:30 am-Blizzard of 2010 (975.7)
-February 6, 2010, 7:00 am-Blizzard of 2010 (975.10)
-May 23, 2010, 11 pm. Features Guy Fieri and Minute to Win It!
-February 11, 2012-10 am (949.6)
WRDQ 27: Orlando, FL
-December 25, 2013-10 PM. Missing intro (1014.10)
WTTG 5: Washington DC
-August 28, 2008-First 27 minutes of the 10 PM newscast (1021.10)
WUSA 9: Washington, DC
-July 24, 2003-12 Noon (156.8)
-August 26, 2003-12 Noon (357.5)
-August 29, 2003-12 Noon (257.5)
-June 7, 2006-12 noon (705.2)
-May 2, 2007-12 noon (905.11)
-June 4, 2007-12 noon. Includes a brief clip of a local TPIR contestant! (788.9)
October 6, 2008-12 noon (930.2)
-October 9, 2008-12 noon (920.2)
-October 24, 2008-12 noon (797.4)
-January 2, 2009-12 noon (877.4)
-January 6, 2009-12 noon (805.6)
-May 13, 2009-12 noon (766.2)
-June 25, 2009-10 pm. Includes much coverage on the death of Michael Jackson (King.1)
-June 26, 2009-7 pm. Includes much coverage on the death of Michael Jackson (5 minute clip of CBS Evening News with Katie Couric can be added for free) (King.2)
-January 13, 2011-7pm

THE LOVE BOAT [2 episodes]
-January 13, 1979-Second Time Around/The 'Now' Marriage/My Sister, Irene. Features Peter Marshall! Original commercials (RS26.1)
-December 20, 1980-That's My Dad/The Captian's Bird/Captive Audience. Original commercials, brief video skips in 3 places (RS35)

LUCKY 7 [*Entire Run*]
-September 24, 2013-Premiere. "Pilot". ABC on Demand airing
-October 1, 2013-Second & final episode. "Inside Job". ABC on Demand airing

MACGYVER [1 episode]
-November 13, 1989-"Black Rhino". 2004 TV Land repeat with commercials (GR19.1)

-1989-Behind-the-scenes special! Runs 44 minutes (RP10.2)

MAMA'S FAMILY (Synd., 1986-1990) [8 episodes]
It was retooled for syndication, and ended up much better than before!
-December 12, 1987-Mama Sees Red. The $25,000 Pyramid board game is played! TBS repeat (269.7)
-February 20, 1988-Mama Goes Hawaiian, Pt. 1. TBS repeat (276.6)
-February 27, 1988- Mama Goes Hawaiian, Pt. 2. TBS repeat (276.8)
-November 12, 1988-Baby Talk. TBS repeat (276.7)
-November 19, 1988-Naomi's New Position. TBS repeat (188.1)
-March 25, 1989-There's No Place Like... No Place. TBS repeat (304.7)
-January 20, 1990-The Big Nap. 11/24/04 TBS repeat (296.7)
-February 3, 1990-Guess Who's Going to Dinner. 11/24/04 TBS repeat (296.6)

THE MAN SHOW [1 episode]
-June 16, 1999-PREMIERE!!! Original commercials (SP4.6)

THE MAN UPSTAIRS [Made-for-TV Movie]
-December 6, 1992-Starring Katharine Hepburn & Ryan O'Neal. Original commercials

-1988-Marc and a group of kids visit a haunted house, and see some neat magic tricks! Circa 1991 repeat with commercials (JP18.11)

-March 6, 1988-"Just Married ... with Children" Peg & Al masquerade as Steve & Marcy to compete on the sadistic "How Do I Love Thee?" Guest stars David Leisure as host Bink Winkleman! MeTV commercials (MG17.4)
-Taped 1/6/89-"I'll See You In Court" This episode did not air on US television until 2002! MeTV commercials (MG16.2)
-May 22, 1994-"Kelly Knows Something" Al tries out for "Trivia Touchdown", but he's not the one who gets picked for the show! 2006 repeat with commercials. Weather crawl on the bottom, but does not have any speedups or edits (MG13.4)

MARTIN MYSTERY [1 episode]
-November 26, 2003-Attack of the Sandman. 5/27/05 U-Pick airing with commercials (AR14.2)

MAUDE [1 episode]
-November 8, 1976-"The Game Show". Ends during credits (VM7.4)

MEDABOTS [1 episode]
-September 15, 2001-The Legendary Medafighter. Original commercials (FoxKids.4)

MEDIA GENERAL 4-IN-1 [TV channel]
-Roughly 45 minutes worth of this channel, ranging from 1989 to 1990 (inquire within for specific details) (RI45)

MIAMI VICE [1 episode]
-October 17, 1986-Walk-Alone. 2003 repeat with commercials (164.5)

-June 25, 2010-A one-hour CNN special detailing the King of Pop's death. Original commercials (RP10.1)

THE MIDDLE [1 episode]
-October 14, 2009-"The Floating Anniversary" (Oct14.4)

-August 28, 1993-Day of the Dumpster. 4/8/94 repeat with commercials (JF124.4)
-October 5, 1993-Green With Evil, Part 1. 3/28/94 repeat with commercials (JF124.1)
-October 6, 1993-Green With Evil, Part 2. 3/29/94 repeat with commercials (JF124.2)
-October 7, 1993-Green With Evil, Part 3. 3/30/94 repeat with commercials (JF124.3)
-November 5, 1993-Calamity Kimberly. 5/13/94 repeat with commercials (JF102.1)
-November 27, 1993-A Bad Reflection On You. 5/17/94 repeat with commercials (JF102.3)
-February 17, 1994-Plague of the Mantis. 5/12/94 repeat with commercials (JF101.4)
-February 8, 1994-Partial episode; first segment only. A Pig Surprise (JF124.5)
-February 28, 1994-Return of an Old Friend, Part 1. 5/24/94 repeat with commercials (JF102.4)
-May 16, 1994-Mighty Morphin' Mutants. Original commercials (JF102.2)

MONK [3 episodes]
-January 11, 2008-"Mr. Monk Joins a Cult" Guest stars Howie Mandel as the cult leader! Original commercials (693.1)
-November 27, 2009-Mr. Monk & The End, Part 1. Repeat from 12/4/09 with commercials (846.1)
-December 4, 2009-Finale. Mr. Monk & The End, Part 2. Original commercials (846.2)

-November 20, 1977-Hour-long special! 1998 repeat with commercials (JPwdw)

MR. BOX OFFICE [1 episode]
-February 16, 2013-The Golden Apple. 5/31/14 WRDQ repeat (1035.1)

-October 1988-54-minute block of music videos. (Video titles available upon request) Original commercials (BT42.4)

-2014-3 minute promo
-2014-"An Opening Act" A Behind The Scenes look at the show! Fox On Demand airing
-October 5, 2014-Pilot. Fox On Demand airing

MUPPET BABIES [8 episodes]
-October 11, 1986-The Muppet Broadcasting Company. 1987 repeat with commercials (RS73.2)
-October 18, 1986-Kermit Goes To Washington. 1987 repeat with commercials (RS73.1)
-January 2, 1988-The House That Muppets Built. Features clips of Dick Clark and the $25,000 Pyramid! (DB32.4)
-September 17, 1988-Beauty and the Schnoz. Feb. 1990 repeat with commercials (GR41.3)
-September 15, 1990-It's Only Pretendo. No intro (BT27.6)
-September 22, 1990-Quoth the Weirdo. 1995 repeat with commercials (BT35.2)
-September 29, 1990-Operators are Standing By. 1995 repeat with commercials (BT35.3)
-November 3, 1990-Muppet Babies: The Next Generation (BT27.7)

MURDER SHE WROTE [1 episode]
-September 25, 1994-A Nest of Vipers. Original commercials (GR27.1)

MY BROTHER AND ME [*Entire Run*]
The life of two young brothers is the focus of this great Nick sitcom.
-October 15, 1994-PREMIERE!!! "The Charity" Alfie and Dee Dee go to meet their favorite basketball player...ditching the carnival they were supposed to be working at. Guest stars Kendall Gill! Ends during credits (LB8.1)
-October 22, 1994-"The Practical Joke War" A series of practical jokes escalate among the kids. Ends during credits (LB8.2)
-November 1, 1994-"Weekend Aunt Helen Came" When Alfie and Dee Dee's mother leaves town, Aunt Helen comes to take care of them (LB8.3)
-November 9, 1994-"Robin Hood Play" The kids try out for the school play, but will Alfie be willing to wear tights for the part? No opening scene (LB8.4)
-November 30, 1994-"Basketball Tryouts" Alfie and his friends all try out for the basketball team...will any of them make it? Ends during credits (LB8.5)
-December 6, 1994-"Where's the Snake?" Alfie and Dee Dee buy a snake...which promptly goes missing. Ends during credits (LB9.1)
-December 15, 1994-"Dee Dee's Girlfriend" Dee Dee gets a kiss from his science partner, and soon the whole school knows it. 1998 repeat with commercials, ends during credits (DB11.7)
-December 20, 1994-"Dee Dee's Haircut" Dee Dee wants to get a haircut just like his favorite rapper. No opening scene nor credits (DB11.8)
-December 28, 1994-"Dee Dee Runs Away" Dee Dee feels his family is ignoring him, so he runs away. (accurate title, eh?) Ends during credits (LB9.2)
-January 5, 1995-“Donnel’s Birthday Party” Alfie struggles with math while Deedee and Harry learn to dance (JP20.6)
-January 19, 1995-"Alfie's Birthday Party" Info TBA (LB9.3)
-January 26, 1995-"Candy Sale" Alfie and Goo sell candy, in the hopes of making enough money to buy pricey jackets. Ends during credits (LB9.4)
-February 2, 1995-Finale. “The Big Bully” Alfie prepares for a date while Deedee deals with a bully (JP20.4)

MY DAD THE ROCKSTAR [3 episodes]
This Canadian import is one of the lesser-known Nick airings.
-2003?-Big Willy On Campus. 2005 airing with commercials (BPR3.9)
-2003?-Zilla House of Horrors. 2005 airing with commercials, ends during credits (BPR3.10)
-2004?-Rock Is From Mars, Willy Is From Venus. 2005 airing with commercials (BPR6.7)

-August 8, 2003-Raggedy Android, Class Action. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR2.5)
-August 15, 2003-Attack of the 5½ Ft. Geek, Doom With A View. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR2.7)
-September 12, 2003-See No Evil, The Great Unwashed. Original commercials (157.4)
-September 19, 2003-Return of the Raggedy Android, The Boy Who Cried Robot. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR2.6)
-November 7, 2003-Dressed To Kill, Shell Game. Original commercials (219.5)
-January 24, 2005-Future Shock, Humiliation 101. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.5)
-January 25, 2005-Last Action Zero, Mind Over Matter. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.6)
-January 27, 2005-Pajama Party Prankapalooza, Sister Sledgehammer. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.8)
-January 28, 2005-Dancing With My Shell, Around the World in Eighty Pieces. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.9)

THE MYSTERY FILES OF SHELBY WOO [7 episodes, whole bunch of clips]
-March 17?, 1996-PREMIERE!!! Hot Seats (LB20.1)
-1996-Hot Seats, Part 2. Two copies: 6/2/96 airing with commercials (LB7.6) or copy without commercials (or logo bugs at all, for that matter!) (LB20.2)
-1996-Wipeout (LB20.3)
-1996-Fools Gold (LB20.4)
-1996-The Missing Dolphin. No credits (LB20.5)
-1996-The Missing Astronauts (LB21.1)
-September 28, 1997-The Macbeth Mystery. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS55.3)
-March 29, 1997-"The Mascot Mystery" 4-minute clip (LB7.4)
-August 27, 1998-"The Seminole Mysery" 4-minute clip (LB7.9)
-1996-3 brief commercials & 1 preview clip!
-1996?-Brief tour of the Shelby Woo set, from "Little Dimie World Tour"

-June 30, 1986-PREMIERE!!! Esteban, Child of the Sun. Original commercials (KM2.1)
-July 7, 1986-Crossing the Atlantic. Original commercials (KM2.2)
-July 14, 1986-Heroes Again. Original commercials (KM2.3)
-July 21, 1986-Adrift on the Endless Sea. Original commercials (KM2.4)

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