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PARADISE RUN [31 episodes]
-February 2, 2016-"Dig, Slide and Toss": Luke & Alia vs. Niki & Katherine vs. Diego & Eibhear (JF170.2)
-February 19, 2016-"Raging Falls": Jenna & Kahea vs. Kui & Will vs. Jason & Jadyn (JF169.3)
-November 14, 2016-Second season premiere! "It's All About The Thunder-man!": Diego Velazquez & Tobin vs. Audrey Whitby & Max vs. Kira Kosarin & Taylor Ann (JF170.4)
-November 15, 2016-"NRDD Run for Charity": Lizzy Greene & Gabby vs. Kyla Drew & Brevin vs. Mace Coronel & Ryli (JF169.1)
-November 18, 2016-"A Nick Showdown In Paradise": Diego Velazquez & Addison Riecke vs. Casey Simpson & Aidan Gallagher vs. Lizzy Greene & Mace Coronel (JF169.4)
-January 2, 2017-"Whose Underwear Is That?" Santana & Noah vs. Pam & Jessica vs. Jacob & Tea (JF170.3)
-January 10, 2017-"What's My Flavor?": Miles & Annie vs. Gabi & Lexie vs. Izaiah & Yousuf (JF170.1)
-January 26, 2017-2nd Season Finale. "Can You Hear Me Now": Mizah & Terina vs. Summer & Ellie vs. Ethan & Morgan (JF186.1)
-November 13, 2017-3rd season premiere! “Thunder on the Run”: Jack Griffo & Abcde vs. Addison Riecke & Soren vs. Kira Kosarin & Blaize (JF174.3)
-November 14, 2017-“Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Run”: Lizzy Greene & Makana vs. Kyla-Drew Simmons & Nate vs. Casey Simpson & Carly (JF174.4)
-November 15, 2017-“Run Shakin”: Cree Cicchino & Evan vs. Benji Flores Jr. & Noelle vs. Thomas Kuc & Daisey. Nick On Demand airing (JF179.5)
-November 16, 2017-“A Rockin' Run with Thunder”: Jade Pettyjohn & Ricardo Hurtado vs. Audrey Whitby & Diego Velazquez vs. Breanna Yde vs. Aidan Miller. Nick On Demand airing (JF180.1)
-November 20, 2017 (A)-“Game On Game Shakers”: Benjamin "Benji" Flores Jr. & Lehua vs. Thomas Kuc & Emily vs. Maddie Shipman & Bear. Nick On Demand airing (JF180.2)
-November 20, 2017 (B)-“Paradise Quad Clash”: Drew Simmons & Matai vs. Casey Simpson & Josie vs. Lizzy Greene & BJ. Nick On Demand airing (JF180.3)
-November 21, 2017 (A)-“Thunder-Quad, Assemble!” Addison Riecke & Lizzy Greene vs. Audrey Whitby & Casey Simpson vs. Diego Velazquez & Kyla-Drew Simmons. Nick On Demand airing (JF180.4)
-November 21, 2017 (B)-“School of Rockin' in Hawaii”: Jade Pettyjohn & Jacob, Aidan Miller & Adele vs. Lance Lim & Maddie (JF183.3)
-November 22, 2017 (B)-“Game Shaking Up The Run” Benji Flores & Devyn vs. Cree Cicchino & Makana vs. Maddie Shipman & Noah (JF188.2)
-January 2, 2018-“Island in Paradise” Brooke & Angel vs. Kia’i & Della vs. Chlore & Anuhea (JF174.5)
-January 3, 2018-“Paradise Island Run”: Aaron & Nick vs. Noah & Luke vs. Belle & Katija (JF175.1)
-January 4, 2018-“Shark Tooth Surprise”: Buster & Ryan vs. Roscoe & Hunter vs. Brock & Seth (JF174.1)
-January 5, 2018-“Outrigger Run”: Alysia & Daysian vs. Mahina & Kaylee vs. Levi & Caden (JF174.2)
-January 15, 2018-“Fresh Off the Run”: Forrest Wheeler & Grace vs. Ian Chen & Zoe vs. Hudson Yang & Alexa (JF180.5)
-January 16, 2018-“Athletes in Paradise”: Glenn Robinson III & Lucy vs. Danell Leyva & Alexis vs. Ashley Caldwell & Matthew. Nick On Demand airing (JF181.3)
-January 17, 2018-“Big Time Run”: James Maslow & Kristen vs. Carlos PenaVega & Seanalei vs. Alexa PenaVega & Ozzy. Nick On Demand airing (JF181.4)
-January 18, 2018-“Going for the Gold”: Danell Leyva & Ema-Lani vs. Lizzie Armanto & Kameron vs. Ashley Caldwell & Kainalu. Nick On Demand airing (JF181.5)
-January 19, 2018-“A Modern Wimpy Fuller Run”: Jason Drucker & Abigail vs. Michael Campion & Sophia vs. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons & Aziah. Nick On Demand airing (JF182.1)
-January 22, 2018-“Supersized Prizes In Paradise”: Peyton & CJ vs. Gianna & Sage vs. Lehia & Leahi . Nick On Demand airing (JF182.2)
-January 23, 2018-“A Prized Packed Run”: Kalla & Cade vs. Nya & Katelyn vs. Cole & Max. Nick On Demand airing (JF182.3)
-January 24, 2018-“Big Run, Big Prize”: Tanoa & Kekona vs. Ava & Nikko vs. Woodie & Mahalet. Nick On Demand airing (JF182.4)
-January 25, 2018-“A Supersized Run”: Vanessa & Taviana vs. Kai & Lehua vs. Brock & Zeke. Nick On Demand airing (JF182.5)
-January 26, 2018-Season 3 finale. “High Octane Run”: Gabe & Luke vs. Chase & Jackie vs. Ava & Mia. Nick On Demand airing (JF183.4)

PARANOIA [2 episodes]
Good game, but it could’ve done without all the internet and phone players.
-April 14, 2000-PREMIERE!!! Bart vs. Larry, Elena, & Derek. Peter forgets what network he’s on! Credits cut partway (CN2.6)
-April 29, 2000-Game 1: Jennette vs. Randee, Mike, & Darien. Game 2: Maris vs. Amber, Amy, & David. Game 3: Kevin vs. Jerry, Julie, & Ted (MS3.3)

THE PARENT GAME [5 episodes]
Parents try to match the parenting expert. A neat show!
-September 4, 1972-PREMIERE!!! (also the aired pilot, with different theme song & slightly different set) Mike & Sherry Dekovsky vs. Chuck & Marina Mosier vs. Louis & Tracy Davey (TW.3)
-1972-Second episode! Bruce & Jareen McDade vs. Doug & Jackie Spore vs. Dwayne & Kathleen Chapman (GG74.3)
-1972-Third episode! Noville & Lindy Pasano vs. Jim & Pat Kratt vs. Holly & Carolyn Ross (GG74.4)
-1972-Craig & Connie Wrench vs. Mike & Marilyn Martin vs. Kip & Linda Whiteside. Watermark in corner (RS81.4)
-1972-Ray & Sue Lemerrill vs. John & Karen Greenwood vs. Bill & Diane King. Brief cable box graphics during segment 2 (RS29.1)

PASS THE BUCK [14 episodes]
Wonderful show! The format’s a lot of fun, the set is awesome, and Bill Cullen does his usual great job!
-April 3, 1978-PREMIERE!!! Lisa vs. Steve vs. Dina vs. Betsy (GG.9)
-April 4, 1978-Ep. 2: Barbara vs. Ellen, with Greg & Dina in the Bullpen (CO53.3)
-April 5, 1978-Ep. 3: Ellen vs. Pat vs. Linda vs. Barbara (CO56.3)
(No show 4/6/78)
-April 7, 1978-Ep. 4: Toby at Fast Bucks (CO65.4)
-April 10, 1978-Ep. 5: Toby vs. Jeff vs. Maureen vs. Steve (CO65.5)
-April 12, 1978-Ep. 7: Bianca at Fast Bucks, then vs. Jeff vs. Jean vs. Armando. No credits (GG87.1)
-April 20, 1978-Ep. 13: Sandy vs. Lois vs. Michael vs. MaryLynn (JD13.2)
-April 21, 1978-Ep. 14: Michael vs. MaryLynn, with Sandy & Lois in the Bullpen (JD13.1)
-April 24, 1978:Ep. 15: Michael vs. Pat vs. James vs. Karen (RS96.1)
-April 25, 1978:Ep. 16: James at Bonus, then vs. Michael vs. Pat vs. Karen (RS96.2)
-April 26, 1978 (Taped 4/19/78)-Ep. 17: Michael vs. Pat vs. James vs. Karen (RS96.3)
-April 27, 1978-Ep. 18: Michael vs. James vs. Karen, with Pat in the Bullpen (RS96.4)
(No show 5/4/78)
-May 5, 1978-Ep. 23: Annette at Fast Bucks (CO66.4)
-May 8, 1978-Ep. 24: Margie vs. Tony, with Bill & Susan in the Bullpen. The “Sue has the Flu” question! Some GSN commercials (CO85.4)

PASS TIME [6 episodes]
The Speed Channel's first game show, where we find out just how fast those souped-up race cars can go!
-February 18, 2008-PREMIERE!!! Matt vs. Bob vs. Ken (DH5)
-April 30, 2008 (A)-Ken vs. Rob vs. C.J. (1004.4)
-April 30, 2008 (B)-Ken vs. Bill vs. Adam (1004.5)
-2009-From Concord, NC. Marcos vs. Frank vs. Kenneth (816.3)
-2009-From Concord, NC. Jason vs. Scott vs. Ken (816.4)
-2009-From Atlanta, GA. Ken vs. Warren vs. Carlos (816.5)

All versions of Password have their own page

-1950-The second half of an hour-long episode (JM7.3)

PAY CARDS [1 episode]
Concentration meets Poker in this fun game.
Taped 4/22/1969-Paul vs. Celeste Holm vs. Jack (CN6.7)

PAY IT OFF [1 episode]
Various games are played to help contestants get out of debt!
-February 26?, 2010-First contestant: Renee Davis (GR22.1)

PEER PRESSURE [1 episode]
The worst kids show I own, with lame stunts and dumb questions.
-September 6, 1997-Premiere. Yay. Peter vs. Nicole vs. Alicia. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (Not like you'd want to apply, mind you...) (BM2.6)

For those who want to learn all about the Keystone State. Has a pretty fun atmosphere.
-October 1998-Frank Schofield vs. Nancy Eshelman vs. Fred Lipkin (CD26.2)

One-time special that borrows its games from Illinois. And it's got Dick Clark!
-March 8, 1997-Games: Vortex (Walter), Grand Prix (James), Freefall (Bob). Most original commercials, including old lottery promos! (SI7.4)

PENNY TO A MILLION [3 episodes]
-1955-Beverly vs. Milford vs. Buddy vs. Betty. Original commercials (RS98.2)
-1955-Charles vs. Lee vs. Dewitt vs. Joyce. Original commercials (RS98.3)
-1955-Jim vs. Rose vs. Kit vs. Jacqueline. Original commercials (RS98.4)

THE PERFECT MATCH (1967-1968) [1 episode]
Where old fashioned romance meets computer punch cards!
-February 1968-Men: Mark, Greg, & Dick. Women: Sandi, Nadine, & Linda Kaye Henning (TW2.4)

PERFECT MATCH (1986) [1 episode]
A tepid Newlywed Game clone with betting and love letters. And they replaced Catch Phrase with THIS?!
-1986-Scott & Cari Andersen vs. Gino & Jessie Fuentes vs. Ken & Bertha Traylor. Ticket plug! (AS2.10)

PERSONALITY [1 episode]
Which this game has none of. Pretty dang boring.
-July 29, 1969 (Taped 6/23/69)-Jack Cassidy vs. Joan Rivers vs. Flip Wilson. Possibly only existing ep. (RW4.9)

PERSONALS [2 episodes]
Personally, I think it's a great dating show. Hard to love the flawed bonus round, though.
-September 1991-From first week! Today’s contestant: Carl. Possible dates: Sharon, Karen, & Chieko. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (AS5.1)
-October 1991-Today’s contestant: Regan. Possible dates: Samantha, Suzanne, & Melanie (JC55.4)

PICK YOUR BRAIN [3 episodes]
Cool kids show with a giant robot. The bonus round is the only disappointment.
-1993-Joe vs. Stacey vs. Roupen. Blue player gets 25 points without answering a question…and no one notices! (DC.10)
-1993-Lauren vs. Morgan vs. Brian. Al Silvers makes a cameo! Original commercials (DC2.12)
-1993-Lenny vs. Jonah vs. Matt (DC22.5)

PICTIONARY (For Kids, 1989) [1 episode]
A drawing game for kids with a very watery bonus round.
-1989-Justin, Adrian, & Rene vs. Erika, Ali, & Megan. No credits (DB4.5)

PICTIONARY (For Adults, 1997-1998) [4 episodes]
Good Win Lose Or Draw-type show, but from what I gather the quality of the show went down after a while.
-September 22, 1997-PREMIERE!!! Kelly Packard, Michael Gilman, Caroline Rhea, & Brian Austin Green. Lisa vs. Brian. Original commercials (BS20.4)
-October 3, 1997-Alison Sweeny, Victoria Rowland, Bill Maher, Erik Estrada. Alex vs. Mark. Yes, this is the Estrada-Maher knockout episode! (JR4.6)
-January 23, 1998-WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!!, Dan McVickar, Kianna Thoms, Kim Alexis. Julie vs. Patrick (JR7.10)
-1998-Soupy Sales, Gary Coleman, John Walsh & Josh Kegan. Adrienne vs. Johnna (MP4.2)

PICTUREKA! [13 episodes]
-October 11, 2010-PREMIERE!!! Laurelle, Coryn, & Laurie vs. Shannon, Tara, & Dori (952.10)
-October 12, 2010-Gabriella, Alexis, & Laura vs. Campbell, Cooper, & Bill (952.11)
-October 13, 2010-Deana, Jake, & Tammi vs. Noelle, Ryan, & JP (894.12)
-November 4, 2010-Beau, Luc, & Lisa vs. Logan, Lacey, & Amber (899.2)
-November 5, 2010-Jayda, Jayla, & Laquetta vs. Lucas, Max, & Tracey (899.4)
-November 9, 2010-Gabe, Lily & Michele vs. Jennifer, Evan & Lisa (899.5)
-November 10, 2010-Zac, Jac, & Doreen vs. Darby, Kasidy, & Kindra (899.6)
-November 11, 2010-Connor, Kioris, & Rick vs. Kate, Ryley, & Mike (899.8)
-November 12, 2010-Caileigh, Audrey, & Shelagh vs. Bre, Mahnii, & Mika (899.9)
-November 17, 2010-Brennan, Cameron, & Dina vs. Conner, Frank, & Elaine (899.11)
-November 18, 2010-Eric, Celene, & Melanie vs. Cynthia, Lulu, & Terri (899.12)
-January 11, 2011-Elizabeth, Reggie, & Marlo vs. Miles, Makaila, & Julie. No open
-January 12, 2011-Azul, Soleil, & Alexandra vs. Ashli, Alysia, & Justin. No open

PICTURE THIS [1 episode]
-August 13, 1963-Alan Young & William Bendix. Jo vs. Susan. Original commercials (RS86.1)

PITFALL [9 episodes]
This show is fantastic! Alex is great, the set’s awesome, the music’s groovy, and the bonus round is one of the best!
-1981-Dan vs. Vivienne (NP30.5)
-1981-Dan vs. Rosemary. Watch as Rosemary blows the bonus round beyond comprehension! Garbled sound during first prize description, no credits (JR5.5)
-1981?-Sunny vs. Sharon. Global commercials, including promos for Chain Reaction & Jackpot! (LS4.10)
-1981?-Paul vs. Vonnie. Global commercials, including a Jackpot promo! No credits (LS8.11)
-1981-Mona vs. June (CN6.8)
-1981-Janet vs. Linda (JC5.2)
-1982-Bill vs. Eileen (JL10.3) (DD45.4)
-1982-Eileen vs. Cindy. Original commercials (NP23.4)
-1982-Margaret vs. Glen. Original commercials (NP23.3)

PLACE THE FACE [1 episode]
How well can you recall the faces of your past? Very nicely done.
-1953-Game 1: Fred Hall, placing Mamie Cody. Game 2: Robert Stack, placing Lucy Lee Ward. Game 3: Elaine Lightfield, placing Fredrick Weisman. Original commercials (SC2.9)

PLAY FOR A BILLION [*2 specials*]
A guaranteed $1 million prize awaits in this two-time Pepsi spectacular! The first special is far superior, and features a lot of fun side games!
-September 14, 2003-First special with Drew Carey hosting! Two hours long, original commercials (157.9)
-September 12, 2004-Second special with Damon Wayans & Tom Bergeron hosting! One hour long, original commercials (BS19.6)

PLAYMANIA [3 episodes]
Call-in-and-win show that was a major success for GSN!
-April 8, 2006-Second episode! Sponsored extremely heavily by Dick’s Sportings Goods. Also, watch a prank e-mail go completely over everyone’s head! (459.1)
-December 22, 2006-Today’s E-Mail Theme: Describe a Scrooge you know (983.1)
-January 16, 2007-First episode with a new phone line! Today’s E-Mail Theme: Who would you call? (544.6)

If it had stuck to its original format instead of making zillions of bad changes, it would've been better.
Couples Format
-January 18 or 21, 1980-Barbara & Edward Gold at bonus, then vs. Susan & Jacob Blass. First contestant interview cut off due to a VCR error (CC.6)
-January 22, 1980-Marti & Loren Smets at Bonus Game, then vs. Becky & Mike Burns. No credits (TI4.1)
-January 24, 1980-Gayle & John Byrne vs. Vicki & Dennis Williams. Jackpot Win! (PD4.4)
-January 25, 1980-Vicki & Dennis Williams vs. Wendy & Bernard Samuels. Contestant plug! (JP6.9)
-January 29, 1980-Vicki & Dennis Williams vs. Rebecca & Peter Birnstein. Geoff gives away an answer! (JP9.7)
Incredibly Lame Solo Format
-1980-Ted vs. Bob. USA commercials (SC.12)
-March 1980-Tom at Bonus Round, then Tom vs. Libby (LS11.12)
-1980-Dianne vs. Brenda. USA commercials, audio from other shows pops up every time the announcer speaks (?!) (RS47.1)

PLAY2WIN [2 episodes]
-October 24, 2006-First national show! First Shuzzle: Omt Ruicse (BM3.7)
-January 9, 2007-First Shuzzle: “Wizzard of Oz”. The first Shuzzle is misspelled! (532.9)

PLAY YOUR HUNCH [2 episodes]
Going with your gut feeling’s the only option on this great show.
-April 15, 1960-First nighttime show! Mr. & Mrs. Lovejoy vs. Thomas & Carolyn Danforth (541.2)
-August 26, 1960-Mr. & Mrs. John Mauney vs. Dorothy Stromquist & Christine Bushee (315.10)

POP 'N ROCKER GAME [2 episodes]
Game doesn't stand out much, but worth watching for the great musical acts. And hey, Phil Hartman announces!
-September 17, 1983-PREMIERE!!! John vs. Wendi vs. Merrill. Original commercials, ends during credits (RS6.4)
-1983-Mario vs. Donna vs. Mykul. GREAT original commercials! (JR.8)

-October 7, 2000-PREMIERE!!! Home Stretch, Powerball Express, Capsize. Home States: Iowa & Nebraska. Original commercials, no intro (BM13.3)
-November 4, 2000-Games: Home Stretch, Powerball Express, Capsize. Local player: Dorothy of DC (RS10.2)
-November 18, 2000-Games: Powerball Express, Capsize, Home Stretch. Local player: Mary Louise of WV. Powerball crowns its first millionaire! (RS10.3)
-September 29, 2001-1st season finale, and the last episode with the original format. Games: Powerball Express, Capsize. Local player: Terry of WV (CD32.5)
-October 6, 2001-2nd season premiere, with new games and three new states participating! First two players: Carol of KY vs. Joan of OR. Games: Gauntlet, Brainiac. Local Player: Louise of WV (CD32.4)
-September 7, 2002-First two players: Matt of NM vs. John of NH. Games: Gauntlet, Capsize. Local player: Barbara of KY. Highly recommended! (RS10.4)
-September 28, 2002-Finale. First two players: Richard of NM vs. Ron of MN. Games: Gauntlet, Capsize. Local player: Ron of KY. Bob gives a tearful speech at the end (RS10.5)

A neat multi-state lotto show, filmed in Las Vegas!
-October 5, 2002-PREMIERE!!! Crazy 8s: Tony vs. Cecelia vs. Barbara. High Rollers: Jennifer vs. Doug vs. Rose Ann. Ends right after bonus round (SI7.3)
-October 12, 2002-Crazy 8s: Michelle vs. Miles vs. Cheryl. High Rollers: Rick vs. Ruth vs. Darla (BS20.6)
-November 30, 2002-Crazy 8s: David vs. Gonza vs. Shirley. High Rollers: Geri vs. Tim vs. Lorraine (BS21.1)
-December 14, 2002-Crazy 8s: Robbin vs. Dan vs. Mary. High Rollers: Ron vs. Arlon vs. Jason. New podium graphics and bonus round sound effects debut (BS20.7)
-January 18, 2003-Crazy 8s: Cheran vs. Bonnie vs. John. High Rollers: Chas vs. Jon vs. Karen (BS21.2)
-May 3, 2003-Crazy 8s: Cliff vs. Scott vs. Tim. High Rollers: Mark vs. Beth vs. Bob (BS21.4)
-May 10, 2003-Crazy 8s: Bo vs. Rosaura vs. Sandy. High Rollers: Billy vs. Jody vs. Stella (BS21.3)
-May 24, 2003-Crazy 8s: Danny vs. Lynne vs. Derek. High Rollers: Tina vs. Nick vs. Cindy (BS21.5)
-May 31, 2003-Crazy 8s: John vs. Debbie vs. Mike. High Rollers: Brian vs. Ronnie vs. Jack (BS21.6)
-August 2, 2003-Crazy 8s: Mike vs. Arthur vs. Steve. High Rollers: Cheran vs. Liz vs. Roger. Cheran was on the 1/18 episode! Original commercials (BS21.7)
-August 9, 2003-Crazy 8s: Lyle vs. Scott vs. Lera. High Rollers: Gonzo vs. Jeff vs. Joe. Very odd final round! (BS21.8)
-October 4, 2003-Debut of the Blackjack game! Crazy 8s: John vs. Linda vs. Jack. High Rollers: Gerald vs. Frances vs. Debbie. Blackjack: Cathy, Dan, George, Eleanor, Ray, Mimi, Guate, Anne (BS20.8)
-March 12, 2004-Crazy 8s: Elaine vs. Pete vs. Jack. High Rollers: Celia vs. Toddy vs. Jenny. Wild Cards: Darren, Crystal, Odell, Denise, Jeff, Len, Brenda, Georgia (246.3)
-May 22, 2004-Crazy 8s: Andrew vs. Chuck vs. Carol. High Rollers: Lee vs. Roy vs. Bonnie. Original commercials (BS21.9)
-August 6, 2004-Crazy 8s: Don vs. John vs. Scott. High Rollers: Ernie vs. Dreama vs. Barbara. Wild Cards: Scott, Mike, Burl, Camay, Julius, Elaine, Ed, Kerry (DB23.4)
-August 14, 2004-Crazy 8s: Bonnie vs. Ronald vs. Patrick. High Rollers: Fred (his THIRD appearance on the show!) vs. Sharon vs. Fran. Wild Card: John, Brenda, Larry, Tom, Dee, Wesley, Star, Karen. No intro, VCR counter (RS48.1)
-August 21, 2004-Crazy 8s: Dennis vs. Conrad vs. Herman. High Rollers: Cheryl vs. Mary vs. Connie. Wild Cards: John, Gene, Rhonda, Winnie, Nancy, John, Kathy, Gonza. VCR counter (RS48.2)
-September 3, 2004-Crazy 8s: Charlie vs. Kesha vs. Becky. High Rollers: Teresa vs. Joy vs. Don. Wild Cards: Dona, Jackie, Lee, Kevin, George, Phil, Suzann, Denise (254.4)
-September 10, 2004-Crazy 8s: Ramon vs. Jack vs. Brenda. High Rollers: Phil vs. Elwyn vs. Patricia. Wild Cards: Mickie, Henry, Shandon, Darcy, Marge, Richard, Jodi, Gonza (350.5)
-September 17, 2004-Next-to-last episode. Crazy 8s: Vivian vs. Ruth vs. Sharon. High Rollers: Jennifer vs. Shirley vs. Jerry. Wild Cards: Etta, Dale, Loretta, Jack, Debbie, Alice, Jeff, George (DB23.5)
-September 24, 2004-Finale. Crazy 8s: Jerry (same one from last week!) vs. Patti vs. Doug. High Rollers: Marlene vs. Roger vs. Rod (BS21.10)

POWER OF 10 [*Entire Run*]
First Season
-August 7, 2007-PREMIERE!!! Begins with Maureen vs. Jamie. GSN credit crunch
-August 8, 2007 Begins with Louise at $1,000 question. Two copies: Original commercials (962.1) or GSN credit crunch
-August 15, 2007-Begins with Kathleen at $1,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-August 22, 2007-Begins with Dewey at $100,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-August 28, 2007-Begins with Carissa at $100,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-August 29, 2007-Begins with Kurtney at $1,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-September 4, 2007-Begins with Daniel vs. Robin. GSN credit crunch
-September 5, 2007-Begins with Shaun vs. Emily. GSN credit crunch
-September 11, 2007-Begins with Ira vs. Kristen. GSN credit crunch
-September 12, 2007-Begins with Isabella at $10,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-September 18, 2007-Begins with Mike at $1,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-September 23, 2007-First season finale. Begins with Zoilo at $10,000 question. GSN credit crunch
Second Season
-January 2, 2008-Second season premiere! Begins with Tony vs. Grindl. GSN credit crunch
-January 9, 2008-Begins with Brian vs. Ginly. GSN credit crunch
-January 16, 2008-Begins with Deanna at $10,000 question. GSN credit crunch
-January 23, 2008-Last CBS aired episode. Begins with Megan at $10,000 question. GSN credit crunch
Unaired Episodes
-April 19, 2011-First unaired episode! Begins with Asia vs. Lindsey. GSN credit crunch, slight glitches
-April 20, 2011-Second and final unaired episode! Begins with Melissa at $1,000. GSN credit crunch

PRESSURE 1 [4 episodes]
Don't feel pressured to pick this; boring format, lifeless set, and the same crappy theme as Peer Pressure.
-September 4, 1999-Premiere. Hi-ho-diggity. Marissa vs. Fallon vs. Richard vs. Connie. Original commercials (AS18.4)
-October 1999-Alan vs. Eliana vs. Diana vs. Diane. Original commercials (AS18.5)
-October 23, 1999-Sarah vs. Erin vs. Shannon vs. Allison. Original commercials (AS21.3)
-2000-Emily vs. Matt vs. Sarah vs. Kyle. Original commercials (AS11.2)

PRESS YOUR LUCK (CBS, 1983-1986) [461 episodes]
This show has always been one of my faves. Everything about this show is fantastic!
-September 19, 1983 (Taped 9/10/83)-PREMIERE!!! Lana vs. Linda vs. Phil. Two copies: Most original commercials (NP68.1) or GSN credit crunch
-September 20, 1983-Linda vs. Patricia vs. Henri. GSN credit crunch
-September 21, 1983-Robert vs. Cathy vs. Henri. GSN credit crunch
-September 22, 1983-Jim vs. Robert vs. Terry. Two copies: Original commercials (JF95.3) or GSN credit crunch
-September 23, 1983-Dave vs. Shirley vs. Robert. Two copies: Original commercials (LS5.8) or GSN credit crunch
-September 26, 1983-Alison vs. Tom vs. Robert. GSN credit crunch
-September 27, 1983-Debby vs. Maggie vs. Harold. Two copies: Original commercials (JF95.4) or GSN credit crunch
-September 28, 1983-Donna vs. Rocco vs. Maggie. First episode with Whammy/pass sound effects & color coded backdrops for different rounds. Rod's voice cracks in the intro! GSN credit crunch
-September 29, 1983-Randy vs. Pam vs. Maggie. Randy West's first day! GSN credit crunch
-September 30, 1983-Randy vs. Kathy vs. Alan. Two copies: original broadcast, but with average video, gets bad at a couple points in round 2 (MS.1) or GSN credit crunch
-October 3, 1983-Randy vs. Clay vs. Martha. GSN credit crunch
-October 4, 1983-Wendy vs. Marie vs. Ken. GSN credit crunch
-October 5, 1983-Ken vs. Rose vs. Mark. Peter nearly falls over when the set spins! GSN credit crunch (JF118.1)
-October 6, 1983-Bea vs. Steve vs. Ken. GSN credit crunch
-October 7, 1983-Shirley vs. Bea vs. Dave. Shirley was also on Time Machine. GSN credit crunch
-October 10, 1983-Shirley vs. Larry vs. Denise. GSN credit crunch
-October 11, 1983-Larry vs. Tom vs. Jill. GSN credit crunch
-October 12, 1983-Larry vs. Ted vs. Jeanne. GSN credit crunch
-October 13, 1983-David vs. Jessica vs. Jeanne. Two copies: USA airing, ends during prize descriptions (NP43.1) or GSN credit crunch
-October 14, 1983-Warren vs. Jessica vs. Miriam. GSN credit crunch
-October 17, 1983-Miriam vs. Betty vs. Warren. GSN credit crunch
-October 19, 1983-Tom vs. Draya vs. Miriam. Round 1/2 backdrops no longer change color, and regular prize cue debuts today. GSN credit crunch
-October 20, 1983-Taina vs. Mark vs. Tom. Mark Leinwand's first game! GSN credit crunch
-October 21, 1983-Mark vs. John vs. Jackie. GSN credit crunch
-October 24, 1983-Linda vs. Mark vs. Tom. GSN credit crunch
-October 25, 1983-Marv vs. Linda vs. Kim. GSN credit crunch
-October 27, 1983-Regan vs. Patti vs. Sam. Two copies: Original commercials, ticket and contestant plugs! (NP43.4) or GSN credit crunch
-October 28, 1983-Tony vs. Sam vs. Aradine. GSN credit crunch
-October 31, 1983-Peter vs. Julia vs. Sam. GSN credit crunch
-November 1, 1983-Peter vs. Lillian vs. Jack. GSN credit crunch
-November 2, 1983-First episode with the second board sound! Jack vs. Laurie vs. Ted. Two copies: Original commercials (RS34.1) or GSN credit crunch
-November 3, 1983-Dave vs. Janis vs. Ted. GSN credit crunch
-November 4, 1983-Dave vs. Jon vs. Robin. Original commercials (NJ7.1)
-November 7, 1983-Marty vs. Marilyn vs. Jim. The flashback intros debut! GSN credit crunch
-November 8, 1983-Jim vs. Joan vs. Dan. GSN credit crunch
-November 9, 1983-Bruce vs. Joan vs. Fran. GSN credit crunch
-November 22, 1983-Jay vs. Elinore vs. Arlene. Two copies: USA airing (NJ.1) or GSN credit crunch
-November 23, 1983-Elinore vs. Lynelle vs. Neal. GSN credit crunch
-November 28, 1983-Neal vs. Dick vs. Helen. USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JD17.1)
-December 1, 1983-David vs. Becky vs. Helen. GSN credit crunch
-December 2, 1983-John vs. Toni vs. SCOTT HOSTETLER!!! Two copies: USA repeat, with Lucky Day promos! (NP8.5) or GSN credit crunch
-December 5, 1983-Thawann vs. John vs. SCOTT HOSTETLER!!! GSN credit crunch
-December 6, 1983-Marsha vs. Brent vs. Thawann. USA commercials, including Lucky Day promos! (DD18.2)
-December 7, 1983-Annie vs. Rob vs. Marsha. GSN credit crunch
-December 8, 1983-Mickey vs. Ellie vs. Linda. GSN credit crunch
-December 9, 1983-Ellie vs. Cathi vs. Michael. Two copies: Original commercials (LS6.7) or GSN credit crunch
-December 12, 1983-Beth vs. Michael vs. Jeff. Jeff was on syndicated $ale of the Century in 1985. Two copies: Original commercials (NJ7.2) or GSN credit crunch
-December 13, 1983-Chris vs. Dave vs. Jeff. GSN credit crunch
-December 14, 1983-Jeff vs. Diana vs. Greg. Greg was on synd. $ale of the Century & Shuffle. GSN credit crunch (JF121.1)
-December 15, 1983-Greg vs. Julie vs. James. GSN credit crunch
-December 16, 1983-Barbara vs. Greg vs. Dave. GSN credit crunch
-December 19, 1983-Start of Christmas Week! Glenn vs. Barbara vs. Pam. GSN credit crunch
-December 22, 1983-Nancy vs. Tracy vs. Pierre. Includes Caroling Whammies! (JP3.13)
-December 23, 1983-Matt vs. Laura vs. Tracy. GSN credit crunch (JF118.2)
-December 26, 1983-Carlotta vs. Tracy vs. Steve. Original commercials (LS4.11)
-December 27, 1983-Stephan vs. Carol vs. Daun. GSN credit crunch (JF118.3)
-December 28, 1983-Russ vs. Suanne vs. Carol. Suanne was on Beat The Clock in 1979. GSN credit crunch (JF118.4)
-December 29, 1983-SuAnne vs. Scott vs. Kennie. GSN credit crunch
-December 30, 1983-Last show of 1983. Dee vs. Kennie vs. Kurt. GSN credit crunch
-January 3, 1984-First show of 1984! Casey vs. Linda va. Tom. GSN credit crunch
-January 4, 1984-Tom vs. Vicki vs. Troy. Troy breaks the buzzer! Troy was also on Classic Concentration in 1988. GSN credit crunch
-January 5, 1984-Dalene vs. Jeff vs. Troy. Two copies: USA airing (GG22.1) or GSN credit crunch
-January 6, 1984-Janet vs. Linda vs. Frank. GSN credit crunch
-January 9, 1984-Ross vs. Carol vs. Janet. GSN credit crunch
-January 10, 1984-Andy vs. Nancy vs. Ross. GSN credit crunch
-January 11, 1984-Jeannie vs. Gary vs. Nancy. GSN credit crunch
-January 12, 1984-Gary vs. Melinda vs. Rich. GSN credit crunch
-January 13, 1984-Chuck vs. Gary vs. Dee Dee. GSN credit crunch
-January 16, 1984-Gary vs. Lisa vs. Dee Dee. GSN credit crunch
-January 17, 1984-Pierre vs. Gary vs. Terri. GSN credit crunch
-January 18, 1984-Fred vs. Rosie vs. Terri. GSN credit crunch
-January 19, 1984-Will vs. Rosie vs. Rona. GSN credit crunch
-January 20, 1984-Rona vs. Sheila vs. Ray. GSN credit crunch
-January 23, 1984-Beth vs. Tom vs. Kimberly. GSN credit crunch (JF118.5)
-January 24, 1984-Michael vs. Nancy vs. Kimberly. GSN credit crunch (JF118.6)
-January 25, 1984-Kimberly vs. Thomas vs. Shelley. GSN credit crunch (JF119.1)
-January 26, 1984-Jim vs. Mimi vs. Mark. GSN credit crunch (JF119.2)
-January 27, 1984-Mimi vs. Irene vs. Mark. Two copies: USA commercials (NP43.5) or GSN credit crunch
-January 30, 1984-Mira vs. Kirk vs. J.C. (GREAT contestant!). J.C. was also on Wordplay and Joker's Wild. GSN credit crunch
-January 31, 1984-Tom vs. Terri vs. Kirk. GSN credit crunch
-February 1, 1984-Jeanie vs. Susan vs. Mike. GSN credit crunch
-February 2, 1984-Susan vs. Naomi vs. Alan. GSN credit crunch
-February 3, 1984-Joyce vs. Karl vs. Shelley. GSN credit crunch
-February 6, 1984-Shelley vs. Floyd vs. Maari. GSN credit crunch
-February 7, 1984-Jeff vs. Maari vs. Tricia. GSN credit crunch
-February 8, 1984-Tricia vs. Leo vs. Peter. GSN credit crunch
-February 9, 1984-Julia vs. John vs. Peter. GSN credit crunch
-February 10, 1984-Marc vs. Julia vs. Mindy. GSN credit crunch
-February 13, 1984-Jesse vs. Mindy vs. Brenda. GSN credit crunch
-February 14, 1984-Wendy vs. Pam (back due to an error) vs. Jesse. GSN credit crunch
-February 15, 1984-Virginia vs. Jim vs. Shelly. GSN credit crunch
-February 16, 1984-Dan vs. Mary vs. Shell. GSN credit crunch
-February 17, 1984-Shelly vs. Kate vs. Peter. GSN credit crunch
-February 20, 1984-Kate vs. John vs. Debbie. GSN credit crunch
-February 21, 1984-Richard vs. John vs. Ann. Richard would later win big on $100,000 Pyramid. First PYL aired on GSN! First GSN airing (41.2), 2002 airing on (30.1)
-February 22, 1984-Jim vs. Cyann vs. Richard (30.3)
-February 23, 1984-Kerry vs. Darlene vs. Jim (377.2)
-February 27, 1984-Mac vs. Gilbert vs. Rachele. Not one Whammy is hit! (21.4) (DD37.5)
-February 28, 1984-John vs. Terre vs. Mac. First episode with “Pick A Corner”! CLOSE game! (377.6)
-March 1, 1984-Bob vs. Kathy vs. Margaret. Not a lot of spins amassed, leading to a TON of stalling! (41.7)
-March 2, 1984-Kathy vs. Jane vs. Andres. No open (41.9)
-March 6, 1984-Kay vs. Lee vs. Andres (11.4)
-March 7, 1984-Nita vs. Andres vs. Otis (41.10) (11.8)
-March 13, 1984-Laureen vs. Dolly vs. David (171.2)
-March 14, 1984-Lynn vs. David vs. George (18.3)
-March 15, 1984-Douglas vs. Liz vs. David. Liz was on Shuffle in 1994 (18.6)
-March 16, 1984-Bo vs. Donna vs. Liz (28.5) (18.9)
-March 20, 1984-Lois vs. Rod vs. Kim (24.2) (27.1)
-March 21, 1984-Gary vs. Susie vs. Lois (24.6) (27.3)
-March 22, 1984-Susie vs. Cliff vs. Joanne. Cliff was featured in a GSN ad for some reason (27.7)
-March 26, 1984-John vs. Geralyn vs. Andy (28.10)
-April 3, 1984-Sue vs. KAREN MARTIN vs. Bill. The “Pool Table for Dan” episode! Airing from 9/1/01, the first day GSN aired PYL! (41.3)
-April 4, 1984-Jimmy vs. Catherine vs. Sue (41.6)
-April 5, 1984-Richard vs. Karen vs. Jimmy. 7/27/19 Buzzr airing
-April 6, 1984-Pam vs. Kathy vs. Clifton (99.1)
-April 9, 1984-Kathy vs. Joanne vs. Greg. Circa 2001 GSN airing (83.11) or 7/31/19 Buzzr airing
-April 10, 1984-Joanne vs. Jim vs. Audrey (99.2)
-April 11, 1984-Tony vs. Laurie vs. Audrey. Circa 2001 GSN airing (99.3) or 8/1/19 Buzzr airing
-April 12, 1984-Laurie vs. Nancy vs. Jim. First episode with “Double Your $$ + A Spin” space! This episode is skipped by Buzzr! (41.8)
-April 13, 1984 (Taped 3/31/84)-Colleen vs. Nancy vs. Yogi. This episode is skipped by Buzzr! (31.2)
-April 16, 1984-David vs. Colleen vs. LaVerne. Circa 2001 GSN airing (99.4) or 8/3/19 Buzzr airing
-April 17, 1984 (Taped 4/1/84)-Joe vs. LaVerne vs. Diana. Joe was also on Super Password. These three contestants played an unaired April Fools Day prank on Peter! Circa 2001 GSN airing (99.5) or 8/5/19 Buzzr airing
-April 18, 1984 (Taped 4/1/84)-Miguel vs. LaVerne vs. Patti. Circa 2001 GSN airing (31.4) or 8/6/19 Buzzr airing
-April 19, 1984 (Taped 4/1/84)-Jeff vs. Patti vs. Bette. Circa 2001 GSN airing (99.7) or 8/8/19 Buzzr airing with contest plug left in!
-April 20, 1984 (Taped 4/1/84)-Lynn vs. Fredda vs. Rick. Circa 2001 GSN airing (31.3) or 8/8/19 Buzzr airing
-April 24, 1984-Sue vs. Rick vs. David (31.1)
-April 25, 1984-Susie vs. Betty vs. Stephen (99.10)
-April 26, 1984-Dean vs. Emily vs. Stephen (349.5)
-April 27, 1984-Sally vs. Larry vs. Stephen (19.3)
-April 30, 1984-Scott vs. Sharon vs. Sally (99.13)
-May 1, 1984-Darrell vs. Scott vs. Cheri (27.2)
-May 2, 1984-Dana vs. Cheri vs. Mike (27.6)
-May 3, 1984-Lisa vs. Jeff vs. Cheri (27.8)
-May 7, 1984-June vs. Scot vs. Veronica. Veronica has a funny story about her job (19.11) (27.9)
-May 8, 1984-Veronica vs. Catherine vs. Bob (27.11)
-May 9, 1984-Bob vs. Pamela vs. David (27.12)
-May 14, 1984 (Taped 4/28/84)-Barbara vs. Menard vs. Keith. First question is about the Whammy! (31.7)
-May 15, 1984-Sally vs. Menard vs. Brad (8.6)
-May 16, 1984-Brad vs. Brian vs. Teressa (42.5)
-May 18, 1984-David vs. Becky vs. Paul (358.9)
-May 21, 1984-Ruth vs. Carolyn vs. Jake (30.6)
-May 22, 1984-Geron vs. Chris vs. Ruth. Someone wins by $10!!! (8.8)
-June 1, 1984-Mike vs. Karyl vs. Lynn (who’s a guy!) (58.2)
-June 4, 1984-Karyl vs. Jim vs. Pat (34.2)
-June 5, 1984-Vicki vs. Drew vs. Pat (34.4)
-June 6, 1984-David vs. Vicki vs. Sue Ellen (28.6) (34.7)
-June 7, 1984-Pamela vs. Vicki vs. Ed. Ed is not going to be a happy camper tomorrow… (15.8) (28.7)
-June 8, 1984 (Taped 5/19/84)-Ed vs. MICHAEL LARSON vs. Janie. Part 1 of the Michael Larson debacle (FOF.6)
-June 11, 1984 (Taped 5/19/84)-Ed vs. MICHAEL LARSON vs. Janie. Part 2 of the Michael Larson debacle (FOF.7)
-June 12, 1984-Mike vs. Jo vs. Jeffie. Peter is still noticeably shaken (15.10) (28.8)
-June 13, 1984-Jana vs. Jobe vs. Jeffie (88.1)
-June 15, 1984-Sandra vs. Fernando vs. Mike. Mike retires with over $26K! (101.6)
-June 18, 1984-Phil vs. Sandi vs. Bob (20.3)
-June 20, 1984-Reva vs. Brad vs. Adoris. First episode with new board patterns! (131.5)
-June 21, 1984-Cameron vs. Cynthia vs. Brad. Cameron Craycroft was a Trident spokesman as a kid! (1.3)
-June 22, 1984-Kathy vs. Cameron vs. Richard (1.4)
-June 25, 1984-Allen vs. Lisa vs. Kathy (20.6)
-June 26, 1984-Quincey vs. Gil vs. Allen (20.8)
-June 27, 1984-Allen vs. Vicky vs. Brad (44.3)
-June 28, 1984-Vicky vs. Bill vs. Tammy (44.10)
-July 2, 1984-Nancy vs. Helen vs. Patrick (38.10)
-July 4, 1984-Art vs. Alexis vs. Laurie. Glitchy during round 2 (91.3)
-July 5, 1984-Greg vs. Laurie vs. Sharon (91.6)
-July 9, 1984-Keith vs. Angie vs. Sancy (47.3)
-July 11, 1984-Sharon vs. Charles vs. Cory (47.8)
-July 12, 1984 (Taped 6/16/84)-Clark vs. Colleen vs. Charles. Exciting episode! (31.5) (DSQ.6)
-July 16, 1984-Tom vs. Karin vs. Suzanne (32.1)
-July 17, 1984-Steph vs. Suzanne vs. Jeff (36.3)
-July 18, 1984-Andy vs. Jani vs. Peter (36.6)
-July 19, 1984 (Taped 6/17/84)-Dave vs. Jani vs. Nancy (36.9)
-July 20, 1984-GENE SNYDER vs. Carol vs. Nancy (32.6)
-July 23, 1984-GENE SNYDER vs. Joy (also a great contestant!) vs. Bob. Two copies: regular GSN airing, ends during “This is Rod Roddy speaking for…” (32.7) or Feast of Favorites (97.4)
-July 25, 1984-Aaron vs. Nyna vs. Nancy (32.8)
-July 26, 1984-Nyna vs. Rick vs. Stacey (19.1)
-July 27, 1984-Lynda vs. Phillip vs. Stacey (19.4)
-July 30, 1984-Gene vs. Donna vs. Eric (19.5)
-July 31, 1984-Eric vs. Ozzie vs. Chandra (19.6)
-June 1, 1984-Mike vs. Karyl vs. Lynn (who’s a guy!) (58.2)
-August 1, 1984-Rich vs. Eric vs. Adriana. Someone wins with $0! (19.7)
-August 2, 1984-Jim vs. Eric vs. Toni (19.8)
-August 3, 1984-Alpha vs. Gerald vs. Natalie. Two copies available: Original commercials (including a WOF promo!) and a contestant plug (DC22.18) or GSN broadcast (19.9)
-August 6, 1984-Alpha vs. Cheryl vs. Jim (358.1)
-August 7, 1984-Cheryl vs. Craig vs. Lynda (358.2)
-August 8, 1984-Craig vs DeAnn vs. Sandy (358.3)
-August 10, 1984-Randy vs. Lori vs. Cathy. INTENSE spin battle! (358.4)
-August 13, 1984-Lori vs. James vs. Beverlie. Joy from the 7/23 show is shown in the audience! (358.5)
-August 14, 1984-Beverlie vs. Ernie vs. Susan. A clip from this episode was used in the intro of The Cable Guy! (358.6)
-August 15, 1984-Cindy vs. David vs. Ernie (358.7)
-August 16, 1984-Vicki vs. Ernie vs. Kevin (358.8)
-August 17, 1984-Kevin vs. Mark vs. Sonya. Someone plays against the house! (57.3)
-August 20, 1984-Eleanor vs. Steve vs. Ted (358.10)
-August 23, 1984-Sheree vs. John vs. Bill. Rod Roddy shown on camera! (56.2)
-August 27, 1984-Susan vs. Brett vs. Christina (177.6)
-August 29, 1984-David vs. Christy vs. Todd (15.1) (165.1)
-August 30, 1984-Christy vs. Dan vs. Leila (165.4)
-August 31, 1984-Dolores vs. Jeff vs. Leila (15.3) (52.2)
-September 3, 1984-Denise vs. Rick vs. Jeff (15.4)
-September 4, 1984-Sande vs. Rick vs. Joyce (15.5)
-September 5, 1984-Martha vs. Frank vs. Rick (15.9) (52.9)
-September 6, 1984-Sam vs. Frank vs. Maytee (15.11) (165.8)
-September 7, 1984-Kathy vs. Gene vs. Maytee (88.3)
-September 10, 1984-Carol vs. Maytee vs. Del (20.1)
-September 11, 1984-Shane vs. Pattie vs. Gail (20.2)
-September 13, 1984-Gary vs. Shane vs. Eileen. The first appearance of the Flokati Rug! (31.8)
-September 14, 1984-Rick vs. Teresa vs. Eileen (44.1)
-September 17, 1984-Kirk vs. Dee Dee vs. Teresa. John Harlan announces (44.8)
-September 18, 1984-Dee Dee vs. Nelson vs. Laura. John Harlan announces (44.11)
-September 19, 1984-Judy vs. Laura vs. Tom. John Harlan announces (44.12)
-September 20, 1984-Giovanni vs. Betty vs. Judy. John Harlan announces. Cuts off halfway through last segment (91.1)
-September 21, 1984-Betty vs. Tissa vs. Bob. John Harlan announces (35.2)
-September 24, 1984-Tissa vs. Linda vs. David. John Harlan announces (35.4)
-September 25, 1984-Linda vs. Rick vs. Edwina. John Harlan announces (35.6)
-September 26, 1984-Scott vs. Debbie vs. Edwina. John Harlan announces (35.10)
-September 27, 1984-Dawn vs. Debbie vs. Regis. John Harlan announces, and Double Your $$ hit…at $0! (47.4)
-September 28, 1984-Mike vs. Dawn vs. Beverlyn. John Harlan announces. Two copies available: original commercials (RS29.2) or GSN broadcast (47.6)
-October 1, 1984-Doug vs. Janet vs. Beverlyn. John Harlan announces (47.9)
-October 2, 1984-Mike vs. Laura vs. Beverlyn. Peter makes a Michael Larson reference! (18.2)
-October 3, 1984-Barbara vs. Patrick vs. Mike (18.5)
-October 4, 1984-Patrick vs. Maria vs. Kent (36.4)
-October 5, 1984-Glenn vs. Barbara vs. Kent (18.11)
-October 8, 1984-Joe vs. Clarice vs. Kent (BPR.5)
-October 9, 1984-Claudia vs. Kent vs. Ron (36.10)
-October 10, 1984-Bettina vs. Menett vs. Gloria. Menett would later be seen on Rafferty’s Card Sharks (36.11)
-October 11, 1984-Ruth vs. Jim vs. Bettina (24.8) (39.8)
-October 15, 1984-Bob vs. Susan vs. Frances (835.4)
-October 16, 1984-Robert vs. Libby vs. Susan (835.5)
-October 17, 1984-Lori vs. Clifford vs. Libby (835.7)
-October 25, 1984-Cynthia vs. Chris vs. Debbie (37.3)
-October 26, 1984-Chris vs. Janie vs. Ruben. 5/31/19 Buzzr airing
-October 29, 1984-Linda vs. Ruben vs. John. 5/30/19 Buzzr airing
-October 30, 1984-Pat vs. Duane vs. Ruben (37.8)
-October 31, 1984-Bob vs. Pat vs. Barbara. Before the game, Peter shows children’s drawings of Whammies! (37.10)
-November 2, 1984-Susan vs. Liz vs. Gregg (835.8)
-November 7, 1984-Bob vs. Claire vs. Marc. 1990 repeat with commercials (NP8.4)
-November 8, 1984-Adele vs. Bob vs. Lee. Over $25K won! Cuts off before credits (13.4)
-November 12, 1984-Alex vs. Mitch vs. Margo. Open partially cut (177.2)
-November 13, 1984-Russ vs. Regina vs. Margo (177.4)
-November 16, 1984-Sharon vs. Tim vs. Wesely. Tim was also on The $100,000 Pyramid and the unsold On A Roll! (165.3)
-November 20, 1984-Sharon vs. Michael vs. Ayne (30.5)
-November 21, 1984-Sandy vs. Chris vs. Sharon. Cute Thanksgiving graphic at the end (52.5)
-November 26, 1984-Chris vs. Dom vs. Diane. 4/14/19 Buzzr airing
-November 27, 1984-Chris vs. Dom vs. Diane. The rematch! Diane has a funny answer in round 1! (165.5)
-November 29, 1984-Chris vs. Paula vs. Ron. From Feast of Favorites (97.3)
-December 13, 1984-Debbi vs. Norm vs. Robin. GSN credit crunch (BS30.10)
-December 20, 1984-Robin vs. Randy vs. Diane. GSN credit crunch (BS30.11)
-December 21, 1984-Adrian vs. Randy vs. Jim. GSN credit crunch (BS31.1)
-December 24, 1984-Ron vs. Randy vs. Suzanne (BS31.2)
-December 25, 1984-Janet vs. Randy vs. Eric. USA airing (BS31.3)
-December 31, 1984-Mike vs. Bob vs. Sue. Peter is wearing a tux! (RI37.4)
-January 3, 1985-Eddy vs. Sam vs. Julie. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.4)
-January 4, 1985-Sam vs. Rick vs. Esmeralda. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.5)
-January 7, 1985-Ryan vs. Jeanne vs. Esmeralda. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.6)
-January 8, 1985-Buddy vs. Mary Ann vs. Esmeralda. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.7)
-January 9, 1985-Brian vs. Annette vs. Buddy. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.8)
-January 10, 1985-Karin vs. Buddy vs. Jerome. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.9)
-January 11, 1985-Jerome vs. Michael vs. Leeann. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (419.10)
-January 14, 1985-Lisa vs. Max vs. Jerome. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon. Minor cable glitches (419.11)
-January 15, 1985-Lesley vs. Jerome vs. Tim. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.1)
-January 16, 1985-Donna vs. Paul vs. Lesley. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.2)
-January 17, 1985-Andra vs. Lesley vs. Brad. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.3)
-January 18, 1985-Brad vs. Will vs. Christine. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.4)
-January 21, 1985-Brad vs. Arlene vs. George. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.5)
-January 22, 1985-Andrea vs. Arlene vs. Mike. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.6)
-January 23, 1985-Andrea vs. Al vs. Rita. Rita wins with nothing! Two copies available: USA commercials (DD18.4) or Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.7)
-January 24, 1985-Nancy vs. John vs. Rita. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.8)
-January 25, 1985-Nancy vs. Dayna vs. Ron. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.9)
-January 28, 1985-JENNIE JONES vs. Terry vs. Nancy. From the Peter Tomarken Tribute Marathon (521.10)
-February 4, 1985-Barbara vs. Jody vs. Evan. USA commercials (DD18.3)
-February 8, 1985-Philip vs. Kirby vs. JoAnn (856.1)
-February 11, 1985-Charlotte vs. JoAnn vs. Steve (856.2)
-February 12, 1985-Joanie vs. Charlotte vs. Seth (856.3)
-February 13, 1985-Sheila vs. Ernest vs. Seth (856.4)
-February 14, 1985-Seth vs. Pat vs. Kathie. Glitch during one question (856.5)
-February 15, 1985-Lex vs. Jeffery vs. Pat (856.6)
-February 18, 1985-Libby vs. Jeff vs. Pat. Begins at first question (186.2)
-February 19, 1985-Dean vs. Jeff vs. Carolyn. Last episode to use the phrase “high stakes” in the open (186.3)
-February 20, 1985-Cathy vs. Dean vs. Robyn. First episode to use the phrase “big bucks” in the open. TWO players Whammy out! (186.4)
-February 21, 1985-Cathy vs. Vince vs. Janie (186.5)
-February 22, 1985-Sam vs. Susan vs. Janie. Features a dog named "Press Your Luck"! Two copies: USA (RM.4) or GSN (186.6)
-February 25, 1985-Lissa vs. Guy vs. Sam (186.7)
-February 26, 1985-Sam vs. Jim vs. Pamela. Yup, this is the Jim Hess episode! (357.9)
-February 27, 1985-Scott vs. Pamela vs. Lisa. The audience WANTS Scott to Whammy! GSN credit crunch (TI17.5)
-February 28, 1985-Scott vs. Suzanne vs. Bob. The Scott-hate continues, and a poem dedicated to Rod Roddy! GSN credit crunch (TI17.6)
-March 14, 1985-Stanford vs. Linnea vs. Julie. Linnea was also seen on Blockbusters in 1980. Two copies: USA, but no credits (RM.1) or GSN (185.7)
-March 15, 1985-Susan vs. Linnea vs. Michael. A slide is missing in the open (185.8)
-March 18, 1985-Linnea vs. Richard vs. Lynn (185.9)
-March 19, 1985-Gregg vs. Joan vs. Lynn (185.10)
-March 20, 1985-Joan vs. Ralph vs. Trish. Cable glitches in Round 1 (185.11)
-March 21, 1985-Ralph vs. Alex vs. Anne (185.12)
-March 22, 1985-Tyler vs. Ralph vs. Mary (173.1)
-March 25, 1985-Tyler vs. Pam vs. Wade (173.2)
-March 26, 1985-Denny vs. Tyler vs. Bernie (Bernie’s a girl) (173.3)
-March 27, 1985-Denny vs. Tony vs. Michele. Day 1 for “Mistress of the Pass” Michele! (173.4)
-March 28, 1985-Michele vs. Joe vs. Susan (173.5)
-March 29, 1985-Jack vs. Michele vs. Patti. Michele gets a grand total of $700! She’ll have to wait another week to defend her reign (173.6)
-April 1, 1985-College week starts! Steve (Notre Dame) vs. Ruth (Columbia) vs. Michael (U.S.C.) Winner gets REALLY excited! (184.1)
-April 2, 1985-Day 2 of College Week! Sonya (U.C.L.A.) vs. Lana (Alabama) vs. Stuart (Northwestern) (184.2)
-April 3, 1985-Day 3 of College Week! Elizabeth (Ohio) vs. Cliff (Arizona) vs. Trey (Harvard) (184.3)
-April 4, 1985-Day 4 of College Week! John (Wake Forest) vs. Laurie (Texas) vs. Tim (Nebraska) (184.4)
-April 5, 1985-Final day of College Week! Brian (Missouri) vs. Terri (California) vs. Chris (Pennsylvania) All the students come back to the stage, and the week’s biggest winner gets a contribution to their school! (184.5)
-April 8, 1985-Michele vs. Drew vs. Val (184.6)
-April 17, 1985-Tracy vs. Therese vs. Jon. Contestant’s full name is “Jonny B. Good”. Tracy’s first appearance! (175.1)
-April 18, 1985-Harry vs. Jan vs. Tracy (175.2)
-April 19, 1985-Tracy vs. Tim vs. Diane (175.3)
-April 22, 1985-Tracy vs. Helen vs. Marty (175.4)
-April 23, 1985-Terri vs. Jeff vs. Tracy. Tracy retires with $57,636! (175.5)
-April 24, 1985-Kirk vs. Jonie vs. Joanie (175.6)
-May 15, 1985-Joey vs. Damon vs. Queta. Damon gets no spins in round 1, but wins the round anyway! USA commercials (RM.5)
-May 16, 1985-Patrick vs. Linda vs. Damon. 1988 USA repeat with commercials (RM.6)
-May 21, 1985-Roy vs. Norma vs. Shelly. GSN credit crunch (TI17.3)
-June 6, 1985-Al vs. Lisa vs. Paul. Includes an appearance by the Whammybusters! GSN credit crunch (720.2) or 4/14/19 Buzzr airing
-June 12, 1985-Jerry vs. Ana vs. Steve. EXCITING game! GSN credit crunch (762.8)
-June 14, 1985-Pam vs. Sam vs. Jerry. The Sylvester episode! (JP3.12)
-June 17, 1985-Bill vs. Christy vs. Pam. GSN credit crunch (TI17.4)
-July 4, 1985-Julie vs. Jim vs. Patricia. GSN credit crunch (632.4)
-July 11, 1985-Valerie vs. Ron vs. Lisa. Fun episode! GSN credit crunch (639.4)
-July 15, 1985-STEVE BRYANT vs. Kent vs. Lynn. Low audio (DC10.11)
-July 17, 1985-Annette vs. Steven vs. Kane. GSN credit crunch (1041.4)
-August 5, 1985-Kimberley vs. Thorne vs. Gary. Jumpy video, GSN credit crunch (JF119.3)
-August 6, 1985-Gary vs. Julie vs. Thad. GSN credit crunch (JF119.4)
-August 7, 1985-Julie vs. Lee vs. Tricia. GSN credit crunch (JF119.5)
-August 20, 1985-Marcia vs. Mike vs. John (RM.2)
-August 23, 1985-Jacklynn vs. Mark vs. Matt. The slides blew on this episode! (RM.3)
-September 2, 1985-Feargus vs. Nancy vs. Mark. 4/14/19 Buzzr airing, slight satellite glitches in round 1
-Taped 1985-College Week episode...that NEVER aired on CBS or USA! Jacquie vs. Matt vs. Roxy. Audio out-of-sync with video
-September 19, 1985-Cynthia vs. Mike vs. Cookie. GSN credit crunch (950.4)
-November 4, 1985-Debi vs. Peter vs. Peggy. GSN credit crunch (DL41.2)
-November 5, 1985-Debi vs. Russ vs. Tinker. USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JD17.2) or 4/14/19 Buzzr airing
-November 6, 1985-Mary Kay vs. Geri vs. Russ. GSN credit crunch (DL41.3)
-November 7, 1985-Marty vs. Mary Kay vs. Ron. GSN credit crunch (DL41.4)
-November 18, 1985-Karen vs. John vs. Yolonda. GSN credit crunch
-November 21, 1985-Shirley vs. Stephanie vs. Kurt. GSN credit crunch
November 22, 1985-Jon vs. Carla vs. Shirley. Jon was also on Card Sharks in 1987. Last day of the Home Player Sweepstakes! Includes the Giant Sweepstakes Spin with an all-cash board! Two copies: USA airing (NP13.1) or GSN credit crunch
-November 25, 1985-Patti vs. Jon vs. Dan. GSN credit crunch
-November 29, 1985-Alex vs. Jeanne vs. Scott. GSN credit crunch
-December 2, 1985-Scott vs. Hal vs. Deanne. Hal was on Card Sharks in 1987. GSN credit crunch
-December 3, 1985-Valerie vs. Colleen vs. Scott. GSN credit crunch
-December 4, 1985-Colleen vs. Diane vs. Danny. GSN credit crunch, slightly bright video
-December 5, 1985-Rocky vs. Danny vs. Trish. Rod Roddy seen on camera! GSN credit crunch
-December 6, 1985-Courtney vs. Trish vs. Susannah. GSN credit crunch (JF148.1)
-December 9, 1985-Robert vs. Jackie vs. Trish. GSN credit crunch (JF148.2)
-December 10, 1985-Robert vs. Deborah vs. Mark. GSN credit crunch (JF148.3)
-December 11, 1985-Guillermo vs. Deborah vs. Ruth. Guillermo Huesca went on to host the Spanish-language game show Trato Hecho! GSN credit crunch (JF148.4)
-December 12, 1985-Ruth vs. Genevieve vs. Greg. GSN credit crunch (JF148.5)
-December 16, 1985-Gene vs. Stacey vs. Pat. GSN credit crunch
-December 17, 1985-April vs. John vs. Pat. GSN credit crunch (JF150.2)
-December 18, 1985-Molly vs. Tom vs. John. GSN credit crunch (JF150.3)
-December 19, 1985-John vs. Madeline vs. Janice. GSN credit crunch (JF150.4)
-December 20, 1985-Bruce vs. Janice vs. Hillie. GSN credit crunch (JF150.5)
-December 30, 1985-Sally vs. Craig vs. Andy. GSN credit crunch (DL42.1)
-December 31, 1985-Betsy vs. Kirk vs. Craig. GSN credit crunch (DL42.2)
-January 2, 1986-Craig vs. Chris vs. Lori. GSN credit crunch (DL42.3)
-January 3, 1986-Marla vs. Joyce vs. Chris. Missing roughly 30 seconds in round 2, GSN credit crunch (DL42.4)
-January 6, 1986-Marla vs. Kent vs. David. Two copies: USA repeat from 9/28/93 with commercials (JF76.3) or GSN credit crunch
-January 7, 1986-Kimberly vs. David vs. Tommy. GSN credit crunch
-January 8, 1986-Ann vs. Betsy vs. Tommy. Two copies: Original commercials, dropout in round 2 cuts off a spin (RS27.1) or GSN credit crunch
-January 9, 1986-Betsy vs. Sam vs. Jenea. Two copies: Original commercials, including a Card Sharks promo! No credits (RS27.2) or GSN credit crunch
-January 10, 1986-Lee vs. Betsy vs. Jimmy. GSN credit crunch
-January 13, 1986-Mayuri vs. Betsy vs. Jim. GSN credit crunch
-January 14, 1986-Jim vs. Craig vs. Perri. Perri was also on Card Sharks in 1988. GSN credit crunch
-January 15, 1986-Perri vs. Judi vs. Darren. GSN credit crunch
-January 16, 1986-Ruth vs. Mando vs. Darren. GSN credit crunch
-January 17, 1986-Nancy vs. Lisa vs. Mando. GSN credit crunch
-January 20, 1986-Kathy vs. Lisa vs. Oliver. GSN credit crunch
-January 21, 1986-Eric vs. Mitchell vs. Lisa. GSN credit crunch
-January 22, 1986-Lisa vs. Irene vs. Rob. GSN credit crunch
-January 24, 1986-Karen vs. Don vs. Carolyn. GSN credit crunch
-January 27, 1986-Bill vs. Donna vs. Don. GSN credit crunch
(No show on 1/28/86, pre-empted by Challenger coverage)
-January 29, 1986-Wayne vs. Julie vs. Bill. GSN credit crunch
-January 30, 1986-Julie vs. Sean vs. Jennifer. GSN credit crunch
-January 31, 1986-Julie vs. John vs. Joe. GSN credit crunch
-February 3, 1986-Sherry vs. Wanda vs. Joe. GSN credit crunch
-February 4, 1986-Chris vs. Michael vs. Joe. Two copies: USA airing (DD27.3) or GSN credit crunch
-February 5, 1986-Dorothy vs. Wayne vs. Joe. All players end up with $0, and all of them come back the next day! Two copies: USA airing (DT4.2) or GSN credit crunch
-February 6, 1986-Dorothy vs. Wayne vs. Joe. The rematch! Two copies: USA airing (DD10.2) or GSN credit crunch
-February 7, 1986-Steve vs. Cheryl vs. Wayne. GSN credit crunch
-February 10, 1986-Judy vs. Wayne vs. Kathy. GSN credit crunch
-February 11, 1986-Sam vs. Judy vs. Whip. GSN credit crunch
-February 12, 1986-Linda vs. Bill vs. Sam. GSN credit crunch
-February 21, 1986-Debbie vs. Kelly vs. Ivan. GSN credit crunch
-February 24, 1986-Ivan vs. Phyllis vs. Susan. GSN credit crunch
-February 25, 1986-Ivan vs. Linda vs. Jackie (back due to error). GSN credit crunch
-February 26, 1986-Larry vs. Linda vs. Daryl. GSN credit crunch
-February 27, 1986-Andy vs. Linda vs. Lorraine. GSN credit crunch
-February 28, 1986-Andy vs. Karen vs. Linda. GSN credit crunch
-March 3, 1986-Karen vs. Steve vs. Grace. GSN credit crunch
-March 4, 1986-Grace vs. Hal (back due to an error) vs. Randy. GSN credit crunch
-March 5, 1986-Grace vs. Glenn vs. Tracey. GSN credit crunch
-March 6, 1986-Joy vs. Kathy vs. Glenn. GSN credit crunch
-March 7, 1986-Drew vs. Kathy vs. Louise. GSN credit crunch
-March 10, 1986-Chris vs. Kathy vs. Robert. GSN credit crunch
-March 11, 1986-Zena vs. Robert vs. Ellen. GSN credit crunch
-March 12, 1986-Bill vs. Zena vs. Deanne (back due to an error). Two copies: USA airing (NP43.2) or GSN credit crunch
-March 13, 1986-Michael vs. Zena vs. Ken. GSN credit crunch
-March 14, 1986-Meri Lea vs. Lance vs. Michael. GSN credit crunch
-March 18, 1986-Chico vs. Michelle vs. Gene (back due to error). GSN credit crunch
-March 19, 1986-Frank vs. Chico vs. Calvin. GSN credit crunch
-March 20, 1986-Tom vs. Frank vs. Stacey. GSN credit crunch or 4/14/19 Buzzr airing
-March 21, 1986-Naomi vs. Tom vs. Paula. GSN credit crunch
-March 24, 1986-Bill vs. Kris vs. Tom. GSN credit crunch
-March 25, 1986-Brad vs. Jacki vs. Tom. GSN credit crunch
-March 26, 1986-Ray vs. Jacki vs. Karl. GSN credit crunch
-March 27, 1986-Cathy vs. Karl vs. Molly (back due to error). GSN credit crunch
-March 28, 1986-Susan vs. Rick vs. Karl. Two copies: USA commercials (JD17.3) or GSN credit crunch
-March 31, 1986-Susan vs. Joe vs. Bob. GSN credit crunch
-April 1, 1986-Kathleen vs. Bob vs. Oretha. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 2, 1986-Kate vs. Robert (back due to an error) vs. Bob. Charlie O’Donnell announces. USA commercials (JD17.4), GSN credit crunch, or 4/14/19 Buzzr airing
-April 3, 1986-Kate vs. Rod vs. Smittay. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 4, 1986-Sandy vs. Rod vs. Leslie. Charlie O’Donnell announces. Two copies: Original commercials, no credits (RS6.5) or GSN credit crunch
-April 7, 1986-Leslie vs. Liz vs. Fred. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 8, 1986-Leslie vs. Rick vs. Norma. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 9, 1986-Ken vs. Leslie vs. Connie. GSN credit crunch or 4/14/19 Buzzr airing, some slight satellite glitches in round 1

-April 10, 1986-Ken vs. Jon vs. Reggie. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 11, 1986-Ken vs. Lisa vs. Mark. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 14, 1986-Albert vs. Ken vs. Robin. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 15, 1986-Don vs. Maria vs. Robin. Charlie O’Donnell announces. GSN credit crunch
-April 21, 1986-Mindy vs. Pat vs. Scott. GSN credit crunch
-April 22, 1986-Scott vs. Stephon vs. Bea. GSN credit crunch
-April 23, 1986-Bill vs. Bea vs. Barbara. GSN credit crunch
-April 24, 1986-Barbara vs. Greg vs. Dwan. GSN credit crunch
-April 25, 1986-Vince vs. Kevin vs. Dwan. GSN credit crunch
-April 28, 1986-David vs. Dwan vs. Nadine. GSN credit crunch
-April 29, 1986-Barbara vs. Dwan vs. Rick. GSN credit crunch
-April 30, 1986-Hercules vs. Peggy vs. Dwan. GSN credit crunch
-May 6, 1986-Vance vs. Gail vs. Joe. GSN credit crunch
-May 7, 1986-Llewellyn vs. Dave vs. Joe. Llewellyn also appeared on Wheel of Fortune in 1995. Original commercials (NP14.2)
-May 8, 1986-Susan vs. Llewellyn vs. Kevin. GSN credit crunch
-May 9, 1986-Mark vs. Susan vs. Rita. GSN credit crunch
-May 12, 1986-John vs. Susan vs. Mike. GSN credit crunch
-May 13, 1986-Rob vs. John vs. Donna. GSN credit crunch
-May 14, 1986-John vs. Judy vs. Jim. Original commercials (JW52.4) or GSN credit crunch
-May 15, 1986-Phil vs. Judy vs. Dani. GSN credit crunch
-May 16, 1986-Tucker vs. Frank vs. Judy. GSN credit crunch
-May 19, 1986-Leselle vs. Ed vs. Frank. GSN credit crunch
-May 20, 1986-Nealy vs. Erica vs. Frank. GSN credit crunch
-May 21, 1986-Erica vs. Rich vs. Joan. GSN credit crunch
-May 22, 1986-Last USA-aired episode. Erica vs. Mordecai vs. Jeannie. USA airing (BS20.3) or GSN credit crunch
-May 23, 1986-Mordecai vs. Kieran vs. Bobbi. GSN credit crunch
-May 26, 1986-Sandra vs. Peggy vs. Mordecai. GSN credit crunch
-May 27, 1986-John vs. Mona vs. Sandra. GSN credit crunch
-May 28, 1986-Mike vs. Rita vs. Mona. GSN credit crunch
-May 29, 1986-Rita vs. Joe vs. Cheryl. So far the latest episode GSN has access to. GSN credit crunch
-June 13, 1986-Jo vs. Robert vs. Donna. GREAT game! Original commercials, ends during credits (DT4.3)
-June 16, 1986-Bruce vs. Jo vs. Paige. Some USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JF64.1)
-June 17, 1986-Scott vs. Paige vs. Jacques. The “falling N” episode! Some original commercials, ends during credits (DT4.4)
-June 18, 1986-Bill vs. Yvonne vs. Paige. Original commercials (JF64.2)
-June 19, 1986-Yvonne vs. Lauren vs. Dave. Dave has horrible luck! Original commercials and a ticket plug! (PB2.7)
-June 23, 1986-Yvonne vs. Paul vs. Annemarie (PB2.8)
-June 24, 1986-Annemarie vs. Dailyn vs. Robert. Most USA commercials (PB2.9)
-June 25, 1986-Annemarie vs. Nora vs. Mike. Some USA commercials (PB2.10)
-June 26, 1986-Keith vs. Linda vs. Jim. Some USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JF64.3)
-June 30, 1986-Jim vs. Greg vs. Patricia (JF64.4)
-July 2, 1986-Mark vs. Donna vs. Greg. USA commercials, including Lucky Day segments! (NP43.3)
-July 4, 1986-Jane vs. Cynthia vs. Robert. Ticket plug! Original commercials, no open due to Special Report (RS27.3)
-July 7, 1986-Lillie vs. Robert vs. Gary. USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JF55.1)
-July 8, 1986-Michael vs. Gary vs. Marlise. USA commercials, including a Lucky Day segment! (JF55.2)
-July 9, 1986-Paulette vs. Marlise vs. Dan. Low audio (JF55.3)
-July 11, 1986-Sam vs. Todd vs. Mary (DD27.4)
-July 15, 1986-Michelle vs. Dave vs. Todd. USA commercials. No open, low audio (JF61.2)
-July 16, 1986-Margo vs. Dave vs. Curt (JF61.3)
-July 22, 1986-Debbie vs. Craig vs. Andre. Peter gives away his wardrobe! Original commercials (BS2.11)
-July 23, 1986-Rick vs. Steve vs. Andre. Low audio (JF61.4)
-September 16, 1986-Kathy vs. Joe vs. Danny. Original commercials (RS27.4)
-September 26, 1986-Unannounced finale. Andy vs. Karen vs. Bill. Original commercials (RS29.4)

PRESS YOUR LUCK (ABC, 2019-Today) [6 episodes]
-June 11, 2019-Sneak preview episode! Sam vs. Debbie vs. Stevey
-June 12, 2019-Official premiere! Terrell vs. Melissa vs. Owen
-July 17, 2019-David vs. Dwight vs. Pam. WFTV commercials or ABC On Demand airing
-July 24, 2019-Janelle vs. Cathy vs. Jason. Cathy (as Cookie) was on Press Your Luck in 1985! WFTV commercials or ABC On Demand airing
-July 31, 2019-JooBee vs. Gerard vs. Doug. ABC on Demand airing
-August 7, 2019-Season finale. Joe vs. Peggy vs. George. WFTV commercials, begins during Elizabeth’s rule explanation, or ABC On Demand airing, complete intro

-November 1998-Arthur vs. Robyn vs. Rodney. Original commercials (BM14.1)

(All versions of The Price Is Right have their own file)

PUNCHLINES [3 episodes]
-August 2, 2019-Earthquake & Oscar Nunez vs. a self-absorbed, arrogant ass & Esther Ku (CO71.3)
-August 14, 2019-Ben Gleib & Jamie Kennedy vs. Luenell & Heather McDonald (CO83.2)
-August 20, 2019-Becky Robinson & Loni Love vs. Finesse Mitchell & Chris Franjola (CO83.3)

PURE INSANITY [*1 special*]
Goofy stunts for the sake of goofy stunts. Would have been much better with an actual format to tie it all together.
-August 11, 1990-Pure Insanity I. Anchorage, AK vs. Honolulu, HI. Original commercials (AS9.2)

(All versions of Pyramid have their own file)

QUE DICE LA GENTE (Spanish-American Family Feud) [16 episodes]
100MD jumped over to America, and it's just as fun as it was before!
Half-hour format
-June 12, 2006-PREMIERE!!! Veras vs. Urbina (QDLG.1)
-June 13, 2006-Veras vs. Valencia (QDLG.2)
-June 14, 2006-Veras vs. Corzo (QDLG.3)
-June 15, 2006-Veras vs. Sanchez (QDLG.4)
-June 16, 2006-Veras vs. Fuerte. The Veras become undefeated champs! (Boy, that didn’t take long, did it?) (QDLG.5)
-June 19, 2006-Perez vs. Lopez (QDLG.6)
-June 20, 2006-Lopez vs. Barroso (QDLG.7)
-June 21, 2006-Barroso vs. Rapkin (QDLG.8)
-June 26, 2006-Soriano vs. Torres (QDLG.9)
-June 28, 2006-Nieves vs. Lugo (QDLG.10)
Hour-long format
-November 28, 2006-Duque vs. Teele. Returning champs: Vargas (534.7)
-December 14, 2006-Delgado vs. Grimaldo. Champs: Gonzalez (646.7)
-January 22, 2007-Uriarte vs. Garcia. Returning champs: Rosquete (552.6)
-May 9, 2007-Celebrity episode! Los Reyes de la Salsa vs. Divas Gruperas (CO26.1)
Return to half-hour format
-September 15, 2008-Omar Chaparro's first episode! Lopez vs. Febles (721.2)
-September 17, 2008-Fundora vs. Ramirez (GR28.3)

THE $64,000 QUESTION [1 episode]
-June 1956-Begins with Bobbie O'Rourke at $32,000 question (will she go for it?). Features a cake and celebration with previous $64K Question champions! Original commercials (DD17.2)

THE $128,000 QUESTION [5 episodes]
A revival of the 50's favorite, with lots of tension and drama!
-November 17, 1977-Begins with Joseph for $8,000 in Boxing. Contestant Don Benn has been on at least 5 different game shows! Original commercials and a contestant plug! No credits (TM.1)
-November 24, 1977-Begins with Dwyer for $16,000 in Leonardo DaVinci. Original commercials and a contestant plug! Ends right after Morris & Ruth's question (no gameplay is lost) (TM.2)
-December 1, 1977-Begins with Morris & Ruth for $128 in Gilbert & Sullivan. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (TM.3)
-December 8, 1977-Begins with John for $8,000 in World War I. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (TM.4)
-December 15, 1977-Begins with John for $16,000 in World War I. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (TM.5)

QUICKSILVER [9 episodes, 2 partials]
A fun USA original with some very tricky questions!
-June 27, 1994-PREMIERE!!! Michael vs. Colleen vs. Bob (LS4.13)
-June 28, 1994-Second episode! Angie vs. Rick vs. Ann (TW2.6)
-July 5, 1994-Mike vs. Julia vs. ROBERT WARGO (RW2.3)
-August 22, 1994-Emily vs. Roland vs. Pam. Original commercials and a Free 4 All contestant call! (JD6.4)
-August 25, 1994-Jeff vs. Laura vs. Chris. Original commercials (TMA3.4)
-December 1994-Lisa vs. Richard vs. Vanessa. Original commercials (BS17.8)
-1994-Elizabeth vs. Joe vs. Cynthia (BS17.9)
-1994-Rod vs. Hilary vs. David (JW31.4)
-1994-Pete vs. Sheila vs. Bruce. Original commercials, slightly squished picture (JW74.2)
-1994-First 10 minutes of two other episodes

QUIZBUSTERS (Local MI quiz bowl) [1 episode]
A great quizzer hosted by the one & only Matt Ottinger!
-1998-Charlotte vs. St. John's (CD7.2)

QUIZ CENTRAL (Local Michigan Quiz Bowl) [2 episodes]
Nothing about this quiz bowl really impresses. Has an especially lame set.
-November 9, 2005-Roscommon (Peter, Catarina, Jessica, & Josh) vs. Tawas (Nick, Jordan, Tyler, & J.D.) (CC.9)
-November 23, 2005-Clare (Kyle, Brian, Vaughn, & Sylvia) vs. Ithaca (Halley, Heather, Alex, & Steve) (CC.10)

QUIZ KIDS [1 episode]
-1950-Joel vs. Diane vs. Pat vs. Meredith vs. Sheldon (SC2.11)

Very neat presentation, and the format is sound. Wish there were more kid-friendly questions, though.
-September 10, 1990-PREMIERE!!! Adam, Raf, & Cristina vs. Judd, Teresa, & Mary. No credits (JD6.2)
-September 1990-Craig, Sharon, & Joe vs. Vanessa, Matt, & Jennifer. Original commercials (including one for Phone LMAD with Monty Hall!), contestant, and ticket plugs! (JW34.2)
-September? 1990-Aditi, David, & Taos vs. Milan, Gretchen, & Matt. Contestant & ticket plug! (JP34.3)
-1990-Aditi, David, & Taos vs. Larry, Alexandra, & Ruth (JW15.6)
-September 28, 1990-Nick, Betsy, & Leland vs. Tim, Carolyn, Trevor. Original commercials, contestant and ticket plugs! (RS31.4)
-November 7?, 1990-Mahara, Bill, & Sheila vs. Jon, Elizabeth, & David. Idiotic Kids Zone inserts (NJ.5)

QUIZNATION [4 episodes, 1 clip]
Started off just fine, but became unbearably long and drawn out near the end.
-February 25, 2007-Second episode! Today’s E-mail theme: Cheesiest Pickup Lines (551.3)
-April 2007-Today’s E-mail theme: Accomplishments. New host Angelle Tymon is introduced! (1105.3)
-May 2007-Today’s E-mail theme: What superpowers would you have (575.8)
-June 2007-Brief clip of a caller who spends all his time hitting on Shandi! (TI3.5)
-November 1, 2007-The final episode! Today's E-Mail theme: Halloween costumes. The entire cast gets camera time! (603.8)

Who's doing what, and where? Find out and win big on this hilarious improv show!
-October 1999-Jessica vs. Creighton. Special Guest: Dan Castellanetta. Original commercials (VM6.7)
-1999-Chad vs. Nan. Special guest: David Faustino (JW76.4)

THE REEL GAME [1 episode]
-May 3, 1971 (Taped 3/12/71)-Finale. Francee vs. Mark vs. Joyce (JL5.3)

PAX’s very first game show effort...which went pretty badly, to say the least.
-September 1, 1998-Stella Stevens & Michael Winslow. Bill vs. Sybil (BS28.1)
-September 8?, 1998-Stefanie Powers & Tom Poston. Laurie vs. Paul (PD7.5)
-1998-Estelle Harris & James Avery. Scott vs. Donna. Repeat from 10/23/98 with commercials, cuts off after bonus round (PD3.5)
-1998-Lainie Kazan & Abe Vigoda. Ken vs. Elin. The judges are so lenient here, they accept COMPLETELY wrong answers! Original commercials (CD4.1)
-1998-Linda Blair & Robert Hays. Elliot vs. Carol. Original commercials (CD4.2)

Celebrity relatives are the name of the game on this neat panel show.
-September 5, 1988-PREMIERE!!! Annie Bloom, Jamie Farr, Meredith MacRae, Paul Kreppel. Contestants: Kathleen, Bernard, Lisa. Special Guest: Joyce Brothers. Contestant plug! (GG12.6)
-October 25, 1988-Annie Bloom, Steve Allen, Charlotte Rae, Robb Weller. Contestants: Eric, Miss X, Mrs. X. Special Guest: Louis Nye. Most original commercials and a contestant plug! (CO66.5)
-October 31, 1988-Annie Bloom, Jamie Farr, Sally Struthers, Dick Martin. Contestants: Lisa, Carol, Roger. Special Guest: Louie Anderson. Original commercials and contestant plug! Fuzzy video (GG12.7)

REMEMBER THIS? [2 episodes]
I don't; very little-known news quiz from MSNBC.
-1996-East Stroudsberg (David, Rich, & Steve) vs. John Jay College (Larry, John, & Jeremy) (AS8.12)
-Nov. or Dec. 1996-Villanova (Rick, Ann, & Brian) vs. Eastern Conneticut (Brian, David, & Herb). Original commercials and a contestant plug! VCR counter in upper right (CC5.1)

REMOTE CONTROL (MTV, 1987-1990) [56 episodes]
Pretty funny show! I loved the “Off the Air” segments.
Test Runs (These may or may not have actually aired on TV)
-Taped 11/19/1987-Marc vs. Kelly vs. Bill. Different gameplay & set, and Off The Air is a category eliminating whoever picks it. Slate! (DB2.2)
-Taped 11/20/1987-Nancy vs. Kevin (freaky-looking dude) vs. Carolyn. Different gameplay & set. Slate! (DB2.3)
First Season
-December 7, 1987-PREMIERE!!! Chuck vs. Dina vs. Dan. From a 1989 repeat broadcast, with a funny open! (DC2.1)
-December 1987-Paul vs. Carla vs. Steve (JF10.1)
-1987-Brian vs. Mary vs. Jeff. Original commercials, including a Double Dare promo! (DC2.2)
-1987-Lisa vs. George vs. Laura (JP5.1)
-1987-Mike vs. Kelly vs. Tom, then Rick vs. Patty vs. Matt. The infamous Triple Yank episode! (DC37.4)
-1987-Mike vs. Corrine vs. Gator (JP4.13)
-1987-Kevin vs. Lisa vs. George. No contestant intros or credits (JF26.2)
-1987-Richard vs. Michele vs. Jeff. Very funny episode! No open (JF26.3)
-1987-Ted vs. Michelle vs. Scott. 2009 repeat with commercials
-1987-Anthony vs. Adele vs. Micah. Original commercials (JW59.1)
-Early 1988-Garreth vs. Donna vs. Adam. Original commercials (JW59.2)
-1988-Spring Break '88, from Daytona Beach! Pat vs. Leslie vs. Larry. No open or credits (DC7.6)
Second Season
-1988-2nd Season Premiere! Mark vs. Cheryl vs. George (JP4.11)
-1988-Becki vs. Andy vs. Betsy. Uses first season nametags, and an audience member steals a tennis racket! Low audio (RI6.3)
-September 25, 1988-MTV At Your House episode, shot in contestant Dawn’s living room! (Lucky girl!) Dave vs. Dawn vs. Rick (DC2.3)
-1988-Rick vs. Deena vs. Jon (GREAT contestant!) (DC2.4)
-1988-Brian vs. Jennifer vs. Fred. WEIRD AL YANKOVIC HELPS COLIN WITH SING ALONG!!! (DC2.5)
-1988-Larry vs. Krissy vs. Michael. It’s Colin’s birthday! (DC6.1)
-1988-Johnathan vs. Kathy vs. Hammer (DB2.13)
-1988-Patric vs. Elizabeth vs. Allan (JP5.2)
-1988-Sam vs. Maria vs. Evan (JP4.12)
-1988-David vs. Billie vs. Adam. WEIRD AL shows up for a category!!! Begins at Billie’s intro (JP13.8)
-1988-David vs. Lisa vs. Ted. BOB EUBANKS helps out! (DB9.8)
-1988-Russell vs. Jamie vs. Clayton (DC21.5)
-1988-Celebrity episode! LL Cool J vs. Downtown Julie Brown vs. WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!! Begins at LL’s intro (DB.5)
-1988-Salute to Dairy Products! Roge vs. Suzanne vs. Tom (DC.11)
-1989-Spring Break ‘89, from Daytona Beach! Corey vs. Kimmy vs. Gary. Some original commercials, no open or credits (JP4.10)
Third Season
-1988-3rd Season Premiere! Vickie vs. A vs. Elanda (JP13.5)
-1988-Salute to Cindy Brady! Tom vs. Leslie vs. Carl (JP13.3)
-1988-Leeann vs. Bob vs. Carreen (JP13.4)
-1988-Zachary vs. Rosii vs. Robert (JP13.7)
-1988-Stu vs. Julie vs. Trevor (JP13.6)
-1988-Salute to Heavy Metal, man! Charlie Benante vs. Lorraine Lewis vs. Dizzy Dean Davidson. Original commercials (DC2.7)
-1988-Jeff vs. Susan vs. Steve. Features a very gentle Off The Air (DC2.6)
-1988-Randall vs. Melissa vs. Ronny. 2nd Off The Air doesn’t exactly go the way it’s supposed to! (DC2.9)
-1988-Ted vs. Lori vs. Mitchell (JF61.1)
-1988-Erin vs. Jeff vs. Kris. This episode proves, as Ken says, “Anything can happen!” Watch for Phil Moore in the audience during the credits! (DC6.2)
-1988-Jeff vs. Lucy vs. Francis. Special appearance by Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers! (DC7.7)
-1988-Richard vs. Kirsten vs. Peter. Begins at logo (DC7.8)
-1988-Jerry vs. Sherry vs. Garry. Round 2 ends in a tie, meaning TWO players are yanked after Think Real Fast! Some prize plugs cut, no credits (DC2.8)
-1988-The Lost 1975 episode! Eric vs. Leigh vs. Arthur. Includes a Remote Control promo! (DC7.9)
-1988-Celebrity episode! Brandon Cruz vs. Butch Patrick vs. Danny Bonaduce (DC38.1)
-December 1988-Christmas episode! Joe vs. Keith vs. Kimberly (DC38.2)
Fourth Season
-1989-Jason vs. Gina vs. Jim. Original commercials (JW60.1)
-1989-Mike vs. Rich vs. Pete. Original commercials (JW59.4)
-March 1989-Jon vs. Sharon vs. Sebastian. Original commercials (JW53.3)
-July 4, 1989 Mark vs. Rachel vs. Harry. Original commercials (JW59.3)
-1989-Episode with Penthouse Pets as coaches! John vs. Eric vs. Bob (DC21.6)
Fifth Season
-Taped 12/15/1989-Greg vs. Roslyn vs. Tim. Studio master with slate! (DC10.3)
-Taped 12/19/89-Sean vs. Greg vs. Miriam. Original commercials (CO14.3)
-1990-Andrew vs. Rich vs. Melo (DC10.1)
-1990-Michael vs. Joshua vs. Denise (DC10.2)
-1990-Allen vs. Howie vs. Glenn (DC7.10)
-April 10?, 1990 (Taped 12/6/89)-Andy vs. Stacey vs. Robert. 2009 repeat with commercials

REMOTE CONTROL (Syndication, 1989-1990) [9 episodes]
I liked this version better. The bonus round was cooler than the MTV version.
-1989-T.C. vs. Sally vs. Scott. Early syndicated episode (DC14.1)
-1989-Special episode with the Brady kids playing for charity! Susan Olsen vs. Barry Williams vs. Eve Plumb. No credits (DC6.3)
-1989-World Class Athlete Day! Ron Greschner vs. Boomer Esiason vs. David Cone. No credits (DC21.7)
-1989-Mike vs. David vs. Rozzano. Contestant gets all 10 questions right on the Wheel of Jeopardy! (DC5.14)
-January 1990-Devlin vs. Julie vs. Tony. Original commercials (CO14.4)
-Taped 1/11/1990-Michael vs. D.J. vs. Scott (DC14.2)
-Taped 1/16/1990-Mardi Gras special! Dave vs. Tim vs. Mitch. Studio master with slate! (DC10.4)
-1990-Sharon vs. Ken vs. Jason. Original commercials, starts at tossup question (DC.12)
-1990-Fred vs. Gwen vs. Dave. No open, bad commercial edits, average video (SD7.5)

THE RICH LIST [*Entire Run*]
The precursor to GSN's Money List didn't enjoy a rich amount of success.
-November 1, 2006-Premiere...and only episode. Eric & Amy vs. Ray & Bill (666.6)

ROCK & A HARD PLACE [2 episodes]
-November 21, 2008-2nd season premiere! A Flock of Seagulls vs. Toto. 2009 repeat (BM16.3)
-November 28, 2008-Right Said Fred vs. Bananarama. 2009 repeat (BM16.4)

Rock & Roll Jeopardy can be found on the Jeopardy page

ROCKIN' BOWL [4 episodes]
A bowling competition that throws in some really wacky frames!
-March 7, 2000-Round 2 Match. Cal State Fresno vs. Western Illinois (JW16.3)
-March 14, 2000-Round 2 Match. Morehead State vs. Indiana State (JW16.2)
-March 21, 2000-Round 2 Match. Florida State vs. University of Illinois at Urbana (JW16.1)
-May or Jun. 2000-Quarterfinal Match! St. John's University vs. University of Illinois (BS2.7)

RODEO DRIVE [3 episodes]
A neat celebrity gossip show with a Whew-like bonus round.
-February 5, 1990-PREMIERE!!! Kate vs. Paul vs. Midori (LS6.8)
-May 7, 1990-Vicky vs. Jeremy vs. Anita. Original commercials, 15 seconds of round 2 cut (PB2.5)
-July 1990-Partial episode; joins in progress right after round 1 ends. Lauri vs. Tony vs. Alex. Original commercials (DC38.3)

RUCKUS (Local NY show) [6 episodes]
A totally wild audience participation show well worth checking out!
-September 9, 1991-PREMIERE!!! Construct a Sentence, Tub Race, On a Roll (GG38.1)
-1991-Soap Relay, Sense of Feel, Bucket Minefield (GG38.2)
-1991-Ring Trick, Bucket Heads, The Hair Game, Weed Whacker (GG38.3)
-1991-Velcro people, Box Magic Trick, Conveyor Belt of Doom. Merv Griffin makes an appearance! (GG36.5)
-Taped 9/1991-Magic tricks with water and money, Mister Chips, not laughing with a mouth full of Orange Crush (GG8.5)
-Taped 9/1991-Save Your Spouse, Age Game, The Balancing Act (GG8.6)

RUMOR HAS IT [1 episode]
A very funny celebrity trivia game from VH-1.
-1993-Gina vs. Linda vs. Anthony. Includes a Rumor Has It promo! (AW2.3)

RUSSIAN ROULETTE [38 episodes]
Ehh, this show is OK. Can’t argue with the top prize, though.
First Season
-June 3, 2002-PREMIERE!!! Gus vs. Deborah vs. Jacque vs. Anthony (56.5)
-June 11, 2002-Sofia vs. Ray vs. Marianne vs. Juan (25.7)
-June 12, 2002-Jennifer vs. Traci vs. Brian vs. Augie (1061.9)
-June 17, 2002-Jason vs. Warren vs. Lisa vs. Karen. GSN credit crunch (DL26.1)
-June 21, 2002-Kim vs. Cathy vs. Bill vs. Jim. GSN credit crunch (DL26.2)
-July 11, 2002-Dana vs. Jenny vs. Erin vs. Johnny. GSN credit crunch (1022.5)
-July 12, 2002-Vincent vs. Al vs. Gerald vs. Cheryl. $100,000 WIN!!! From Feast of Favorites (95.4)
-July 17, 2002-Paul vs. Joshua vs. Lynn vs. Jovan. GSN credit crunch (1157.10)
-July 18, 2002-Jonathan vs. Steve vs. Robin vs. Ron (1142.10)
-July 19, 2002-Steve vs. Andrea vs. Stephen vs. Robin. GSN credit crunch (785.9)
-July 22, 2002-Steve vs. Dan vs. Elizabeth vs. Isaac (DL4.1)
-July 23, 2002-Paul vs. Tara vs. Craig vs. Shannon. GSN credit crunch (1150.4)
-July 26, 2002-Kristin vs. Rae vs. Ed vs. Tim. (La) Rae was also on Blockbusters and $ale of the Century! (CD14.1)
-August 5, 2002-Todd vs. Lee vs. K.J. vs. Laura. $100,000 WIN!!! From Feast of Favorites (95.3)
-August 6, 2002-David vs. Stacy vs. Michael (strangely dressed) vs. Darren. GSN credit crunch (1022.8)
-August 14, 2002-Stephen vs. Erica vs. Willian vs. Lori. GSN credit crunch (714.5) (DL4.2)
-August 19, 2002-Karen vs. Lisa vs. Bill vs. Eric. GSN credit crunch (669.9)
-September 7, 2002-Special Celebrity Episode! Leif Garrett vs. Jerri Manthey vs. Kato Kaelin vs. Gary Coleman (354.7)
-October 26, 2002-First season finale...and Halloween special! Beki B vs. Isabela vs. Lizardman vs. Cat...yes, they're just as freaky as their names suggest. Two copies: regular GSN airing (258.8) or Hollywood Scares marathon with Elvira segments (70.5)
Second Season
-October 14, 2002 (A)-Second season premiere! Lucy vs. Kimberly vs. Pat vs. Jason. This and the following four episodes were first aired during a Russian Roulette marathon (61.1)
-October 14, 2002 (B)-Brian vs. Stacey vs. Bob vs. Helen. Bob was also on the Classic Concentration finale, among many other shows (61.2)
-October 14, 2002 (C)-Joe vs. Justin vs. Heather vs. John (61.3)
-October 14, 2002 (D)-Fran vs. Lisa vs. Kyle vs. Steven. From Russian Roulette Marathon (61.4) or regular airing (114.8)
-October 14, 2002 (E)-LARRY TOFFLER vs. Celeste vs. Kirsten vs. Jason (61.5)
-October 16, 2002-Bryan vs. Arch vs. Courtney vs. Joan. GSN credit crunch (950.10) (1132.12)
-October 30, 2002-Melissa vs. Jenn vs. Daniel vs. Jason. GSN credit crunch (DL33.3)
-November 5, 2002-Jeff vs. Wendy vs. Anh vs. Tom. GSN credit crunch (1126.12)
-November 7, 2002-Laura vs. Chris vs. Vanessa vs. Darron. GSN credit crunch (714.2)
-November 11, 2002-Ren vs. Kerry vs. Adam vs. Josh. GSN credit crunch (DL26.3)
-November 13, 2002-Adam vs. Jenna vs. Rose vs. Serena. GSN credit crunch (1034.11)
-November 25, 2002-Donnie vs. Rhonica vs. Lane vs. Travis. GSN credit crunch (DL33.4)
-November 27, 2002-Jon vs. Penny vs. Megan vs. Chloe. Penny was on The Chair earlier in '02, and also appeared on MTV's Oddville (102.4)
-November 28, 2002-Ken vs. Crystal vs. Nicole vs. Kris. GSN credit crunch (DL26.4)
-December 2, 2002-Pamela vs. Renee vs. Keith vs. Garrett (JW3.3)
-December 9, 2002-Josh vs. Maria vs. Lalo vs. Elizabeth. $100,000 WIN!!! (FOF.2)
-December 11, 2002-Paul vs. Jo vs. Bridgette vs. Scott (74.1)
-December 14, 2002-Frank vs. Laura vs. Jillana vs. Joe. Special Christmas episode, where all the contestants are dressed as Santa! (172.6)
-December 16, 2002-Tiffany vs. Andrea vs. David vs. Althea (TI9.5)
-December 26, 2002-Joe vs. Ellen vs. Ned vs. Vanessa (152.7)
-December 31, 2002-Playboy Playmate Special! Karen McDougal vs. Tishara Cousino vs. Jennifer Walcott vs. Anna-Marie Goddard. Funny moment during the ending! Part of open clipped (DL45.3)
-January 3, 2003-Jason vs. Michelle vs. Judy vs. Chris (141.6)
-January 6, 2003-Ben vs. Curt vs. Wendy vs. Robert (FOF.1)
-April 1, 2003-Final first-run episode...where Todd Newton guest hosts! Cassy vs. Richa vs. Charlene vs. Mike. The Whammy is in the audience! (146.2)

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