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  • Found 80 letterboxes in 2007.
  • Planted 6 letterboxes in 2007.
Dec 23

Found 2 micro geocaches and 1 letterbox today.

FoundSparkle in the Park by Fiddleheads

handcarved stamp A limited time box. I enjoyed the festive theme. Great stamp and logbook. The park is decorated for the holidays. I've always wanted to see the xmas decorations but never made time to go. Thanks to the Fiddleheads, I had a reason to make the journey this year.

Dec 19-21
Wilmington logo

Wilmington, North Carolina

Spent a short working holiday in Wilmington. Since this is off-season and staff outnumbered guests at the hotel, we were bumped up to the presidential suite. 2 rooms, jacuzzi tub, large shower, 2 HD TVs, great view of the ocean, balcony with lounges.

The weather was cool and the area was like autumn in Ontario - the deciduous trees had dropped their leaves. Loved all the trees in North Carolina - so much has been preserved. So many of the trees in SW Ontario have been cleared to make way for big box stores and suburban sprawl. It was a pleasant surprise to see all the pine, oak and magnolia. It was also refreshing to see all the housing with more than 10 feet between houses. Although, there were signs of impending urban pressure on Wilmington, including squeezing new homes into smaller plots of land. The major roads were big 4+4 (8) lanes across. Traffic congestion on Friday made it slow to get around.

We went to some really nice restaurants - Jerry's (great seafood), Sweet & Savoury (great bakery atmosphere, really nice breakfast), Roy's Riverboat Landing (in the historic district by the water), Boombalati's (homemade icecream - offered a 4 mini scoops selection). I ate a lot of seafood - tuna, scallops, shrimp, catfish, and crab cakes.

Did not find Seahawk Refuge by noyb

Didn't find it. The directions were clear and once I reached my destination, the location was obvious. Stray Cats couldn't find this one either. I logged my attempt and emailed the owner. The location is nice and could use a few letterboxes. There are geocaches in the area but most of them are mysteries - I didn't have time to decipher the puzzles. I did manage to find 3 traditional (micro) geocaches while on campus.

FoundCurtis Mayfield Remixed by noyb

handcarved stamp We found the Grind (skate park). Unfortunately there was a damper at the start. There were some rather unsavory types near the washrooms at the lake, a couple of minutes later the cops came along to talk to them. My spouse, who is very safety conscious did not like this at all. Our host wanted to continue or we would have left right away. The rest of the walk in the park was very pleasant.

Our friend and I found the first bridge across the lake. But once we crossed over we didn't see a flagpole so we walked over to another bridge that we could see in the distance. No flagpole. So we walked back to the car.

Lucky for me our friend didn't want to give up. I was pretty sure that I read about a veteran's memorial in the park. So, we drove around the park and spotted the memorial and flagpole. It was our friend that spotted the stump and I retrieved the box. A park grounds person showed up, I think, because he was wondering what we were doing back there. Apparently someone has been dumping dead animals in the area. The area was nice though and we were hoping to get a peak at the alligator(s) that inhabitat the lake.

While they talked, I walked away and did my stamping. (The grounds guy was gone when I put the box back and covered it in leaves and pine needles and twigs).

What a surprise when I opened the box. Such a cool logbook - how creative and then there was the carved stamp of Curtis Mayfield - wow! I'm absolutely happy that we persisted and found this box. One letterbox find on the trip but what a nice one it was.

Nov 19
pink ribbon

foundKim's Ribbon by Fiddleheads

handcarved stamp A special letterbox, dedicated to the memory of Fiddlehead's sister Kim. Great carved stamp and beautiful commercial stamp. In a park that Kim spent many hours.

Oct 27


foundWroyal Wrec by kfulton8 GC16Y4H

store bought stamp The stamp was a commercial stamp that did not match the location or theme (although I'm not sure what wroyal wrec is referring to). The location was nice, maybe a little to out in the open since so much time is needed to reef it out of it's tight spot. A bicyclist passed by while I was trying to retrieve it.

Oct 25


foundCanada = Culture by kfulton8 GC16Y4R

store bought stampThis one is just feet away from where the "Exhibition Park" letterbox used to be. It's funny that not only a geocache but a letterbox/cache should be planted in almost the same spot. The chances of the that happening must be very slim.

The stamp is a commercial stamp and it doesn't match the theme "Canada=Culture". It's always nice to find a letterbox or cache but even better when there's a stamp that matches the location or theme and especially nice when the stamp is handcarved (but not necessary of course).

Oct 22
crawford lake and iroquois village aerial view

A beautiful warm autumn day to enjoy Crawford Lake. The lake is rare because it is meromictic.

found Ancient Greek Women by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampAs usual Fiddleheads did an excellent job of picking a great location, creating a write-up that teaches and informs, writing good clear directions and clues and did a great job of putting the letterboxes together (handmade logbooks, hand-carved stamps, lock n lock containers).

We are lucky to have such a talented carver in our midst. Always a treat to find a Fiddleheads letterbox.

Sep 30

foundAlpine Adventure Kitchener   LbNA #: 34520 by Prime Minister's Fam

store bought stampPleasant walk in the woods. Good directions. My dog met a very dog-friendly family. Ziploc container covered in a white grocery bag (this appears to be the norm for Kitchener boxes - containers wrapped in plastic bags). Commercial stamp.


foundSunrise in Kitchener LBNA #: 31714 by Meades from Manitoba

handcarved stampNice walk between the ponds. Lots of goldenrod and purple aster. Met up with 2 very friendly dogs and their owner so my dog joined in for a quick romp. The box location was nice and quiet. Hand-carved stamp - a little piece of art to add to my letterbox logbook. The logbook was a handmade book fitting the theme of the letterbox. Oddly, the stamp and logbook were only in a ziploc baggie, no tupperware container. With regular maintenance it should be OK.


not found Topsy Turvey by LBNA#: 32967 by Family Fun

I recognized this place from a couple of years ago, when I found a geocache in the area. Can't forget that roller coaster lumber walk. The directions were clear so I'm pretty sure I looked in the right spot but then I broadened my search to a few posts before and after on both sides. I feel I did a thorough search but unfortunately no box.

Sep 25

foundA walk through the woods in Bechtel Park by Preston Pirates

store bought stampGot some help and confirmation from Preston Pirates. Had a couple of hours to spare between work and dinner, so grabbed the dog and headed back out to Waterloo.

Found the box quickly. I was the first finder. Cute commercial stamp. The box was placed by a young boy and his family. His/their first letterbox hide.

The Preston Pirates went to so much trouble to help me locate the box. They even went back to the park and took photos of the area it's hidden in and emailed them to me. The Pirates get an A+ for being finder-friendly. :)

foundDancer in the Garden by the Sehl Gang

handcarved stampSqueezed in a quick visit to this hidden tiny community garden in Waterloo. No one around so it made searching easy. The hand-carved stamp was lovely. The box included a handmade logbook. It was a bit icky removing the box from the 3 plastic bags covering the paper box container (2 of the outer bags had numerous holes) because the bags tend to trap moisture and dirt then they get a bit moldy, but the paper box was surprisingly in good shape and dry. The Sehl Gang's artistry always impresses me.

Sep 24

Today I was a grumpy letterboxer. I drove about 50km and came up empty handed. Tried for 2 letterboxes in the Kitchener area.

not found A walk through the woods in Bechtel Park by Preston Pirates

Bechtel Park Map

The clues were just too vague for me. I thought I was following directions and instead of ending up at a stone bridge I came upon a cement bridge with metal railings. But I decided to continue (maybe the hider thought that cement and stone were pretty much the same thing). I continued along the path with the creek to my left and came upon boulders that were obviously used as stepping stones to get across the creek. Could this be the stone bridge (but it would require taking the left trail rather than the right). So assuming this was the stone bridge I back tracked to the cement bridge and took the left trail. But I didn't find a leaning tree with exposed roots.

I went back to the starting point and noticed stones in mesh wiring somewhat near the trailhead. A pipe ran under it to allow water to run down the hill. Could this be the stone bridge? If so then at the next t-section I should turn left. So I tried again. But when I turned left I never came upon a stone bridge. Eventually I ended up at an elbow in the creek, the path turned up and was eventually back near the children's play area.

I gave up on this one and headed out again to hopefully find one letterbox before heading back in to work my evening shift.

found Update Sep 24-25: Preston Pirates were quick to get back to me. They want more details on my track as "we do not want others to also get frustrated". So great to see such caring letterbox hiders. My grumpiness has drastically decreased knowing that the Preston Pirates want to work together to decrease finder frustration. :) I'll be sending them a track of the paths that I walked (I had my GPS unit with me. It kept track of where I walked.)

found Update Sep 25: Sent the track to Preston Pirates. PP was especially helpful and let me know that the first attempt was the correct attempt and I had found the correct bridge. I will go back soon and have another look for the leaning tree near the bridge. Kudos to the PP for being so good about keeping in touch with finders.

not found Poison Oak Trek by Eagle Eye Club

I did a lot of research on this one and I'm pretty sure I was at the right park. I walked into the "brown-eyed girl" park between the houses where there was a mix of evergreen trees and a few large deciduous trees but nothing that I thought was particularly unique about 10 feet into this path. And the path didn't split until much further up after I walked past the children's playground.

Before the children's playground was a forested area. I saw a small trail that went into the trees so I took a look, saw some large trees but didn't see a large stone to stand on.

Back to the paved path. I walked further up this path to where it split left and right in a couple of places. I took the more obvious split to the right but still didn't see a unique tree to the right with a large stone nearby. So I went back and took the short path to the right that went between houses and ended quickly up at a street, again no unique tree to the right with a large stone. I scanned the general area of the park and saw no large stone.

I have emailed Eagle Eye Club to ask if I was in the right area.

did not findUpdate Sep 25: they emailed me back and told me which parking lot to start at but I'm pretty sure that's where I started. So I emailed them back for clarification.

did not findUpdate Sep 27: they emailed me back again but didn't confirm if I found the right parking spot and the right park. Told me where to begin my walk. Not enough information for me to try again. I'll watch to see if anyone else finds it before I try again.

Sep 23

foundEerie Sanatorium by Fiddleheads and Kirbert

handcarved stampToo nice a day not to get out and enjoy a brand new letterbox - especially one created by Fiddleheads and Kirbert.

The directions were excellent and fun.

I was, as always, impressed with the craftmanship of the stamp. Loved the spooky theme (as halloween is just around the corner).

The logbook design was a nice surprise.

After stamping and signing I replaced the box then enjoyed a nice walk (with my dog) in the area. Can't beat this time of year for pleasant walks and pleasant letterboxing.

Thanks so much, Fiddleheads and Kirbert, for hiding a top-notch letterbox.

Sep 17

Found 2 geocache letterboxes. One had a hand-carved stamp. One had commercial Crayola marker stamps.

foundReforestation Letterbox by Rideau Rangers

handcarved stampMet Rideau Rangers at the GHAGAFAP event. They each carved their own stamp while at my demo.

It was a great afternoon for a walk in the woods with my dog. This was my first true hybrid find (i.e. a stamp AND trinkets). Loved the hand-carved stamp - it makes a nice addition to my letterbox logbook (I've collected over 100 images (so far)).

foundLost Tranquility by res2100

store bought stampCrayola marker stampers. You don't need a GPS to find this one. Coords take you to parking/trailhead. Directions take you to the letterbox.Good cardiovascular workout. Steep hill.

not found Checked on K9 Everythings coming up ROSES in Acton, on my way back. It wasn't there. My guess is the grounds people found it and removed it. I logged the attempt and emailed the owner.

Sep 16

Back out to the Halton area to visit Hilton Falls CA and Rattlesnake Point CA.

Beautiful day to be out in the parks and especially parks with panaromic views.

foundAncient Greek Monsters: Grogon by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampVery busy with hikers today. My second attempt. This time I had no trouble finding the right path (D>C). Saw the 2 large maples and the blue blaze with the fallen tree. Fantastic Grogon stamp - you put so much work into that image.

I was surprised to see that a geocacher had accidently found your letterbox - must have been one adventurous and curious geocacher since there are no geocaches in the park. Maybe he was thinking that that spot would be a good place to hide a cache.

foundNutty Letterbox by Raeleanne

store bought stampAfter finding Grogon I headed over to Rattlesnake Point CA to try to find Trafalgar Point. That park could really use some more signage. I knew by the map that it was left of Pinnacle Point but I couldn't figure out how to get there and the people I asked didn't know where TP was. Turns out it's only a few feet to the left up a little hard-to-see rocky path. Anyway it was well worth the return visit - a gorgeous view from Trafalgar. Found Nutty. The box, with a nice commercial stamp, was in great shape.

Sep 15

We attended the GHAGAFAP event where I demo'd 'how to carve your own stamp'.

The event drew over 100 people - the total count isn't in yet. What a great time I had, my demo was a big hit. We got there at 10:30am and left at 4:45pm - non-stop stamping. For the first few hours I carved stamps by request. People (mostly kids) picked from a selection of images I had printed out and I did the carving while they watched and while others dropped by to see what I was doing. They asked questions while I carved. Then an adult handed me a printed image and I asked if she'd like to try it herself. She was keen and caught on to the basics really quickly. Her and I carved while others dropped by the table to watch and then more people wanted to carve. I had 4 handles (with gouges) but had an average of 6 people (adults and kids) at a time, carving and waiting patiently for their turn to get a linoleum handle and gouge. Everyone caught on so quickly, no one got hurt, and everyone surprised me with their carving skills - especially the kids, such dexterity.

I used a variety of carving materials - erasers, softoleum and safety kut.

The kids were so well-behaved, patient and keen.

I had a great time and loved how people were so surprised at their own talent.

Some photos of people carving at GHAGAFAP. Photographer: Fizbot

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sep 10

not found I'm a Mountain by Gemini Boy

Mt. Nemo Conservation Area. Great view of the valley and Toronto and Lake Ontario at the lookout. Found the double birch tree to the left with waist-high cut trunk and the tree with the yellow trail marker to the right. Found a number of oak trees to the right but there was one with boulders at its roots. Checked under all the boulders, used a stick to poke around and remove leaf debris. No box. Continued on my way to a cache further up the trail and found the geocache.


foundAncient Greek Gods by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampDidn't have to pay to get into the Rattlesnake Point Conservation area since I still had my stub from the Mt Nemo CA (bonus!). Lovely park and great views. I got turned around a couple of times, trying to understand which trail to take in order to get to the lookouts. The trailmap is simplified. There are more trails then are marked on the map. Asked someone (a rock climber setting up ropes) and even he pointed me in the wrong direction for Nelson Lookout. But like the clues say "You can’t miss it; there is a low, limestone rock wall and a fabulous drop down the side of the escarpment" and one of the stones on the wall has the name 'Nelson Lookout' carved into it. Poseidon was well hidden. I was looking in the right spot but it took me about 5 minutes to uncover it. Had a heck of a time trying to find Trafalgar Lookout. I didn't end up finding it - no signage anywhere. I think I may have been in the right area. I'll have to come back for Nutty some other day. Back to the Bruce trail where I quickly found Hermes. Then a little ways ahead found Zeus - a little harder to find then Hermes. All the boxes were nicely hidden away. The carved stamps, as always, are terrific. Great park, great views, great stamps.

Sep 8

A beautiful day to be out treasure hunting. Found 4 geocaches and 1 letterbox.

foundFABulous Aussie

store bought stampFound in lovely community park in Strabane. Had the place to myself. Easy find. Container is in very good shape. Commercial stamp.

Sep 7
google earth

Google My Maps

Just thought I'd pass on a google tool that I found helpful while planning a trip. To mark letterboxes on your own personal google map:

  • go to
  • log in
  • click on the "My Maps" tab to create your own map
  • find the general location of letterboxes on the google map using the letterbox clues
  • mark the map with placemarks - just right-click to add a placemark
  • add text descriptions, like the title of the letterbox
  • zoom in and out and check the proximity of one box to another
  • "get directions" to the letterbox location
  • save your map

View Larger Map

Aug 27
covered bridge

foundWest Montrose

handcarved stampI really like the hand-carved stamp. Looks like the image was hand-drawn (something I'm not good at). After finding the stamp, my dog and I sat next to the bridge in front of the river and enjoyed the scenery and the great weather while I stamped up. No Mennonite buggies trotting by today. That's always a pleasant sight to see. If you are into photography, bring your camera. This is a kodak moment.

One thing I didn't see was the name Conrad. I did see 4 names though and then found the baggie quickly, so it did not hamper the find at all.

One caveat: watch out for cars. They're usually slow moving through here but take care anyway.

gone fishing


Checked on Gone Fishing in Pilkington boxes. All's well. I was hoping that someone left a hitchhiker - no such luck. The view is really attractive at this time of the year.

Aug 22
creemore beer


foundBeer Bottle

handcarved stampFun find with the family. Creemore is a lovely, quaint small country town full of little restaurants and boutiques. A very nice visit and a nice little letterbox with a hand-carved themed stamp.

Aug 20-21


Aug 20

Late afternoon arrival. We've been here a number times but this was the most security we had ever seen on the hill. At least 100 police and security personal. Lots of barriers. The officers seemed in a good mood so we weren't particularly worried as we headed towards the cat sanctuary to start our search for the Political Players letterboxes. We passed the cats and made our way to the steps but were disappointed to find that the steps were barricaded. For some reason the police did not want anyone using these steps to go down hill. On our way back to the car we asked an officer why there was so much security - turns out we picked a bad day, US President Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderón were in Canada and they expected possible hostile demonstrations on the Hill. But it was currently very peaceful with a handful of tourists scattered around the grounds taking photos with the parliament buildings as a backdrop.

Aug 21

After a wonderful evening spent with friends in Quebec we returned to Ottawa to try 2 Birds and Political Players.

not found Two Birds with One Stone

For some reason I thought the park was going to be across the street from the Chateau Laurier, so we spent way to much time where the historical statues were located near the Chateau and the canal. Finally I checked a map in a bus shelter and found that Confederation Park was about 2 blocks away (out of view of the CL). Checking the clues it does mention the intersection Elgin and Laurier - wish I had paid attention to that part of the clue. The Park is very lovely with the fountain and Canadian-themed statues. We found the location of the letterbox and pulled out a ziplock bag marked 'Two birds with one stone by the Patonkers'. Inside was a note that someone from Toronto (they did not leave their trailnames) had written that they couldn't find the box so they used a small stone and put the inked stone in the ziplock bag. The note was dated 8/13/07.

not found Political Players - Mulroney

We decided to see if we could get to the lower path via the canals and lucky for us we could. We passed a set of stairs but decided that they were probably not the right set so we continued along to another set and tried to find the Chretien box. But the clues didn't match the location. Looking back up towards the Parliament buildings we realized our mistake and had walked too far. So we walked back and found the 2 benches first. Quickly found the flat gray stones but no box in the crevice. Tried to be quick and stealthy as the heightened security made me a little nervous about looking suspicious. I was pretty sure I was looking in the right place so ended the search and continued on the Chretien.

foundPolitical Players - Chretien

handcarved stampWe spotted the 90° walls - there were a few of them. We debated which one held the box. My husband went one way I went the other and found the box. I was so glad I found at least one of butterfly5's Players boxes. Fun stamp.

Aug 19-20


Aug 19

clock face Arrived in Kingston in the late afternoon. First checked out the Alexander Henry boat but we were too late, it was closed. We would try again the next day. Next stop Chuck's letterbox.

not found The Royal Family - Chuck
When I asked the bartendar for Chuck's letterbox he thought I was asking for some kind of new drink. I explained what it was and showed him The Royal Family write-up that I had downloaded to my iPAQ. He said they didn't have a letterbox behind the bar. We left, a little embarrassed - my husband wondered whether there really were letterboxes in Kingston.

Spent the evening in the Inn lounge figuring out where the letterboxes were located and marking the locations in my GPS unit for easy navigating the next day.

Aug 20

clock face Lessen learned - sleep in. On a Monday most places are closed until 10am, some don't open until 12 noon. First stop Alexander Henry - not open for another 1/2 hour so off we go to another letterbox.

not found Star Wars Geek at Wallack's Art supplies - the clerk checked and confirmed that the box went missing a while ago.

not found Where the Wild Things Are at Novel Ideas book store is gone - the manager called out from behind the wall that "we don't do that anymore".

clock face I couldn't get to Hetty & Hercule because the shop didn't open until noon and we weren't going to be able to get back in the afternoon (on our way to Ottawa).

not found Kingston LB at Chez Piggy was missing (so was the white downspout - it had been removed but we saw where it was and the rock it was likely hidden behind.

foundEmily Carr

handcarved stampFinally success. 6 failures and finally we found one. And what a nice one it was. I love these facilities so it was great to have the opportunity to visit this public place. The box was cleverly hidden. I hadn't seen a container like this used in this manner. The stamp was beautifully done. The logbook well done to match the theme. A most do if you're in Kingston.

foundTina Turner

handcarved stampWhat a quirky jam-packed record shop and what a very friendly owner. He gets a kick out of the whole experience. He dug out the letterbox from behind a couple of boxes filled with records. What a surprise to see the unusual "box"! So creative. Loved the container, the stamp, the logbook.

foundAlexander Henry

handcarved stampFound all 5. Great tour of the boat. Great stamps. A good learning experience.

Next out to get the boxes at Olympic Park...

foundThe Royal Family - her Maj
handcarved stampWe really enjoyed our visit to Portsmouth Tavern. Absolutely loved the red purse and the comical Queen stamp. Again a super creative letterbox. We also enjoyed a really great lunch of burgers while we sat by the picture window with the unique view of the Kingston Pen.

not found King's Ton

handcarved stampCouldn't find it. Found the chain link and the yew bushes. Crawled underneath to get a good look but no box.

not found Really Nasty Canadians

Searched for about 15 minutes. Saw a triangular shaped rock - no box underneath. We shifted many rocks - could not find it. Most interesting location. Great title for this letterbox. Would have loved to have seen the stamp.


handcarved stampFound my own stamp. Sent it to Norasta back in 2006 for the Kingston Letterbox gathering. She picked a pleasant location on the grounds of the Tett Creativity Centre. The stamp and box were in very good shape.

Aug 8

foundSecret Garden - a mystery box by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampFiddleheads carving skills continue to amaze me. They keep getting better and better with each box. A great all-round letterbox.

Aug 6

foundThe Onion in the Sky by the Big Blue Team

store bought stampMade by 3 grandsons with the help of their grandparents, their first hide. A quick find and a nice letterbox with a cute commercial stamp. Located in St Thomas, Ontario.

Aug 5
AQ patch

Atlas Quest makes sharing easier

If a box placement was a joint effort (one carved, another planted, for instance, or two people planted one box), all parties can get the find report.

July 28
AQ logo

Atlas Quest makes trip planning (near or far) easier Features:

  • Trip planner - saves you hours of time planning, searching, finding counties, etc .(Currently US and NZ only, hopefully Canada someday)Select multiple boxes and print them all togetherSave multiple searchesWhenever you create a search, you can map the results through Google Maps.Create a search and download the clues to your PDA. Use Plucker or AvantGo to automatically download clues with every sync. Takes only seconds to download up to 50 clues per search. More information... Select a U.S. state for letterbox clues Use the letterbox directory to do a broad country search. Example - selecting Canada gives you a further breakdown by province.
  • You can sort through boxes based on a multitude of factors including trail length, wheelchair or stroller accessibility, drive-bys, and the unique city-search engine sorts letterboxes based on the distance from a specified city or road. You can even store your favorite searches and be e-mailed automatically when a new box is added that fits one your favorite searches!
July 27


foundDream in High Park by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampI was in High Park to find Full Moon and put out another stamp-only box that I hid at the park's restaurant. Since I was in the area I stopped by Dream. I was going to leave a hitchhiker but totally forgot. After High Park I dropped my friend off (took me an hour to travel less than 7 kms from High Park to the Queen's Park area - man Toronto traffic is a crawl). Then I remembered the hitchhiker and really wanted to drop it off in Dream since so many people from the US have visited, I think there'll be a good chance it'll hitch a ride out of Canada. So another hour and I was back in High Park. A quick dash in and back out. I dropped off Fear Itself: Chromophobia by Celtic Quinn. All is well with the letterbox.

foundFull Moon in High Park by Fiddleheads

handcarved stampBeautiful hand-carved stamp. Nice walk in a remote part of High Park I had never been to before. The pond was filled with water lilies and tall water grasses and bulrushes. Marvelled at the properties across the pond.


honey bee


foundLest We Forget by Trailfeathers

handcarved stampNice quick find. Everything's in great shape.

July 24


foundThe Other Side of the Tracks by the Good Life

handcarved stampNice trail to walk the dog. Good instructions. Quick find. Hand-carved stamp. Nice spot to stamp up.

foundLookout - Pioneer by the Lumberjacks

handcarved stampA job well done. Easy to follow instructions. Scenic and historic and a charming hand-carved stamp.

July 23


foundButterflies and Racoonsby Family Fun

handcarved stampI must have been in the woods for a couple of hours. I think I covered every square inch of this park because I got confused a few times. It's nice in there though and there were very few mosquitos. The stamps are hand-carved. Loved the logbooks.



foundGee Bee Z by Fiddleheads and Kirbert

handcarved stampSometimes a letterbox experience just comes together so nicely - the place, the hide, the stamp, the logbook.

I've never experienced a small airport close-up. Driving down the road to the airport is unique, with the airstrip just feet away to my left and a row of ranch-style homes to my right. What a unique place to live.

I parked in the parking lot next to the garden centre - strange huh? A garden centre next to an airport.

As I strolled along, I could walk right up to cessnas in their hangars. I took photos of the Tiger Boys hangar.

tiger boys

tiger boys

tiger boys

The tour of the hangars ended with a quick find of the letterbox. What a great collaboration between Fiddleheads, a keen hider in the Guelph area and Kirbert reknowned for his carving skills, his carving tutorial and his posts on the Atlas Quest boards. I'm thrilled to have Kirbert's Gee Bee Model 'Z' stamp image in my logbook. The yellow pencil is a nice touch. While stamping up under the shade of the hangar I watched as 2 cessnas took flight.

After placing the box back in its hiding spot, I headed back to the parking lot but decided to spend a little more time exploring. I paid a visit to the coffee shop - the sign made me think of the TV sitcom 'Wings' where the small airport had a small coffee shop for passengers and crew passing through.


On one of the tables flight maps were spread out. I ordered a lemonade then sat outside to watch the activity on the tarmack.

Finally it was time to move on but not before checking out the Garden Centre. The very helpful owner showed me a number of elderberry plants and I chose a very unique maroon elderberry. I'm looking forward to watching it grow big and tall.

Thank you Fiddleheads and Kirbert for a most unique and memorable experience. This is what treasure hunting games are all about - great letterbox, great location, great experience.

kw airport


foundO-2 Skymaster by Fiddleheads and Kirbert

handcarved stampA visit to the Waterloo Regional Airport. A quick find and a wonderful Kirbert stamp. Very nice.

July 22


The plethora of new letterboxes in K-W is amazing. This time last year I think there were zero boxes in the area, now there are at least a dozen. Went out with family today and we managed to find 9 boxes in 6 hours before calling it a day.

Here's what we found:

foundA Clair View... of a Duck by the Pups

store bought stampOur first letterbox of the day. Clair Lake Park is tidy and picturesque with ducks on the pond and weeping willows hanging over the water. Nice hide. Commercial stamp.

Last year there were no boxes in KW and this year there are over a dozen. How amazing to see such a growth in the hobby.

I asked The Pups if they would consider adding their letterbox to the AQ database so those of us who like to keep track of our finds can do so. I hope they will.


foundThe Sehl Gang boxes we found: handcarved stamp

  • Bunny Tales - Creative. The family story about the lost bunny was cute and sad.
  • Forget Me Not - Nice touch with the yellow pencil - it really sets the image. Thanks for taking us to the grounds of this old site. I've passed by it a few times but never entered. The architectural display is a worth the visit.
  • Spare Tire - It was great to have the nearby pavillion to sit and stamp under the shade. Thanks for the find and introducing us to the Community Centre and Park.
  • The Flames - My second visit. the box was there and in decent shape but the plastic bag had a lot of holes in it. The logbook is almost full.
  • Back 2 School - My second visit. My sister and her niece really enjoyed the letterbox. We are all impressed with the stamp and the choice of logbook.
  • A Pair of Red Doves for Michael Bird - My second visit. This one is a very popular box, so many visitors. Afterwards we had a quick visit to the gift shop.

    Also, found Celtic Quinn's Fear Itself: Chromophobia hitchhiker in the box but its logbook was missing. I grabbed the stamp to take it home and give it a new logbook before setting it off on its journey once more.
  • Lucky Duck - My second visit. We enjoyed the walk in this small park.  All is well with the box. It was the last of the day for us. On our way back we just happened to drive past the cannon. I pointed it out to my sister and told her a box was nearby but I was too tired to go for it. We'll save it for another day.

found Mummies in the Park

store bought stampThe Nickerson Family added a couple of cute creative things to the box. Watch out for the burrs, wear a cap/hat while looking for the box to protect your hair. The stamp is commercially made - it was my nieces favourite of the day.

July 21


Planted a letterbox in Orangeville to hopefully drum up more LB business in the area. Trailfeathers planted a hitchhiker hostel earlier this year but it's not getting visits (my Centennial HH is still in it). Hopefully more boxes means more visits.

foundFound the newest letterbox in the area. North of Orangeville on Hwy handcarved stamp89. A very nice picnic area is the hiding spot for Motorcycle Series: Yamaha. Quick find. Nice hide. Great stamp. Stealth is needed when the area is busy.

If you're a geocacher too - there are dozens of geocaches in the Orangeville/Mono/Hockley area. I found 4 in between finding and hiding letterboxes.

July 15


foundAfter the disappointment with the Cistes box I headed out to Acton where, I am happy to report, I found K9 Everythings coming up roses. store bought stampThe stamp is a cute foam commercial stamp that matches the theme. Good hide. Quick drive-by. It's the prettiest Port a Potty I've seen. Update: Sep 17 2007 - checked on the box and it is missing.

While you're in Acton, check out the Leather warehouse (Ye Old Hide House).

July 15
thumbs down
Just heard about a new treasure hunting game that has developed in France called Cistes. I checked the database and to my surprise there were a few in North America and one just 25 minutes away. I drove out to it but found the box was missing - the clues were very straight forward and easy and I could see where the box was likely hidden. The location was the front of a school under the school sign in view of the office and classrooms and a busy road. I took photos to send to the placer (treehugger) but I can't find any way of contacting him/her/them and I also couldn't find any way of noting that the box is likely missing. Very frustrating.
July 12
google earth

Google earth file of Lone R's letterboxes (.kml file). See the markers for the general starting point for each of the Lone R letterboxes. (July 12 2007)

July 10
No new letterboxes or geocaches in the area so I've been re-visiting a few local boxes. Re-visited Acting Like an Idiom and Angel's and Demons #4 which are in great shape. 2 of my hitchhikers - Bye Bye Birdie and Lone R's Ghost are still in these letterboxes. If you find them please log your find and move them to another letterbox.
July 3
I was in Cambridge and decided to take the dog for a walk along the Grand before heading home for dinner. We were walking towards the downtown area and I was thinking how the view of the river and the old buildings would make it a good area to hide some letterboxes. Just then a black squirrel caught my eye. It stopped to look at me and then I noticed that it was not a squirrel but a marten (aka weasel)! How cool - my first marten siting. I had no idea they existed in the area. I'm guessing it was an American Marten. If I lived in the area I'd plant a marten letterbox in honour of this encounter.
June 28
no logbook

More stamp-only logbook-less letterboxes. I found a couple more stamp-only letterboxes and added mine to the list:

There are lots of letterbox series where there are no logbooks except in the very last box of the series. My Hansel & Gretel letterbox series is an example of this.

June 28

The new thing - Boxing Buddies
A little buddy, letterboxing in places you could never hope to get to.

  • It could be a little toy (a doll, a stuffed toy) or you can make one one as well.
  • You make your buddy a log book and its own stamp and send it to someone away from you.
  • The recepient will take your BB to boxes and log its' stamp into the logbooks and log the stamps into its' personal logbook and then the recepient will take a picture of the BB in the area of the box or with the box itself.
  • The recepient will have the BB for a month or so and then send it back to the owner with the photos so they can see where their BB has been.

BB links:

June 27

foundDora and the Fiesta Trio

handcarved stampA fun family multi. The boxes are kid-themed and the park is family-friendly with lots of things for children to do.

Took 2 tries but I got it. With Fiddleheads' confirmation I was assured that I was looking in the right place, just not hard enough. The clues are accurate and creative. The boxes were well camo'd. Lots of stealth and discretion is needed at one of the stages.

Fun and cute hand-carved stamps.

June 24
no logbook

Tooth of Time

handcarved stampI finally did it - planted my first stamp-only (online logbook) letterbox. With Ryan's (AQ's webmaster) advice I used magnets and adhered them to the stamp. I used silicone sealant (Ryan has used gorilla glue successfully). Because this is my first stamp-only letterbox I wanted to place it somewhat nearby so I could have a look at it in a few months to see how the adhesive is holding up. If this works I'm thinking about placing stamp-only letterboxes while on trips to places I'll likely not visit often (or maybe never again), that way I don't have to maintain a plastic box and logbook. I hope that people will leave a message and share their experience in the online logbook and maybe even leave a link to an image of their sig stamp.

For more examples of stamp-only letterboxes see the May 1 entry.

June 11-14

grey bruce


Spent a great week in the Grey-Bruce area and found some very creative letterboxes (along with some fun geocaches).

June 11
atch Me If You Can by the Sehl Gang, Chesley

handcarved stampSo cute and so creative. Wonderful job [on the presentation and location] My sisters went along with me on our letterbox finds in the area and we all agree we really enjoy the letterboxing experience. This was a great intro for one of my sisters who had never found a letterbox. The box is in great shape and we were first finders. This one is a highly recommended, especially now while the box is at its peak condition.

foundAlbert by the Sehl Gang (11 year old son), Tara

handcarved stampCute hand-carved stamp. Good location. Quick find. Up and down a small hill by the road and next to a stream. Pastoral setting.

June 13
foundEugenia Lake by Trailfeathers, Eugenia

store bought stampNice hide. So close to the trail ... yet very well hidden - not likely to be discovered by muggles. My sisters and I really enjoyed the area and the view of the falls. We found a good viewpoint further down the trail.

foundOld Baldy by Trailfeathers, Kimberley

handcarved stampWe drove passed 7B twice before figuring out that the entrance to the conservation area must be up that road. I thought there might be signage but they didn't put up any. Chugged up the road - glad I had 4 wheel drive and past the sideroad to the C.A, but Sister L said she thought I should turn around and try the road we passed.

We were surprised that people lived up there, I couldn't imagine driving the roads in the winter (maybe those were summer houses). But on the way back, the spectacular view of the valley and hills made the anxious climb up and then back down the hill well worth the trip.

What a butt-clenching (sister S and I have a fear-of-heights but it's not serious enough to stop us from hiking the cliff area) yet beautiful walk along the escarpment. My sister L was the most daring, going out to the edge to get a better view, I was 2 feet behind her and sister S was 2 feet behind me. Sister L was also the one to go out to the large rock near the edge to do some searching in the gaps. Sister S and I were telling her to come back but she's comfortable with heights and crevices. Sister S was the one to find it next to the trail. We took it over to lookout 2 to do our stamping and enjoy the spectacular view.

foundMap of Old Baldy trails. Take road 7B (marked as Township Rd 5-7 on the map) off of Grey-Bruce 13.

foundLet's Go Sailing by butterfly5, Meaford

handcarved stampHere's my message (somewhat editted to remove spoilers) to butterfly5:

My sisters and I were vacationing in the Grey-Bruce area and I convinced them to go out letterboxing (and geocaching). From Eugenia and Kimberley we drove up to Meaford. What a beautiful spot by the water. We really enjoyed the view of the lake. After deciding that you really did mean left towards the smaller beacon, Sister S stayed back on the pier with the dog while the more daring and younger and more nimble Sister L volunteered to walk over to the beacon. She got about 1/3 of the way [without any problems] so I decided to follow. Actually, it was easier then it looked. Sister L did the honours and [found] the nicely hidden box. We enjoyed stamping out there... in the sun and with the lake breeze. A unique experience. Lovely stamp. Thanks for the adventure and for bringing us to this picturesque area in Meaford.

foundThe Diver by butterfly5, Irish Mountain Lookout, Meaford

handcarved stampHere's my message to butterfly5:

Wonderful all around. Great location, great view, a covered pavillion for stamping while looking out at the valley. Good instructions, nice hide. Wonderful stamp and wonderful tribute to an obviously well-loved individual.

My sisters and I really enjoyed this box and we had the added bonus of finding my "Kissy Face" hitchhiker in the box. I had the opportunity to show my sisters something that I made that had travelled all the way from Guelph (placed in the box by Water Lily).

Thanks so much for bringing us to Irish Mountain Lookout and thanks for a great letterboxing experience.

June 14
Purple Plane by the Sehl Gang, Port Elgin airport

handcarved stampHere's my message (somewhat editted to remove spoilers) to the Sehl Gang:

We (my 2 sisters and myself) really enjoyed this letterbox for a number of reasons:

good instructions/clues
  • interesting location (airport)
  • very creative container
  • hand-carved stamp

The weather was great too so it made for a pleasant all-round experience.

The ziploc bag had many holes chewed into it (by mice probably). We didn't have a ziploc bag big enough to hold the container plus if we did it would probably just end up chewed up too. The container was in great shape though. [But we're a little concerned that the weather may eventually spoil the container]

We were the first to find. Thanks for bringing us to the airport and thanks for another creative find.

foundBlanket of Love by the Sehl Gang, Fairy Lake, Southampton

handcarved stampHere's my message (somewhat editted to remove spoilers) to the Sehl Gang:

A very nice letterbox. Directions were very clear. Great logbook - I like how you used a themed greeting card for the cover. The additional ornamentation was a nice touch.

On our way out we stopped off at the pond where I spotted a couple of huge carp. When my eyes focussed I noticed that there were A LOT of carp. I called my sisters over to see them and then we noticed something swim up and put it's long nails on the rocks to lift itself higher out of the water and poke it's head out. It was a very friendly, large snapping turtle. We surmised that the carp and turtle were looking for food. I remembered that I had granola bars in my backpack so we crushed some and threw it in. The fish gobbled it up, the turtle let the granola bounce off its head. We didn't dare feed him by hand although he looked like he wanted us to. Then a bicyclist came along carrying a bag full of popcorn seeds. He dropped about 10 over the turtle's head. We watched the turtle opened up it's jaws, catch about 5 kernels and snap his jaws tightly. All the commotion attracted the attention of a painted turtle that swam up for his share of the food. The bicyclist pointed out the fish food in bubble gum dispensers right behind us so we bought a couple of handfuls and had a great time feeding the menagerie.

An all-around wonderful experience that we wouldn't have enjoyed if it wasn't for your Blanket of Love letterbox. Thanks. :)

June 4 2007 (later that day)
coconut tree

foundChicka Chicka Boom Boom, Guelph

handcarved stampFound it! Here's my message (somewhat editted to remove spoilers) to "The Phoenix":

What a surprise to see a new box pop up on the Guelph search. And an even bigger surprise that it wasn't one of the usual hiders. Isn't the Arboretum one of the best places in Guelph? The Gosling Wildlife Gardens are gorgeous this time of year. Great photo on your clue page btw.

Before heading out to find the letterbox I googled 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' to find out what that phrase was referring to. Amazon had a nice write up about all the alphabets climbing up on the coconut tree and finally weighing the tree down so much they all tumbled off. Cute story. Made finding the box more fun.

I knew just where to search but it still took me a few minutes to find - it blends in really well..

Took it down to the pit area for some quiet stamping. I marvelled at the stamp material - I know it isn't Speedy-Cut, Speedy-Stamp or Safety-Kut and it's too big for Mars Carve (or maybe it's not) so is it Mars Carve or PZ Kut? (I've never seen PZ Kut up here in Canada). [The Phoenix let me know that it's Marscarve.]

Once I found the box it was a race against time. As I was getting ready to stamp I heard rumblings, thinking at first that it was traffic noise then realizing I was too far from the road. I kept writing and stamping despite the thunder since there was no rain and the clouds above me looked OK. I was determined to leave a hitchhiker so there was all that extra stamping that was needed. I managed to dot all my i's and cross all my t's and put everything back together, re-hide and get back to the car before the rain fell. Phew.

My only regret is that I didn't get to read all the log entries. I'm guessing this was once a postal letterbox? But I'll make time to get back out there to finish reading all the entries.

Had a great time. Thanks for the find.

Lone R

P.S. I left Win's Elephant hitchhiker
in the bag. The hitchhiker is in honour of my mother-in-law, she loved elephants. [Fiddleheads found it and will move it along (June 11)]

June 4 2007
Woo hoo! Another new letterbox in the Arboretum and by a different hider. Such variety. Now there are 3 letterboxes (and 2 geocaches) for our treasure seeking pleasure.
May 28 2007
not found

Rockwood letterboxes

handcarved stampWent out to enjoy a walk in the C.A.. If you're into scenery and geology (rock walls, lakes, streams, potholes, etc) this is a very nice park to visit.

Rockwood Forest - It's not there. I found all 3 boxes about a year and a half ago so I'm very sure I was looking in the right spot.

Rockwood Hiker - 85% sure that it's not there.

Happy Rabbit - I think I could make out part of the lid peaking out but I could not reach the box.

I've emailed Ili & Lil to let them know about Forest and Hiker. 'Happy Rabbit' is up for adoption so it looks like the owners are no longer letterboxing.

May 24 2007

not found Elora Gorge Series, Elora

I checked the series - 2 of the boxes I had found about 2 years ago. All 3 boxes are missing. I've emailed Ili & Lil to let them know.

foundActing Like an Idiom, Guelph

handcarved stampNice hide. Really nice stamp. Fun clues. I always enjoy a Fiddleheads letterbox. Thanks!

Dropped off Bye bye birdie hitchhiker.

It's starting to get hot and humid out there and the mosquitos are biting.
May 23 2007

High Park, Toronto

foundDream in High Park, Toronto

handcarved stampEasy peasy. Loved it. My dog loved it too. Nice quiet spot today, not even dogs around this section of the trail. Sat under the shade and stamped away. Great stamp. I love High Park in the Springtime.

foundHigh Park Train Trail, Toronto

handcarved stampEasy peasy for me. Fun find and fun stamp. This being a Wednesday it was relatively quiet and there was no one in the immediate area. Great letterbox. High Park iss a great place to be in the Springtime.

not foundBlue Man Group, Toronto

2nd attempt. I'm confused by the directions. Can't figure out which trail to take. I've emailed Norasta asking for help. Norasta emailed me but I think I'm going to need someone to take me by the hand and lead me to them. I don't know what it is about that peninsula that confuses me so much.

not found The Great Etta James, Toronto

Same as above.

May 22 2007
greek collosium

Milton, Ontario

Ancient Greek Monsters, Milton

handcarved stampI enjoyed the walk through Hilton Falls. Nice sunny, comfortable day. Quiet on the trails.

foundI had no problem finding Gryphon and Sphinx - great directions. I enjoyed the walk over the bridge/stream and the view of the falls from a different vantage point - really nice view from there with lots of water cascading over the rocks. Good hides - well camoflagued.

At the Sphinx I was searching around the one of the trees, then looked up to see green flesh. Further investigation revealed a shell covered in moss. Ooooo, I thought - a dead snapping turtle butt. Then I went back to the business of searching for the Sphinx and found it next to a the correct tree mentioned in the clues - good hide. Took the box back up to the top to do my stamping and stared at the dead turtle. Then I noticed that the eyes looked moist and I thought they blinked. So as I stamped I watched and slowly the turtle moved its head. Cool. I was glad to see that it was alive and I was glad that I didn't get to close to the mouth end.

not found Next the Gorgon. I couldn't find the huge maple trees or a blue blaze with a downed tree beside it. Retraced half of the trail but got too tired and gave up. Will have to try again with a little help from Fiddleheads.

Nice adventure, great exercise, fresh air and the 2 beautiful stamp images.

Update: Fiddleheads emailed me within a couple of hours. Looks like I may have taken the wrong trail back. Will have to try again soon.

May 20 2007
not found 401 East Service Station, Newcastle
Couldn't find this one. But enjoyed the needed rest break after a long drive. There was a micro cache near the back pond so I didn't go away
empty handed.

Belleville, Cobourg, Newcastle

foundBelleville Marina, Belleville
handcarved stampThis was my goal, get to Belleville Marina and work my way back west. Really enjoyed driving through Belleville. Beautiful town. Thanks for taking me to the waterfront. A quick find. It was fun looking through the letterbox at the familiar sig stamps and those that I'd never seen before. Wish I had time to stop by Ramada's off-leash dog park but we were heading to Pooch Path where my dog had an opportunity for off-leash fun.

foundGizmo's Pooch Path, Belleville

handcarved stampWe really enjoyed the off-leash trail. Did the whole loop. When we got to the birdhouses a couple of bluebirds swooped by us and the male landed on one of the boxes. What beautiful birds - I had never actually seen one before and this one let me have a close-up view.

I was excited to find Gizmo's letterbox, eager to see Gizmo's stamp. What a great portrait of the cute pooch. A terrific addition to my logbook.

foundGT Pod or Bay of Quinte
handcarved stampI don't know how I did this but, using the directions for Bay of Quinte I found GT Pod. Cute stamp. I found it the bushwacking way - a bit of a struggle with a few woody plants but do-able.
--Norasta confirmed that I found GT Pod.--

foundWaterfront Series, Cobourg
handcarved stampI'm amazed with all the secluded pristine waterfront area along this part of Lake Ontario. I grew up in Toronto so I'm not used to being the only one out there enjoying the sounds of the waves and the views of water and trees - no skyscrapers, no hoardes of people. Plus the water was a clear blue/green. I could see to the bottom of the lake bed. Growing up, the water in the lake was brown. This was almost a tropical ocean look. Great directions, hides and stamps. A very nice series.

As an added bonus I got to drive through downtown Cobourg. I was sorry that I couldn't stop for a little while. What a beautiful quaint place. I'll have to come back and have some coffee at the "Human Bean".

found401 West Service Station, Newcastle
handcarved stampAnd the final box of the day. A letterbox find, followed by a quick bite to eat before continuing home along the 401. Enjoyed the hidden picnic area. No one around, had the place to myself. Nice hide, fun appropriate stamp. It was great to have picnic tables around to do my stamping.

Thanks Jiggs for your recommendations. Wish I could have gotten to them all.

Thanks everyone for your letterboxes. You made this letterboxer's day a happy one. :)

May 9 & 11 2007

Planted 2 new hitchhikers

I've planted 4 hitchhikers in the past 2 months. I have my fingers tightly crossed that people will log their finds when they retrieve them. So far Kissy Face Angels was retrieved but the finder did not log their find.

May 7 2007

foundWater Music: second movement by the Fiddleheads
handcarved stampSo serene. I fitting spot for something musical in the classical genre.

foundGet Your Bearings by the Fiddleheads
handcarved stampA great tour of a few arboretum specimens. Wonderful stamp. Well done.

May 6 2007



foundLucky Duck
handcarved stampFirst letterbox of the day. Lovely area, there was a dad and his young son fishing in the pond. Really nice place to walk the dog. Good hide, hand-carved stamp, good container, creative logbook. Nice Spring weather. Couldn't ask for more. What surprised me was all the visitors when I opened up the letterbox's logbook . I was the 8th visitor and the only trailname I recognized was Trailfeather's. Looks like the Sehl's article in the Record got a few people interested in letterboxing. Before leaving I put a little something extra in the box (it needs to move along – be kind, log your find :) ).

foundA Pair of Red Doves for Michael Bird
handcarved stampPaid a second visit to this one. Unfortunately the first one went missing but the Sehl Gang replaced it and hid it differently, so I came back to stamp into the new logbook. I really enjoyed "Red Doves". The area is great, the logbook is creative, the stamps are lovely.

foundIn the Line of Fire
handcarved stampI first went out to find this box on April 2 but it wasn't there. There was a rock but only dirt under it. On April 30 the Sehl Gang confirmed that it was indeed there. So, being back in the area, I paid the spot another visit wondering how I could have missed it the first time. Found it under that rock but this time the dirt had been excavated and a package was waiting. As always, a great hand-carved stamp.

foundBack 2 School
handcarved stampI had a really great time here. They've packed so much to see and do in this park. And then there's so much to see and do just outside of the park too. Saw my first white peacock. Saw over 10 large carp in the lake. Saw over 10 mallard ducklings (so cute). Loved the logbook and the stamp. Also, enjoyed getting a close-up view of that most interesting "measurement around a shape or figure" institute. Well done Sehl Gang.

May 1 2007
no logbook

No physical logbook but an online logbook - just the stamp: Ol' 103 by Funhog

I like this idea. I hope to hide something similar one of these days. I wouldn't want to do this for all letterboxes but I can see it's application, especially for indoor boxes where a suspicious box could alarm people but a stamp by itself would not.

Found more logbook-less boxes. These are by the Green Tortuga (Ryan, webmaster of AQ):

Here's a few more by other letterboxers:

There are lots of letterbox series where there are no logbooks except in the very last box of the series. My Hansel & Gretel letterbox series is an example of this.

April 30 2007
gone fishing
Logged my HH finds yesterday and contacted the owners. Headed out to Gone Fishing in Pilkington today to drop off the 2 HHs. I was pleasantly surprised to find Celtic Quinn's Fear Itself: Chromophobia HH. I took it home, scanned the logbook and emailed the images to CQ.
April 29 2007
foundHad a great time visiting Trailfeather's Hockley Valley Hitchhiker Chalet. The box was easy to find and in a beautiful location. I had a choice between 3 hitchhikers: Safe Harbor, Allen-Bradley Clock Tower and Aerialist. I took the Clock Tower and Aerialist and left Centennial 1967 and Fear Itself: Chionophobia. Boy oh boy HHs require a lot of stamping and keeping track of which logbook you stamped which stamp into. But I love HHs - it's worth all the effort. After about a 1/2 hour of stamping and checking and putting stamps back in their correct packages, then re-checking that I didn't miss something I was ready to go and enjoy more of the Hockley area. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the Bruce Trail looking for geocaches -- found 5 before calling it a day and heading home. I will definitely be back again soon. TF tells me that there will be more LBs hidden in the area - can't wait. :) handcarved stamp
April 22 2007
snow phobia
Went out to check on the Hansel & Gretel boxes. I was amused to find Celtic Quinn's hitchhiker Fear, Itself: Chionophobia This is the 3rd time I've found this HH. Since the last time I found it, it has traveled to 3 different cities. I'm hoping to get it down to St Catherines' Sunset View or maybe Trailfeathers' new HH chalet in Hockley Valley.
April 20 2007

foundMaking a Mountain out of a Mole Hill by the Fiddleheads

handcarved stampAnother great box by Fiddleheads.

Sent mail to Fiddleheads (spoilers removed):

Woo hoo! Found it. What fun we had.

I saw your box announcement pop-up and read the description. I had a good idea which hill you were talking about...It was still quite light out so I grabbed the dog and off we went.

The walk up the hill was not too strenuous, I didn't even get winded. On our way up the hill we met up with a very nice family with a very friendly little girl and her brown lab. My dog had a great time with the girl and the lab. [The] Park is an off-leash area so it was wonderful for my dog to visit.

I found the gravel path and the dead tree and the y in the trail. [Removed spoiler section] my dog and I sat on the hill enjoying the beautiful evening weather and stamping the logbooks.

Excellent... stamp! Loved the... log book. A very nice all-round experience. Thanks so much.

April 14 2007
Silvercreek trail stamp image
I was surfing the web when I stumbled upon an image of an old letterbox of mine - Silvercreek Trail planted in 2002, went missing in 2006. I never saved the image so when I lost the box I lost everything. Much to my delight someone posted the logbook with the stamp image on their blog. The stamp image is on the left, click on the image for the full view of the logbook and image.
April 10 2007
star wars logo

foundTie Fighter by Fiddleheads - found

handcarved stampSent mail to Fiddleheads:

A job well done. Clear clues, really nice park and I love the carved stamp by the 7 year old artist. Thanks so much for placing a letterbox for me to enjoy. Keep up the good work! :)

P.S. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I wasn't the first finder.

Thanks for the note in your clue page pointing people to Fido and Friend and to Reservoir Dogs, it's much appreciated. :)

April 3 2007

Letterboxing and Geocaching
2 great past times


  • they are both hide 'n seek treasure hunting games. The goal in both games is to find a hidden container.
  • The treasure in geocaching are trinkets - take a trinket and leave a trinket.
  • The treasure in letterboxing is a stamp image - take an impression of the box's stamp for your personal logbook and leave an impression of your signature stamp image in the box's logbook.


  • The major difference is that geocaching is high tech. The hider gives the seeker latitude/longitude coordinates so that the seeker can enter the coordinates into a GPS receiver in order to find the box. Often, extra clues are provided by the hider because coords take you to, at best, a 5 meter radius of the hiding spot.
  • Letterboxing is lower tech, the hider gives the seeker directions to the hidden box. It is somewhat high tech because generally, you find the clues online - which of course, requires the use of a computer.

I like them both because:

  •  the sense of discovery, adventure and intrigue
  • getting exercise without realizing it
  • having a goal while I'm out walking
  • losing my fear of the woods
  • seeing some scenic, historic, unusual, beautiful places and things that I would have missed if it wasn't for these treasure hunt games
  • discovering my own town while looking for boxes and especially while looking for good places to hide boxes
  • increasing my driving confidence - before geocaching and letterboxing I didn't do much driving and was afraid to use major highways or country roads
  • the gift that someone left for me to find - it's especially wonderful when the hider really considers the finders' experience and writes clear clues, responds to emails, and regularly maintains boxes.
  • the online community

The best way to really understand the similarities and differences is to get out there and find a variety of letterboxes and geocaches.

Letterboxes can also be found on where coordinates often take seekers to a starting point and written directions take the seeker to the box. Here's a search for the keyword: letterbox on the geocaching site.

April 2 2007


New Kitchener Waterloo letterboxes by the Sehl gang

foundA pair of red doves for Michael Bird - found

handcarved stampTerrific area. Cryptic yet clear clues. Great box but I have concerns about the container. Very nice hand-carved stamps. I also have concerns about the hiding spot - too easy for groundskeepers to spot and toss. I checked the online clue and the status was changed to missing (I hope this is an error and that the box hasn't already disappeared.

April 15 - got a message from the Sehl gang - they have replaced the letterbox and modified the hiding spot and container. Great news!

foundThe Flames - found

handcarved stampGood clues. Unique container. I have concerns about the location and durability of the container.

not found In the Line of Fire - couldn't find

The clues were very clear and I'm pretty sure I was in the right area. I found one rock near the post but there was no box under it. Also looked under tar/cement chunks in the area but didn't find a box.

April 30: got a message from the Sehl Gang - the box is there. I'll try again soon.

handcarved stampMay 6: found it. I had looked in the correct spot but the Sehls hadn't planted it before posting it so it wasn't there on April 2 when I went to look for it.

April 2007
handcarved stampI planted "Old Bow Bridge" but I called it "McQuillan bridge letterbox" after its original name. You can find it on and on
March 2007
scratching head
The weather is warming up and I want to plant another letterbox. I carved a stamp in the winter but now I can't find it. It's kind of intricate so I really don't want to carve another one. Oh where oh where did I put my handmade stamp? I need to be more organized!......a few days later.....I found it in a drawer. I've started working on the clues/directions for this box. I want to incorporate numbers into the clues - it's proving to be tricky but I will persevere. I'd like to get this out by next week. Look for the "Old Bow Bridge" letterbox coming soon.
February 2007
Just too cold and too much snow to get serious about searching for letterboxes and geocaches so I did a bit of maintenance throughout February. I mostly worked on added a few more things to this site - see "make a letterbox", "logbook examples" and additional links on the links page and reading the AQ boards.
January 23 2007

foundGuelph Esker by valleyone (GC10BKV) store bought stamp

  • tricky find, good hide
  • needed clue but still took me 3 visits to finally find it because it's well hidden
  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp
January 8 2007

foundCrawford Tract Letterbox by valleyone (GC103KG)store bought stamp

  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp
  • a quick find
January 7 2007


North Little Tract Letterbox by valleyone (GC104K1) store bought stamp

  • Nice find in the same tract as my Little Tract letterbox. This one is in the north end, mine is in the south end.
  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp

foundThe Big Beech Stub by valleyone (GC1009P) store bought stamp

  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp
  • in the same park as Fido and Reservoir Dog and Big Dog

foundBeaton's Boardwalk by valleyone (GC1009F) store bought stamp

  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp
  • in the same park as Fido and Reservoir Dog and Big Dog

foundHenry's Bridge by valleyone (GC1009C) store bought stamp

  • need a gps receiver to find the location
  • nice commercial stamp
  • in the same park as Fido and Reservoir Dog and Big Dog
January 4 2007
post box

Postal letterboxing.

Received my very first postal letterbox, "Canadian Celebration: Greatest Canadian" by butterfly5.

'Canadian Celebration' is the very first Canadian-only postal letterbox. A great way to get Canadians to test the postal waters.

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