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Undemanding hike (most of the hike is on a trail, no bushwacking, minimal or no hills), straight-forward clues
Easy hike (short hike on a well-groomed trail, no hills), easy clues
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  • Found 28 letterboxes in 2006.
  • Planted 14 letterboxes in 2006.
  • Canada Day went missing - retired it.
  • Retired 4 Dogs letterboxes.
December 21 2006
The Spring-like mild weather has inspired me to plant more letterboxes to drum up some more visits to Preservation Park. The '4 Dogs' boxes have seen extremely little activity this past year. They freeze-in in the winter so I've decided to retire them and put 2 new boxes out: Reservoir Dog and Fido and Friend in a Forest (this one is winter-friendly). They are listed on - you don't need a gps unit to find them.
November 18 2006

Winter is approaching. The weather is getting cold. Real letterboxing and geocaching activities are slowing down. It's time for virtual letterboxing. I'm especially pleased to get the creator's personal art work as a reward. My favourite new virtual letterbox creators are:
alamocito: if you are top 10, she will send you a personalized art card. The rewards are personal pieces of art by alamocito.
Stargazer: hand-carved rewards
Six Ps: Tulip Trekker: hand-carved rewards
Mango Minstrels: the clues and the hand-carved rewards are made by the young Mango Minstrels. Nicely done.
TP: hand-carved rewards
Moonbunny: Nancy Drew series. Hand-carved rewards

October 26 2006
On the 24th I checked Gryphons and was sure that it was missing. The side panel had been kicked in and I thought that had something to do with the box not being in it's hiding spot. Today I decided to have just one more look. It turned out to be only about an inch from it's original hiding spot but on a different angle then I had originally placed it and under an empty pop bottle. On the 24th I retired the box but today I have re-activated it.
October 21 2006
For butterfly5:
butterfly5's first letterbox log
(click on the link for the log image) was in the Arboretum letterbox in Guelph, Ontario on December 4, 2004 .
October 2 2006
Got an email via Atlas Quest that Marg's logbook was full. I replaced it the next day. I sure do appreciate getting maintenance messages.
September 14 2006
Checked on Canada Day Micro after getting a report that it was likely missing, and indeed it is. The hiding spot isn't the best so I've retired it. But I've got another idea for next Canada Day that will incorporate the Queen's sculpture. Stay tuned.
August 23 2006

The Batesville stamp was hand delivered to me and is now back in the box.

Lessons I have learned:

  • put a note in the box letting people know not to trade out the stamp.
  • In indelible ink, put a note on the back of the stamp to please leave the stamp in the box
  • Also on the back of the stamp include my email address.
  • the geocaching community can be so very helpful and cooperative
August 15 2006
Well it happened for the first time in 4 years of hiding letterbox hybrids (which are letterboxes that are posted on, the stamp in the Batesville box was traded out. But the good news is the geocacher noted it in the online log. I contacted the cacher and the stamp is being mailed back to me. How great is that! In the meantime there's a replacement carved stamp in the box but it was a rush job so it's not as nice.
August 14 2006
Gave Bridge View one more look today and I found it, in it's correct hiding spot. Seems I was looking at another hole just a foot or so away. I'm sure that hole wasn't there a few months ago. It confused me. But I'm relieved to see that Bridge View is safe and sound. The logbook was full so I replaced it. I also had the added pleasure of finding Celtic Quinn's Snow Hitchhiker in the box.
August 9 2006

Rick Simpson posted a message on the LBNA discussion group that hits home for me:

"... we all put a lot of time and energy into our boxes, and we should realize that once you plant a box, you loose control. It's no longer a personal keepsake. It's not on a shelf in your house. Your box takes on a life of it's own. It's constantly interacting with the elements, animals and other boxers. Things can and will go wrong, but things also go wonderfully right most of the time.

The whole LB community is based on a gift of sharing with strangers, which inherently has risk. There is no reward without the risk."

That being said, Bridge View is gone. I checked yesterday and the hiding hole was uncovered and the box gone. Ce la vie. I'll think about planting a replacement but I'll wait until the Fall to let the spot "cool down".

July 17 2006

Not much activity on the letterboxing front. I'm mostly doing maintenance visits. Bugs aren't too bad for July. Also doing a bit of geocaching - a few boxes have popped up in the area this month.

I've been adding waymarks to the waymarking site. I think of waymarking as a tourist database - adding points of interests by latitude/longitude, places you think others might want to visit. You don't have to have a GPS unit to see waymarks in your area, just go to the Directory page and put in your postal code or zip code.

June 27-28 2006
Ili & Lil's baby boy is born on the 27th. In celebration of the event I plant a "newborn" letterbox on the 28th.
June 25 2006
It's official, I've changed my trailname to Lone R (from the team name JARS) on AQ and LBNA
June 22 2006
Checked on the boxes and found both of them in the open outside of their hiding spots. Odd. No one logged in and the Arboretum box had some of its camo tape peeled off. I'm guessing it was an animal. Will go back and check on it again soon to see if it happens again.
June 21 2006
Found a new home for the Arboretum LB and planted another LB nearby Canada Day.
June 20 2006
A beautiful day to visit the Arboretum and check on the cache and letterbox. When I got to the tree that hides the letterbox, it was in smithereens. Literally a pile of sawdust where once there was a hollow trunk. And amongst the wood chips sat the letterbox. Wow, what a stroke of luck. I removed it. I'll start looking for another quiet serene place to hide it away. I really like the stamp and the park so I sure hope I find a good spot. But in the meantime it has been retired.
June 16 2006
Went out to Gone Fishing in Pilkington to do a maintenance visit and leave something special in box #2 (hint, hint). All boxes are there and in great condition. 2 finders for boxes 2-4, no one has found #1 yet.
May 3 2006
Did a check on all the WTL boxes and I'm happy to report that they are all there.

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