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When it comes to the find what difficulty level do you prefer?
Strenuous hike (hills, water-crossing, bushwacking), tough clues
Strenuous hike (hills, water-crossing, bushwacking), straight-forward clues
Undemanding hike (most of the hike is on a trail, no bushwacking, minimal or no hills), tough clues
Undemanding hike (most of the hike is on a trail, no bushwacking, minimal or no hills), straight-forward clues
Easy hike (short hike on a well-groomed trail, no hills), easy clues
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Pamphlet-style little logbook. Actual size. Cover is stitched to inside paper.

Front cover and back cover. Open to show stitching on spine. 3 holes punched with a needle and stitched along spine.
Opened to reveal inside spine and stitching.
This pamphlet-style logbook cover was made by cutting out a piece of a kleenex box.
Simple cardstock logbook. Cardstock is cut to size. A hole is punched into each page with a 1/8" hole-punch. Then the pages are bound together with a small nylon cable tie. Nylon cable logbook instructions.
One hole-punch and side notches. String is threaded thru the hole punch to secure the pages. String is also tied around the notches to secure and to create a spine. Beads were added for decoration.
Logbook bound japanese style.
Staple bound spine (like a magazine). Only problem with staples -- they may rust and stain the papers. Also since most staplers aren't long enough, you need to buy a long-reach stapler. The cover was a scrap of wrapping paper that once covered a box of Laura Secord chocolates. Magazine-style logbook instructions.

Camo-duct tape covered logbook. Leather string to tie the cover and interior pages together.

Screw-post logbook - cut cardstock to size, used a hole-punch to punch holes in each sheet, bound them together with a screw-post.

Other logbook making tutorials:

  • AQ bookmaking 101 - codex binding where many sheets of paper are sewed together and a cover is wrapped around the book.


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