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Databases and catalogues
Atlas Quest
Atlas Quest
My favourite international letterboxing database, where you can log your finds. Great forums. AQ supports a variety of letterbox types (mystery, virtual, webbox, postals, hitchhikers, events, etc.). Many great features.
The geocaching site includes letterbox hides. Letterboxes must have coords (latitude/longitude) that take the seeker at least to the trailhead or parking area. Directions can be used from the initial coords. Letterboxes must include a stamp and a logbook.
Letterboxing North America
The original letterboxing database - a depository. The "Basement" of old unclaimed letterboxes from the old database can be found at: and (you must log into LBNA in order to see the archived boxes).
Urban Letterboxing
Urban Letterboxing
A database of city letterboxes. Mostly European. They have a great flash letterboxing tutorial.

A French/European game. A combination of letterboxing and geocaching. The box contains trinkets but no gps unit is required. You will also find cists that are hidden in Canada and the US. The website is confusing - I could not determine how one registers an attempt/missing and I could not find a way to contact the placer.

Letterboxing clues in Germany and Europa
Scottish Castle Letterboxing Scotland
Dartmoor Off Dartmoor Letterbox Clue Catalogue: page 1 | page 2

Off Dartmoor Letterbox Clue Catalogue
Postal address for Dartmoor letterbox catalogue
Dartmoor Bounders
Dartmoor catalogue for purchase
Dartmoor letterboxes - Silent Doug
Dartmoor letterboxes -
Dartmoor Letterboxing .org
Dartmoor National Park Authority - letterboxing page
Dartmoor Photos - nice photos of a group of letterboxers on the Dartmoor moors
Louise's Dartmoor photo gallery - good photos - a really big personal logbook with stamps, a hidden letterbox under a boulder, the first letterbox in Cranmere, a letterbox stamped image
Official Dartmoor Letterboxing Club
Peatbank virtual - Unique.Find a letterbox in Dartmoor virtually. Have a look around, try to find the hidden letterbox.
Dizzy Boxes

Letterboxing-related sites
Geocaching & Letterboxing Resources
Geocaching & Letterboxing information
Letterboxing Animated Tutorial
Letterboxing tutorial - a quick succint animated flash tutorial
Global map

Online maps:
Google maps
Mapquest maps

Letterboxing Books and Books by Letterboxers - a Jackbear blog

Hitchhiker Tracking Site
This is a historical list of hitchhikers travels from before Dec 1, 2005. Contact Wanda and Pete if you find an old HH that's listed on their site. To log and track newer hitchhikers see Atlas Quest

Oregon Coast Quests - paper catalogue only (no online clues)

Ontario Letterboxers Patch

Travelling Exhibit of Patches - We Live and Breath
Letterbox patches blogspot (Mark and Sue's extensive list)
Dartmoor Badges - Dartmoor
Dixiegraphic letterbox patches list

Valley Quest
Yamhill Parks Tanglebox - Yamhill County Parks' (McMinnville, Oregon) own version of letterboxing

Carve your own stamps
Acetone transfer technique - You Tube
Carving a letterbox stamp -You Tube
How to carve a rubber stamp - tutorial by Rita - video demo using rubber and a linoleum cutter - You Tube
How to create your own foam stamps part.1 - You Tube
Make mine magazine - carve a stamp - You Tube
Making rubber stamps - You Tube
Carving tutorial
Stamp carving tips & tricks by Scoutdog - lots of great photos to follow along
Mindful Craftiness link
Stamp carving tutorial - lots of photos; uses the tracing paper transfer method:
eraser carving
Eraser stamp photo demo - using the drawing on the eraser method by Moo Cow Fan Club
Carving Consortium
Carving Consortium - soft block carving and printing
Carving Tips From Hart x6 - portrait carving with an exacto knife
Tiny carving demo with ElectricMedic
Cork stamp
Cork stamps - photo tutorial demonstrating how to carve a cork stamp - Craft Chi blog
SpringChick's cork stamps
Cork stamps - carved by SpringChick

Eraser carving-part 1

Eraser carving-part 2

by carlafibers

Bottle cap foam stamps
Fun foam bottle cap stamps - use bottle caps to stick personalized cut out fun foam bits for stamping - Cut Out + Keep Craft Tutorials
How to make a stamp - Valley Quest
Kirbert's carving
Rubber Stamp Carving Tips by Kirbert
gourd stamps

John Kofi Nsiah - Adinkra Stamp Carver, Ghana
Stamps are carved from calabashes - or gourds

Carving material

PZ Kut whitePZ Kut orange

PZ Kut by Stampeaz

  • white and orange
  • no longer produced
  • possible new product available in the future
  • 10" X 4.75" X .25" $6.50 White Grade A (sold out)
  • 10" X 4.75" X .25" $5.00 Orange Grade A (sold out)
Pink stuff

Speedball Speedy Carve

  • pink stuff
  • 4x6" approx. $5.50
  • Available at many craft and art supply stores.
  • Also available online at many online dealers....Stampeaz, Dixie Graphics, Dick Blick, etc.
Nasco Safety Kut

Safety Kut by Nasco

Inovart block material

Inovart Smooth-Cut Mounted Printing Block at Dick Blick

  • 4x6" $3.69 (as of Feb 2010)

Vinyl lino stamp making blocks at Essential Art Products

  • 4x6" $3.49 (as of Feb 2010)

MarsCarve - made by Staedler

  • Available in some arts supply stores and online
Vinyl eraser

Vinyl erasers

  • Available in most stores including dollar stores
Speedy Cut

Speedball's Speedy Cut

  • whitish stuff

Gomuban Relief Print Plates

Dixie's review of 4 new products

  • Flexible Printing Plate
  • "Eco" Carve
  • Karve Majik
  • Smooth-Cut

Using software to turn photos into images you can carve
Befunky logo - use the 'cartoonizer' to turn an image into a cartoon drawing
Dumpr - turn your photo into a pencil sketch. No downloading of software required. Free.
Kodak Easyshare - use Kodak's free software to create colouring book images of your photos to carve into a stamp. The coloring book feature is under "Fun Effects". See example.

Prepping Photos for Carving Using Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Webfoot's Photoshop directions on AQ
part 1, part 2, the amazing result
Sitzmak's MS Word directions on AQ

Making a stencil in MS Word by Stencilry

Making a stencil in Photoshop by Stencilry

Make your own digital stamps by Gillian Allen (Photoshop6)

Make your own logbook
Lone R's handmade logbooks
Make a Mini Book From Found Materials
Pamphlet binding to make a small book.
Coptic stitch binding - You Tube video by jaescala
Go to Staples/Business Depot/Kinkos and have them comb-bind a stack of unlined index cards or cardstock.

Make your own letterbox
Make a letterbox

Photos and images of letterboxes, logbooks and stamps
Bound4Nature personal letterboxing page
British Columbia
British Columbia Letterboxes - gorgeous site with nice examples of letterboxing carved stamps
Der Mad Stamper
Der Mad Stamper - great examples of carved stamped images
Duohearts carved eraser
DuoHearts - photos of actual carved material made by DuoHearts and the stamped image
Flickr logo
Flickr - keyword/tag search for letterboxing
Flickr - my favs - letterboxing photos
J's Scrapbook
J's scrapbook - image of a logbook with 3 entries
Julie's Journal Blog
Julie's journal blog - a great example of a logbook with many stamps and entries by the finder about the letterboxes she found
Letterbox with postcards
Lisa Scenic's crow stamp and logbook
Lisascenic's letterboxing set on Flickr
Louise's Dartmoor Page
Louise's Dartmoor photo gallery - good photos - a really big personal logbook with stamps, a hidden letterbox under a boulder, the first letterbox in Cranmere, a letterbox stamped image
Ruthann's soft-block carving
Mommafox's site - some nice images of a letterbox and contents and a personal logbook
Penncoaster's site - lots of examples of letterbox stamps, see the Planted boxes, Found boxes, and Exchanges
So. Hill Henderson's signature stamps
SpringChick's carved stamps

Let's Go Letterboxing - the Family Fun Magazine (Disney) that got a whole lot of people interested in letterboxing in 2006
Letterboxing: a different type of treasure hunt - Toronto Star. Published On Tue Jul 20 2010

Personal & Group letterboxing pages that I like (that aren't already listed in the box above)
Cavy Lovers' Letterboxing Guidelines - waiver of responsibility and disclaimer
Carving tips by Kirbert
MO UR4ME - waiver and disclaimer
Silent Doug's articles  

Planting advice
The 7 Sins of Letterboxing - good planting advice (and it's a letterbox series as well)
Creating Great Letterboxes - advice from Green Tortuga (Ryan Carpenter) webmaster of the Atlas Quest site

Letterbox clues not on AQ or LBNA
Earthplace letterboxes - the Nature Discovery Center, Westport, CT 
Letterboxes on Second Life: 2nd Box | 2nd Box 2
MetroFamily Letterboxes - Oklahoma
Perfect Circle Letterboxing Guild Clues - New Jersey

4H letterboxing outting - Fox News
Bay Area Backroads - Letterboxing episode - click on "Letterboxing", the letterboxing episode starts about 45 seconds into the segment.
CapeCast goes letterboxing for Nov. 5th - fast forward to 1:33/5:00, that's where the letterboxing segment starts
Carve a stamp videos:


How to carve a rubber stamp - tutorial by Rita - video demo using rubber and a linoleum cutter - You Tube
  Carving a letterbox stamp -You Tube
  How to create your own foam stamps part.1 - You Tube
  7 Hats for 7 Dwarfs letterbox clues - You Tube - Maiden1974
  Crossroads Letterbox Clues - You Tube. Connecticut. Log it on AQ.
  No Time to Stop in NM You Tube. New Mexico.
  RI Letterboxing Challenge - You Tube - Seamaiden's video challenge to find her Ex Libris letterbox in Woonsocket Rhode Island.
  The Very Lonely Seagull - You Tube - Maiden1974
Finding the "Snail's Retreat" Letterbox -You Tube
Finishing up the Friends Forever Letterbox, then starting and failing the Thundermist Letterbox by spheremaster May 27, 2006 -You Tube
Geek Girl TV #38: Letterbox - You Tube - fast forward to 5:50/9:08 It's a short segment that explains what letterboxing is.
Geocaching episode -
Geocaching [PBS] - filmed at Geowoodstock 4 in Texas
Kairi (and mommy) go on their first Letterbox hunt. It was lots of fun! - You Tube
Letterboxing - a quick kitchen demo about what letterboxing is
Letterboxing - follow along as 2 friends try to locate letterboxes, starring Kate and Diane
Letterboxing - follow along as 2 little sisters attempt to find a letterbox
Letterboxing Anthem -You Tube
Letterboxing at the Refuge - a nice slideshow
Letterboxing instructions - You Tube; view the pages of an old logbook
Letterboxing North America Convention 1999
Molly and Kiri Letterbox Laurelhurst Park
Planting "Bear's Pause" Letterbox at Bear Hill, Victoria BC -You Tube
The soaring birds go letterboxing - watch 4 cute kids as they search for letterboxes
Vodpod - Lone R's collecting videos stored on vodpod.

Discussion Groups and Boards
Atlas Quest Boards - a great place to get almost instanteous responses to your questions. Generally a very easy-going, comfortable and friendly environment. The Webmaster is very responsive to problems and questions that arise.
Letterboxing-usa - the discussion group. Can get nasty in there. Flames are allowed. I highly recommend the AQ boards instead.
Lbox-announce - sign up to this group to get announcements whenever someone posts a letterbox to
LiveJournal letterboxing discussion group
New Boxers - a spin-off of the letterboxing-usa. Flames are highly discouraged.
Ontario Letterboxers - Do you crave hidden art objects? Do you like to hunt for (not so buried) treasure? Letterboxing is the hobby for you. This is a discussion forum for letterboxing enthusiasts in Ontario, Canada. Let's try to get this hobby off the ground here!
Virtual Letterboxing - An online letterbox, with clues that must be deciphered by visiting Web pages. Once solved, a rubber stamp image may be awarded online 

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