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Welcome to Ozone Engineering Technologies, an environmentally friendly water treatment systems company.

Our Mission

"To provide the cleanest, safest and most economical systems that purify your water while protecting the environment in the process"

"Why Ozone"?

Ozone is the most powerful oxidant and fastest acting disinfectant used in the treatment of drinking water.

Ozone was identified over 150 years ago and is widely used in Europe. There are over 35 large municipal water installations in the U.S. today using ozone. In the last ten years technology has advanced to provide ozone for the point of entry (P.O.E.) or whole-house water purification application.

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive form of oxygen (O2) and is produced from the oxygen in the ambient air by corona discharge. Corona discharge is the only practical method of producing ozone in large enough quantity for drinking water applications. Since ozone is an unstable gas, it cannot be bottled, shipped or stored and therefore must be produced on site.

As an oxidant, ozone is 152% stronger than chlorine and also acts as a strong bactericide, viricide, flocculent and microflocculent to remove undesired taste, color and odor while disinfecting the water. Ozone disinfects water over 3000 times faster than chlorine, destroying bacteria in seconds.

Ozone is a disinfectant and oxidant without peer and does not produce halogenated by-products which contaminate the treated water. The same cannot be said for most chemical water treatments. Chlorine produces carcinogenic by-products called Trihalomethanes (THM's).

With the increase of knowledge and research in the field of "Ozone Water Treatment" ozone has become the technology of the millennium for both large municipal and P.O.E water treatment.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact the experts at "Ozone Engineering" any time for prices, comments or questions concerning products and services or for any information you may require in general.

(707) 964-1992
(707) 964-1992
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31701 Pearl Dr. Fort Bragg, CA 95437
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