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May is here and that means full bore gardening time. In the higher elevations still keep in touch with the weather, for a little frost might pop-up in the next week but you should be safe.

Now is the time to start checking for insects, they are starting to be active and with the mild winter that we had, there should be plenty of them this year. If you keep everything neat and tidy, you can cut back on the insect problem. Any extra stuff that you have laying around in your yard--get rid of it--Bugs like that kind of stuff.

If you have been thinking of adding something new this year to your yard, now is the time to check out your local nursery. They should be fully stocked up and have a good selection and variety.

Now is a great time to do any sod or seeding that you have been waiting to do. The warmer the air temp is at night, the faster your seed will take hold. speaking of sod and seed brings me to this subject. Some people say that if your lawn is over 50% good grass, that you should just take out the bad area and you will be find. I do not agree. If you have bentgrass or crabgrass in your lawn and it is starting to spread all over---Then I say get rid of it now. That stuff is nasty once it takes hold and you can be fighting with it for the rest of your life. The best way to get rid of the nasty weeds is to spray it with round-up--wait a week---roto-till it until you can't roto-till no more. Rake the area out--put water to it--wait a week and then spray again. Then you are ready to put down some seed or sod. If you do not want to spray(that's fine)you just have to roto-till even more.

The Rhody's in this area are starting to do there thing. After the flowers have died off--pinch off the dead blossoms. Be careful not to pinch off the new growth or the new buds that are forming. If you are going to buy a new Rhody, they do best in a protected area--with no afternoon sun(too hot)and not a lot of wind. The north side of your house is the best place--with the eastside being the second choice.

With it now being May, this is a good time to take a walk around and see what all is growing and blooming. It's a great way to get idea's. Be creative and try not to plant the same old thing. Gardening can be a lot of fun and a great way to make your own statement on how you feel. Well as of May 15th, we have jumped right into summer. Check the water content of your garden often. The warm nights will get everything kicking.--Have fun---Chuck