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Live Trees

Instead of buying a plastic tree or a cut one--try a live one.
Live Trees for the Holidays

Tired of getting cut Christmas trees every year and throwing money away. Think about getting a live Christmas tree. Even if you live in a condo or an apartment and do not have anywhere to plant it after Christmas.You can always donate it to a park, school, charity,etc.

There are a lot of types of trees that you can find at your local nursery that would look good in your home as a live tree,Spruce, Pine, and Fir are just a few. The big thing on live trees is that you do not want to move the tree directly into your house from the great outdoors. You need to gradually acclimatize your tree to the warm indoors. If you move your tree from 30 degrees outside into let's say 75 degrees inside--As Keith Jackson says---Whoaaaaa Nellie.When you bring the tree home from the nursery, put it on your porch or garage--some place protected and a little warmer than outside. Leave it there for a few days then move it inside. Do the reverse when it is time to move it out. You do not want to go from cold to hot or hot to cold all in one day.

Once inside, keep it away from your heat source. Be it a heating vent or wood stove.Keep ice cubes on the base of the tree-It helps fool the tree for a little bit and keeps the soil cool. No--do not try dry ice.Try to keep it in your house no longer than a week.Plant the tree outside when the ground is not frozen. Several things you can do--1.Dig your hole before the ground gets frozen or -2.Wrap your tree in a blanket or burlap to keep the roots from freezing. You can also mulch it in until it warms up.

When you are able to plant it outside, make sure you plant it in the right spot. Your tree might be a cute little six footer, but it will grow up. When you buy your tree, make sure you know how large your tree will get.Do not plant it to close to your house or property line. Most evergreens will grow a couple of feet a year once they get growing. Dig your hole and add some organic matter to the hole. Mix it well and add some water and you are ready to go. Wail till it warms up in the spring to add some fertilizer. Your nursery person can help you with that choice. A normal garden fertilizer will work but there are some good evergreen fertilizers also. Every nursery will have a different kind or there own . You will have to check the watering the first year, but once it gets going you will not have to water that much. How much water your tree needs depends on your soil, drainage and climate. Good Luck.