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Raised Beds

Are you struggling with where to put your garden? Do you have bad soil? Do you have a weedy area you don't know what to do with? Then think about putting in some raised beds.
Raised Beds

Using raised beds in your garden can save you a lot of work in the long run, plus you will be able to have a great producing garden. With raised beds, it is easier to build up your soil, control weeds and if you have a mole or gopher problem--that too can be resolved.

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What and How


The type of wood used can be what is available to you. Cedar and redwood both work well. If you use pine it is wise to stain the boards before assembling. One 6-foot-long four-by-four
Six 8-foot-long two-by-sixes
Wood Screws
One 4-by-10-foot roll of quarter-inch-mesh hardware cloth


Cut the four-by-four into four 16-inch-tall corner posts. Cut two of the two-by-sixes in half. Assemble the pieces on a hard, flat surface. Build the bed upside down. Set a 4-foot-long two-by-six on its thin edge on the pavement, and place a 16-inch post at one end. Secure post with screws. Repeat at the other end of board. Repeat with the other short board.
Join the short sides with an 8-foot-long board and secure with two screws. Add the other long side. Add a second layer of two-by-sixes. Tack the hardware cloth to bottom and inside of bed. The hardware cloth will prevent gophers and moles from entering underneath.

Add top soil with lots of organic matter, or you can purchase some garden soils that have been blended.