Do you believe in Magic?

 For all the true believers in magic, we invite you to
copy one of our faery wings and place it in on your
page.  We would ask that you link back to our page (
so that other believers who do not have their wings
yet can stop by and pick them up.

If your unsure of your belief in magic I have listed
several questions, if you answer yes to any of them then
you DO believe in Magic and you are invited to get your
I Believe in Magic wings.  Follow the above directions for coping and linking.

Please sign our guestbook...

 Here are your questions:

1.  Do you light candles?
2.  Have you ever made a toast at a party?
3.  Do you believe in the spirit of Christmas?
4.  Do you hang decorations on your Christmas tree?
5.  Have you ever hung mistletoe?
6.  Do you have a favorite season?
7.  Have you ever been trick or treating?
8.  Have you ever wished for something?

Chose one of the following I Believe in Magic wings.




 Thank you for keeping the magic alive..

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Thank You for visiting our Realm

 Believers have picked up their wings.
 Since August 8, 1998