The Otherworld


Where is the Otherworld?
One day its just over
the horizon and the
next day its under your feet.
 There has been times in
history that the Otherworld,
also know as Faeryland,
had an actual geographical
area.  However, the actual
location tended to shift
so unwanted mortals do
not happen to visit when
they where not wanted.
There are two faerylands
most used throughout
history they are
The Isle of Man and Avalon.
Most traditional homes for
faeries are forts, barrows
and ancient earthworks,
these earthworks are know
as faery hills.  Keep
in mind that it is not
recommended that any
faery hill, or other habitat
be trespassed on.  However,
observing faery activity
from a distanct is allowed.
Fairies may live alone or
in large groups.  Large
groups of fairies live in
the Otherworld, also know
as fairyland. They have
a fairy society that has
its own government and
territory.  A king and queen
rule the Otherworld, with
the queen having the most
power.  Life in the Otherworld
closely resembles life in the
human world.  Fairies work,
marry and have children.
Time passes extremely slow
in fairyland and there is no
old age or death (it is unknow
if  the part on death is true
since there have been faery
funeral sightings).

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