Fairies and humans

It seems that from time immemorial man has had some kind  of relationship with the faeries.  We can find stories going back to the dawn of time where the relationship of man and faery have excited.

The faeries expect a particular behavior from humans, they expect humans to honor the faery ways and beliefs, the set standards of orderliness for human homes, which they visit often, however they forbid us to see them or watch them work.  They like cheerful, generous humans.  They enjoy all kinds of human food and wine.

Fairies often aid people in various ways.  They might help with the housework or with such farm work as reaping and threshing.  In some cases, a person is not allowed to thank the fairy, to offer it gifts , or even to watch it work. If the person breaks on of these rules, the fairy runs away and never returns.

Humans who receive gifts or help from a faery must NEVER talk about it to anyone, this ensures a continued friendly relationship. 

Humans and fairies sometimes marry.  A man might go to fairyland to live with his bride or he might bring his fairy bride back to his home.  There are strict rules to remain married to a fairy.  A human husband must never scold or strike his fairy wife or refer to her as being a fairy.  If he does, the fairy immediately returns to fairyland.

Keep in mind that fairies are not always helpful and kind.  They may steal grain or lead travelers astray.  They may trick you into eating faerie food, offer a faerie drink, or even try to kiss you.  These things have special powers, and will lead to captivity forever in the world of fairies.


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