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On Halloween night, we went and had a campfire on a burial mound of a 1500-years dead king. It was very creepy. This is Debbie, dancing in the smoke.

James kept the fire going for several hours. He's also from OSU, btw...

The only known photo of Blair... ^.^ He's as hard to get a pic of as Zaph

FIRE!!!!!!! I like fire.

More fun with the mirror... can't quite get it right...

There we go!! I was bored again. ^.^

Ursula and Dom, bus station, ENTIRELY too early in the morning!

Inside shot of a Japanese bus! @.@

When autumn was just beginning to touch the Japanese maples...

An example of the sailor fuku (uniforms) that high school girls here wear. They're very cute! I want an outfit like that!

Me, Lauren. I think this was in October? ^.^

Ubiquitous temple shot!

Can't see it well from this angle, but this is the main bell.

A better shot, if not as pretty.

The entrance building at Kinkakujin temple (The Golden temple).

The main attraction, Kinkakujinja, the golden temple! Complete with zen pond.

Dom, Ursula, Lauren and I, to prove we were there! ^.^

A better shot of the zen pond. What makes it zen? There is no spoon.

And from another shot.

Raked rock garden, very zen. ^.^

More pond.

Many Japanese, when asked, say that they visit shrines or temples not because they are strictly religious places, but to enjoy the natural surroundings. With scenes like this one, that's not difficult to believe.

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