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Another sacred rock, with sacred rope and sacred paper. (you could almost play sacred rock, sacred paper, sacred scissors, but alas, no scissors)

Closeup of wooden dragon carving, sacred rope, sacred paper.

Beautiful carving of a samurai.

Lovely Sumi-E painting at the shrine

Bamboo purification fount.

This was the neatest mini-shrine. Dozens of carved sacred stones and torii gates.

Closeup of the sacred rocks...

Note the melted candle wax...

Two small Inari statues guard the entrance to the stone shrine..

This is very interesting: a stone carving of the Shinto sacred paper...

Besides the root structure being very cool, this tree was FOAMING. There was a thick white foam coming out from it... we have no idea what it was. .

Surrounded by sacred rope, these boxes are for *sacred trash*--things like lanterns and charms (omamori) that are not used anymore... people bring their charms back to the shrine so that the priests may burn them ritualistically (the charms, not the people)

One of the few Inari statues dealing with agriculture, this fox holds a ripe ear of corn in his mouth, signifying a rich bounty of crops.

Corn Inari from side.

Shinto priest emerging from shrine building.

Shinto priest from the back.

One of the main buildings.. interesting and unusually asymmetrical.

More bad wishes.

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