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Welcome to
Betty's Haven
Hello...Friends and family... I am so glad you came to visit me today. This is my INDEX, Please use your browsers BACK button when using this index. Please visit often as I update and add new pages often. I really enjoy sharing my personal web pages and making new friends on the net. Feel free to email me with your comments. Email from this page, most of my email addys are not updated on my other pages. I had to change my email because of too much spam. Be sure and see my Exploring pages. I have updated this index page as of Dec 2013. Have fun enjoying my site. Hugs to all. Here's a suggestion; make a shortcut on your desktop to my site. Just right click on this index page and click on create shortcut. Then all you would have to do to get back here is click on the shortcut. Now, wouldn't THAT be neat?! 
New See Old Summerlin House
New See Greenleaf Cemetery info Names, birthdates, deathdates and etc
New Take a Virtual Tour of My Explorings
Or see My Explorings Index 69 pages, Great!
New Raincrow / Dazzler 4 pages, great old pic's
New Sanders / Todd great old pic's
New William Ballard, Cookson Hills A great history and pic
New Old School pic's 2 pages (Pettit, Greenleaf, Yellowhammer, Whiteoak and Woodard
Be sure and see Applets Index here Snow and Lake Applets
See My Newest pages See my new Poetry Index Most of poems written by me
Sanders index or Hinds index or Ballards lots of pic's
or.... See a Ballard Index
My Exporings! New
Old wells, old cellars and etc, This is so neat, lots of pages
Raincrow / Dazzler 
Great old pic's


 New HINDS Genealogy
updated, see all the pages
New Hinds pages pic's
Check out all of them
SANDERS Genealogy
Page 1 Great old pic's
SANDERS Genealogy
Page 2 more old pic's
SANDERS Genealogy
Page 3 pic's my parents & me
Decoration Days
in Oklahoma, interesting
I remember the 40's 50's
More 40's 50's Page 2
Cherokee Pages
My Cherokee Heritage! Great pic's
NEW! Greenleaf Lake pic's!
Greenleaf creek bridge (built 30's)
Quick & Easy Meals!
5 pages, Easy cooking my way
See my beautiful Lake applets (several)
Most are pic's taken by me
Dad's Siblings
Dad's and Mom's Page
Dad's Family
Great old pic's New
Kathy adorable pages (9)
Letter to her, links to her pages Beautiful!
Kathy poems (3)
Lake applet poem
Click next on each page for next poem, she died in 73
A little about my Grandpa
Great pic's too! 2 pages
Betty's Haven at Angelfire
Pic of Me too
My Dad Poem
He died at age 85 in 1996, written by me
My Help in time of Sorrow
Be sure and see this
Many Sides of Betty
2 pages
my Top Border page 
Great old pic's of me and my siblings
Still Missing You
Thanks Mom
I never got to say "thank you"
My Sister Great pic's
Granddaughter's 1st day
1st day, Preschool
A Child Again
Have you ever wanted to be a child again? lol
Seasons in OK
See how I like them
See my Snow applets, Beautiful!
several pages
Jerry's Poem
Read at his funeral, died 11-98 EMAIL me here!