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A Few Words from Vicki about Dreams  

DREAMS have always amazed me! And one knows when I have 
amazement with a subject, my indepth research normally follows!

I can remember dreams from my childhood, but forget what I dreamed of last night!

I often there a horrendous hidden symbol when I have that dream where I find my husband driving an ice cream truck, with the song OH Little Playmate in the background as he repeatedly drives up and down our street - with CARMEN ELECTRA by his side! LOL

I don't think I want to analyze that particular dream but other recurring and symbolic dreams led me to investigate the theories of our dreams. 

The one detail that seemed to be true with everyone I talked to about the meaning of that the symbols used by the many dream dictionaries out there, never quite fit each person.

One thing I have learned from doing psychic work is how to understand and decipher symbols and signs.

Signs and symbols are how those on the other side...
our spirit guides, deceased loved ones and Angels
MUST communicate with us. 

They have no vocal cords!

I now know when I am reading for someone and I see an apple, 9 out of 10 times the person works around education. For me, when I see the apple
(in a psychic manner)…I know it relates to education.

If I am reading for a nurse or someone that works around the health & medical field, I will see the “red cross” sign or a white lab coat. Again, I see this in “my minds eye”. This is how I see things in a
clairvoyant manner.

I know this will shock some – but I do believe in God…
I believe that Jesus is his only begotten son – and I believe in Mary & the saints. I consider myself Christian/Catholic. This is a belief that I have had since a child.

I also believe that everything we need … God has provided us.
Whether it is a suggestion, knowledge or cure for cancer.
“WE” just have to find it.

I believe our dreams are yet another form of
ethereal communication...

It was probably 1999 to 2000 when I started to really dive into dreams and their meanings. Eventually I asked friends, family & clients if I could interpret a dream for them, and then they would let me know if the interpretation made sense to them.

My findings were (not to pat myself on the back but) they were amazing!

When I shared my interpretation with them, the explanation of what I was picking up for their dream made sense to them!

What I found was that some of the dreams I interpreted were prophetic for the person having the dream. Meaning that they were dreaming of events to come.

Some dreams, I felt, the dreamer was visiting with soul mates & deceased loved ones.

And in some of the dreams, the person was being cautioned about something to come or something in their life.

Every dream is different … and they all have their reasons for showing up when you lay your head down on the pillow.

I believe that some dreams give us a sample of what our life would be like…if we take a certain turn on our path.

I had a customer who would call me often and her topic was always about divorcing her husband. She always had the general reading but surprised me by ordering the dream interpretation because she was having the same dream several times a month.

In the dreams – she WAS already divorced!  The purpose of her dreams? She needed to experience exactly how much she loved her husband and exactly how sad she would feel…if he were indeed, gone.

They are still together 8 years later
The dreams saved her marriage.

When I approach a dream interpretation, there are certain things I look for.
I can’t share them with you in case you decide to order the interpretation.
I want you to provide the answers to my questions not realizing what I will need to tune into. This is actually very important. I don’t want you to over-emphasize because you know what I am listening for. You need to emphasize on your own. Because you are truly “FEELING” it.

Going back to dream dictionaries that are out there. And there are a zillion of them.

People are wired so differently, there is no way if I were to say “tell me what comes to mind as soon as I say apple?!”  Here is a for instance...the dream dictionaries state that dreaming of a fish can represent everything from someone is pregnant to meaning the dreamer is in for a round of bad luck. 

Let’s experiment…
When you say FISH to me, the LAST thing that comes to my mind is pregnancy or bad luck. “I think” of this little fish restaurant where my husband and myself would have dinner in the beginning of our relationship.

What comes to your mind when I say FISH?
This test is going to be different for each & every person.

Remember the Rorschach Test?
It’s the test where you view an ink blot
and tell what you see within the blot.

What is within that ink blot – is going to be different for most every person viewing it.

I believe this is true for dreams.

Thru the years (17 to 18 of them now) each dream interpretation is as different as the person I am working with.

Sometimes the dream is a visit for you to spend time with a soulmate.
Now I don’t believe we have only 1 soulmate. I believe any person/soul that we have experienced a past life with … is a soulmate.

I’ve had many interpretations where the client is spending time with a deceased relative or friend.

Perhaps your dream is one like my long time client who had to experience life without her husband to acknowledge that she did still love him.

Possibly – your dream is prophetic … assisting you with information that lies ahead in your life.

And where this doesn’t happen often … your dream could be visions to simply allow your tired mind the opportunity to relax from a busy day…kind of like a screen saver on your computer.

Just something to look at while you are away

I believe some dreams are a form of astral travel.
An out of body experience.

One thing I know for sure – to me, I think dreams are nothing less than astounding, no matter what the meaning. Its yet another part of life…another part of the human mind that I find to be a miracle.

Why is it that people struggle with the thought that miracles do happen?

How is it that folks don’t see childbirth, or how the moon is just far enough away that it won’t freeze the entire earth…and the sun is just far enough away that it won’t burn us to embers?

Are these things not miraculous to you?
I think they are amazing marvels of life.

Heck – I think the way a bird can sail thru the sky is miraculous!

Miracles…well…I believe in them
But then…that story is for another time

Come back soon!

And listen, let me know what YOU think about dreams!
I’d love to hear your thoughts & theories.
Drop us a line at and place the word DREAMS in the subject box.

Hugs from Vicki