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OFFICE HOURS 1 PM to 7 PM Eastern Standard Time
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No Appointment Needed for Phone Sessions

If you are unsure of what EST is... you can find out the time for
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we no longer accept credit/debit cards thru the office
we apologize for any inconvenience

Email - Phone - In Person Sessions available
absolutely no difference in the info or accuracy that will
come thru  -  we feel that each type of reading has its advantages

as is the case with any of our valued clients.
We understand not everyone is open to psychic readings.
Rest assured - your reading remains entirely confidential

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If you are interested in having Vicki appear on your show or segment
click here to email the office or simply phone the office at 513-202-1426

With over 26 years in the psychic field - Vicki has become an expert for your TV/radio/podcasts/print work. Not only has she appeared in hundreds of various forms of the media ... it is rare when she is not invited back. Vicki was the resident psychic & medium for 2 years on the WSAI unique broadcast of AngelWaves Talk Radio. Vicki became a weekly regular every Monday evening at 11 PM EST. In her 2 plus years spot ... Vicki was never late nor missed even 1 broadcast. She is reliable, dependable and always had an interesting story to share with the audience.

To keep the broadcast innovative & interesting...Vicki and her host (and dear friend)  Maureen McCullough - came up with the idea of a book review/chat to begin the first 5 mins of the show. After that, the station manager opened the phone lines were opened up and Vicki provided live psychic readings for Maureen's listeners.

Vicki is able to provide on-air live readings for your call in listeners or hosts. She's a perfect guest to explain how this whole "psychic thing" works for her or to talk about today's current events.

Vicki's insight is accurate, uplifting and most of all ... understandable. Vicki is down to earth and is not the type of psychic to talk about auras, chakras and other subjects that cannot be proven :( She is humorous when needed and always sincere...regardless of the topics at hand.

If you are interested in having Vicki on your broadcast or print work call the office with the words media inquiry in the subject box. We try to get back to you promptly. You can also check out her recommendations from previous hosts by clicking here.


Since 1994, Vickiveil has provided accurate & understandable psychic readings to clients from around the world. Whether you are a college student or celebrity ... California to Canada ...you can experience an accurate awesome psychic reading with Vicki by email or phone.

When Vicki provides your reading, YOU choose the topics & questions that are discussed in your session. No more paying for information that YOU are not interested in. If you are a 1st time telephone client, before Vicki starts your timer - she will want to tell you a few things you should know...she should not know. Vicki states that she is not a "nosy psychic". During this time period of validations...she will share what she picks up on general info...that IS specific...for you. Details such as but not limited to physical characteristics, occupation, siblings...etc etc.

If there is not at least an 80% accuracy in those statements - you have the choice of a refund or to wait a few days and try again.

Regrettably - this is not the time to ask Vicki your personal questions. This is not the time for a free reading. As of 2021 we have still not found many other psychics who offer this money back guarantee. To continue to provide this service, we do hope you will understand this is not the time to get a free psychic reading.

After a few statements/validations - Vicki will stop and ask if you would like to proceed. If you just do not care for Vicki's delivery, the way she provides insight - no offense taken. Just let Vicki know you would prefer a refund. Please note - for bookkeeping purposes it can take up to 72 hours to receive your PayPal refund. Always feel free to email/call the office to check on your refund.

There are many reasons Vicki may not connect to you ... perhaps it is just an off day for Vicki or maybe you receive a refund because you don't understand when Vicki said "I feel like the car is aqua" and you said "no..its a bluish green" ...there are times when you & Vicki just don't connect with use of words ;)

We don't think there are many psychics that offer this option. Vicki does this for the customer - yes ... but she also does it for herself. She has always said she does not feel that she is meant to be able to connect and help each & every person. There are some of life's topics she has experienced herself ... when you have similar life issues - this makes Vicki not only able to provide intuitive insight & suggestion...it also allows you to know she is truly empathic to your situation...because - she has been there herself.

Vicki has always said "there are no words more healing than to hear I understand or me too!"

Most of Vicki's readings are available by phone & email (however, medium sessions/after death communication MUST be provided by phone/in person only) 

There are different benefits to each type of the readings. The email is nice because you can refer back to the email years later. And you won't forget a word Vicki said. The phone reading is awesome because you get to hear Vicki's immediate and sometimes unexpected enthusiasm on situations, her uplifting voice and most of all - if a new question comes up because of something Vicki has said - you have the on the spot time to ask for further details...if interested.

You are also more than welcomed to record if possible.
Initially, Vicki is going to tell you a few things...you should know...she should not know. The details she will provide- are general details ... BUT are very specific for you. Info such as height, hair color, # of children, # of siblings... current marital status...may come thru. Everyone is so unique, Vicki never really knows for sure what will come thru at this time...however ... if there is not at least an 80% accuracy on these initial details...your money is refunded or you can call back a few days later. If no accurate connection does not happen again ... your money is refunded.

After a sure connection is provided - you & Vicki will go to the questions & topics you have. Vicki does not ask for birthdates, background details...she will ask your first name & the 1st name of anyone you will want to ask about.

Then - just point her in the direction of what you want to know.

Vicki explains "When someone says to me - "what do you see for me?

I feel like I am Where's Waldo...all these images,
words & feelings come shooting at me.

I can sense you shopping at Walmart...no, no wait...its Target. Oh you had to go to the doctor after that for allergies on a day of the week that starts with T...Tuesday/Thursday"

We are certain no one needs nor wants a detailed description of what someone was thinking while sitting at a red light. : (

This is why Vicki will ask you to refrain from asking "What do you see about Me/Scott/Sally?"

If you are unable to record - PLEASE write your questions/topics down on a piece of paper ...leave an open space so that you can take notes from what Vicki has to say. You only need to write a few words that will "trigger" your memory down the line. You will be surprised at Vicki's accuracy as time plays out.

Be sure to write your questions down in order of importance.
Vicki will never just slam the phone down on you when she is in the middle of a sentence. But on the same hand....when you have only 2-3 mins remaining...it is not a good time to ask to connect your deceased loved one or to ask what is the meaning of your life. These are both very intricate, deep questions. And you do not have to be a psychic to know...if you waited until the last 2-3 minutes of your reading to ask about your deceased loved one...or relationship...it must not be that important.

Vicki seldom gives you a yes or no answer only! She explains the info she senses and then she explains why a situation happened to begin with and if you like - she will ask to sense how to get around negative situations or how to even improve a great experience :)

Vicki feels like her job is not just to tell you yes or no ... she will give you a direct response but she also takes time to explain why a certain situation is happening and how to better handle it or avoid it.



You may phone the office 1 PM - 7 PM EST
if you need more details

You may also email us - if you need more info on
the readings...send us your questions/concerns.

If you would like a reading but don't know how to operate PayPal...
we can send you an invoice. PayPal is VERY easy to operate and you
do not have to join PayPal. You can use it as a 1 time option to pay.

If you don't like to use your debit/credit card online
(neither does Vicki) you can purchase a PayPal gift card
at most local retailers. It is our experience that most stores
will only accept cash for a PayPal gift card. No debit/credit cards.
But - this could be different in your area.

Just let us know what amount of time you would like with Vicki
and let us know the email address you would like to use with PayPal
and we can issue you an E-Z pay invoice to that email address.
None of your financial info is shared with our offices.

You can also follow the PRICES link above to purchase your reading.
We have done everything in our control to make your experience with PayPal
as simple as possible. Like Vicki says "If I can do PayPal...anyone can do PayPal"  ;)

Click the prices link -->    PRICES 

    if you have purchased a phone session
all the office between 1 pm & 7 pm EST
(including some weekends)

On most occasions Vicki will be able to provide
your reading on the spot. If Vicki is busy, and
you have prepaid - we can hold a spot on that
same day between 1PM & 7PM EST

    if you have purchased an email reading
Once we receive your Paypal payment
we will send you a form letter with details on
how to prepare and submit your email question(s).

PLEASE REMEMBER: we do have days off
so if we have not responded to you immediately...
chances are it is our off day (which changes week to week
to accommodate our customers available hours) plus Vicki
does parties, events, etc etc along with the normal reads.

On rare occasion it could take up to 48 hours to hear from us.
Again...this is rare. You may always call the office for more info.
 We appreciate your understanding and we really do try to get back
to our customers asap.

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY for telephone readings 
during normal office hours of 1 PM to 7 PM Eastern Standard Time

The  ON THE SPOT  Telephone Readings

In 2004 when we were still doing appointments, at some points, Vicki's clients were waiting up to 3 & 4 months to receive a reading with Vicki. This didn’t work for anyone. We eventually came up with the idea of the On The Spot reading. For any type of telephone session, you no longer need an appointment.

If you have ordered a Telephone Reading – call the office between 1 & 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you receive the voice mail – hang up, wait 5 to 15 minutes and retry your call. Vicki may be in the office but on the other line with a reading.

BUT PLEASE ... do not call the office 20 times in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, some people do this.

If you have tried phoning in 2 or 3 times and no one has answered, no answer means that Vicki is not in the office on that day or the phone lines are exceptionally busy.

If you are not sure of the time difference between your location and Vicki’s locality – you may click on 
this link. The link takes you to a website that will let you know the current time for Vicki from your location.

What you should know as a new client
and the money back guarantee

Once you have prepaid using PayPal...
call the office during normal business hours
(1 PM - 7 PM Eastern Standard Time)

As of 1/2021 we no longer proceed with the reading
unless you have prepaid


Once you have prepaid using PayPal - call the office during the hours listed. Have the email address that you used thru PayPal handy. This is how we verify your payment. Once payment is verified - if Vicki is available at that moment, she will begin the session then.

If Vicki is unavailable, we will save a spot for you on that same day. We no longer do appointments. We found it is so much better for the customer and our office to just open the phone lines for phone readings on various days without commitment from you on a specific time.

Even tho Vicki is intuitive - things do pop up for her! So we are sure this happens with our clients as well. No appointment needed lets you call in when you have a quiet time & space for yourself and with Vicki's services you never have to worry about losing 1 penny of your payment because something came up unexpectedly.

When you call the office for your reading and you are a 1st time telephone client ...PLEASE ... do not call for your reading when you are driving the interstate at 90 MPH! Do not call when you are eating, doing dishes, at the kids sports activity. Basically - ask yourself if you would want Vicki to be doing a certain activity...when she is providing the reading for you. Its actually very simple, just give Vicki the same courtesy.

Background noise/commotion will absolutely interrupt the quality
of your reading. Be sure to save a few extra minutes in case Vicki runs over your purchased time. There is never a charge if Vicki runs over to share everything she is picking up.

Vicki is going to write your 1st name over & over. This allows her to tune into you and takes her mind off anything or anyone else. She will then, 1 by 1 give you statements regarding your life. Vicki is NOT a "nosy psychic". This will be info that is general ... BUT specific for you.

During this time period - Vicki never really knows what will pop up because each person is so very unique. She may pick up on how many siblings you have, what type of work you are in or not working at all. She may pick up a physical description...important names, dates, events...relocation thoughts & wishes.

As Vicki provides these statements...she asks that you reply with only a yes, that makes sense/applies to me...or no...this does not apply nor make sense to me. We want to have at least an 80% accuracy. If there is a heavy accuracy, Vicki will ask if you would like to proceed with the reading. If you just feel like Vicki was not accurate enough or you don't like Vicki's style for delivery of her insight ... we can refund your fee.

There are times when Vicki just doesn't feel a strong connection to the person and again, we will refund your fee via PayPal. Vicki has always stated that she would rather refund a fee than to do a bad reading. If you would like more details or have questions feel free to email the office at vickiveil@aol.com. Vicki does not always answer the incoming emails so this is not a time to ask psychic questions.

And with that we hope you
have a very blessed day ...






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Are You a 1st
Time Customer?

details for the 1st timers.
Also includes info on Vicki's
money back guarantee

(telephone only)

No appointment needed

including some weekends

available by phone or email
1 dream - $30.00


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this is a 2 day service
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