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Current projects sponsored by The Harrisville Society of Friends

Flower Contest
Village Picnic
Morgan's Raid Festival
Memorial Park with Gazebo
Commemorative Bricks

Flower Contest
The Village Flag contest will be Saturday, June 26th. Further details will follow.

Village Picnic
Sunday, August 15
1:00 - 6:00
Harrisville Community Building

Please Bring Covered Dish and an Item to be auctioned to help raise money for future picnics and community projects. Paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware, water, ice tea and coffee will be provided. Bring pictures or town momentums to share with fellow friends and residents.

Bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating for if the weather is nice we will expand to the outdoors.

Let's do the auction up good this year to raise lots of money for the festival, gazebo and the community projects. You can see what grew from last years auction for all of the community projects began from the fund of $230 which was collected last year. Isn't it amazing!!!!!

All of the Harrisville Society of Friends fundraiser items will be on sale at the picnic as well. So if you haven't purchased any keychains, pictures, or bears this will be a time when you can do so. If you are wanting any customized bears and wish to pick them up at the picnic please send your order to Nancy J. Cullen at or by calling 740-546-9915 to place your order. These orders must be placed by Monday, August the 6th to have delivered in time for the picnic. You can pay for the bears at the time of the picnic as well.

2nd Annual Morgan's Raid Festival - Click here for additional information
The Festival Plans are coming along fine and beginning to fall into Place. There will be booths of local artisans and craftsmen, food, blue grass & folk music, door prizes, 50/50 drawings and much more! The entertainment schedule is posted on the festival website posted for your viewing.

We plan on making it a fun day by the participants dressing in clothing of the civil war - 1860's era, having apple cider, pumpkin pies, and many other items that would have been found during that era. We hope to have displays of some of the local history to help people learn more of the part that Harrisville played in the Civil War. Hope to see you at the Festival!

Memorial Park with Gazebo
In conjunction to the Morgan's Raid Festival, The Harrisville Society of Friends is beginning to construct a Memorial Park and Gazebo. The Gazebo will be used for the grand stage and entertainment at the festival. Other uses for the gazebo will be for summer music concerts, Easter egg hunts for the children, Memorial Day Celebrations, Presentation of Contest Prizes, Awards and Certificates, Weddings, etc.! There are many things that are within the memorial park plans. Once completed, the park will have: Gazebo, Flag Pole with Light, Memorial Monument, Water Fountain, Christmas Tree with Lighting, Benches, Bulletin Board, Chimes, and much more! Keep checking back on this website for updates and pictures of the park's progress.

Harrisville Society of Friends P.O. Box 34 Harrisville, Ohio 43974

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