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Calendar of Events - 2004
02/07 Festival Signup Day, 1pm to 4pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Building. If postponed it will be held 02/21, same time and location.
02/14 Valentine Candy Grams - Orders must be in by 02/06
03/06 Soup and Salad Fundraiser, 10am to 5pm
04/03 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser, 8am to 2pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Building
05/30 Antique Car Show/Music Concert Fundraiser
05/31 Memorial Day at the Gazebo
06/13 Roast Beef Dinner Fundraiser, 11am to 3pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Building
06/26 Flower Contest Judging - Registration Deadline 06/12
07/10 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, 11am to 6pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Building
08/15 Village Picnic & Ice Cream Social, 1pm to 6pm, Community Building
08/28 Photo Contest & Poetry Prose Contest Deadline
09/17, 18, & 19 Morgan's Raid Festival 
10/16 Hayride, 7pm to 9pm 
11/13 Ham Dinner Fundraiser, 12 Noon to 6pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Building 
12/05 Christmas Dinner/Festival Helpers, 2pm to 6pm, Fireman/Auxiliary Bldg
12/11 Christmas Lighting Ceremony, 6pm to 9pm, Community Building
For further information or questions you can send an email or call 740-546-3321 or 740-546-9915.  
Fundraiser Sale Items


Huggable Bears

Purchasing Information

Commemorative Bricks or Tiles



You can submit an order for: Keychains, Pictures, Commemorative Brick, or Huggable Bears by calling 740-546-9915 or 740-546-3321. You can also send an order to or

For Mail orders—send order and payment to:
Harrisville Society of Friends
P.O. Box 43
Harrisville, OH 43974-0043

Shipping & Handling for all mail orders:
Keychains, Pictures, or Account of Morgan's Raid. - $3.00
These items are handled separately from the Bears and are shipped as a separate order for we handled them directly.

$6.50 per bear UPS Ground - shipped directly to you from warehouse

Bulk mailing - there is no shipping fee
. However, the bears are shipped to our organization. We will call you once the order has been received to arrange for a pickup time. This is for local orders only! If you live outside of the Harrisville area but can arrange pickup through another resident then you can use this method of shipping.

For questions on fundraiser items or shipping charges call 740-546-9915 or 740-546-3321.

Harrisville Society of Friends P.O. Box 34 Harrisville, Ohio 43974

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