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Ways to Help

Fundraising is the greatest source of raising money for the organization’s projects. There are several ways that a person can help with the fundraising:
1. Become a event sponsor
2. Donate to individual events
3. Purchase Fundraiser Items on Sale
4. Volunteer to help at the fundraisers
5. Order a commemorative brick or tile

Membership is free and is open to anyone that wishes to help the community in any way. The organization meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 at the Ladies Auxiliary Building. If you wish to join you can do so by attending the next scheduled meeting or by calling 546-9915 or 546-3321. Join us today and help our community to grow!

We need lots of volunteers and are in great need of good workers. Volunteers are needed for both the fundraisers and events. If you wish to provide any assistance please call 546-9915 or 546-3321. Volunteers are the backbone of our community’s success. Please call today!

Events and Projects
Residents will always be informed of all events and projects by flyers and posted announcements. Be sure to watch the local newspapers for posted events and special announcements. And also be sure to revisit this website for the latest updates. If you wish to have an update notice sent to you when this webpage has been updated please send us your email so that we can notify you.

Harrisville Society of Friends P.O. Box 34 Harrisville, Ohio 43974

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