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Your Jokes & Quotes

Welcome to our infamous jokes & quotes page. Well its actually your jokes and quotes page. Filled with dumb ass comments, jibber-jabber, and bullshit really. If you feel overcome with a desire to add a quote to our list, then do it! After all, our school revolves around YOU. And as for our jokes, there is no real schedual for them, it all depends on you really. Got a good joke? Well e-mail us and we'll put it up on the next update. Sound good? Well to bad! Thats the way it is.

The Joke...

A woman is in the hospital in a coma. Nurses come in one day to give her a sponge bath when they notice that when they start to wash around her private area, her monitor starts blipping. Thinking that the woman can relate to human touch, the nurses call the woman's husband in and suggests that he tries to have oral sex with her to try to arouse her out of her coma. After some time trying to convince him, the husband agrees and the nurses leave the room so the husband and wife can be in private. About 5 minutes later, red lights start flashing, the heart monitor flat lines and all the alarms in the room start going off. The nurses burst into the room and ask the husband what happened. The husband answers, "I think I choked her!"

The Quotes...

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