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Welcome to my web page!! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I am constantly updating everything, so please look around! Right now, my biggest project is my new(-ish) Tori Amos page. If you're a Tori fan at all - or want to become one, or just wondering why I love her so damn much - please check it out. If you know any Tori fans, please let them know about it as well!! It needs all the publicity it can get, and since I don't exactly have the money to promote it to search engines, I'm doing this entirely based on word of mouth. =)

Anyways, enough about Tori... hehe. I have added and updated many of my pages, and I'm still working on changing a lot of my pages around to keep it new and fresh and exciting. There are lots of stories, details, and pictures of my friends and also, of me (unfortunately). But a lot of the links are kind of hidden, so you'll have to search for them until I get a links or contents page up and running.

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WOW!! I have not edited this in QUITE some time, people!! Okay, well this was all obviously very well and good when I was about 17, but I think it's time for a makeover. I'm now 26, married, and I'm a home- and dog-owner. I'll give you a minute to pick your chins up from the floor. Yeah so I'm not a kid anymore! Imagine that, all growed up. ;) I've done a teensy bit of editing to my "Friends" pictures page tonight, but it's getting late so I believe I'll have to leave this for now. In the meantime, I'll post the link to my blog. Yes, I've got a blog now. I'm so lame.
For those of you still wondering, yes I still love Tori Amos. Ahhhhhh... some things never change.

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Sorry if some of these pages are incomplete... they're still in progress!!
I'm sure you know how that goes - *every* webpage is constantly under construction. Mine is no exception.

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Do Drop In - my Tori Amos page. Here is where I display my utter obses... I mean, er, my utter *devotion* to my favorite musical artist ever!
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