Ooooh... so this is where the *good* stuff happens, right? LoL, yeah right! I'm not very interesting, but if you didn't want to know, I guess you wouldn't have come to this page, right?

Well, here goes....

I'm 23 years old, as of September 30th. (Yup, I'm a Libra.. and a typical one at that! Check this link out, seriously, and if you know me at all, you'll realize that this is sooooo me!) I am currently living in Bedford, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, where I live with my good friend, Angela. But I've also lived all over: Phoenix, AZ and Pittsfield, MA. It was loads of fun living in both places, and I miss all the wonderful people I met who helped me out and made me happy while I lived there, but it was really good to go back home.

What I'm doing with my life... Not much at the moment, but I'll be very busy soon. Currently, I'm working two jobs - Medic, a drug store; and Pizza Slut delivery driver. (Always tip, dammit!) Starting in November, I'll be attending the Ohio Center for Broadcasting to become a DJ. Not one of those bar-mitzvah-and-house-party-type DJs, just one of those annoying-on-the-air-talking-between-songs DJs.

Now for the fun stuff.... I spend the majority of my quickly dwindling free time listening to music (Tori and Ani, woohoo!!), driving around, drinking coffee and mocha and chai, chatting on the 'net (I'm a lil cyber-addict), reading, watching movies, writing ( really bad poetry), and hanging out with my bestest friends - Becky & Andrew, Angela (of course), Alex, Karen, etc. Unfortunately, all my other good friends - Kylie, Nikki, Kevin, etc - live too far away for me to hang out with. Boo.

Other things I love.... Stars (sparkly, glittery, glow-in-the-dark, any kind), stickers, candles, glitter, shiny things, butterflies, books (Irvine Welsh is the best), *Tori Amos*, Disc Den (my faaaaaave music store! [in Ohio]), cartoons (*Invader Zim*!!! whee!!), independent films (Kevin Smith is a god), *Ani DiFranco*, moons, flowers, clouds, rain, smiley faces, balls of string, rubber bands, double-sided tape, and Italian food. I love my friends and family and cute little kids. I love getting letters in the mail, and I love taking and receiving pictures; especially raunchy Polaroids for my awesome photo album! Hehehe... that's about it, I guess. (As if that isn't enough!)

Well, if you feel I've left anything out (huh!), feel free to e-mail me, find me on AOL, or look me up on ICQ. Thanks for actually taking the time to skim over this! =)

Pix of me!

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