Okay, bear with me here... I'm just throwing this page together very last-minute, so there's not much to look at just yet. But check back often!

Zim episodes.. OF DOOM!!!
Here, you can download episodes of the best cartoon ever made... Invader Zim. Watch for it on Nickelodeon. I'm gonna sing the doomed song now!

Free Condoms!
If you use this link to sign up, I get 10 free condom points - woowoo!! Check it out, it's easily the best site on the net.

Joe Cartoon
Joe Cartoons rule!!!! This site is so funny, and it kills a lot of time if you're bored. Watch Superfly - it's freakin' hilarious.

Our Trip to Clerks
The true-life story of four brave and daring boys who just so happen to love Kevin Smith as much as I do.

Kinda like Joe Cartoon, if Joe's cartoons all had a weekly series.

James' band's web page.