Al Snow

Height: 6'

Weight: 234 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Snow Plow

Titles Held: 1x WWE European Champ, 5x WWE Hardcore Champ, 1x WWE Tag Team Champ

Other Aliases: Avatar, Shinobi, Leif Cassidy

Real Name: Alan Sarven

Al Snow made his debut in the WWF in late 1995, as Avatar. He wrestled in about one televised match, and was on the undercard at house shows until February, when he became Leif Cassidy. He teamed with Marty Jannetty to form the New Rockers. They lost matches to The Godwinns and the Bodydonnas all summer long.

When Marty Jannetty disappeared from the WWF, he served as jobber to the incoming light heavyweights, like Flash Funk, Scott Putski, but did manage to beat Scott Taylor. He began to go crazy after each loss, and left the WWF. He signed with ECW, where he used a mannequin head as his companion, called, appropriately enough, "Head." When he returned to the WWF, he brought Head with him.

He was promised a meeting with Vince McMahon by Jerry Lawler, but when Lawler didn't follow up on his promise, Snow was enraged. Lawler told him if he and Head could beat Too Much at King of the Ring, he would get his meeting, and if not, he had to leave the WWF. Too Much won the match by putting a bottle of Head and Shoulders under Head's neck and special referee Jerry Lawler made the three count. Al didn't give up, and started screwing with production on Raw. Commish Sgt. Slaughter said he would reinstate Al if he could beat him in a boot camp match, which Snow did. He and Scorpio beat Too Much at IYH: Breakdown. After defeating Marc Mero at IYH: Judgement Day, Snow reformed the J.O.B. Squad, with Bob Holly and Scorpio. He feuded with Jeff Jarrett, who he beat in the first round of the WWF Title Tournament at Survivor Series, before losing to Mankind in the next round. He added longtime jobber Duayne Gill to his group, as well as The Blue Meanie. Al, Holly, and Scorpio lost to The Brood at IYH: Rock Bottom. Then, Goldust stole Head. Al won it back numerous times, but Goldust kept taking it away again. The Blue Meanie solved the problem by becoming Bluedust (one of his personas from his ECW days) and stealing Head back from Goldust.

When "Road Dogg" Jesse James was injured, the Hardcore title was held up and Al and his friend Bob Holly were chosen to wrestle for it at IYH: St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Holly won, but Snow kept feuding with him. He lost a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania XV to Holly and Billy Gunn. He got a HC Title rematch at IYH: Backlash, and he finally won it. But since he laid Head on top of Holly, he thought Head was the champ. Hardcore Holly abducted Head when Snow wouldn't let him have a rematch. He attempted to make Al Snow think he was the champ by having him wrestle Head, and Al won (of course). Al beat him again at Over the Edge '99, and got Head back. Al got rid of Head when Prince Albert drove a spike into it, seemingly causing Al unbearable pain. He was saved by a dog named Pepper. He lost the Hardcore Title to The Big Bossman at Fully Loaded, but regained it at SummerSlam. In an effort to get a rematch, the Bossman dognapped Pepper, and then when he won the belt back, told Snow he was sorry and would give Pepper back at the hotel. The Bossman fed Snow a meal, which turned out to be Pepper. Al, in his grief, resurrected his old gimmicks, Avatar and Leif Cassidy. When The British Bulldog gave him the Hardcore Title back after he won it from the Bossman, Snow challenged the Bossman to a Kennel from Hell match at Unforgiven, which turned out to be one of the worst matches ever. Snow won, and moved on. He found Mankind's autobiography in the garbage, and found it was The Rock's copy. Mankind broke off the Rock & Sock Connection and started teaming with Snow. When Wal Mart pulled all the Al Snow action figures, Al was distraught, but Mankind gave him Head back. They won the tag team titles from The Hollys but lost them to the New Age Outlaws a few weeks later. When Mankind reconciled with The Rock, Al didn't like it. He attacked The Rock, and revealed that it was he who threw the book away to show Mankind what kind of a friend the Rock was being. He ended up costing the Rock and Mankind the tag team titles at Armageddon.

He began to team with Steve Blackman during the winter. Since Blackman had no personality, Snow kept trying to get him to wear a cheese hat so they could be called "Head Cheese." Blackman refused, and they eventually broke up, only to have Snow adopt a more serious personality and reform the team with Blackman. That combo didn't last, and Snow wandered throughout the summer. He won the European Title from Perry Saturn and began to dress up in different stereotypical European garb for his matches. William Regal took offense and beat him for the title.

In the winter, Snow became upset at the way his friend Mick Foley was fired as Commissioner, and campaigned to become the new Commissioner. Vince McMahon sent Regal to challenge Snow to a match where the winner would be the new Commish. Snow accepted the terms, but lost. He then disappeared for a few months while helping out with the WWF/MTV production Tough Enough.