Shawn Michaels

Height: 6'

Weight: 234 lbs.

Finishing move: Sweet Chin Music

Titles held: 3x WWE Champ, 1x World Champ, 4x World Tag Champ, 1x WWE European Champ, 3x WWE Intercontinetal Champ, 1995 and 1996 Royal Rumble Winner

Manager/Valet(s): Sensational Sherri, Jose Lothario, Chyna

Nicknames: The Heartbreak Kid.

Real Name: Michael Hickenbottom

Shawn Michaels is the most flamboyant, resilient, charismatic WWF superstar of all time. He got his start in the WWF in 1989, with Marty Jannetty, as the Rockers. Their partnership ended in 1992, when Michaels threw Marty through a plate glass window. He took on Sensational Sherri as his manager, and beat Tito Santana at WrestleMania VIII for his first WM victory. He got into a feud with the British Bulldog, and won his first IC title from him. He lost an early WWF title match to Bret Hart at the '92 Survivor Series (Michaels's title was not on the line).

He lost his title to Marty Jannetty in Spring of 1993, but won it back two weeks later with the help of his new bodyguard, Diesel. He beat Crush at King of the Ring, and Mr. Perfect at Summerslam. Then he took a little vacation, which caused WWF President Jack Tunney to strip him of the title. Shawn made his return at the '93 Survivor Series, taking Jerry Lawler's place in a tag match against the Hart Family.

He wrestled Razor Ramon for the IC title in a thrilling Ladder Match at WrestleMania X, but he lost. He then took a vacation from wrestling and managed Diesel to win the title from Ramon. The day before SummerSlam, Diesel and Shawn won the tag titles from the Headshrinkers. At SummerSlam, Michaels cost Diesel the IC belt by accidentally superkicking him. This happened again and again up until Survivor Series where Diesel had enough and turned against Shawn. The tag titles were vacated, but that didn't bother Michaels.

He won the 1995 Royal Rumble, when only one of his feet touched the floor. He climbed back in and dumped out Davey Boy Smith who thought he had won. Michaels lost to Diesel in a classic match at WrestleMania XI. The next night he was attacked by his new bodyguard, Psycho Sid. Diesel came to his rescue and Michaels heard the first cheers for him in a long time. He qualified for the King of the Ring but went to a time limit draw with Kama in the first round. At the July IYH, he beat Jeff Jarrett for his third IC title. Michaels defended it at SummerSlam against Razor Ramon in a Ladder rematch. This time, Shawn won. At the September IYH, he and Diesel beat Davey Boy Smith (filling in for Owen Hart ) and Yokozuna in a Triple Header Match, and won the tag team titles. They were stripped of the titles the next day, however, due to a technicality. Michaels was attacked by nine thugs in Syracuse, a week before his title match at the October IYH. He was forced to give up the belt to Dean Douglas, as he was unfit to wrestle. He made a brief comeback, but the day after Survivor Series, he collapsed in the ring.

He made his return at the 1996 Royal Rumble, winning the RR match. After beating Owen Hart at the February IYH, he wrestled Bret Hart in an Iron Man Match at WrestleMania XII, and won his first world title. Throughout his reign, he beat Diesel(IYH: Good Friends, Better Enemies), Davey Boy Smith(King of the Ring), Vader (SummerSlam), and Mankind (IYH: Mind Games). He lost the belt to Psycho Sid at the Survivor Series.

Shawn received a title match at the Royal Rumble in San Antonio Texas, and won it back from Sid. However, he was forced to give it up due to a knee injury just a few weeks later. He returned in June, teaming with rival Steve Austin to win another tag title from Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart. He soon reinjured his knee, and was again forced to relinquish one of his titles. He was the referee for the Bret Hart/ Undertaker match at SummerSlam, where he cost the Undertaker the title by accidentally hitting him with a chair. The next night on Raw, the fans booed Shawn Michaels.

"Let me get this straight... You (McMahon), The Undertaker, and the best that I can tell, the fans of the World Wrestling Federation, are dumping this in my lap."

When he wrestled Mankind, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna came down and distracted him while Rick Rude bashed him with a chair, allowing Michaels to get the win. This formed the first version of DeGeneration X.

Shawn and the Undertaker wrestled to a no contest at IYH: Ground Zero, which set up the first ever Hell in a Cell match at IYH: Badd Blood. Before that match took place, Shawn won the European title from the British Bulldog at One Nite Only in England. Shawn won the brutal cell match with the Undertaker due to interference from Kane. At the Survivor Series, Shawn made Bret Hart submit to his own hold, the Sharpshooter. He won his third WWF title, which he defended against Ken Shamrock at IYH: D-generation X. He lost by DQ, and shortly thereafter, Rude went to WCW. Shawn lost the European title to Triple H in a faux match, which was ordered by Sgt. Slaughter. Michaels simply laid down, and Triple H mocked the Ultimate Warrior by running around the ring and then pretending to splash Michaels for the pin.

Shawn then won a Casket Match against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, again, because of interferece from Kane. He finally lost the WWF title to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV, injuring his back in the process. The back injury turned out to be career-ending. Shawn returned months later to be the WWF's Commissioner, but once he got married, he chose a family life over wrestling. He started his own promotion in San Antonio, and wrestled his retirement match on April 4, 2000.

He returned to WWE full time in May of 2002, as an advisor to the nWo, headed by his friend Kevin Nash. He tried to recruit Triple H to their side, but the nWo disbanded after Nash tore a muscle in his leg, putting him out for an indefinite period of time. When Raw and Smackdown got GMs, they both tried to sign Triple H to their side. Michaels persuaded HHH to join Eric Bischoff on Raw, but was upset when HHH named him as a manager. Triple H told him not to worry, and they returned later that night, clad in DX shirts. However, as Triple H did his old mic routine, he suddenly turned on Michaels and gave him a Pedigree. The next week, HHH was explaining why he turned on Shawn when a stagehand informed him that Shawn had been put through the window of a car in the back. HHH was remorseful and vowed to find out who did it. The next week, Shawn appeared on Raw from his home, and showed everyone some footage that showed a security camera catching Triple H attacking him. HHH admitted to the crime, and said it was to protect Shawn, to show him he was too vulnerable to get in the ring with him. Shawn broke his retirement by challenging HHH to a streetfight at SummerSlam. Shawn's return was triumphant, but HHH attacked him after the match with a sledgehammer. Shawn was stretchered out and didn't appear again until October, where he revealed that his rehab was complete and he was coming after HHH. He returned at Survivor Series, against HHH, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane and Chris Jericho in the first ever Elimination Chamber match for the World Title. He won the match and the title, but HHH was relentless, and defeated Shawn in a Three Stages of Hell match at Armageddon to win the title back.

Shawn was confronted the next night by Chris Jericho, who said he no longer had any respect for Shawn. He told Shawn to prove that he was still the same HBK that drew number one in the 1995 Royal Rumble and volunteer for the number one position in the 2003 Royal Rumble. Shawn did so, and Jericho subsequently won a match that gave him the right to choose his number for the match. Instead of going for number thirty, Jericho chose number two. He eliminated Shawn quickly, with help from Christian and a steel chair. Shawn caused Jericho to be eliminated later on, and continued to plague Jericho. They met at WrestleMania XIX, with Shawn picking up the victory. He teamed with Kevin Nash and Booker T to lose to Triple H, Ric Flair and Jericho at Backlash. He supported Nash in his chase for HHH's World Title until after Judgment Day. When Triple H could choose any challenger he wanted, he chose Flair so that he could lay down for him. Shawn convinced Ric that he could take the title, and the next week requested a match against him to see how high he was on the Ric Flair measuring stick. Flair accepted, but GM Eric Bischoff made the match a handicap match, with Flair and Shawn teaming against HHH. Flair turned on Shawn during the match, showing that he still was the same old Flair. Shawn met Flair at Bad Blood, and lost. He then became the target of Randy Orton, who fashioned himself a Legend Killer after beating down Mick Foley. He cost Shawn a rematch with Jericho, and both men were entered into an Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam for the World Title. However, both were defeated by Goldberg in the match. They finally met at Unforgiven, and Orton won after Flair handed him some brass knuckles. Shawn was chosen by Steve Austin to be the last member of his Survivor Series team. If Shawn's team lost, then Austin would be fired as co-GM of Raw. Shawn teamed with RVD, Booker T, and the Dudley Boyz to take on Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry and Randy Orton. Shawn was the last member on his team against Jericho, Orton and Christian. Shawn managed to pin Christian and Jericho, but Orton pinned him thanks to Batista. Shawn confronted Batista the next week, and they had a match at Armageddon. Shawn pulled a superkick out of nowhere and managed to beat the big man.

Entrance Music Lyrics

I think I'm cute,
I know I'm sexy!
I've got the looks
That drive the girls wild!
I've got the moves
That really move 'em.
I send chills
Up and down their spines!

I'm just a sexy boy! (sexy boy)
I'm not your boy toy! (boy toy)
I'm just a sexy boy! (sexy boy)
I'm not your boy toy! (boy toy)

I make 'em hot,
I make 'em shiver!
Their knees get weak
When I come around!
They see me walk,
They hear me talk,
I make 'em feel
Like they're on cloud nine!


Eat your heart out, girls!
Hands off the merchandise!

(chorus repeats)