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Flatheaded Cat

Flatheaded Cat

Length: 22 inches (Tail 7 inches)
Weight: between 4-6 pounds

Gestation: approx. 56 days
Number of Young: 1-4 kittens

Habit: Nocturnal; hunts by night, from the ground
Diet: fish, frogs and shrimp
Lifespan: up to 14 years in captivity

  • In captivity, it was discovered that Flatheaded Cats possess a "raccoon-like" quality and will wash objects in water.
  • Sightings indicate that the Flatheaded Cat prefers swampy areas, oxbow lakes and riverine forests. It has also been seen hunting rodents in oil palm plantations.
  • The Flatheaded Cat can be found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.
  • Flatheaded Cats take readily to water and show no hesitation at completely submerging their heads in search of prey.
  • The Flatheaded Cat has a long sloping snout with the top of the skull being flattened, and it has unusually small ears.
  • Its eyes are large and close set which allow for maximum binocular vision.
  • Flat Headed Cats do not have completely retractile claws. They can be seen at all times, but do not rub up against the ground.
  • A Flatheaded Cat has feet even more completely webbed than the Fishing Cat.
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