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Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat

Length: 38-47 inches
Weight: between 13-26 pounds
Height: 15-16 inches

Diet: mainly fish; however also crustaceans, mollusks, frogs, snakes, rodents, civets, young chital fawns, wild pigs, and even domestic animals such as goats, dogs, calves and poultry.
Lifespan: 12 years in captivity

Coat is olive gray and is patterned with rows of parallel solid black spots, which often form stripes along the spine

Maturity: 10 months
Gestation: 63 days
Litter Size: 1-4 kittens

  • The Fishing Cat can be found in a variety of watery habitats including mangrove swamps, marshy thickets, tidal creeks, oxbow lakes, and reed beds up to an elevation of 5000 feet.
  • They can be found in India, through Indochina, and Indonesia.
  • The Fishing Cat is believed to be solitary, but there have been some unconfirmed reports that the males may help with the care and supervision of the young.
  • At one time, one of the more noted characteristics often associated with the Fishing cat was webbed feet. Today, it is found that the webbing beneath the toes isnít much more developed than that of a Bobcat.
  • Like the Flat Headed Cat, its claw sheaths are shortened so that the claws are not completely hidden when retracted.
  • Wetland destruction (settlement, draining for agriculture, pollution, and excessive hunting, woodcutting and fishing) is the greatest threat facing the Fishing Cat.
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