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Height to shoulders:20-24 in.
Length: 40-50 in. from head to end of back Wieght: 80-175 lbs.

Sexual Maturity: 2-3 years
Mating: year round in tropics, sesonal in other areas
Gestation: 90-112 days
Litter size: 2-3 cubs, occasionally up to six.

Habit: solitary
Diet: mammals and birds
Call: roar or growl
Lifespan: 12 years in the wild

Related Species
The closely related South American Jaguar has similar markings but is larger than the leopard and is more powerfully built.

Leopards are found throughout most of
Africa and much of Asia from the Middle
East to the Soviet Union, Korea, China, India and Malasia.

  • The range of a leopard's hearing is twice that of a humans, and, in dim light sigt is six times better.
  • The leopard likes to drink daily, but can go for as long as a month with out water.
  • Black leopards, sometimes called black panthers, were once regarded as a separate species, but are now considered true leopards.
  • Prey, even large is stored above ground, like in trees.
  • Numbers of leopards have greatly diminished. They have largely disappeared from Asia Minor, Machuria, and settled area. The international fur trade is collaborating in regulating trade in leopard skins.
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