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Length:44-73 in, tail: 18-30 in.
Weight: males: 125-250 lbs. females: 100-200 lbs.

Sexual Maturity: 3 years
mating: non-seasonal in tropics, early autumn in extremes of range
Gestation:93-100 days
Litter size: 1-4 cubs

Habit: solitary, except in breeding season, when they come together to mate
Diet: ground-living mammals, domestic stock, fish, frogs, turtles, and small alligators
Lifespan: can be up to 22 years

Related Species
8 sub-species

  • The jaguar is the only wild cat that doesn't roar.
  • A completely black jauguar is the same as a spotted one.
  • The jaguar is heavily built, with a stocky appearance and sturdy legs.
  • Jaguars range from Central and South America as far down as Patagonia; the largest are found in Mato Grossoin, Brazil.
  • All sub-species are endangered. Many are extinct except in zoos where they breed sucsessfully. Presently though, the greatest threats to the jaguar are overhunting (mostly for its fur) and the loss of its habitat to farming.
  • The Jaguar was once found in the United States (California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida), but was hunted to extinction in the late 1940s.
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