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"A celebration of Louis Parsons who taught us the importance of sharing life with friends and family"

          The 2019 24th Annual Poppa Lou Golf Classic will be played on Saturday July 20th 2019. Don't miss this fun event. Register online by clicking HERE .

          The first "Poppa Lou" was played 21 years ago at the suggestion of Bart Leverich & Gerry Cross to be a tribute to family icon Lou Parsons who everyone loved and who himself loved golf.   This special event has survived for 19 years because family and friends who wished to honor Poppa Lou supported it by playing in the event year after year.

            The 24th Annual Poppa Lou Golf Classic was played on Saturday, July 220th 2019. Mark your calendar for the 2020 25th Poppa Lou - Saturday, July 18th, 2020. See you there. Register online by clicking HERE.

          The 2019 24th Annual Poppa Lou friends and family golfers

          The 2019 24th Poppa Lou Golf Classic was played on Saturday, July 20th, 2019.  Congratulations to the team of Ed Gunn, Glenn LIndsey, Christian Comito and Tracey Peck as repeat winners. 5 under par 67 to win 24th Poppa Lou Golf Classic!  To review the photos, Team Results and Prize Winners in the Photo Album on Facebook entitled "2019 24th Annual Poppa Lou Golf Classic" click HERE.

          The 24thd  Annual 2019 Poppa Lou Champions with Blackhead Mountain Golf Pro: Peter Maassmann & John Whiting (left)

          The Winning Score Card

          How the 2019 Teams Finish?


          Golfers Registered for the 2019  24th Poppa Lou Golf Classic

          Team #1 Team #2 Team #3 Team #4 Team #5
          Buffy Whiting
          John Whiting
          Gerry Peyton
          Ed Peyton

          Kevin Leslie
          Kevin Leverich
          Nick Gable
          Andrew Kirnan

          Michael Cunniff
          Jerry Cunniff
          Sam Duford
          Evan Sylvia
          Liam Kenny Sr.
          Liam Kenny, Jr.
          John Kenny
          Ellen McBurney
          Ed Gunn
          Christian Comito
          Glenn Lindsay
          Tracy Peck
          Team #6 Team #7 Team #8 Team #9 Team #10
          Terrence Farley
          PJ Casey
          Meredith Leverich
          Ian Leverich
          Joe Cosentino
          Eric Hanchar
          Michael Terwilliger
          Ron VanHouten
          Bart Leverich
          Mickey Parsons
          Kenny Cross
          Gerry Shirley
          "The New England Killers"
          Dan Howe
          Brian Tierney
          Kevin Covert
          Mike Vassallo
          Bob Howe
          Bones Brown
          Ed the "Chief"
          Player to be named
          Team #11 Team #12 Team #13 Team #14 Team #15
          Kevin Minkalis
          Tommy Dunn
          Cory Thorpe
          Ray Fernandez


          To view the photos of the 2017 Poppa Lou click HERE.

          Poppa Lou
          Louis J. Parsons
          Lou & Kelly Parsons
          "Poppa Lou" and wife Kelly
          Father Francis Gunn
          Father Francis Gunn

The Tournament is played at the beautiful Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort.  For more information about the Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort, directions and how to make reservations click on the bouncing golf ball:



 Buffy & John Whiting with Kelly Parsons &
The Poppa Lou founders Bart & Jerry

Organizers John & Buffy Whiting, Kelly Parsons and Founders, Bart Leverich and Gerry Cross

John and Buffy (Lou's Daughter), Kelley & Founders Bart & Gerry 


Poppa Lou began his golf career at the Colonial Golf Club near Hunter Mountain

Poppa Lou at Colonial Golf Club

Poppa Lou at Colonial Golf Club


Background photo: "The Beautiful 7th Hole at Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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