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Rhomer Johnson's Family History

Researching the following surnames:

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Alderman -1600's to present-CT NJ NC GA
Boyd -1810 to 1900's-MO AR
Bähr-1880 to present-Germany>USA
Campbell -1700's to present-VA TN
Dykes -1790 to Present-NC TN TX
Gaston -1600's to present-SCT IR NC GA
Harris -1600's to 1800's-ENG CT NJ NC
Higgins -1790 to Present-SC GA AL TX OK
Hopper -1700's to 1800's NC MO
Johnson -1832 to present-KY IN IL MO TX
Jolley -1750 to 1850-SCT GA
Keele -1715 to 1900-England>North Carolina>Tennessee
McCay -1698 to 1785-IR>NC
McClure -1800's to 1900's-NC MO
McMillan McMullen,McMillian-1725 to present-IR GA TN
Newton -1740 MA NC
Patton -1809 to 1956-KY NC IL AR TX
Perkins-1842-Present KY OK TX
Phillips -1827 to present-Ga
Radcliffe -1500's to 1700's-ENG
Ralph -1805 to 1920-TN TX
Reid -1600's to present-IR NC GA
Sanders -1800 to 1900-NC TN
Simonton -1675 to present-PA NC GA
Spencer -1066 to 1800's-ENG MA CT
Tate -1845 to present-TN TX
Walker -1700's to present-VA TN
Whitebread -1500's to 1700's-ENG
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