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Amateur clubs will have a new structure beginning at 2010-2011 season.
Besides the provincial amateur leagues, the regional amateur leagues will be established with 161 clubs.
The Regional leagues will replace the yearly "Promotion Games to 3. Lig" competition which was organized since 1993-1994 season.

2009-2010 Promotion Games to 3. Lig
That competition will be organized as the last time in this year.

The clubs play for the provincial championships at their provinces at the beginning of the season. They will qualify to the national championship games according to their finishing positons in the provincial leagues and the number of berths their provinces have.

All games will be played as one-game knock-out format at a neutral venues.
The clubs will be split into 5 Districts according to province they qualified from. 5 clubs which will win the District championship will be promoted to 3. Lig. The remaining clubs and the clubs relegating from 3 Lig will form the new Regional amateur leagues next year.

Each District will have 4 Groups in it with either 7 or 8 clubs. With the kock-out system, that number will be decreased to 4 on first matchday, to 2 on the second in each group. On the third matchday, each group will have a final to decide the group winners.

Matchdays are scheduled as May 5,7,9 for 10 groups and May 12,14,16 for other 10 groups.

For further information on this year's competition,please follow the links below:

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