Legions of the Apoclypse

Formed Date: Nov. 12, 1999
Active Date: Dec. 21, 1999
Charter written By SnoweLprd
Contributers to charter are:
Iko Brightluv, SnoweFlame, SnoweStorm and Snowe Jade.

Lore of the Legions of the Apocalypse

One time, long ago, there were some who wanted only to be left in peace and harmony. Those gentle people wanted to be free of the bonds that tyranny held for them. They walked the lands of Rhydin searching for a place to live out their lives, raise their children and finally rest with their grandchildren playing about their feet. Those peace loving citizens of Rhydin were hounded, slaughtered and used wickedly by some who desired only to wreak evil and horror upon the lands of Rhydin.
Under many systems of government did they live and watch the same events occur time after time. Each time the people packed up and moved to another realm under a different flag until then the black plague of injustice crept into that realm too and they moved on.
Now, finally, all the peoples who have been trounced on, trod beneath the heel of those whose sole purpose of existence is to gain power by force for some, by low blow deeds for others, did they come together. The enclave of the Legions united and traveled to a land with a flag that flies for justice, for honor, for principals, for freedom.
Here in the land of the LoTA are those that will never again be hunted, hounded, or shamed into deeds which are hurtful in nature. Here in the land of the LoTA only one system of government rules, one system of law rules, one system of honor is found by all the people who reside here.
We shall never again be faced with having our loved ones murdered and not have a form of justice that will turn its backs because of fear, politics, or family ties.
To belong to the LoTA a person must first realize that no muns are allowed within the borders of the lands. We are very strict and very structured here. We have seen what happens when the insane take over the asylum and there is no one to say the word NO. Yes, there is a certain amount of freedoms which are justifiable in everyday life but there is a stern, but fair hand that leads the forum. No one here has the right to commit acts of high treason when they know the name of the path that led them to the gates to our lands. They do have the right to reverse that decision at any time the find themselves in such a state that they disagree with the leadership they have found here.
Should anyone feel that they cannot live in peace, harmony, and well being within the LoTA, they are liberty to leave or face up to the responsibilities and consequences of their actions or words.

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