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Chrono Trigger Game Help

This is the section of Chrono Trigger Online where you can get help with various aspects of Chrono Trigger. If you are struggling with a boss or a part of the game this is where you can find the help you need. Eventually I will post a completed walkthrough here as well as boss strategy and many other helpful sites and tips. For now and if you still can't find the solution you need, check out Gamewinners Forums. Membership is free and you can get help from other gamers on Chrono Trigger. My help topic is located at the Gamewinners website in the Chrono Series Forum. You can get help in these forums on other games too.

Boss Strategy Guide
Status Window Explained
Battle Aliments
Endings and How to Get Them
Cheats and Codes
Frequently Asked Questions
Tab Location Guide
Ayla's Charm List