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Session Five (Books One and Two)

Act Three - The Release (Book One)

Scene Seven - A Visitor and a Proposal

Within a couple of days after Octavio's appearance, the group is surprised to find Dragomir Basarab, whom they met in Act II of Book I, knocking at their door. As Our Heroes obviously support the Anarch cause, Dragomir is unafraid to approach them with his plans for the future...
Through his contacts among the Anarchs, he has learned that the Sebastian has in his possession a book which supposedly reveals the location of Tzimisce Himself. He proposes a cooperation of sorts, wherein the group locates the Antediluvian, and his friends go in after the prize. It so happens that this group is very much interested in Diablerie (nooooo... really?), and they agree to help, with the intention of taking the prize for themselves in the end.
Sebastian was initially against the plan, and hid the Librum Terram within the walls of his monastery. After much debate, he agrees to let everyone else go, and sends Nine to assist them. He still refuses to partake, although with Jafar's newly researched "Communion of the Bitter Rose," veeryone could share in the power of a God...

Scene Eight - The Betrayal

While delaying Dragomir, the group unearths the location of Tzimisce, and sets out to do the dirty deed. Unbeknownst to the group, but knownst to me (hehe), Dragomir had spies on them the whole time, and followed them to the Chapel where Tzimisce rests. While the majority of the group had to climb up 1,236 broken steps to reach the monastery, Dragomir and his allies simply circled around to the back, took the Chiropteran Marauder form, and flew right on up (And yes, I made stealth rolls to see if you noticed them, guys). At the base of the mountain, Our Heroes meet a rather LARGE dragon by the name of Argyle, one of the last of the Bygones left on the earth (Argyle is the character I'm playing in the next game - a distant future umbral uber-powerful romp kind of thing). After introductions, Argyle assumes a human form (and yes, there's nothing under the kilt...), and asks everyone if they've seen any dragons. Of course, the group answers in the negative (except for those who get tanked up on fairy blood, I'm sure no one has seen a dragon). Argyle then shows them the way up before taking off.
Finding themselves inside the monastery, the group searches around, locates the way down, and goes below... Where they find... darkness - and phosphorescent moss. After sneaking through the tunnels, they come upon a group of Szlachta guarding a door. The "combat" (if you could even call it that, maybe these guys should go up against Argyle... hmmm...) lasted all of one minute. Pavel "moved" the door (Chimerstry), Malik introduced the Szlachta to lava soap ( Koldun), and Teresa played basketball, with the lava as the hoop (Arms of Ahriman). During and before the combat, Malik could "sense" (Spirit Koldun) other sentients on the opposite side of the door, but they left before the fight was over.
After the "battle," the group sizes up the door, and opens it. With near-military precision, Mikhail throws a Faerie-Warded "Grenade" through the door, and walks right in, to find... Nothing but a broken sarcophagus and the rapidly decomposing body of the Greatest of Fiends... or was it?
As they are about to leave, they hear a deep voice ring out from everywhere and nowhere...
"Fools, these childer. I have seen your actions in this, and you will recieve your just reward in the proper time."

Act One - The Serpent's Lair (Book Two)

Transylvania, 1472
Shortly after the events of Book I, Act III, Count Radu of Bistria approached the group to apologize for his actions. As a peace offering, he gave them the Vaulderie, and showed them how to break the bonds of blood that had been forced upon them.
For the rest of the downtime background...
In 1431, Vlad Dracula was invested into the Order of the Dragon.
By the 1450s, he was known to his enemies as "Vlad Tepes," or "Vlad the Impaler"
By 1471, scandal sheets spread over Transylvania describing his cruelty and viciousness.

Scene One - An Invitation from Count Radu

Our Heroes are approached by Tiberiu, a messenger of Radu. He bades them to come and meet with Radu in his current home. The group agrees, of course, and rides to the castle in Borgo Pass.
At Borgo Castle, Radu greets everyone warmly, and offers them a chance to feed. After much casual converstion, he confides to the group that while he is at heart a supporter of the Anarch movement, he cannot reveal himself as such at the time. He currently resides in Borgo Castle to avoid Final Death at the hands of the Anarchs sacking his city. He also feels that he can be of greater use if he is not publicly known to be an Anarch. That being said, Radu turns to the true topic of the evening, Vlad Dracula...
Dracula has made many friends and enemies among the Cainites of Transylvania. His tactics of impalement are obviously detrimental to any Cainites he comes across, and his practices of blood-drinking have given him the edge as a ghoul/revenant. He has garnered some support among the Eastern Tzimisce, but Radu wishes to personally Embrace him and dedicate him to the Anarch cause.
Radu's request of the group is simple. In one week, a group of powerful Cainites will debate the future of Dracula at an exclusive fete in Hermanstadt, held by Prince Otto. While he was invited, Radu cannot attend for fear that he may be captured by the Anarchs on the way. He wishes the group to go in, grab Dracula, and bring him to Borgo Castle, where Radu will offer him eternal life.
Radu retires to the library to allow the group to discuss their options. Mikhail and a few others seem to favor the "pig in a sack" approach, even taking a big stick and a large sack with them to the party. Everyone else agrees that it would be best to talk him into coming, but failing that, the "big stick" plan could work.
After their discussion, the group sets out to talk to Radu, but he is not in the library. Instead, he has retired to his personal study, where he "meditates" while fleshcrafting servants into copies of famous people. He is currently working on a portrait in tribute to "Julius Ceasar." Although he is currently doing a rather poor job, he is struggling with gusto toward the finished product.
They negotiate the terms of the deal, and Radu agrees to fulfill an oath in the future. For the next week, the group stays with Radu, researching current events and likely topics of conversation in preperation for the big event.

Scene Two - Castle Hermanstadt Awaits

Leaving for the fete, the group bids Radu farewell, and starts of toward Hermanstadt. Along the way, they meet up with a group of Anarchs from Bistritz, who waylay them until Jafar shows himself. Bowing before the famed "Hunter of Transylvania," the Anarch recognize the group as brethren in the good fight, and offer them escort to the outskirts of Hermanstadt. The group as a whole participates in the Vaulderie, and the newer Anarchs are instructed to spread this ritual to all their brethren, and also to spread the word (quietly) that Radu is one of them, and should not be harmed.
The rest of the journey passes uneventfully, and the group arrives at Hermanstadt.

Scene Three - Pieces on a Chessboard

Showing their invitations at the door, the group is admitted and introduced. Of the fifteen Cainites present, two immediately garner full attention. The first is Dominus, a Ventrue Methuselah of the Inconnu. His use of Majesty (Dominate) is a stretch on the Elysium tonight, but no one is going to complain about it to him. Second is Vladimir Rustovitch, Voivoide of the Tzimisce clan. The two are situated on opposite ends of the room, and a clear line seperates the two main factions present.
Dracula is present as well, of course, and looks as though he'd rather be anywhere else. He stays very close to Rustovitch, and doesn't wander anywhere else.

Scene Four - A Lively Discussion

The group is greeted by Prince Otto, and immediately scopes out Dracula. A few of the members sweep off to meet others, notably Teresa and Lucita conversing to one side, and Mikhail's "discussion" with Nova Arpad. Zelios the Master Mason livens up the conversation with architectural quips and ideas, otherwise, everyone stays to themselves

Scene Five - A Heated Altercation

The group has just convinced Dracula to leave with them when a group of rowdy Anarchs storm through the door screaming obscenities and slashing away... No problem for these big guys, though. Almost before the group reacts, all five Anarchs are summarily ... disposed ... of, without any visible movement from either side of the room. Dominus sniffs the air contemptously, and then states simply... "At this moment, I should remark that the castle is on fire. I shall take my leave of you. Thank you for a most pleasant evening." He then fades slowly from view. Upon opening the door, the group discovers that he is absolutely correct.
In the ensuing flight, the group chances upon a ghoul who offers to show them a secret way out in exchange for three phials of their blood. They agree, and escape.

Scene Six - Returning to Bistritz

Over the journey, Dracula steers the group into the topic of the Embrace. He is most curious about it's benefits and drawbacks. He asks about the Blood Oath, Disciplines, anything that he can get them to discuss. They most readily inform him of all he knows. After all, he is a prime candidate for the Embrace himself, right?
After that discussion, he begins to reminisce about his misadventures... nailing the turbans to the heads of Turkish emmisaries, boiling a spy alive, impaling forests of his enemies, etc. After a time, he falls silent, chuckling to himself.
Upon returning to Borgo Castle, Dracula crosses the threshold of his true home for the first time...
Radu greets them at the door, and invites everyone in for a "drink." It seems that something is wrong, however. Radu escorts Dracula to his study, and then returns to speak with the group...

Next week...
What does Radu say?
Will Dracula survive?
Who will be the sire of Dracula?
Tune in next week to find out!

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