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BOONYI - The Chinar

The chinar is a big umbrella like tree with huge trunk and vast spread roots, which stop the earth from being eroded. It is a tree that provides warmth to the folks in winter, shadow and cool breeze in hot summers.

 The leaves of Chinar change colour with the seasons, from green to dark green to yellow and finally to red in the autumn.  Finally there are no leaves left in winter. Each colour represents one of the six seasons of the year witnessed in Kashmir that follows one after another.

The word Boonyi shows its roots in the word ‘BUDHNYA’ of Vedic Sanskrit meaning “An Epithet of Shiva” with his hair open. This tree gives the impression of the deity sitting with hair open fulfilling the desires of all and inspiring everyone.

For the people of Kashmir, Boonyi is the Symbol of KALYANA (Salutarinaess), Stability, maturity, longevity and beauty. They worship this tree, that fulfills all desires by Painting its lower trunk with sindur and wrap Nariwan (red thread) around it.

Great lal Ded in her Waak (Poetry) speaks about it as “KENCHEN RENYE CHAI SHIHIJIY BOONYEE”, meaning that some men have wives like a cool shadowy Boonyi tree. Many poets and authors too have used it as “CHATRI BOONYI” meaning an umbrella like tree, which provides shelter to all.

The matured tree normally has such a huge hollow trunk that number of people can go inside it. It is believed that once King Jahangir and his soldiers along with their horses entered into the hollow trunk of a Boonyi tree in some Jungle in Kashmir and saved themselves from the heavy rains.

This symbol of perfection has enabled people living around it to live for endless years and preach the message of liveliness. At present this great tree is in danger as they are being mercilessly cut every day. Soon there will be only a few chinar trees left in Kashmir if the authorities do not stop this inhumane act. We at Miltsar have a series of cultural show named after it to make every citizen of the world aware of the fact that Kashmir is being mercilessly destroyed at all levels be it a tree, community, rare species and their rare heritage, architecture, dresses and all. It is thus in this connection our Creation BOONYI is created and staged.


Members of Boonyi 8th Feb. 1993

(An evening of Kashmiri Music n dance with demonstration of Batni Pheran)

  • Concept, Creation and Direction: Dalip Langoo
  • Choreography and Music Direction: H.Kishen Langoo
  • Associate Choreograper: Superna Langoo
  • Anchors: Dileep Kumar Kaul- Hindi and Vandna Kilam- English
  • Medium of musical extravaganza: Kashmiri and Hindi
  • Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium New Delhi
  1. Anoupama Braroo- Singer
  2. Archana Ticku- Danseuse
  3. Ashok Saraf- Singer/ Poet
  4. Bal Krishen Kaul- Stage performer/ PRO
  5. B.B. Kaul- Singer
  6. Chander M Zutshi-Actor/ Dancer/ Singer
  7. Dalip Langoo- Singer/ Asst. Music Director 
  8. Dileep Kumar Kaul- poet/ Anchor/ Writer
  9. Gian Chand- Dholak
  10. H.Kishen Langoo- Music Director/ Choreographer
  11. Jai K Raina- Stage performer
  12. Kim Steele- Danseuse
  13. K.J.Razdan- Actor
  14. Lajwanti Razdan- Danseuse
  15. Lovely Chandra- Singer
  16. Nirja Raina- Danseuse
  17. Neena Handoo- Danseuse
  18. Rachna Handoo- Danseuse
  19. Rachna Ticku- Danseuse
  20. Rajesh Kaul- Slides projection
  21. Renu Razdan- Danseuse
  22. Rita Kaul- Danseuse
  23. Rohita Razdan- Danseuse
  24. Roop Kaul- Tabla
  25. Sanjay Ganjoo- Tumbaknaer
  26. Satish Kumar- Singer
  27. Savita- Costumes
  28. Shailija Sasan- Danseuse
  29. Shekhar Razdan(Late)- Back Stage arrangements
  30. Suman Raina- Danseuse
  31. Sumedh Handoo- Manager
  32. Superna Langoo- Choerographer/ Danseuse
  33. Sushma Dutta- Singer
  34. Vandana Kilam- Anchor


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