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12th Festival of Asian Arts:

Miltsar group under the Directorship of Mr. Pran Kishore Kaul was invited to the prestigious 12th festival of Asian Arts, which was held at Hong Kong in 1988. We presented our main shows at City hall theatre. Apart from the main shows we did charity shows, lecture demonstration, radio programmes (Radio Kowloon), television shows and exhibition shows too at different places in and around Hong Kong.



Director: Pran Kishore Kaul

Music Director/ Choreographer: H.Krishen Langoo

Assistant Director/ Group Manager: Dalip Langoo

Folk Singer group: Ali Mohammed Sheikh & party

Musicians: Randhir Kumar, Dalip Langoo and Abdul Majid Shah

Sofiyana artiste: Mushtaq Ahmed Dar

Danseuse: Lakshmi Raina, Superna Langoo, Bushra Iqram, Priya Kaul, Shailja Sasan, Salia Iqram and Gurmeet Kaur

Singers: Prerna Raina, Kusum Lata, Dalip Langoo, Neena Bhat, Sushma Dutta and Anopauma Braroo.


Main Performances:


29th October- Music in Kashmir: A lecture on introduction to the folk and classical forms of Kashmiri music by Mr. Pran Kishore and the group. Live demonstrations of the forms mentioned in the lecture, i.e. Wakh, Sufiyana Musiqi, Folk tunes of Kashmir, Ruff, Wanvun, and Chhakri.


30th & 31st October: The main shows included Ruff, Instrumental music, choreographed dance presentations, Chhakri, Santur recital, Hafiz Nagma, Bacha Nagma, Sailgah, Kistwari song, Nend-e-boath and Wanvun.

The 23-member team of MILTSAR group had a glorious experience at the festival as we represented India there with other 35 member countries. We realised there that modernisation canít become obstacle in maintaining your glorious past that is rich cultural heritage of any nation.

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