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KRSHNAGAMAN, is an ensemble of Music and Dance numbers based on KRSHN LEELA. The events being shown are supposed to have taken place around BC 3100 in the Indian subcontinent. The aim behind this is to create awareness to acquire perfection in life, which will lead all of us to pave way for harmonious life. KRISHNA's different aspects of life is being highlighted to inspire masses to rise above darkness and work with firm devotion and integrity for universal cause of mankind, i.e. 'Vasudaiv Kutumbakam'.

The whole world is one family - LORD KRISHNA

Let us all destroy the demon KANSA within and explore the brightest side of us and share the same with each other.

Miltsar India (MIND), has already staged Krshnagaman, at Mumbai and Delhi. The shows were attended by a large number of people and were interspersed with some emotional talk of some eminent Kashmiri personalities. Both the programmes were extensively covered by Media. MIND received some excellent comments from the people who attended the shows and some eminent people offered MIND to sponsor such shows in different parts of the country.

Krshn, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the prominent Hindu deity has a significant place amongst Hindus all around the world. MIND intends to stage it again at various places of the country and abroad in the near future.


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