S.S. Wilson talks to UK Tremors

S.S. Wilson talks to UK Tremors
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We asked S.S. Wilson, the Director of Tremors 2 some questions about Tremors 3 and the future of the series.

UK: What should British fans look forward to in Tremors 3?

SS: Fans can look forward to new surprises, further metamorphosis, Burt's expanding armament, and the return of several characters from the original Tremors.

UK: What did your role consist of in Tremors 3?
SS: My parts in T-3 were as follows: co-wrote the story (John Whelpley did the screenplay for us). Acted as exec producer. Directed second unit photography to support Stampede partner Brent Maddock directing. Annoyed Brent with endless suggestions during editing phase.
UK:Would you say the film has been successful in > America?

SS:Tremors 3 has been wildly successful in the US. It immediately surpassed all sales predictions for VHS and DVD units. Then, when it aired on the SciFi cable network, it got the 2nd highest ratings in the networks entire ten year history -- 2nd only to the made-for-cable Dune.

UK: Do you have any idea of any further embarkments in the Tremors series?

SS: . More Tremors in the future? Astonishingly, the fans have done it again. T-3's success has caused Universal to begin immediate negotiations with Stampede Entertainment (that's me and my partners Nancy Roberts and Brent Maddock) for a Tremors 4. As with T-3, we are scrambling to come up with a new story -- but have some very exotic ideas.
Well, great news then. I'm sure nobody truly believed a Tremors 4 would be on the cards for a long time. We hope the script writing goes well, and maybe they will get some idea's from our message board.....

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