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Menu Guide

Main Menu (available on world map or in caves or buildings)
*Hanasu(speaks,talks)-talk to anyone in front of you
*Shiraberu(examine,investigate)-search the area in front of you
*Hikou(fly)-makes you fly (not available in houses or caves)
*Kaado(cards)-use, look at, or trash your item cards
*Menyuu(Menu)-opens "menu" window
Main Menu While Flying (available on world map)
*Chakuriku(landing)-land (if a sound is made you can't land)
*Kaado(cards)-use, look at, or trash your item cards
*Menyuu(menu)-opens "menu" window
Menu Window (available after selecting "menu")
*Batorukaado(battlecards)-view current battle cards (not available in battle)
*Nouryoku(abilities)-enables "character Select" screen
*Narabikae(Change line)-determine the order of your party
*Supiido(speed)-enables "text speed" window
*Seebu(save)-enables "save?" window (not available in battle)
Main Battle Menu (available in battle)
*Sutemi(throw away body)-Gokuu holds Radittsu,(after Gohan Card used)
*Tatakau(fight)-enables the "manual/auto" window
*Kaado(cards)-use, look at, or trash item cards (not always available)
*Nigeru(escapes,flees)-run away, all B.Cards' Att. and Def. are reduced by one if run fails (sometimes disabled)
*Menyuu(menu)-Enables "menu" window
Manual/Auto Window (available after choosing "fight")
*Manyuaru(manual)-choose who uses which battle cards,etc.
*Ooto(auto)-game decides who uses what Battle Cards
Text Speed Window (available after choosing "speed")
*Messeejisupiido(message speed)
*Hayai(fast,quick) *Osoi(slow)
1 2 3 4 5
Save? Window (available after choosing "save")
*Seebushimasuka(save what happened?)
*Hai(yes)-enables "slot" window
*Iie(no)-exits this window
Slot Window (available after choosing "Yes" in "Save" window)
*Nanbanniseebusuru(save to what number?)
*01-save game on game slot 1
*02-save game on game slot 2
*03-save game on game slot 3

*(note: remember which games are on which save because you can easily erase a good game)

Item Data (available after choosing "cards")
*Batoru(battle)-item used in battle if arrow present
*Mappu(map)-item used on map if arrow present
*Sonota(for other)-for special event if arrow present
Point Amount (available after choosing "cards")
*Kurejitto ###P(credit ###P)Gives the number of points you have to buy cards with

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