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DBZ Super Saiya Densetsu

This part of my site is based on the Super Famicom game "DragonBall Z: Super Saiya Densetsu". My word for word translation of the game's name is "Dragonball Z(Zetto): Super Saiya Legend". I kept this part since it alone was the first web site I ever made, of course I improved its appearance. The pages in this section are as follows:

Z Fighters-The characters who you control in the game or who join your party.

Enemies-Most of the main enemies you face in the game and their Battle Power.

ItemCards(Page1,Page2)-Explains what the itemcards do and what they look like.

Game Guide-Not a perfect guide to the game but it will get you to the end.

Ki Techniques-The ki techniques used by the Z Fighters and some used by enemies.

Menu Guide-Translations on some of the menus given to you in the game.

Slideshow-Slideshow of the screen shots I took of the Ki techniques in the game.

Game Roms-Snes game roms and emulators including this game.