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This means ryuujin or "dragon god", if you didn't know already.

I started making this site in my high school web design class. After the class was over I continued to work on it making it what it is now. To see an old version of this site go here (it should still be there, but I can't edit it because I can't remember the password or member name to get into it. Oh well...). I don't really make any updates on the part of the web site concerning the game "DragonBall Z: Super Saiya Densetsu" because I've done enough on it anyway. But enough about that, the pages of this site are as follows:

DragonballZ: Super Saiya Densetsu-Page based on the Japanese version of the game DragonballZ: Legend of the Super Saiyan.

Updates-Updates and changes that have been made.

Bios-Bios on video game characters that I find interesting, or bios that other people wrote and submitted (if it happens).

Where they got it-List of words,terms,names,etc that have shown up in video games as items,characters, places, etc.

Katakana-Learn alittle about the Japanese katakana writing system.

Hiragana-Learn alittle about the Japanese hiragana writing system.

Images-View images of game or anime characters.

Animated Gifs-View animated gifs I have made.

Sprite Sheets-View what sprite sheets I've made.

Game Roms-Snes game roms and emulators.

Game Pictures-View pictures from all the game roms(can take awhile with a slow connection).

Html(Page1,Page2)-Html code examples.

HTML Symbols-Html code to make symbols,characters,etc.

Links-Links to other sites where 98%(I'm not going to bother with actual calculations and don't want to change the number every time I add a link) have no idea who I am.


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