Movies and Wav's


  • Movie's
    Dragon Ball

  • Wav's
  • Pokemon
    The Pokémon Theme song
    Team Rocket Saying
    Pikachu saying "PIKA!PIKA!PIKA!"
    Ash "Pokeball Go"
    Music From Game
    Ash as Team Rocket
    Friday's PokeRap
    Monday's PokeRap
  • Ranma 1/2
    Shut up!
    Im trying to talk here!

  • Dragon Ball
    DBZ Theme

  • Midi's
    DBGT Theme
    Song from DBGT
    FFVII Opening
    Patlabor Ending
    Pokemon Japan Song
    Poltergueist Report
    Project A-ko
    Ranma "Make me wild like you"
    Ranma Opening
    FFVII Shinra Theme
    Slayers Theme (TV Show)
    Ranma "Love Panic"

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