Salor Moon

Sailor Moon is a a anime which is a bunch of girls destroying the evil in there city.Sailor Moon is actullaly the Moon Princess but that isnít known till later in the series. During the hole first season Serena is searching for the rest of the Sailor Scouts, with the help of a talking cat (Luna). The drawings are very cool, so this is a great animation to watch or collect. She has a transformation process when she turns into Sailor Moon like the rest of the Sailor Scouts.I just watched the 17 lost episodes on Cartoon Network, and I must say, wow. This is a really cool anime. Its funny and full of action.

Dragon Ball Z

Krillin Piccolo,Vegita Cacarot Dragon Ball Z is a great Japanese anime, its a craze that is everywhere in the world. Goku is the main character, at the part I left off on he was a super Sayen and that means he is the most powerfullest thing in the galaxy. His son (Gohan) is pretty powerful more powerful than Goku at that age. He was taught but Piccolo (Namek) how to fight. Gohan is a pretty powerful boy. Krillin is a bald friend of the gang he's alive threw the whole series. He gets powerful but never could match Goku. At the beginning of the series Goku learns heís a Sayen and Gohan is a smart cry baby. Gokuís brother comes to see if Goku (Cacarot) destroyed the world getting it ready for Sayen take over. (Sayens are shipped to worlds as infants to destroy and make ready for the future of Sayen talk over, when a Sayen seeís a moon he transforms into a huge gorilla monster. Goku had his tail cut off as a kid so he was unable to fulfill and remember his assignment.)

Towards the end of the series all the gang are training where Goku trained when dead then brought to life, they are waiting to be wished back so Gohan and Crillan goes to a distant planet to get the dragon balls to wish back their friends, while Goku is in deposed at the moment. Then they found out Vegita (Sayen who fought Goku and lost but killed the gang except Gohan, Krillin and Goku, Goku is the one to finish him off and shipped him away.) was on his way to the planet Namek (Dragon Ball planet) to get his wish for immortality. So Goku went on his way, but then everyone finds out Vegita isnít a real threat but Freeza is to find out more watch the show. On Cartoon Network 4:00 Central Time, or buy the series.