Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi is a normal student on Earth. His life begins to become "abnormal" after he met two girls, Ryoko and Aeka from outer planets. Later Sasami, Mihoshi, Kiyone and Wasyu also join this interesting party. The story between Tenchi and these lovely girls begins......

Tenchi Muyo In Love (Movie 1)

The Galaxy Police headquarters vanishes! "Kain" The merciless criminal Kain has escaped from subspace where he had been captured! Kain, who was deprived of his freedom by the Jurai royal family and Galaxy Police, demolished the Galaxy Police headquarters and attacked the Jurai King...His next target! Tenchi is dissolving back to 1970! Around the same time on earth, Tenchi's house has suddenly disappeared. What's even worse is that Tenchi's body is disappearing, too! Something must have happened to Achika, Tenchi's mother, in the past. So the gang must leave for a journey to the year 1970.

Slayers Collection/ Movies

Lina Inverse is the main character in Slayers. She is a 17 (when the series began) year old girl magician. She left her home when she was 12 and has become an adventurer since then. Her elder sister Luns is said to be one of the priests for Suifeedo. Lina's magic ability is one of the strongest in the world of Slayers. "A swordsman and a genious magician and good looking(according to Lina). She only thinks about herself, loves money, has a small breast and not only that she loves attacking magic more then her meals." She has destroied at least 300 thief groups and has been nicknamed a lots of names.

But there is no doubt about her magic capacity. She is not strong on love affairs and dosen't realise her love to Gourry. The whole of the Slayers series centers around her. In the novel all the stories are written from her view. Lina can use a wide variety of magic mainly attacking magic. She knows at least 80 magics and there are even weird magics such as "catching fish magic" and "summoning jellyfish" (which she learnt from someone which she wouldn't like to mention) but in general she is a sensible person. So the series is a great one.