The Record of Lodoss War

The story takes place at a time after the titanic clash of the gods, where the land has once again been populated and civilized by the people. As goblin raids continue to disrupt the peace of his village, Parn, the main protagonist, are sent out by the mayor as their representative to Alania in order to find out what is stirring the land. He is joined by a small company of people, each with different reasons for accompanying him. Together, they are against, a power-hungry king bent on conquering the land, a mysterious black knight, a witch who has lived forthousands of years, a band of dark elves, a sorcerer who has awakened the spirit of Kardis, the Goddess of Destruction, several ancient dragons and a host of goblins, orcs, ogres and kobolds.

Project A-Ko

Years ago a space ship capable of wiping out the earth defense force crahed into earth then years later, two friends going to a new high school and a bitter enemy from K-garden are triing to make it in school and B-ko is not a very nice girl. So A-ko battles B-ko and her robots as they fight during an invasion, causing more damage than either side. All they want is C-ko as their friend. Great Anime I think.

A-ko2 Plot of the Diatokuji Financial Group

This one isnt as good as the original. But its about B-ko's father and taking the spaceship that crashed their. B-ko's father steals B-ko's robot blueprints and makes her robots for him self and takes credit.

A-ko3 Cinderella Rhapsody

The opening sequence is great with older A-ko, B-ko and C-ko in a pool game. This movie starts with a typical teen story and then goes weird in overdrive. The best scene is in the porno theater. Don't ask you have to see it. Oh yea a boy named Kei steps in to be the love interest of A-ko and B-ko. He actually loves C-ko, go figure. This episode is a okay one.

A-ko4 Final

This is the second best movie. The battle between A-ko and B-ko has gotten to the point of being mundane. Kei is supposed to marry Miss Ayumi and you can tell which two people are pissed. Best scene is at the wedding with B-ko in black and A-ko returning to her original school uniform.

A-ko Versus Gray Side & Blue Side

This is an attempt to have A-ko save the Universe as everyone else does. It removes B-ko as her mortal enemy. Some of the hard-core hate this movie as the characters are placed in an alternate universe. C-ko is ten years old and it makes a lot more sense. A-ko and B-ko are friends on a desert planet making money in usual desert planet fashion. Mix in a kidnapped C-ko, another amazon named Liza, who is armed for bear as a match for A-ko, some utterly strange dude and a battle for the saving the Universe ( as normal). How does it end?