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Movies so far have included: Bewitched (2005), Blast From The Past (1999), Delirious (2005), Love Potion #9 (Sandra Bullock, 1992), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey falls for an older woman, a vampire), Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940, based on a romance novel), Walk Like A Man (Howie Mandell as a man raised by wolves in a Tarzan spoof), Xanadu (1980, Olvivia Newton John as dancer Gene Kelly's muse), and others
                                    April, 2007 

ACT OF LOVE [TV14]·Drama·1953·(1:46)
Under orders from his Sergeant, soldier Robert Teller is forced
to abandon his love in Paris. He returns years later to make a
startling discovery. 4/2.

ADDICTED TO LOVE [R]·Comedy·1997·(1:40)
Two spurned lovers (Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan)
shack up together in a loft to spy on their former lovers who
are now living together across the street. 4/5,17,22.

ALICE [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:46)
A well-off Manhattan housewife questions her choices in life
and visits a wise old Chinese doctor - whose herbal potions
release her inhibitions and make her invisible! Cameo by Elle
MacPherson, written and directed by Woody Allen.

ALL NIGHT LONG [R]·Comedy·1981·(1:28)
Demoted from executive row, a disillusioned drugstore night
manager tells his son to end an affair with a married older
cousin - and then begins his own relationship with her!
Co-starring Dennis Quaid. 4/7,20,25,5/6.

THE ALLNIGHTER [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:35)
Three college roommates have an unexpectedly wild night
before graduating their beloved California beachfront college.

THE APARTMENT [TVPG]·Comedy·1960·(2:05)
Director Billy Wilder's tale of an ambitious insurance company
clerk who lends his apartment to his bosses for their
extra-marital affairs - but then the clerk falls for one of the
girls! Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Picture.

AUGUST [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:34)
A rich professor's brother-in-law (Anthony Hopkins) loves his
wife from afar while contemplating murder and suicide. 5/6.

AUTHOR! AUTHOR! [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:48)
A neurotic New York playwright faces an impending Broadway
opening while juggling an adulterous wife, anxiety-ridden
friends, a new girlfriend and a disintegrating family of five
kids, only one of which is his! 4/7,23,27.

AVANTI! [R]·Comedy·1972·(2:24)
A U.S. executive comes to Italy and falls for the daughter of
the Englishwoman who died with his father.

THE AWFUL TRUTH [TVG]·Comedy·1937·(1:31)
After bickering couple divorces, each tries to sabotage the
other's new romance. 4/9,29.

BABETTE'S FEAST [G]·Art House·1987·(1:43)
In a Danish-made Oscar winner, two beautiful sisters pass
up love and fame for religious life in their village. Stephane
Audran, Bibi Andersson. 4/16,24.

THE BALLAD OF JACK AND ROSE [R]·Art House·2005·(1:52)
A father and daughter, living in an abandoned commune,
have tried to keep the outside world at bay - until he brings a
new lover and her two sons to their home, igniting
long-simmering issues and sexual liberation. 5/2.

BARCELONA [PG13]·Drama·1994·(1:41)
When a naval officer arrives in Barcelona and unexpectedly
drops in on his cousin, his life becomes a farce of romance
and politics. 5/3.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST [PG]·Children·1962·(1:16)
Classic fairy-tale about a young prince who is turned into a
beast yet still finds love with a beautiful princess.

BESIEGED [R]·Art House·1999·(1:34)
An uneasy interracial romance slowly builds between an
exiled African woman and an eccentric British composer
living in Italy. A provocative drama from director Bernardo
Bertolucci ("The Last Emperor", "Stealing Beauty").

BEWITCHED [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:42)
An egotistical has-been actor (Will Ferrell) decides to remake the
classic 60's sitcom with himself as Darren in the lead role; but 
the unknown he casts as his witchy wife (Nicole Kidman) proves to
be the real thing! Endora: Shirley MacLaine Maurice: Michael Caine.

BIG [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:44)
A boy's wish is answered when magically he becomes a man (Tom Hanks),
only to find that the benefits of adulthood may be highly
overrated. 4/2,15,19,27.

THE BIRDCAGE [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:59)
Riotous comedy about a wildly gay Miami couple who agree to
play it straight for their son's straight-laced prospective
in-laws. With Nathan Lane, Dianne Wiest, directed by Mike
Nichols. 4/3,13,18,26.

BLAST FROM THE PAST [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:52)
An eccentric engineer, fearing World War 3 has begun, takes
his family into a bomb shelter in 1962. Thirty five years later,
their klutzy but cute son emerges to face the modern world -
with the help of a sexy, streetwise woman. 3/26

BREAKING UP [R]·Comedy·1997·(1:29)
A schoolteacher and a food photographer recall the high and
low points of their waning relationship. 5/4.

BRIDE & PREJUDICE [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:52)
Energetic Bollywood musical update of Jane Austen's classic
"Pride & Prejudice": a headstrong young woman and a proud
aristocrat turn their initial disdain into love. From the director
of "Bend It Like Beckham." 5/1,4.

BROADCAST NEWS [R]·Comedy·1987·(2:12)
A hilarious, insightful look at the world of network television
news: a hot-shot female producer falls for a pretty boy
anchor, causing her to question everything. Cameo by Jack
Nicholson, from the director of "As Good As It Gets."

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY [R]·Comedy·1994·(1:39)
A gangster with a gift for writing assists a struggling
playwright whose cast includes a snooty stage diva and a
crime boss's talentless girlfriend. Written and directed by
Woody Allen, Best Supporting Oscar for Dianne Wiest.

CAMP [PG13]·Comedy·2003·(1:50)
At Camp Ovation, a talented group of high school theater
students spend their summer singing, dancing and exploring
issues of sexuality. 4/5,12,17,21,29.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:23)
Jim's new job as night watchman at the local department
store turns into an adventure when the beautiful Josie is
locked in the store with him all night. With Dermot Mulroney
and John Candy. 4/5,9,14,18,27.

CASUAL SEX? [R]·Comedy·1988·(1:27)
Two young women search for the meaning of relationships
and love - and a few good men - at an upscale health spa.
Think Sex And The City goes to L.A. 5/2.

CHANCES ARE [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:48)
The reincarnated soul of her long-dead husband returns to a
beautiful, devoted widow in the body of a much younger man.
Co-stars Ryan O'Neal, from the director of "Sister Act" and
"Dirty Dancing." 4/1,16,21,5/4.

CLAMBAKE [TVG]·Musical·1967·(1:39)
A dissatisfied Texas oil heir dripping with women comes to
Miami and trades places with a poor water-skiing instructor.
Features Elvis singing the hit tunes "Big Boss Man" and
"Guitar Man." 4/30.

DAZZLE [TVG]·Children·2000·(1:25)
A fairy bumps her head, loses her memory and lands at the
door of a children's book author and his daughter. But a fairy
bounty hunter is on her trail, and she will lose her magical
powers if she's caught. 4/4,10,22.

DEAR FRANKIE [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:45)
A boy sends letters to his father, a sailor at sea - only dad
doesn't exist. His mother has been writing back. All is well
until the son learns that a boat carrying "dad" is set to arrive,
and mom arrives at an unusual solution. 4/3,8,18,5/1,4.

DELIRIOUS [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:36)
After accidentally bonking his head, a soap opera writer (John
Candy) imagines he is living within his TV show. 4/15.

DIRTY DANCING [PG13]·Dance·1987·(1:40)
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" It's the classic romance
between an ugly duckling teenybopper and a hunky dance
instructor at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963. You'll
have the time of your life! 5/3.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS [PG13]·Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
A suburban mother brings home a young man who has
pruning shears for fingers. Directed by Tim Burton

FACE THE MUSIC [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:34)
A lyricist and a song writer are reunited. 5/6.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF [G]·Drama·1971·(2:59)
The classic musical about a poor Jewish milkman and his
wife who try to marry off their five daughters in Czarist
Russia. Winner of three Oscars, featuring the songs "Sunrise,
Sunset", "Tradition", "If I Were A Rich Man" and more.

FIRELIGHT [R]·Art House·1998·(1:44)
In mid-19th century England, a Swiss woman has a torrid
affair with an English nobleman who had secretly engaged
her services as a surrogate mother. 5/3.

THE FIVE SENSES [R]·Art House·2000·(1:46)
A chef who has no taste buds, a man who can "smell" love,
and a young girl who joins up with a "peeping tom" are just a
few of the characters bound together by the search for a
missing child in this exceptional comedy/drama. 4/1,10,21.

FOR LOVE OF THE GAME [PG13]·Drama·1999·(2:18)
A veteran pitcher takes the mound in the season's last game
with a lot on his mind - his girl is leaving him and the team
plans on trading him. Recalling his life between pitches, he
finally realizes he's throwing a perfect game.

FOREVER LULU [R]·Comedy·2000·(1:40)
Former lovers, one of them mentally unstable, reunite in Los
Angeles, then travel cross-country to meet the 16-year-old
son the man never knew he had. 5/2.

THE FOUR SEASONS [PG]·Drama·1981·(1:48)
Three couples vacation together four times a year - and the
relationships are put to the test when divorces and
remarriages alter the chemistry in this acclaimed comedy /
drama. Written and directed by Alan Alda. 4/2,6,11,22,26.

FOXES [R]·Comedy·1980·(1:45)
Earthy coming-of-age melodrama as troubled Los Angeles
teenagers cope with broken homes, drugs, and sex. Foster is
outstanding in this realistic approach to modern problems.

THE GOOD WIFE [R]·Drama·1987·(1:38)
In pre-WWII Australia, a bored housewife involved in a love
triangle with her husband and his brother becomes obsessed
with an arrogant ladies' man new in town. 4/3,14,18,27.

THE GOVERNESS [R]·Drama·1998·(1:55)
A London woman (Minnie Driver) pretends to be a gentile to
work for a dysfunctional family in Scotland. 4/8,18,24.

THE GRASS HARP [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:47)
An all-star cast brings Truman Capote's
semi-autobiographical novel to life: a young southern boy
lives with and learns from two aunts, a free spirit and a
spinster. With Edward Furlong, Jack Lemmon, Walter
Matthau, Nell Carter. 4/4,9,14,24.

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! [PG13]·Biography·1989·(1:48)
A dramatization of the life of the "Killer," Jerry Lee Lewis.

THE GREEK TYCOON [R]·Drama·1978·(1:52)
A fictionalized take on the story of widow Jackie Kennedy and
shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. 4/14,24.

GUESS WHO [PG13]·Black·2005·(1:45)
A young African-American woman brings her recently fired
white fiancee home to meet her sarcastic dad and the rest of
her unsuspecting family. Lame remake of the classic
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. 4/6,29.

HAPPY, TEXAS [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:38)
Two escaped convicts hijack a motor home belonging to a gay
couple who put on beauty pagents, and find themselves
ineptly posing as the pair while planning a bank robbery in
sleepy Happy, TX. A sly comedy, co-starring William H. Macy

HARD TO HOLD [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:33)
A spoiled rock star falls for a beautiful girl he meets via a car
accident - only she doesn't care for his music or him!
Features the hit "Love Somebody" and plenty more Springfield
songs on the soundtrack! 5/1.

HEARTSOUNDS [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1984·(2:07)
Very real and uncompromising tearjerker about a woman's
efforts to cope when her husband suffers not one but several
major heart attacks that gradually cripple him; the leads give
landmark performances. 4/3,8,16.

THE HEAVENLY KID [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:31)
Having died years before after a fiery car crash, an eternal
greaser has been living in limbo while waiting to earn his
wings. As luck would have it, he's been sent back to Earth to
tutor a shy geek. 4/2,13,17,29.

HEIGHTS [R]·Art House·2005·(1:38)
A stage diva and her daughter must face up to the
shortcomings of their love lives while hoping to strike a
balance in their own relationship. Produced by
Ivory-Merchant ("Room With A View", "Le Divorce").

A HOLE IN THE HEAD [TVG]·Comedy·1959·(2:00)
A bankrupt hotel-owner (Frank Sinatra) asks his successful
brother (Edward G. Robinson) for a loan to build a Florida
version of Disneyland and dates a widowed woman. 5/2,6.

HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS [PG13]·Action·2004·(1:59)
Near the end of the Tang Dynasty, police deputies tangle with
a dancer suspected of having ties to a revolutionary faction
and concoct a plan to save her from capture. 4/4,14.

HUSBANDS AND WIVES [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:48)
When their best friends split up, a professor and his wife put
their own marital problems under the microscope in this
biting, witty comedy. With Judy Davis, Liam Neeson, Juliette
Lewis, Sydney Pollack. 4/18.

IF THE SHOE FITS [PG]·Comedy·1990·(1:31)
An arrogant fashion designer (Rob Lowe) is eventually won
over by his assistant (Jennifer Grey), who designs shoes on
the side. 4/6,10,18,23,29.

THE INTENDED [R]·Drama·2004·(1:49)
A 40-year-old woman and her young lover travel to an ivory
trading post deep in the jungle, where they find a web of
greed, murder, and madness. 4/15.

JERSEY GIRL [PG13]·Romance·1993·(1:36)
A working-class New Jersey girl falls in love with a slick
Manhattan salesman. 4/16.

JEWEL OF THE NILE [PG]·Adventure·1985·(1:46)
Rambunctious sequel to Romancing The Stone: it's six
months later when Joan runs into trouble with an evil
potentate and Jack is once again in search of a precious
jewel. Co-starring Danny DeVito. 5/5.

JUNEBUG [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:47)
An art dealer travels to North Carolina to sign an eccentric
folk artist and meets her husband's family for the first time -
the chilly mom, the angry brother and his sweet ditzy wife (an
Oscar-nominated performance by Amy Adams).

KINGS GO FORTH [TVPG]·Action·1958·(1:50)
An Army lieutenant and sergeant become rivals for the
daughter of a mixed marriage in 1944 France.

KRIPPENDORF'S TRIBE [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:34)
A renowned anthropology professor (Richard Dreyfuss of "The 
Goodbye Girl") who spent a research grant for personal expenses,
invents a remote South Pacific tribe in his backyard with the help
of his family and an eager grad student (Jenna Elfman). 5/5

LADIES IN LAVENDER [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:44)
Two elderly sisters in a small English coastal town rescue a
half-drowned young man on the beach, taking him into their
home to recover. But their lives are changed by the man -
and another woman - in this heartfelt drama. 5/2,6.

LAST TANGO IN PARIS [R]·Drama·1973·(2:09)
A young Parisian woman begins a sordid affair with a
middled-aged American businessman whom lays out ground
rules that their clandestine relationship will be based only on
sex. Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. 4/7,11,20,5/6.

LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:45)
A sexy, magical story of forbidden love and a woman who
pours all her passions into her cooking - and the food creates
intense sensual reactions when it's consumed! An
international award winner. 5/4.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART [TVPG]·Comedy·1983·(1:35)
A woman starts her new job as an art director at at a Chicago
publishing house, only to discover that a man she met on a
one-night stand works there as an editor - comedy, tears,
and love ensue! 4/13,5/3.

A LITTLE SEX [R]·Comedy·1982·(1:35)
A serial womanizer gets married, hoping it will cure him of his
addiction to sex. 5/3.

LITTLE VOICE [R]·Comedy·1998·(1:37)
A shy recluse with a major talent - she can sing like Garland,
Holiday, Dietrich and others - meets up with a sleazy
nightclub promoter trying to get her onstage in this
award-winning comedy. With Michael Caine, Ewan McGregor.

A LOT LIKE LOVE [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:47)
A young couple spark on their first meeting, but decide to
pass...except they keep running into one another over the
next seven years before fanning the flames of love.

LOVE AT LARGE [R]·Comedy·1990·(1:37)
A rumpled private eye is hired by a steamy seductress to
follow a wayward lover. The detective follows the wrong man
- a guy with two separate families - and is soon being tailed
by another detective in this sly comedy. 4/13,18,24,29.

LOVE FIELD [PG13]·Drama·1992·(1:44)
The disparate lives of two people intertwine during a bus trip
to Washington D.C. following the assassination of President
John F. Kennedy in 1963. 4/3,14,23,27.

LOVE POTION # 9 [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
A geeky biochemist and a shy biologist become a hot couple
with sex appeal thanks to a Gypsy's potion. An early leading
role for Sandra Bullock. 3/29

LOVE, LUDLOW [R]·Drama·2005·(1:28)
A tough talking temp. from Queens sees the possibility of love
almost within her reach only to have her suitor face the
surprise of his life when he meets her brother who lives in a
fantasy world inside their small apartment. 5/2.

THE LOVER [R]·Romance·1992·(1:44)
A French girl has an affair with a rich Chinese man in 1920s
Vietnam. 4/3,14,19,27.

Coincidence marks the lives of two childhood sweethearts.

THE MAID [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:30)
In order to develop a romantic relationship, a banker poses
as a housekeeper for the bank president in this sexy comedy.

MAN OF THE HOUSE [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:37)
A young boy tries to break up a budding romance between his
divorced mom and a nerdy lawyer, but finds himself liking the
guy as they embark on a series of bonding adventures.
Co-starring Farah Fawcett and George Wendt. 4/2,22,5/5.

MANHATTAN [R]·Comedy·1979·(1:36)
Woody Allen's Oscar-nominated tale about a divorced New
Yorker dating a high-schooler who brings himself to look for
love in the mistress of his best friend instead.

MARRIED TO IT [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:52)
Friendships and marriages of three different New York
couples result in unexpected and humorous predicaments.

MAY WINE [R]·Comedy·1990·(1:24)
A mother and daughter travel to Paris together - and in the
City of Love, they both end up falling for the same man. A
racy, sexy comic romp. 5/1.

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA [PG13]·Asian·2005·(2:25)
A legendary geisha looks back on her life and a disappearing
era in this lavish adaptation of the best-selling novel. Winner
of three Academy Awards, from the director of "Chicago."

MINNIE & MOSKOWITZ [PG]·Comedy·1971·(1:55)
Minnie is a former prom queen who's having relationship
issues as she turns 40 - and all of her suitors are eccentrics
in the extreme! A bouyant comedy from director by John
Cassevetes. 5/3.

MIRACLES [PG]·Adventure·1986·(1:27)
A couple recently divorced are whisked away to a South
American hellhole by a jewel thief. 4/9,13,29.

MOON OVER PARADOR [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:44)
A second-rate American actor is hired to impersonate the
recently assassinated dictator of a small Latin American
country, with unpredictable results. With Sonia Braga,
Jonathan Winters and Charo. 4/9,14,27.

MOULIN ROUGE [TVPG]·Biography·1952·(1:59)
Story based on life, loves and disasters of the famous artist,
Toulouse-Lautrec. Set against the Parisian cafe life at the
turn of the century. 5/2.

MOUTH TO MOUTH [R]·Comedy·1995·(1:37)
It's misadventures galore when an out-of-work-actorturned-
phone-sex-operator has an affair with one of his
clients. 5/1,5.

Rowdy frat boy Adam's dates usually end up in the bedroom -
but then he meets Eve, who is determined to save herself for
the right man. Adam may be that man, but how long can he
wait? 5/4.

A guy and this two stoner buddies head out to save his
girlfriend from an oversexed music producer - and encounter
mushrooms, beautiful hitch-hikers and an Avril Lavigne
concert on the way. 4/1,25.

NEXT STOP WONDERLAND [R]·Drama·1998·(1:36)
Dumped by her boyfriend, a woman's mom places a wildly
fanciful personal ad for her, attracting a slew of Mr. Wrongs.
Meanwhile, she keeps running into Mr. Right, a marine
biologist who's in debt to the mob. A cool romantic comedy!

Behind the scenes look at the making of "Bewitched"
featuring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. 5/6.

A behind the scenes visit with the cast and filmmakers

Behind the scenes look at the making of Herbie: Fully Loaded
featuring Linsay Lohan and Matt Dillon. 5/4.

Behind the scenes look at the film adaptation of the best
selling book "Memoirs of a Geisha". 4/11,15,25.

ONCE BITTEN [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
A vampire countess in need of new blood finds a willing
high-school student (Jim Carrey) to help her. 3/26.

ONLY YOU [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:31)
A single guy weighs the options - love or lust - in the form of
two beautiful women at a tropical resort. Co-starring Helen
Hunt, from the director of "28 Days" and "Private Parts."

OUT ON A LIMB [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:23)
A young stock broker travels to Buzzsaw, CA to aid his sister
- and meets up with disturbed twins, dim-witted brothers, a
grizzly bear and a wacky redhead who steals his car, his
clothes and his heart in this screwball comedy.

OUT TO SEA [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:47)
Two grumpy old men find themselves on a cruise ship, where
they pose as dance instructors to search for wealthy older
ladies - but then love takes over! With Dyan Cannon, Brent
Spiner, Donald O'Connor. 5/6.

PAPERBACK ROMANCE [R]·Comedy·1997·(1:29)
Offbeat romantic drama pairs a disabled writer of romantic
potboilers with a man she meets at the library, but he turns
out to be engaged, and his jealous fiancee enlists a corrupt to
cop to help sabotage the romance. 5/2.

THE PARENT TRAP [PG]·Comedy·1998·(2:08)
Hit remake of the 1961 classic is also Lindsay Lohan's first
film - identical twins meet for the first time at summer camp,
and start scheming to bring their divorced parents back
together. From the director of "What Women Want."

THE PEREZ FAMILY [R]·Comedy·1995·(1:53)
En route to Miami to reunite with his family, a Cuban emigre
meets a fiery young woman who changes his life. 4/4,13,28.

THE PERILS OF PAULINE [PG]·Comedy·1967·(1:38)
A young heiress finds herself thrown into one peril after
another, while her childhood sweetheart follows her
throughout to declare his love for her, but always manages to
miss her. 4/15.

PHENOMENON [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:03)
A small-town mechanic is transformed overnight into a
mental superman complete with telekinetic powers - but his
new-found abilities spark fear and unease in this witty, warm
fantasy. From the director of "While You Were Sleeping."

PICTURE PERFECT [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:42)
An advertising executive asks a young man to pose as her
fiance so that she will be eligible for a promotion.

PILLOW TALK [TVPG]·Comedy·1959·(1:42)
Romantic farce involving a songwriter, an interior decorator,
and the telephone party line they share. 4/2,15.

THE PREACHER'S WIFE [PG]·Black·1996·(2:04)
An angel comes to earth on a mission to restore a young
preacher's faith and save his dying church - but he falls for
the preacher's wife! Terrific remake of "The Bishop's Wife"
with Gregory Hines, Courtney B. Vance. 5/1.

PRETTY WOMAN [R]·Comedy·1990·(2:05)
Billionaire financier hires a hooker to play the part of his
girlfriend for a week, and they wind up falling in love. 5/5.

PRIVATE RESORT [R]·Comedy·1985·(1:22)
A house detective and a clumsy thief get mixed up with two
girl-crazy teenagers at a Miami hotel. An early lead role for
Johnny Depp. 4/8,20.

QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER [PG13]·Adventure·1990·(2:00)
An American cowboy (Tom Selleck) takes in job in Australia 
only to find that his new boss wants to use his sharpshooting 
skills to wipe out the Aborigine population. 3/26

READY TO WEAR [R]·Comedy·1995·(2:13)
Robert Altman's satire examines the foibles of the fashion
industry, focusing on a multitude of characters gathering at
the catwalk in Paris for the spring shows. Featuring Julia
Roberts, Tim Robbins, Kim Basinger and many more.

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY [PG]·Art House·1993·(2:14)
Examines the life of an English butler who sacrifices anything
resembling a personal life in his total dedication to his
master's needs. 4/7,12,19.

ROAD HOUSE [R]·Action·1989·(1:54)
Professional bar bouncer in a town full of fast action, hot
music and beautiful women falls for a gorgeous doctor while
beating the snot out of bullying bad guys - watch out for flying
beer bottles! Patrick Swayze. 5/3.

ROAD TO RUIN [R]·Comedy·1991·(1:35)
Romance about a rich playboy millionaire who signs away his
money to see if a beautiful model really loves him. Later, the
two of them join to recover his fortune from his unscrupulous
partner. 4/4,13,19,24.

ROCKETMAN [PG]·Comedy·1997·(1:34)
A loony rocket computer designer gets selected for a manned
mission to Mars - but he's the worst astronaut ever! Space
travel has never been goofier! 4/1,12,16,20.

THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS [R]·Art House·2003·(2:01)
Four suburban families find various ways to cope with an
array of unusual personal circumstances. Based on the book
by A.M. Homes. 4/3,7,20,25.

SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR [PG]·Comedy·1978·(1:58)
An adulterous couple shares one weekend together in each of
26 consecutive years. 4/1,5,9,24.

SARABAND [R]·Drama·2005·(1:52)
Legendary director Ingmar Bergman's sequel to his classic
"Scenes From A Marriage." Years after divorcing, a woman
re-visits her ex-husband and his second family and finds
herself drawn into their psychoses. 5/3.

SAVING FACE [R]·Asian·2005·(1:37)
A Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are
reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against
cultural expectations. 4/14,26.

SAY ANYTHING... [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:40)
Lloyd is the offbeat optimist who must convince the beautiful,
got-it-together Diane that they are meant for each other in
this classic teener comedy/drama. First directing effort by
Cameron Crowe (Singles, Jerry Maguire). 4/8,12,27.

THE SEAGULL'S LAUGHTER [TV14]·Comedy·2004·(1:45)
A beautiful woman returns to her small Icelandic village
following the end of WW II determined to make one of two
eligible bachelors her husband, preferably the rich one.

SEMI-TOUGH [R]·Comedy·1977·(1:48)
A love triangle threatens a friendship when two pro football
star players fall in love with their mutual best friend who
happens to be the twice married daughter of the team owner.

SHOOTING ELIZABETH [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
A henpecked husband decides to kill his wife during their
second honeymoon, but she disappears before he's ready -
will he be charged with a crime he planned but didn't
commit? 5/4.

SHOPGIRL [R]·Literary/Book Based·2005·(1:46)
A lonely department store clerk, looking for love, finds herself
being courted by two wildly different men in this bittersweet
romantic fable, from the novel by Steve Martin. 5/4.

When two friends meet the women of their dreams, their
troubles are just beginning. 4/5,13,24,28.

SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS [PG13]·Adventure·1998·(1:42)
She's a magazine editor, newly engaged, scouting a tropical
island for a photo shoot. He's a roguish bush pilot hired for
the day who crash lands their plane on a deserted beach -
where the adventure - and love - begins. 4/8,16,5/2.

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:45)
A recently-widowed man's son calls a radio talk show to find
his dad a romantic partner - hundreds respond, but how will
he connect with Annie, the reporter who is "the one"? From
the writer/director of "You've Got Mail" and "Michael 5/1.

SOME LIKE IT HOT [TVG]·Comedy·1959·(2:02)
Two unemployed musicians, witnesses to Chicago murder,
disguised as girls, join all-girl band headed for Miami to
escape gangster's retalitation. Oscar-winner for Best
Costume Design. 4/2,17.

SPLITTING HEIRS [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:27)
Accidentally switched while toddlers, a brash American and a
mild-mannered Brit discover that one of them is the heir to a
wealthy English estate. With John Cleese, and an early role for
Catherine Zeta-Jones. 5/2.

SUMMER LOVERS [R]·Drama·1982·(1:39)
Young Americans get involved in a love triangle on a gorgeous
Greek island. 5/2.

SWEET LIES [R]·Comedy·1988·(1:36)
An American insurance investigator goes to Paris to prove a
client's claim is bogus, he ends up being seduced by a pair of
beautiful women. 4/5,11,17,22.

SWINGERS [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:36)
It's money, baby! Wannabe actors hit the Hollywood
neo-lounge scene and endlessly search for "honey babes",
knowing their big break is just around the corner in this
contemporary comedy classic! An early lead role for Vince
Vaughn. 4/7,12,22.

TARAS BULBA [TVPG]·Action·1962·(2:04)
A Cossack chieftain makes war as his reckless son makes
love to a young Polish noblewoman. 5/4.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS [PG]·Adventure·1993·(1:45)
Swashbuckling action as the Musketeers seek to foil Cardinal
Richelieu's plot to assassinate the king of France.
Co-starring Chris O'Donnell and Rebecca DeMornay.

TOM JONES [TV14]·Comedy·1963·(2:02)
The lusty adventures of 18th century adventurer Tom Jones
are told in this comic romp - bawdy humor and beautiful
women abound! Winner of 4 Oscars, including Best Picture
and Best Director. 4/30,5/6.

TUMBLEWEEDS [PG13]·Art House·1999·(1:43)
Based on a true story: A free spirited southern belle mother
and her wise young daughter struggle to settle down - mom's
poor choices in lovers and boyfriends keeps them on the
move in this winning comedy / drama. 5/3.

TWELFTH NIGHT [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:14)
Director Trevor Nunn breathes new life into Shakepeare's
comedy of mistaken identity and discovered love. 4/10,22,30.

AN UNFINISHED LIFE [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:48)
A grizzled rancher is trying to put his life back together when
his former daughter-in-law - who was the driver in the car
accident that killed his son - suddenly reappears with the
granddaughter he never knew. With Morgan Freeman. 5/5.

UNFORGETTABLE [R]·Mystery·1996·(1:57)
After being accused of his wife's brutal murder, a medical
examiner (Ray Liotta) searches for the truth by means of a
memory injection. 4/3,11,19.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL [PG13]·Drama·1996·(2:04)
A veteran television newsman and producer grooms an
ambitious but naive young beauty for network stardom.
Co-starring Stockard Channing, directed by John Avnet ("Fried
Green Tomatoes"). 4/1,19,23.

WALK LIKE A MAN [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:26)
A man raised by wolves for 28 years is brought back to
civilization by a wolf researcher to find out that he is the heir
of a huge fortune. Howie Mandell. 4/11,16.

THE WEDDING BANQUET [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:48)
Ang Lee's spirited comedy about a gay Taiwanese-American
yuppie who fakes a marriage to please his conservative
parents. Winston Chao, May Chin, Sihung Lung. 5/5.

THE WEDDING SINGER [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:37)
Lost in the 80s: an aspiring singer and an attractive waitress
suffer through bad relationships - love stinks, you know -
before finally hooking up for their own white wedding in this
fresh, funny romantic comedy. 5/6.

WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? [TV14]·Comedy·1965·(1:49)
Disturbed fashion editor Peter O'Toole, goes to psychiatrist,
Peter Sellers, for help with his romantic problems, but 
Sellers is even crazier than he is. 4/30.

THE WHITE COUNTESS [PG13]·Drama·2005·(2:16)
In 1930s Shanghai, a blind American diplomat and a Russian
countess-turned-dance hall girl create a successful nightclub
- The White Countess - but all is threatened as the Japanese
prepare to invade. The final Merchant-Ivory film.

WHITE SKIN [R]·Foreign·2004·(1:29)
A college student with a particular dislike for redheaded,
pale-skinned women finds his world turned on its head when
he falls for just such a woman only to discover her world is
one of mystery and deception. 4/5,10,21.

WIDOW'S PEAK [PG]·Art House·1994·(1:41)
An American widow (Mia Farrow) clashes with another widow
(Natasha Richardson) in a 1920s Irish village. 4/10,20,30.

WOMAN WANTED [R]·Drama·1998·(1:50)
A divorcee answers a help-wanted ad for a live-in
housekeeper and finds herself getting involved with an
estranged college professor and his troubled son. Directed by
Keifer Sutherland. 5/3.

XANADU [PG]·Cult·1980·(1:36)
The glitz, the glamor, the roller disco! It's Olivia Newton-John,
the Electric Light Orchestra and renowned hoofer Gene Kelly
in a glossy, colorful, relentlessly upbeat musical - the
"Moulin Rouge" of 1980! 5/1.

XX/XY [R]·Art House·2003·(1:31)
Three college friends engage in a dangerous three-way
relationship that plays havoc with their lives ten years later.

YES [R]·Art House·2005·(1:40)
A passionate love affair between a married American
scientist and Lebanese cook begins in London and travels to
Belfast, Beirut and Havana, told in a uniquely poetic style.
Co-starring Sam Neill and Shirley Henderson. 5/4.

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:37)
A militantly-feminist teenage girl is courted by her high
school's resident "bad boy" as part of a convoluted scheme
by another guy to get to the girl's beautiful and popular sister.
From the creators of "Legally Blonde." 4/1,13,28.

2046 [R]·Asian·2005·(2:08)
Director Wong Kar Wai's elegant, vibrant meditation on
memory, the past and the future: the interweaving stories of
a sci-fi author, a train to the future, and the mysterious
women of hotel room 2046. 4/7,20,25.

3-IRON [R]·Asian·2005·(1:28)
A young drifter breaks into the houses of vacationers,
spending a few days goofing off before moving on. In one
supposedly empty house, he meets an abused wife, and they
escape into a world that becomes increasingly dreamlike.
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